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on July 4, 2006
I jumped on board when the DS Lite hit the market. The initial DS didn't do anything for me as it resembled a game console that was made during the PS1 era. Kudos to Nintendo for the re-design.

On to the game... I never really played Mario Kart on SNES where all the fun started. I did however enjoy it on the N64 and was addicted to it. The colors, sounds, tracks, etc. All my senses were put to their max.

Now Mario Kart DS... All the fun of the previous games has been brought to the DS with great results! The graphics are absolutely gorgeous. The use of the second screen is terrific which allows you to see not only where the other players are, but the `bad things' the other plays have left for you. Things like shells, banana peels, etc.

The online game play is a blast too! For the most part I play online as it is fun playing with people of all different skills. I'm not a pro at this game, so it's fun seeing how the `pros' do their thing and it helps me learn.

In a nut-shell if you own a DS Lite and enjoy fun game play then Mario Kart DS needs to be added to your library! The replay value is really high as the online play always keeps it active and fresh.

The ability to play with or DS owners with only one cart (which I have yet to try) seems very cool!

It keeps my attention and I love playing it. I have the attention span of a goldfish, so any game that keeps me playing over and over is a winner in my book!

This game is highly recommended for anybody. Age is not an issue! :)

This game gets all 5 stars! Graphics, game play, replay value, and sound are all top notch!
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on July 14, 2011
Normally, I do not read to much into product reviews because I believe that sometimes the people who write them are angry for whatever reason. I am writing this review to hopefully prevent anyone else from purchasing items from a third party company who sells through by the name of Lady bugs. They sold a counterfeit game to me and will not even respond to me. I think it is ashame that Amazon allows these people to sell useless merchandise through their site and accept no responsibility for situations like mine. I am not saying that you should not purchase anything from, but I am saying be really careful not to purchase from third party sellers through Amazon's site.Mario Kart DS
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on October 18, 2010
I bought a DS for my son about a year ago. He is 5. He has (of course) played it a lot over this last year.

By a long way ------ his favorite game is this Mario racing game. If I were only going to buy one game, this would be it.

He has played it so much, that it is worn out. I am now buying a new copy to replace the worn version.

There is enough variety and challenge to keep him interested. Plus even in the beginning there were things that he could accomplish right away to feel good about playing the game.
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on May 15, 2016
I had my doubts about Mario Kart DS in the early stages of its development. Mario Kart: Double Dash (Gamecube) was never one of my favorite games, and I was hoping that Nintendo would stick to the roots with their DS edition of the high-selling, fan-favorite racing game. With Mario Kart DS, they've done just that.

It seems that the developers took everything great from Super Mario Kart (SNES), Mario Kart 64 (N64), Mario Kart Super Circuit (GBA), and Mario Kart: Double Dash (GC) and put all of those elements into a single Mario Kart game. When you consider how wonderful all of these games have been and how much fun they still are today, that's quite an achievement. Mario Kart DS features some of the same gameplay modes that fans have seen for years: Grand Prix, Time Trial, and Battle. They're the same as always, with three ranks of difficulty in Grand Prix and several different battle modes in Battle.

Nintendo didn't stop with the classic game modes. In fact, they added another interesting mode called "Challenge" in which you pick up certain numbers of coins or do a set number of power slides in a lap under a certain amount of time. These challenges can be excruciatingly difficult but they make you a much more weathered Mario Kart player and therefore are a great addition to the game. Also, Multiplayer has come in the form of Nintendo's first WiFi-enabled online multiplayer DS game. The races in WiFi multiplayer are relatively simple but it's a great addition to the game nonetheless.

On the track itself, the controls are easy but don't utilize the DS very much--driving is done with the directional pad, acceleration and braking are done with the A and B buttons, power sliding is done with the R trigger, and item usage comes from the L trigger. This simple system goes alongside several classic items and three new ones. The Bullet Bill thrusts you forward knocking anyone in your path off of the track. The Bob-Omb explodes, causing anything in its blast radius to spin out and slow down considerably. Last of all, the Blooper spits ink on every other racer's screen, making steering very difficult due to limited visibility.

Visually Mario Kart DS stands out as one of the best-looking Nintendo DS games to date. It faithfully recreates some of the classic 3D tracks from Mario Kart 64 and Double Dash (like the ghost house level from MK64 and Luigi's Circuit from MKDD) while also bringing SNES and GBA tracks to life in 3D. Of course, there have also been sixteen new tracks added to the mix, making a grand total of 32 different tracks that all look unique but beautifully show off the wacky Nintendo universe. The music from all of the classic tracks return as well (even the GBA tracks) and the new beats are as catchy as the old ones. Sound bytes, like the different celebrations and yelps of pain when a character is hit with a shell, sound just like they always have.

Mario Kart DS is the essential Nintendo DS game. If you've almost given up on the DS, than you clearly haven't played Mario Kart DS and for that reason you're missing out. MKDS is being sold for $35, and if you see it how I do, that's $1.09 per race track and you could easily get more than a few dozen hours of enjoyment out of this before you want to play something else. Is Mario Kart DS worth it? I'd say so.
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on May 11, 2015
It seems just like yesterday when the original Mario Kart made its debut on the SNES in 1992. The game was a hit back then, and it isn't difficult to understand why. A racing game that emphasizes on sabotaging your opponents with weapons like banana skins, flying shells and lightning bolts was almost unheard of then, and to do so with your favorite Nintendo characters was, quite simply, pure bliss. Not surprisingly, the game captured the hearts of many gamers then.

Fast forward to the year 2005. Fans of the series have seen a few sequels through the years, but the DS version of Mario Kart was greeted with much more anticipation than its predecessors. The main reason, obviously, is the game's inclusion of integrated online play. For the first time in Mario Kart's history, gamers can now take on players from all over the world as long as they're using a wireless router that is supported by Nintendo. The game also allows up to eight players to multiplay in close proximity with only one copy of the cartridge, which essentially means that a gamer who decides not to buy the game can still perform a download play and race against a friend who owns a cartridge.

Of course, to enjoy the other features in Mario Kart DS, you'll still have to purchase the game, especially when you're interested in taking on the single-player campaign. As with previous instalments, Mario Kart DS has a grand prix mode, which comprises of four races each that are span across eight different competitions. This means a total of 32 tracks for your racing pleasure. 16 of these tracks are brand new, but the rest consists of classic ones from previous renditions of Mario Kart. These include the Moo Moo Farm from N64, Peach Circuit from the GBA and even the original Mario Circuit from the SNES. These will no doubt bring much joy for Mario Kart fans.

Yet, even in the presence of the classic tracks, the newer tracks do not pale in comparison. The innovative minds at Nintendo have once again developed a series of circuits that are visually stunning, mildly challenging and always entertaining. You'll get to race through a pinball machine, a clock and even an airship fortress! The combination of both old and new tracks is indeed a masterstroke that allows you to engage new challenges, as well as indulge in some nostalgia.

Mario Kart DS also has a mission mode that requires you to perform a series of tasks within a certain time limit. These include collecting a designated number of coins, passing through a series of numbered gates in sequence, and even hitting specified enemies with specified weapons. The missions are divided into "worlds", and each world various stages. Completing all stages in a world will unlock a "boss fight", which could involve winning in a race against the boss, or even to knock him out from a platform. Defeating a boss unlocks the next world, up to a maximum of six worlds and a total of 54 missions. Obviously, the missions get tougher as the game progresses, but they aren't exactly impossible to complete. Gamers who enjoy more than merely racing should find the mission mode in Mario Kart DS a fun and captivating feature.

The other modes in the single player campaign include a VS challenge and a battle mode. The VS challenge basically pits you against seven CPU-controlled racers in a never-ending series of races. This is the perfect training ground for learning the techniques of the game. The battle mode consists of a balloon battle and a shine runners game. The balloon battle requires you to burst the balloons of your opponents, while the shine runners game requires you grab as many shines as possible. These two mini-games are quite forgettable when played alone, so it's recommended that you engage them with a friend or two. Bursting balloons has never been so much fun.

A Mario Kart game is never complete without an array of usable weapons against your fellow racers. In Mario Kart DS, the arsenal gets even better with the inclusion of some new items. One of these new weapons is the Bob-omb, which causes an explosion. If used accurately, the Bob-omb's impact on an opponent is tremendous, as it drastically slows down his or her progress. The Bullet Bill is another new item that is extremely cool. Using it will turn you into a flying bullet. You'll find yourself bursting forward with much speed, knocking over anyone who dares stand in your way, and most importantly, covering a lot of ground. The Blooper, one of Mario's nastiest enemies, is the third new addition. It'll squirt ink onto your opponent's windscreen, causing a temporary loss of vision. The range of old and new items more than complement each other, and you'll no doubt find great usage with them as you progress.

The controls of Mario Kart DS are extremely simple, making it a game that anyone could pick up and play without much hassle. Of course, learning more techniques are useful when you intend to go online for some real challenge, and the game does give you a repertoire of skills to master. One of them is turbo drifting, which requires you to drift, and then quickly press the left and right button on your D-pad to cause your tires to catch fire. Releasing the drift immediately after that will result in a temporary burst of speed. This technique is extremely useful in chasing a seemingly loss cause.

The real meat of the game, obviously, is the online feature. Once you get connected, you'll be able to search for players who're also online at the same time. It may take a while for you to get a full quota of four players, but the game works with one or two opponents as well. You'll have to race through a standard Grand Prix in an online game. You'll also get to vote on which track you want to race, so that you can at least gain an upper hand by (hopefully) getting a track that you're familiar with. It's also advisable for you to practise on the various tracks before proceeding, since you won't want to finish last all the time!

As mentioned earlier, you can also play with fellow friends with the use of only one cartridge, but the player who doesn't have a cartridge will, by default, be using Shy Guy as a character. The player only needs to turn on his DS when another player hosts the game, and he should be able to "download" the game into his DS for a quick race. As with online play, it takes a while for the connection to be established, but my experience with multiplaying has found no lag at all during the gameplay, which is definitely great. Beware, however, when you send a bolt of lightning towards your friend - regular attempts at this could possibly lead to a loss of friendship at the end of the races!

If you're a fan of Nintendo-style graphics, Mario Kart DS will not disappoint you. The game retains the usual awesome graphics from the past, and provides a great sense of details even for a supposedly "cartoony" presentation. The DS' dual screen also comes in handy here, as you can watch the action on the top screen, while still referring to the touch screen for a real-time map. The map is especially useful for dodging attacks from behind. The audios are also highly enjoyable, combining great music and sound effects seamlessly. Somehow, the sound of "vroom vroom" seems to blend perfectly to the lively, catchy tunes in the background. If only prime time radio is that good.
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on December 2, 2014
Ordered this product expecting it to be a new version. There was no description it was refurbished and I payed the price of a new Mario Kart DS game, but received the refurbished version. The packaging states no warranty which may never be an issue as the game works, but this buying experience was a little misadvertising.
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on November 20, 2012
I really enjoyed playing this game but found that if I left the unit on it ate up battery life like there was no tomorrow. I actually thought something was wrong with my existing battery or the DS itself because the battery took forever to get any charge on it and once it did, the charge unloaded in a matter of an hour or so.

Once I took the game out and installed a different one, the DS (and its battery) performed normally.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon February 11, 2013
My son and I started playing Mario Kart on the Game Boy and had hours of fun doing battles and races. When it went to the DS, he was thrilled and again when it went to the Wii. He eventually sold his DS version of Mario Kart to get enough money to buy Minecraft. But he missed it terribly. So when given the chance, he ended up buying it again and has had a ton of fun playin it all over. It's portable, fun and as challenging as you want to make it.

A classic Nintendo game for any racing enthusiast.
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on July 14, 2008
Just to add another perspective to the many reviews, I'm over fifty, and I've never played a racing game before -- or any of the classic Nintendo video games, for that matter. I bought this one only because of the high ratings and rave reviews. And I'm glad I did!

I've never been much into real-time games, frankly, but I've always liked having one around as a change of pace. Back when home computers were a novelty, I found the occasional Red Baron (a WWI flight sim) game refreshing after many hours of playing chess or turn-based games like Civilization.

That's just why I bought Mario Kart -- as a periodic change of pace from turn-based DS games like Advance Wars, Chessmaster, and Age of Empires. And it fills the bill perfectly. Maybe a little too perfectly, since Mario Kart is often my first choice nowadays.

I was worried that my aging reflexes might not be up to a game like this, but it turns out I can handle it. There are three speeds to choose from, and the slowest is challenging but quite manageable. I'll never master the game, but I can keep my cart on the track most of the time, and I've enjoyed my share of victories.

The race itself is spiced up with various items you can use to either enhance your own performance or interfere with your opponents' progress. And I find this a nice balance. You don't always have the speed or agility to win a straightforward race, but you can sometimes use the items to triumph anyway. Yeah, it's "dirty pool," but it's all in fun. And I think I'd probably lose interest in a straightforward racing game.

The variety of drivers, carts, and tracks (some of which have to be unlocked via skillful play) make for long-term enjoyment. This game does not soon get to where you feel it's the same thing over and over again. Some of the tracks are very challenging indeed, especially at higher speeds.

Anyhow, Mario Kart is lots of fun for young and old alike. One of the best purchases I've made for the DS. No regrets.
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on September 15, 2015
Finally getting around to reviewing this! It's old generation at this point, but truly a classic for the DS system. What I love about writing this review, is that when I bought it originally it was for me. Now it's been passed down to my kid who is loving this on his 3DS. The gameplay is solid, expected, and fun. The controls are fine for a DS/3DS system and this is just one of those games that should be considered a 'staple' game on any Nintendo platform.
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