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on December 21, 2012
Well, I have to say I am pretty disappointed in this cover. I used a coupon for it so I don't want to return it and pay even more for a different case. $55? For a CASE? Jeez. So my first problem with this case....the price. The leather quality is good, but it's simply not worth that. Unfortunately with a new product you are limited on cases for a while.

Biggest problem: the viewing angles. Even at the widest angle, I find it barely tolerable to watch movies, or anything really, on the Fire. My biggest use for a standing case is on an airplane or at a table, where the screen is fairly close to my body. I wish the case tilted more to give a better angle. It is ok in portrait view, but in landscape? Forget about it. I have a case on my Motorola Xoom that allows a much better viewing angle and it much more comfortable to watch things on.

Second problem: It's thick. VERY thick, and heavy. It nearly doubles the weight of the Fire. Yes, it does seem like it will protect very well, but the cover is just a little too padded for me. I feel like I have a giant first-gen device in my bag instead of a svelte new Kindle Fire HD.

Third problem: The ports/the magnet for auto screen off. When in the default position, the ports to charge it are covered up but the case so it must be open to charge. "But WAIT!" you are thinking. "Read the other reviews!" you are saying. "The case turns around! The holster turns 180 degrees!" Yes, it does turn around so you can access the ports, and that's awesome. But there is a HUGE, HUGE problem (gaping hole, Marware!) The magnets in the case are only oriented to work for auto on/off when the Fire is turned in the default "correct" position! So I have to constantly turn my Fire around and around, or choose what is more important....charging or auto on/off.

Marware, I did not pay $55 for this case with the expectation of it being anything other than perfect. Such a gaping hole in something so simple (adding magnets to two positions so auto on/off works all the time) is a huge oversight. The poor viewing angle is a part of the design, and so is the weight of the cover. It's obviously not the right one for me. But is there anything better? The Amazon case is a bit strange and doesn't sit up well for viewing. The Otterbox case is insanely expensive and heavy. The Marware MicroShell is nice and thin, but only has one viewing angle and no auto/on off. The Belkin and Crown cases have an ugly bezel cover. The only one with any potential is the Marware Vibe. I may order that one to try it out, but then I will be disappointed to lose the revolving feature.

Too bad, Marware. An expensive case that still doesn't hit the mark. I'm disappointed I wasted a coupon on this.
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on November 28, 2012
This is a great case. The case allows you to rotate the kindle 180 degrees. You can view it in landscape, rotate 90 degrees to portrait, and 90 degrees again to "upside-down" landscape. You cannot view the device in "upside-down" portrait, nor can you turn the device in 360 degree circles. Once you've rotated to "upside-down" landscape, you have to spin it back the way it came to get back to the un-rotated position. I think the "stiffness" required to rotate the device is just right. Any stiffer and it would be hard to rotate, but looser would cause the device to flop around in the case. The cutouts for the Fire speakers allow sound to play the way it is supposed to.

One concern I have is whether the torque used to rotate the kindle in place will cause the leather to tear over time. This remains to be seen, so is not a negative at this point.

The reason I gave this device less than five stars is because it doesn't have the perfect viewing angle for me. The three notches for positioning the tablet seem to be somewhere around 60, 70, and 80 degrees from the table or lap that the case is resting on. I would have preferred a design that allowed the device to "lay down" closer to a 45 or 30 degree angle. I have seen this design on certain iPad cases but none yet for the Kindle Fire HD 8.9.
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on January 15, 2013
My husband recently purchased this Marware Revolve Portrait and Landscape Standing Case for his device and I was offered the opportunity to review the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9" Standing Leather Case, Onyx Black (will only fit Kindle Fire HD 8.9") so I thought that I would compare them as they are similarly priced and made with similar materials.

The Marware version is quite a bit larger than the Amazon standing case. The Marware case also has built-in features that the Amazon case does not offer. These include the ability to rotate the screen to landscape and portrait positions for viewing while the Amazon case doesn't really offer a stable portrait option. As a reader, I find myself wishing the Amazon case had a built-in hand strap like the Marware case. That said, the Amazon case has a very slim profile and doesn't add a lot of weight to the device. I do wish it had an elastic strap to hold the case shut so I would feel a bit more secure about it riding around in my hand bag. That said, the larger Marware version with all the bells and whistles does not easily fit in my purse.

Here's how it breaks down:

Amazon Standing Leather Case:

nice leather materials
great fit - no ports obstructed and nothing is loose
feels good in the hand
effective rubber edges act as bumpers and help hold it open for viewing
small profile

Marware Revolve Portrait and Landscape Standing Case:

nice leather materials - feels good in the hand
great fit - no ports obstructed and nothing is loose
feels good in the hand
provides a hand strap for extended viewing and reading
has an elastic strap to ensure that the case stays shut
swivel allows for portrait and landscape hands-free viewing
larger profile

I'm a reader, so the options provided by the Marware case appeal a little more to me in terms of how I use and carry my Kindle. Thus I am giving the Amazon version 4 stars and the Marware case 5.
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on December 14, 2012
I read alot, sitting, lying on the couch, in bed before I sleep.... When you fold the cover all the way back it is held closed by the elastic strap and you have the large elastric strap for your hand to hold the device as if it was book - just like the original I used for the 7" fire - However the issue is the 8.9 device is not secure on one side. and suddenly falls forward as you change position, or turn over. I just missed having it crack on the night stand. It is as if the manufacturer designed it so the hinge that attaches the device is opposite your thumb and your thumb should hold the unhinged side of the device against the cover - previous verstion the smaller of the elastic straps does this.Even if this is the design who would want to use it since when you turn over you would have to rotate the device in order to be able to secure it with your other thumb and one slip lets the device fly freely supported just by hinge. So if you like to read your kindle at times other than when at a desk and epecially at night before going so sleep then design does not work well.
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I have been using various Marware cases over the years. This by far is the BEST they have ever produced. It is solid and well thought out. You can tell they spent a lot of time thinking about this device. I had my doubts when I saw the rotation function. I did not expect to find such a well planned item. Your Fire rests securely in the solid plastic base. It is formed to match the fire. In fact if you have seen the official amazon cover the actual plastic holder looks a lot like it except of course this one rotates.

The rotation is very easy to do. At the bottom of the holder ,in both portrait and landscape modes is a small plastic tab that secures the cover to the base.

I tried all kinds of different locations and applications and frankly could not find one instance where I could not use this case.

If you will be using your Fire at work this will pay for itself. You will keep your Fire safe while adding usability.

They really are to be congratulated on form meeting function. It often seems like cases such as this are rushed through product development at the expense of quality. Someone at Marware got this puppy right on.
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on February 8, 2013
The Marware case is close to perfect. It's very protective, and it allows the tablet to lie flat, or to stand up at several different angles, either in portrait or in landscape oritentation. The elastic band incorporated in the front cover keeps the case from opening accidentally. The rigid plastic inner shell assures that the tablet can't accidentally slip out of the case.

The case does add slightly to the dimensions and the "carrying weight" of the tablet, the small increases in size and weight aren't objectionable. My one warning about the case is that once the tablet is firmly set into the rigid plastic inner shell, it's very difficult to remove it when you want to carry the tablet without protection.

Even with those precautions, I can't imagine the Marware case being any better than it is. I'm very glad I bought mine.
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on December 6, 2012
This is lovely case and a bit unusual as compared to my cases for my Gen 1 Kindle Fire (7 inch) and older Kindles. The larger Kindle Fire snaps into a hard plastic bracket. The bracket can swing freely and rotate thus enabling it to fit into one of the three slots (different angle for each slot) allowing me to adjust the angle for various positions. When reading, there is a nice strap to put my hand in so I can hold it very comfortably. When the case is closes, a quality elastic band ensures the case stays shut. The case is nicely padded and protects the Kindle Fire very well. Opening the case immediately turns the Kindle on, which is nice and like many of the cases for iPads. The only negative is that the case has to be open when charging as I cannot rotate the plastic holder the necessary 180 degrees in order to plug-in my charger. Would give it five stars if I could charge it with the case closed. (Love the purple color of the quality leather!)

Update: Due to the stiffness of the rotational component, I initially could not rotate the Kindle within the bracket enough so I could charge it with the case closed. Well I tried again and yes, it did rotate the necessary 180 do not be worried or hesitant to firmly turn the device within the bracket. I am now 100% pleased with the case. Very happy with this purchase!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 17, 2014
The case appears to be well-made and it was an interesting decision to have a revolving case. You get two benefits from that: the first is that it allows you to use the stand either in portrait or landscape mode and the second is that it allows you to keep the HDMI and USB port on the inside of the case until you need to use them.

The tablet snaps into the case pretty well and I felt that it was secure. Where I had a problem was when I closed the case. The case cover will not lay flat on the tablet but pops back up again. If you want it to remain closed, you must use the provided elastic strap. Part of the problem is that for home use I don't really want to use the elastic strap (since it's thin and looks fairly cheap and likely to stretch over time) so I pop the case closed and then go. What happens, though, is that the case closes just enough to activate the auto-off, then bounces up just enough to activate the auto-on.

Adding to this, I found that the hand strap left a visible impression on the screen protector I had added to my tablet and that it really wasn't much use for holding the tablet while reading.

I also found that while the revolving tablet was an interesting idea, I just don't use it. I never prop up my tablet in portrait mode and it's not really a problem to have the charging port always ready for the tablet to be charged, so the very reason to purchase the tablet was a non-starter for me. I switched to the Amazon tablet case, which is thinner, lighter, and stays closed, and I've been happy with that.
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on November 21, 2013
This review is a little late and probably irrelevant now that the Kindle HDX has arrived! That being said this is a very nice case for your Kindle Fire HD. Yes it is pricey as these things tend to be. What vendors lose on the small mark ups of tablets and smart phones they make on accessories!

Functionally this case is great. The padding make it comfortable to carry yet protects the Kindle very well. Yes I have dropped this a couple of time and so far no damage. This is at least partly luck though. Don't get over confident as this case is protective but it does not make your Kindle indestructible!

As a base for viewing the case if well designed. Once mounted into the case your Kindle can spin a full 360 to access any ports. The case folding easily into position so you can set you Kindle standing in either horizontal or vertical orientations. You can also adjust the viewing angle somewhat to accommodate your exact position. This can help eliminate glare or reflections. I use my Kindle frequently for viewing videos so a sturdy case/stand was essential. This one fits the bill perfectly. Put Dora the Explorer on the Kindle in front of my 3 year old and you have a perfect snack time!

I have owned this for 10 month now and with frequent use it still looks almost new. I see very little sign of wear on the case. The first thing to go on something like this would be the elastic but so far it has no evidence of wear and tear.
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on September 16, 2013
I have a kindle fire hd 8.9 and because covers are expensive I did my research! In the store I looked at the Kindle brand cases and they didn't have anything that kept it closed. I was afraid that despite the hard shell it would open if I dropped it and break anyway! I also didn't want a huge heavy case like an Otterbox. I am super happy with this one! I LOVE the fact that it rotates making it easy to charge while using or while it's closed. I even find myself using the hand strap! The elastic closure strap is good quality and keeps it secure without being a pain to open and close! Plus it gives me something to clip my stylus to! I is even cute!

To sum it up, It stuck a great balance between secure without being bulky. It is super durable and made with high quality materials. It also has all the features you could possibly want while not looking like junky plastic!
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