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on July 5, 2016
I bought this by accident, but it was still a great game! I meant to buy the Ultimate edition of this game, but this regular version of the game seemed to be really good too. I can't say I loved it because I spent maybe 30 minutes playing it before I realized my mistake, but I liked it enough to decide I definitely wanted the ultimate edition! I still have yet to figure out how to do combo's though. Pretty much everything else is easy to figure out, and the moves required to complete combo's are given to you and all, but what on earth do the arrows represent in those combo descriptions? I thought it represented how you move one of the joysticks, but after many failed attempts, I gave up trying.
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on April 4, 2013
I love this game - when I have the family over and all my cousins and my aunts and uncles I can put this game in and entertain everyone. You can do just button mashing and all the graphics go "Whizz! Bang! Woosh!" and it's exciting! You get a lot of "Ooh, look what I can do!" There is a level of skill to be really good, but we don't care. The matches go quick, the controllers get passed around, everyone has a good time and no one gets too competitive.

As a fan of the Marvel and Capcom franchises, I get particular enjoyment when certain matchups pop up - Mega Man versus Wolverine = Awww Yeah! For my family, however, they couldn't care less and to them it's a short guy with a gun versus a guy with claws. But for them, it's a guy with FLASHY claws and a short guy with a LAZER on his arm. It's great fun to see my aunts and uncles little kids again and this game brings out the inner child in all of us and a little of that childhood show-off mentality as well.

10 out of 10
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on March 19, 2011
I don't like fighters. But I find myself loving this game. Once you get past the flashing lights and flying colors of this game, you actually have a game that forces you to think. You have to multi-task in a way I've never had to do with a game before. You have to keep track of your three fighters health and how much health can be healed. You have to keep track of your hypercombo bar so you know when and what to use to give the most damage as possible. You have to watch your timing on things. It's hard to explain, so I'll make this review simple. This game is a mad amount of fun. Is it the most fun game I've ever played? Maybe. That's actually why I'm writing this review. I normally don't write reviews but this game is just so much fun I wanted to write a review. The online is working pretty good after the last update. I have put in 45 hours into this game already and can't wait to sit down some more with it (the game keeps track of how much time you play.) A+ game.
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on March 21, 2014
I really have very little good to say about this game accept that it's an altogether effective distraction when there's nothing else to do. It can, in fact, be downright addictive, due to a desire to improve one's game. The graphics are pretty nice, as are the music and sound effects; unfortunately, this is all I can say about the game's appeal.

There are several drawbacks to this game. First, as mentioned by several other purchasers, a new "Ultimate" edition was released just months after the release of this version. I understand that a tsunami hit Japan and interrupted development efforts; however, the game developers knew the game was incomplete when they released it, and were counting on downloadable content and patches to offset this. The arcade mode is trivial and easily beaten, with no real gratifying denouement upon completion -- only some comic book style shots. The only other playable modes besides online gameplay (which I'll get to in a moment) are mission and training. Mission is also fairly trivial, although the combos to learn can be pretty challenging, and training is pretty fun for expanding and perfecting technique. I actually spend a considerable amount of time in the training mode because it's about the only place where you can play the characters you like and see what they're actually capable of. Once you get to online gameplay -- ugh.

The online gameplay can truly be an unrewarding experience. I'm an old-school gamer, I suppose, and took a decade long hiatus from video games, so I'm used to fighting games that have at least some degree of balance. I know it's impossible to create a perfect balance within this game genre, but it seems the MvC series (or at least this instantiation of it) has neglected the issue altogether. The concept of "tiered" players, in my opinion, all but completely defeats the purpose of having any sort of roster aside from the top tier. Online, there are maybe 5 or so characters that you'll see all the time (and I mean, literally, all the time), and it's because selecting these players pretty much assures you a win if the opposing team is lacking them. Playing with a team that incorporates synergy but doesn't use any of these top tier players means you'll be fighting an extremely uphill battle (pun intended) to stay toe to toe with your Weskers and Sentinels. The flip-side of this is, if you're so inclined, and of a temperament that enjoys a challenge, you'll have plenty of punks to practice on while improving your hand eye coordination.

The Lobby mode is arguably the most insulting part of the game -- you cannot watch other competitors while waiting for your turn; only their ridiculous gamer card or whatever, bouncing around the screen. It's dizzying.
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on May 19, 2012
I'm not much into fighting games I bought this game mainly for my b/f and his brother. But even I've gotten into it and played a few rounds against them and on xbox live. They love this game. I'd have to say it's much better then dc vs mortal kombat just because of the selection of characters and the advancement in 3 vs 3 fighting where as dc vs mortal kombat is only 1 vs 1, and the rounds are much shorter then in this game. Although both games are equally as fun, I'd have to pick this one over the dc vs mortal combat. But don't expect a story line in this game, because the story line in this game is training you to use the moves and master them for each character. And it also doesn't explain what the player points are for or how to use them for anything.
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on October 14, 2013
To start off i've been playing fighting games since the killer instinct on super nintendo and I have to admit this game was gorgeous in the character animation and fighting sequences. It is really addictive arcade mode plus the online was pretty good no complaints. The game features a simple mode which allows anyone to pick the game up and play my fiance even picked it up to play as wesker and chris and ended up beating a couple arcade ladders so it really is accesicble to anyone. As for the more hard core fans it offers a normal layout which makes it a much more technical fighter and more challenging of course. I can't recommend this game anymore just buy it you'll love it.
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on June 27, 2011
MvC3 gets a lot of complaints about aspects such as an afterthought-like story, online being horrible, and character roster. I would say that only one of these complaints is fair, and that is that the online could use improvements.

The online actually has seemed to improve recently. Matches are found pretty quickly (some bad lag, but only every few matches). The ranking system could use some work, they seem to throw you up against whoever is available even if you search to fight your own rank. But my biggest complaint with it is their approach to an online lobby system. The fact that you cannot watch the fight that occurs while you are waiting your turn is lame. SF4 is so much more entertaining, simply because you can actually see how the person plays before taking them on for yourself. Instead, MvC3 leaves you to stare at some bouncing cards while you watch the 3 character's health bars diminish. Not. Fun.

Honestly, I could not care less about it lacking a solid story. The fighting is very enjoyable, and that is all I ask for in a fighting game. Sure, other fighting games like MK had a story, silly, but a story nonetheless. I am fine with their 'Arcade' mode approach to story.

As for the character roster, of course not everyone got their favorite person in the game. I did not get Ghost Rider, but I just use Dormammu (close enough) when I am missing him and deal with it. So what if you are missing Gambit/Cyclops/Strider, there are plenty of fun playstyles to be had in this roster, just have fun with it or feel free to continue playing MvC2.

Overall, I would highly recommend this game. It is great to go back to every once and awhile and really is much more enjoyable to play for me than SF or MK (much faster, more fluid). Then again, that is just my opinion.
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on December 2, 2011
This game is pretty good, but not as good as Street Fighter 4. The control is the main complain that I have for this game. It is not accurate or sensitive compare to Street Fighter 4, but it does help when you just do certain move several time to make sure it register. I beat this game with all the characters in the game. Strong characters are those with "blast" move as their super. Since they are releasing another game called Ultimate MvC 3, it certainly makes you feel like getting a ripoff when buying a "full" game like this similar to Street Fighter 4 when I first bought it and then they keep releasing a few more characters and call it a "new" game (super street fighter 4, super street fighter 4 arcade) and selling this new games at bargain price at about $20 when fan of the series pay $40 to $50 for the game original "few" characters.
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on January 1, 2013
Fans have been clamoring for a new Vs. release since the capcom released the gem mvc2. This game has balance that game, added a new colorful comic style, and provided new combat mechanics that work well! This game only struggles because it has few modes to engage the player. While a solid game, I would not recommended it b/c you could purchase ultimate marvel Vs. Capcom 3 which is a solid update!
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on February 7, 2014
Seriously, this game was 8 months old when Ultimate MvC3 came out. That's insane and inexcusable. I really like the games Capcom puts out (Street Fighter 4 is top shelf!), but this is shameful business.

Anyway... the game itself is solid and over the top, just like the 2 before it. It's fun to see Ryu try to beat down Iron Man. If it's cheap, you can't go wrong.
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