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VINE VOICEon February 24, 2013
Although I love my Keurig, I was really skeptical that pricey coffee like Jamaica Blue Mountain would be worth the cost; if you're going to enjoy top shelf coffee like this you really should be buying whole beans, grinding with a burr grinder and brewing in a more traditional way. But I love the convenience of popping the k-cup in and in less than a minute I have a hot cup of coffee, so I'm willing to trade quality to some extent (there are great k-cups out there) for convenience, and Marley Coffee's Jamaica Blue Mountain blew me away! Super smooth, low acid and full flavor, not as good as a properly brewed cup of Jamaica Blue Mountain, but darn near close.

This k-cup has an interesting composition - it's a filter inside the plastic cup, so as the water floods the k-cup, the coffee is filtered throughout, not just through the grounds near the top and bottom holes and the tunnel it makes as with some k-cups. And it's all recyclable (again, love the convenience but don't want to dump tons of these things into the landfill!).
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on June 2, 2016
Wow, what a cup of coffee. Has to be the best coffee I've ever tasted. The Keurig normaly dosen't allow the brewing fragrence to waft, immediately after puching the start button I began to smell the aroma. The taste was very smooth, not acidic, fragrent, and firm. Hard to put into words. The reviews I read about the coffee were empirical the very second the coffee hit my tounge. Now, I just have to figure out how to afford it on a regular basis. lol It really wasn't that expensive taking into consideration how much I pay for coffee at SB.
Well, off to a coffee break,
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on February 19, 2014
Simple as Light, Medium and Dark is all we need. I bought two flavors and received the other as a sample. I like my coffee to look and taste like a fancy diner btw.

Light Roast (Get up and Stand up). Full of aroma, perhaps slightly fruity and not too acid (just a tad). Won't leave a "coffee tongue" even when alone with sugar. Goes perfect with Coffeemate. Not so much with half and half or milk since doing so will loose the light taste. I like this one a lot. Like Green Mountain Breakfast Blend but not that tasteless.

Medium Roast (One Love). They are not kidding when they say Medium. It is between both roasts. The aroma is much nuttier and less acid than the light one. I bought this first and had to use half and half since Coffeemate was too weak for this. You'll get that "coffee tongue" just a tad but won't annoy you. Reminds me a bit of Green Mountain Vermont but better! This one is my favorite and it's how all coffee should be.

Dark Roast (Lively Up!). I just got one k-cup as sample and, Holy Moses, it is dark! French press dark not for the faint of heart. Nothing like the other roasts. Definitely get the "coffee tongue" up to your nostrils even with heavy cream. Smokey smokey! Not my favorite at all but I am sure some do enjoy french press style coffee. This could be great for iced coffee or diluted with an entire cup of milk to sip all morning, if you like that. Jet Fuel like.

So, basically, they are not kidding when they say Light, Medium and Dark. It is what it is, simple. It smells and taste like freshly ground coffee, nothing funny just coffee. No chocolate special hint or so. You'll get very few granules in your cup but not too too much. I like that thought. Makes it special. ;) But yeah, beats Green Mountain, hands down! Great quality of beans, price per k-cup. I believe I've met the perfect coffee and it's Marley. Wow!

BTW, no K-cup bursting or granules issues at all. The top of the k-cup is well sealed forming a "belly". And this goes for each cup. Not a single deflated cup. Well done Rohan! Well done.

Any questions just ask! :)
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on August 23, 2016
This is absolutey fantastic coffee. Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is arguably the best coffee in the world. I researched on Goole Maps where the farm is located, and it is definitely in the Blue Mountain Reserve where it is supposed to be grown. It is the 'real deal' and worth every penny. What is really disapointing, is that because they added a thin plastic film over the aluminum foil top to make it compatable in the Keurig 2.0, it doesn't work in my Bunn 'My Cafe'. The 'My Cafe' has 4 shelves for different brewing requirements, and I had to pull out the pouch that is inside the cup, cut it open, and empty it in the tray used for single serve ground coffee. Messy and a hassle ... this shouldn't be happening with a cup/pod that costs over $2.20 each !!! That is all it takes to bring a 5 star product down to 3 stars. What happens, is the plastic film over the aluminum foil just stretches and does not pierce, and all you end up with is a cup of hot water as it runs over the top of the cup and does not go through the grounds. Be aware of this when you purchase, but I cannot say what will happen with these cups in a Keurig machine, but a Bunn My Cafe is almost a commercial grade coffee machine that can brew anything; pods, K-Kups, tea bags, coffee grounds and even hot water for oatmeal and soup !!!
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on April 6, 2017
Great and full bodied. This is akin to the weaker end espresso you'd get from your standard home Krups-type espresso machine. It still knocks the socks off most strong coffe I've tried in K-cup format, and it actually tastes like espresso, not just bitter coffee. f you are looking for actual espresso like you'd get at higher end restaurant, this isn't it. For me, it's just the thing for cranking out some good brew on the way out the door for work. Added bonus, nothing to clean up.
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on November 23, 2015
The reason for the 2 star is simply quality control. I don't know if the Marley Coffee company got a cheaper bid or what, but they have a huge configuration problem. I have been a solid buyer of this variety, along with throwing in the Jamaica Blue Mountain, every now and then. But the k-cup changed from the distributor. When I put the k-cup in my Keurig it punches the top but not the bottom of the cup. Thus, making the k-cup worthless. I bought this item twice from Amazon and both times got a refund, thus stopped me from purchasing this item. The cup changed from a solid white to a clear cup and you can see the coffee is bundled at the top in tight cellophane, not distributed throughout to the bottom, so it does not work. I did make a complaint to Amazon, but unfortunately, they are still selling this item. Until it is fixed, I decided to get my coffee elsewhere. Just beware. It is happening, it is sporadic, but it must be fixed. It is not the Keurig problem, it is the configuration problem of the k-cup that changed. FYI
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on June 17, 2014
First off, individual likes and dislikes can vary you pretty much have to try something yourself to know if it will appeal to you on a personal level. Secondly, I have no prior experience with Marley Talkin' Blues coffee; so my review is restricted to only the K-Cups: not a bad thing since those are what you will be buying. My order arrived yesterday and this morning I am sitting at my computer enjoying a cup of Talkin' Blues as I type this review. The coffee has a rich taste and a touch more bitterness than I expected from the reviews I have read; however, in head-to-head comparison (yep, I'm doing that right now) it absolutely blows away a K-Cup of Yuban Gold, a brew that I previously thought was pretty good. The bitterness of the Yuban is ten times that of the Marley and the taste is harsher, too; but even at twice the price the Marley is a better deal than the Yuban, in my humble opinion. I would love to sit down at a local cafe' in Jamaica and enjoy a cup of this coffee brewed from freshly ground beans instead of a K-Cup so I would know just how good the coffee really is, but that isn't likely to happen. K-Cups are not, in my experience, as good as traditionally brewed coffee, but they certainly afford the opportunity to sample a wide variety of coffees from around the world at a much lower price than making the trips. Marley is a coffee I would likely buy again for my Keurig and if I ever stumble upon a bag of genuine Blue Mountain beans I will snap them up in a heartbeat to use with my regular coffee pot. I recently bought a bag of the Kona K-Cups (even pricier than these) and have tried several of them. With the Kona you end up with a touch less bitterness and a touch less richness, but with both coffees you get good flavor. Could be the roasting that made the slight difference. Talkin' Blues is one of the best K-Cups I have tried to date and I can highly recommend it.

June 18, 2014 update:
This morning I made another discovery about these K-Cups of Talkin' Blues coffee. Some of them either are not sealed very well or else were packaged with stale coffee. The first one I opened this morning made an awful-tasting cup of coffee, so I tried another one to be sure it wasn't my imagination. The second one produced the wonderfully rich coffee I had tasted yesterday. It was then that I noticed the difference in the cups: the covers on some of them are under pressure and bulged out while some of them are under no pressure at all. The bad coffee came from one that had no pressure while the good coffee came from one under pressure. I don't know if this will be the case for the remainder of the K-Cups in this box, but I will be sorely disappointed if it is. My plans for any future orders are now on hold.
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This coffee is freakin' awesome!! A neighbour gave me a Keurig machine, else I would have never bought one on my own. But of course, now that I have the machine, I had to stock some pods. I tried a bunch of different coffees, and then another friend happens to be a reviewer of various things, and he just happened to mention that he had received some Marley Coffee to review, and that it was excellent. So I ordered it, and wow! It really is fabulous coffee - smooth, flavourful - everybody who has had it while at my house has commented on how good it is!
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on January 28, 2016
My go to! I've tried a ton of Kcups and have landed on Marley Coffee. This is my favorite of the bunch, followed by their mid, dark, and espresso roasts. (Lively Up is their espresso roast and is fantastic!). I don't care for their flavored versions - spice it up (I think that's the name) doesn't appeal to me. Smooth, clean clear taste, not acidic, doesn't require "doctoring" up with sweeteners and milks.
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on May 15, 2016
Not in a good way. A few of the cup came dented. It was impossible to use them because the machine couldn't punch a hole in the bottom. The bottoms are too thick and that makes these hard to use. I really was set for a excellent cup of coffee after those difficulties. Did not happen!!! Coffee was bitter and tasteless. I was disappointed. Just proves that costly doesn't mean better. 8 o'clock coffee is so much better for $10. for 18 cups. What I'm amazed about is the overwhelming good reviews ????? AMAZING... maybe they they know a trick I don't... something to do besides put the cup in the machine and press the button.
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