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Over the years I have used several different brands of screen protectors and each has their plusses and minuses (mainly minuses), but I have learned the Marware brand is the better one out there (especially compared to Belkin) as it last longer and is easier to install.

This cover does what it is supposed to do: it protects your Kindle's screen and reduces the glare - in my case it helps stop a lot of the smudgy fingerprints. This one was not too hard to line up and put on, either.

Before you install it, let me point out a couple of things:

1. Clean your Kindle's screen with the soft cloth that comes with the screen protector. DO NOT use water to assist you, but use a gentle wiping motion with the cloth. Why? You don't want to put the cover over a bunch of fingerprints or miniscule pieces of lint and have your fingerprints / lint memorialized on your Kindle! Be sure to carefully check the screen after you think you have cleaned it by holding it up sideways / at an angle in a well-lit room: you may be surprised there is one little bitty piece of dust still on the screen. If you don't remove it, you WILL see it as a bubble underneath your screen protector.

2. Be patient, line it up, and go slow! This cover doesn't have much wiggle-room to be slightly off - if you go just a fraction at an angle to one side, you will start covering the Kindle's edge / casing vs. the screen. If that happens, slowly back it up and start again.

3. Use the straight-edge or a credit card slowly working from the inside / middle to the outside. Be patient, take your time, and be consistent or that small bubble will not go away or, worse, the small bubble will become a larger bubble.

Overall, this is not too bad and does what it is supposed to do, and I think you would rather have a screen protector vs. a scratched up Kindle!
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on November 29, 2012
Great product, easy to apply, prefect the first time, and it's great to have 2 spares for this price. Patience is key. I used the provided cloth to perfectly clean the screen of my Kindle Fire HD, then slowly applied the film with the provided card, working out tiny bubbles the entire way. Before removing the top final film, I continued using swiping pressure with the card to be sure of full adhesion, then slowly removed top film, no bubbles except for very tiny ones near the edge of the film which were easily worked out with the card. Very pleased, thank you for this great product!
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on December 6, 2012
Not sure why such bad reviews are made on this product. Simple directions and looks great and does the job. This is one of the easiest brands and types of screen protectors i have ever purchased and applied for a touch screen device. I'm guessing many people are not installing it correctly. If its sticky after removing the second mask you've done it backwards. The cloth leaves no dust or smudges and i barely had to use the card to remove the two tiny air bubbles left behind. Marware also has a video link on the package you can view to watch how to apply it. Great product. Great price. Would buy again!
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on November 27, 2012
Marware hits another home run! Protector is EASY to install if you read the directions, follow them, and do it slowly and carefully (as you should with any screen protector). DO NOT continue to use the tabs to pull off the coverings! Loosen them as needed, then pull on the covers to continue application. S-L-O-W-L-Y. Try to remove air bubbles as you remove each cover. Protector does not interfere with the touch sensitivity of the FIRE, either finger or capacitive pointer. The plastic is fairly thick and should be very protective. FINE product!
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on February 4, 2013
I installed this screen protector on my brand new Kindle Fire HD. I noted some episodes of intermittent input function, particularly with keyboard function, over the next few weeks, and began to think that it was a problem with my Kindle Fire. (Being new to this Kindle, it took awhile to note there even was a problem). An example of the problem was I could not get the "y" key to work when the Kindle was held in horizontal mode, but the "Y" key functioned in vertical mode. I guessed it might be a problem with the marware screen protector. Sure enough, when I removed the screen protector the input problem disappeared. I guess that the difficulty installing the sheet could be offset by protecting the screen, but the keyboard input problems are unacceptable.
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on February 15, 2013
This screen protector has been an extreme disappointment for the cost. The major problem with it is that it comes with a sticker stuck to the top left corner. It supposedly is there to help with the placement of the screen. Unfortunately, the adhesive will not come off, no matter what I use. The adhesive has just left a terrible dirty film that extended past the initial placement of the sticker. In addition to that problem, I have never been able to get the air bubbles to totally come out from underneath the cover even with the flat edge plastic piece that came with the protector. I have to apologize to everyone that sees the screen and tell that because I spent so much money for the piece of film, I am not going to remove it even though it looks terrible. The main reason I bought the screen protector was to prevent glare while reading in the sunlight. I have found that there is still enough glare outside in the sun that the Kindle screens are very difficult to read. I would not be able to take it to the beach for the day as the strain to read would be too difficult.
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on August 21, 2013
I was a little hesitant to buy these screen protectors as I had been told and had read that applying a screen protector was very hard, that I wouldn't be able to get the air bubbles out, etc. I decided to be adventurous and buy these - it was a breeze to apply the protector following the instructions and using the little gadget that is provided to squish the air bubbles out. I feel more comfortable knowing that my kindle screen has an extra layer of protection from any potential scratches that may come it's way. These also come with a cloth that can be used to clean up the screen if the fingerprints get out of control. I would highly recommend buying this and saving yourself $30 or more that places like Best Buy charge to apply the protector you purchase at their store for a lot more than the cost of these 3.....
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on September 4, 2013
Functionally, I like this product. I didn't want to risk damaging my screen, and this protector is thin enough that I can still make decent contact with the screen in order to tell my Kindle what I want it to do. I had been a bit worried that having a screen protector would reduce the effectiveness of my touching / tapping the screen, but the Kindle works pretty much the same as if it was not wearing a cover.

Now for the bad part - how in the heck do I have a speck of dirt or dust between this protector and my screen?! I was beyond meticulous about applying the protector to the screen. I had two different and totally clean microfiber clothes out and was so careful to remove any debris from the protector before applying it. I applied it in a sterile environment. Now, there is a small speck of dirt or dust that is trapped between the screen and the protector. I can only conclude, due to the excessive amount of care that I took, that this spec was on the protector from the beginning and that it was between the protector and its sticky protective coating. In other words, that this speck was from the factory and that there was no way I could've wiped it off (because you don't wipe the protector after you peel off the backing - you just stick it down onto the Kindle). But, after spending thirty minutes taking excessive care and caution to avoid blowing the process and to properly align the protector with the edges of the screen, only to fail because of the speck, I called it a day instead of starting over with a new protector.

Another bad aspect of this product is that you're paying for three protectors. I'd rather have paid less and received only one or two protectors. I didn't take away any stars for this, but would like to point it out as an observation. That is because the odds of me remembering where I put the extras if and when I do need a new screen protector are very low.
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on March 6, 2013
So, I HATE screen protectors. But I know if I don't get one I will most definitely scratch my screen or do something else to it... This set was AMAZING. The first try I got it on and that NEVER happens for me. For example, right now I am trying to put a screen protector on my iPod 5th gen and my first try was a complete failure. I have come to the conclusion that expensive screen protectors NEVER work correctly... But anyway! I love these, and now I have two left over thanks to the easy application. it's only 99% perfect because it's not completely covering the screen, there is an edge. And there's a random cutout next to the camera cutout that I have no idea what it's for. Otherwise, absolutely PERFECT!
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on February 1, 2013
Usual amazon statement: came quickly, no hassles, exactly as expected in clean packaging.

I have used a couple of other screen protectors for my iphone, wife's iphone, and ipad, Belkin for the ipad forgot the other. This one was MUCH easier to put on and position--I am rather bad with spatial relations so have to typically adjust to get it right. The other screen protectors were not as easy to manipulate and I even destroyed one.

Also, this one left very few bubbles and was able to get all out with the small board provided except literally two. And those worked out over the next week after use. The other screen protectors I used left MANY bubbles even after using the small board. Of course all worked out after use, but was annoying for a few weeks. Perhaps I am more experienced now, but I think it is more the product.
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