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on November 17, 2014
My feeling is that director Little might have prepared a "director's cut" print of this film, but as of yet it is not available on the buyer's market. If you watch the trailer included on this DVD, you'll see a scene between Seagal and the great character actor Al Israel (whose face no "Scarface" fan will ever forget--and speaking of his character here, he is presumably killed by the gang early on, but we never see what happens to him; his sudden disappearance is further evidence that this particular cut is incomplete) that is nowhere to be found in the movie, but since I cannot remember seeing this footage on one of the countless TV prints I watched when I was younger, I bet it isn't included in most TV versions either. "Marked for Death," much like "Out for Justice," is a film that had a lot more footage shot for it than what we ended up seeing on screen, and I wish that (for us historians, at least) some of these older 80s/90s action film classics would be released upon newer Blu-Rays with restored footage put back into them--I mean, couldn't these additions even be included under a "deleted scenes" menu option? Really, though, I would enjoy seeing a completed print of "Marked for Death"--the editing is too rapid, the kills are too jumpy (in places), and I wonder about the length of the movie too...perhaps 20th Century Fox took the film away from Little and did their best to cut it down. Seagal also had quite a hand in shaping the screenplay, as he apparently not only studied Obeah in depth, but also had a bit of a standing feud between himself and the two screenwriters (Grais and Victor) in the entertainment press. Seagal may never win an acting award due to his one-note presentations, but he is nonetheless great fun to watch on screen, and his Aikido and varied martial arts scenes are the most thrilling and interesting action depictions since the mixed martial arts chaos of the early Bruce Lee movies. "Marked for Death" was produced on a lower budget, and this may have had something to do with the movie's rather quiet critical reception at the time (really, this is a good action movie); nonetheless, the script managed to draw top names such as Keith David (whom you may remember from "The Thing" and "They Live", amongst other genre titles of the 80s), and Basil Wallace, who gives a chilling and intense performance as the determined drug lord "Screwface." The picture on the DVD appears to me to be similar to the one on the new widescreen Blu-Ray transfer (I believe), and the sound--through a good pair of headphones--is actually quite good too. "Marked for Death" has a great deal of "movieness" about it--despite its quasi-realistic depiction of modern day suburbia--and a lot of this strength comes from the presence of Seagal, who commands each scene despite his insistence upon speaking in low tones and not really doing much impressive stuff other than his amazingly choreographed fight scenes. I have no problem with the film's cinematography or its pacing; maybe the plot is implausible and maybe the film suffers in its current film editing scheme, but I nonetheless enjoy the action and excitement offered by the picture, because it's chilling, brutal, and unique, compounding a terrific music score and even sound design (yes, this is the one that Jimmy Cliff appears in) and many truly effective chase scenes (this is the one where Seagal catches up with Danny Trejo, who would have his revenge against Seagal in the rather prepubescent film "Machete"). If you are watching this movie for something more than genre enjoyment, then you have taken a wrong turn. There are sword fights, mystical mumbo jumbo scenes, foot chases, strippers, gun fights to beat the band, hand-to-hand combat scenes that prove why Seagal is a terrific martial artist, night vision scenes, drug raids, assassinations, ritual sacrifices, and even several harshly broken limbs lying about. In short, the film contains much of what makes a good, quality non-stop action adventure "pulp" masterpiece.
What disappoints me is the extras, or the lack thereof. Unlike the recent DVD special edition "director's cut" release of 1985's "Commando", "Marked for Death" does not have an audio commentary (one from Little would have been much desired in this case, or maybe even a recounting from the film's two screenwriters) nor does it have any deleted scenes, nor does it contain any archived interviews with Seagal (I find it difficult to believe that Fox cannot get the rights from television companies to put some interviews with him on these DVD releases). "Predator 2", another 20th Century Fox film dealing with Jamaican voodoo posses and drug lords and violent crime in the streets, has been given an outstanding deluxe treatment on Blu-Ray, encompassing great picture frame, quality hi-def sound, amazing extras, and great menus. Why couldn't "Marked for Death" get the same treatment? In many ways, I think it's more enjoyable than "Predator 2" but I can't give this item a 5-star plug until 20th Century Fox decides to stop cheating the consumer out of these great extras. I know they are out there! B+ (for the movie...C+ for the averages to four stars due to the quality picture and sound transfer on this disc)
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on March 7, 2017
Look, this isn't a four star movie by normal standards, nothing Seagal has been in is. But for an old school Seagal flick, it's pretty classic, and it's pretty fun. My wife who doesn't really like these kinds of movies enjoyed it by the end, you just have to let it go.

Unlike a movie like Arrival that tries so hard to be deep and introspective while failing to be anything but stupid, this seeks to entertain with stupidity and as succeeds. I swear, Seagal breaks more arms in one movie than car wrecks do in a year, I'd hate to work at the emergency room local to any of his characters!!! Seagal may be a grade A narcissist and liar, but he entertains pretty well in these cheesy 90's action flicks.
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on March 2, 2015
Quite possibly the best Seagal film next to Under Siege. Ok you could throw in Hard To Kill but Marked for Death has a down home, dirty, lethal feel to it that is a charm all its own. Of course what review would be complete without the sheer brutal nature of the martial arts techniques that Seagal uses to put down a variety of adversaries, including a very devastating blow to a leg neatly destroying the knee and leaving a man all but screaming in pain. The vicious destruction of a shoulder in a department store brawl is also totally worth a watch.
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on May 16, 2012
I don't know what happened and when. This movie opened in February at the theaters way back when, a month that critics now claim over the last few years (and maybe quite correctly) is a dumping ground for studios with "crap" they don't know what to with or how to market to attempt getting their money back. Actually, as far as I can remember, Seagal's first 3 movies (Above the Law, Hard to Kill, Marked for Death) opened in February. . .and they all made money. A LOT of money for what the amount that was thrown in to them.
But here's the thing, as movies from the late 80's/early 90's go, this is NOT a bad movie at all. Yes, Seagal had his head-bobbing a la Clooney going full force in this one to make his words seem that much more effective and meaningful, but this was not considered a low budget movie back then. This would now be considered an excellent direct-to-video release with very high production value. What happened?
As with any old movie, you have to watch it with the asterisk inside your head that it is an older movie. That goes for something like Casablanca all the way up to The Avengers. Trust me. 15 years from now we will cringe at the dialogue in that one and firmly state that the action still holds up, but boy, are those special effects out-dated! This is probably Seagal at the top of his game, which might be well not enough for most people, but it's got action in key parts, succeeds at also being somewhat of a thriller, and even tries to throw drama and a little bit of social commentary in to boot. That's a lot to squish in to 93 minutes, and considering Under Siege didn't have all that thrown in to 100 minutes, it could be argued that this is a better "overall" movie with Seagal whereas Under Siege is a far superior action flick.
It's not worth reviewing, everyone else seems to do that. However, the transfer on to blu ray is quite astounding if you consider the fact that this would be considered a "throw-away" title for Fox. Seagal only ever did this one movie with them, and all of his other's that were cinema-bound were produced by Warner Bros. They even gave the soundtrack an upgrade from regular Dolby 5.1, AND the picture is now anamorphic widescreen. But don't get me started on the whole "widescreen" for 4:3 TV's that Disney and Fox seemed to love to bring out at the dawn of DVD.
The picture isn't dark, like some other older titles being "upgraded" to HD, so all in all this is well worth the money if you a Seagal fan at heart. No extras, but they're never were really for any of his movies. It's almost like the studios don't ever want to admit they made all of these movies with him, they just want the money that Segal always brings in for them. Which is always a slow, steady stream. . .whether you want to admit or not. Seagal will always have a foothold on cult-action cinema for the decades to come.
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on April 3, 2017
Everyone leaves out the Jamaicans...Basil Wallace as Screwface is genuinely one of the best villains in cinema history. Period. His blend of Voudou and Santeria, and his usage of psychic abilities in his wars with enemies truly take this movie to the next level. Seagal of course is unstoppable, but it becomes a very close thing.
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on March 4, 2005
Seagals 3rd movie in his hot streak of 5 hits before it started to slip down hill. This one while not as good as Out For Justice, Above The Law or Hard To Kill and with a very slow first half hour is still a solid entry in the best of Seagals movie career. The violence at times can be brutal, the aikido scenes are staged very well and the plot moves along at an acceptable pace once it gets started. A lot of people comment on Seagals acting ability. For me Seagal is believable in all his early roles and believability in a role is acting which is why his later movies are all so terrible and lack not only believability but credibility as well. In Marked For Death, Seagal's character demonstrates that he has no problem doing what has to be done. Someone attacks him with a knife, he snaps their wrist and puts the knife in their chest. Someone tries to strangle him, he puts his fingers in their eyes and they soon let go. No fancy Van Damme moves just simple self defense. It is a sad thing to see how Seagal as fallen so far with the not so good movies that he is making these days like Half Past Dead, The Foreigner, Out Of Reach and the terrible Out For A Kill and Ticker. To be a success again he should go back to basics and keep things simple much like Van Damme has with the excellent In Hell and Wake Of Death. If you don't like violent thrillers or Steven Seagal movies, even his early ones then don't watch this, if you do then this is recommended viewing.
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on December 16, 2012
Kind of like Michael Jackson's life, you may find it alarmingly suspicious that any one man could have this many rumors and speculations about him without actually being guilty of something in some way.

When you think this, you’ll still doubt that everything was O.K. about Steven Seagal; it’s Steven Seagal. You like him; you hate him because it's just not normal to have this much mystery surrounding one human life.

Blah, blah, every perfect individual can throw a stone.

Having never met the man, I like his entertainment, ‘nuff said.
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on February 24, 2015
If you're a fan of Steven Segal then you need no review or explanation for any of his films. You know what you're in store for, you know what you're looking for, and you'll get it and then some with this particular film.
Most of the modern Segal films are direct to video and hard to watch even for some of his die hard fans but Above the Law, Out For Justice, Under Siege, Hard to Kill and Marked for Death represent his peak.
This film is basically Steven Segal vs a Jamaican drug cartel. Segal is well known for his cruelty towards criminals in the way he maims them and he doesn't disappoint here. There are MANY BROKEN limbs of Jamaican drug dealers and the main villain Screwface gets an extra nasty beat down at the end that is on the level of William Forsythe in Out for Justice and Tommy Lee Jones in Under Siege.

If you're a fan of Segal then this purchase is a no brainer, in fact I'm sure you already own it on VHS, DVD and blu Ray.
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on May 27, 2016
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on March 24, 2017
Not as good as Out for Justice or Hard to Kill but still a damn good flick with all of your late 80's early 90's badd azz action
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