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Mario Party DS
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$29.57+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

I love the mario party games on all systems I wanted to take a shot at the mario party nintendo ds and it's great and all the one that I own does has it's glitches setting down freezes the game up a little and have to turn it off and back on again. It's not a back game I just don't know getting used was a wise idea but could be my system. the dice move quickly and is hard to see till you give the dice a hit. bowser does tend to cheat you a little if you land on a star on the final five frenzy. since your in a group of characters wanting to be the star hero and if they win the board game and you don't, don't count on them winning at the boss battle. It doesn't let you see who won a battle game if you not the one chosen from the battler. they tend to want to improve their own odds of winning but who really doesn't. the mini games are very much fun and more different then a few of the ones I played in past mario party games. like the one against three train one mini game it's simple and fun just pick which side of the train you want to be on and the one chasing you down picks the other if you pick wrong you have to run fast by pushing a few buttons. instead of candy like the wii game mario party 7 has you get hex items. there's always been a three dice and a two dice but some things are very much different. there's no market where you can buy really cool things with your points you have to earn points and then there unlocked. other then that I hope that this review helps in your future game buy
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on July 17, 2017
This is my first experience with Mario Party. I love the concept, and when the COM players are taking their turns, it's a good excuse to go to the bathroom or whatever.:) But I am frustrated because I have beaten the first world but cannot get past the plant-the one where you have to drop bombs into it's mouth. I've spent probably an hour a day since I got the game trying to beat it. I even started another game as a different player thinking the character I was using wasn't the right one for the task: Same results. I'm sure I'll get through it but it is driving me crazy!
Otherwise, I love the game. The mini-games are easy but not so easy that you win every one, and it's nice having new games to learn with Mario and friends. I also like that you can practice the games as many times as you want to before you take on the other characters.
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on May 11, 2017
Mario Party- On the go? It was a good idea, and allowed for Download play-so friends without the cart can play as well. Some good mini games, some poor. Graphics looked bad, even for an Original DS game. Fun with friends (as is any Mario Party), but the handheld games simply don't play as well as the console series Mario Parties.
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on November 3, 2014
As a DIE-HARD fan of the "Super Mario Bros" franchise, I've played pretty much every single Mario Bros. game imaginable !
The "Mario Party" games dating back to the very first edition in 1998 to the N64 are among my favorites and the storylines can be quite entertaining ! Mario Party DS is a fun, entertaining game U can play anytime, anywhere.

The Story Modes are simple (play as Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, Peach, Daisy, Wario, or Wailuigi) but very challenging when it comes to battling the bosses on each board. The Party Mode, U pick whatever board U want to play and set the number of turns U want ("Bowser's Pinball Machine" can't be played in the Party Mode until after you've defeated Bowser in the Story Mode) and each board features an item shop where U can purchase items to help U along the way.

The mini-games are fun and sometimes challenging and U can actually practice a mini-game so U can get the hang of it.
"Mario Party DS" is a PARTY load of fun right there in the palm of your hand !
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on April 8, 2015
When I was younger I was never really a fan of Mario Party games. But I recently went with the reviews and bought this for my kids assuming that this is a new generation of kids and that they'd love it. I was wrong. They feel the same way I did... they can do without it. Can be complicated at times. Nintendo makes better games.. this is not our fav.
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on August 6, 2017
Game doesn't work, tried on DS system and a 3ds system, wont read the game, what a waste, product should have been tested before sold.
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on February 21, 2010
The last Mario Party I played thoroughly was MP2 for the N64. Now, don't let my hiatus mislead you; I adore this series of games, but just have not had the opportunity to play one since the N64 days. So I was thrilled to find a version for my new DS. The mini-games really quenched my Mario Party thirst, but it still left me wanting a little more.

The game contains several modes, the most important being Story and Party. In Story mode, you play as one character through all five boards and beating bosses at the end of each board. For such an important mode, it's severely flawed. There is no option to alter the difficulty setting in this mode, and all of the CPU controlled characters are annoyingly easy to beat in minigames. On the other hand, they somehow manage the intelligence to cheat you of every star on the board. So you end up being the guy with hundreds of coins and not a star to your name.

Party Mode, therefore, is much preferable. You can choose between three (and later four) difficulty modes; most experienced players will be comfortably challenged in Hard difficulty. In Party Mode you can choose a game length from 10 to 30 rounds, and you may also turn on Bonus Stars, which are awarded to players at the end of the game based on hidden variables. These stars can often give a dark horse an upset victory. Most importantly, you can play Party Mode with friends using only one game cartridge, which significantly adds to the fun as alliances are formed and betrayed.

The mini-games are fantastic. There is a great balance of stylus and non-stylus games. There are very few games based entirely on luck, which is nice. I like being tested on my skill. There are some creative games here, like using the stylus to wind up a toy car. The stylus really allows for new innovation in the MP franchise. I only found one game downright impossible: Get The Lead Out. Even against the easy opponents I couldn't win. How do you hit the A button that fast?

What I find to be the game's biggest flaw is that the mini-game system isn't cruel enough. Unlike in previous installations, you cannot lose coins in a mini-game. Stealing coins in 1 vs. 3 and 2 vs. 2 games used to be a great way to prevent an opponent from purchasing an upcoming star. There is also no Boo in this game, so you cannot steal stars or coins (There are coin and star hexes, but the opponent has to land on them to trigger them). Now there are too many coins in play, and you watch futilely as your opponents buy star after star, and then buy items to get them to the stars faster. This difficulty is artificial and cheap. In one game (DK Stone Statue with Bowser's 5 Coin Star rule, what a nightmare) I found myself forfeiting 2 vs. 2 games just because I didn't want my teammate to get any more coins. That's bad.

The only other real problems with the game are that the boards and mini-games are too few. Other than that it's an enjoyable package, but one that left me wanting more. I can only pray that someday they'll make a new edition or--better yet--port the original MP to the DS, replacing analog stick rotations with stylus controls. That would be a very gratifying experience. Until then, this game will have to satisfy my MP fix, and for the next month or so it'll do just fine.

(P.S. -- If you couldn't tell, I'm a big fan of mini-games. If you have any DS games in mind that are heavily based on short mini-games like those in MP, please let me know in the comments! I'm always looking to expand my game library.)
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on January 24, 2015
I love all things Mario and this game is no exception. It is great for the whole family; we can battle it out and play together without needing to buy multiple games (this is a huge plus for this game). Also the game is easy enough for younger kids (age 6) to have fun and get pretty far in the game. If you want a fun game to play against others on the DS this is the game you are looking for. However, if you are looking to challenge yourself against the computer this is not the game for that, the computer characters are pretty easy and the difficulty level does not advance much.
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on May 11, 2017
Came very fast and the game works perfectly. Thanks!
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on May 30, 2017
Cost / Benefit is excellent, recommend it.
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