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on April 4, 2011
Mass Effect 2 for PS3

For those who just got the game, be sure to download the patch and the free content first thing before you start a new game.

This was my first time playing a Mass Effect game and it took a while to grow on me, roughly 6-7 hours to be exact.
I was a little frustrated and overwhelmed at first. The controls and combat system seemed confusing and I didn't have the slightest clue what I was doing. After about 5 hours of play I finally mastered the controls/combat system and I eventually figured out how to travel through space to different locations, how to mine planets for their resources (that was a unique feature I discovered by accident but it comes in very handy), how to navigate the inner workings of Normandy, your flagship, how to upgrade weapons, armor, etc, and how to access the codex which is like an encyclopedia for everything in the Mass Effect universe. Yes, there is a MASSIVE amount of stuff to learn, and the game has a fairly steep learning curve, so patience will be necessary in the beginning. Once you get the hang of everything it becomes incredibly enjoyable and you'll be completely immersed into the mass effect universe. If you're slightly frustrated or confused in the beginning, just stick with it because this is truly an amazing experience that shouldn't be missed at any costs.
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on April 15, 2011
I just completed my second full playthrough of ME2. Obviously, I enjoyed the game.

My previous exposure to BioWare games was Dragon Age, which I also thoroughly enjoyed. There are some comparisons; you get to recruit people to your team, develop your skills and theirs, and accompany them on missions.

ME2 however places less emphasis on development, and more on action. In Dragon Age I was constantly fiddling with my companions' behavior (tactics) and agonizing over what skills or powers they developed. I played through some of the more challenging missions repeatedly until I had the tactics just right to survive. In ME2 you are only picking where to allocate skill (squad) points across a few tracks. Much quicker, and as a result the game moves along faster. In a good way. I really enjoyed the tactical experience of DA:O, but ME2 is just as fun in a slightly different way. It's much more like a shooter.

Replay value is high. After spending close to 100 hours on my first playthrough (I never said I was fast) I started again with a different character class and higher difficulty, and played again straight through in less than 50 hours. The experience is different enough when playing with a different character class that the game stays fresh.

Highly recommended.
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on March 14, 2011
After hearing Xbox 360 owners swoon over this game for the past year, PS3 owners have finally been blessed with one of this generation's best games. This is one of those games where you can believe all the stories you hear, and buy with is a masterfully crafted labor of love that you won't ever forget. If you're a fan of the great space sagas of science fiction, be prepared to add the universe of Mass Effect into that pantheon of great sci fi lore that includes by Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek and the like. It's that good.

The game itself falls somewhere in between the genres of third person shooter and role playing. The action in the game is great fun, especially later in the game when your characters are powered up and you are able to turn the battlefields into almost theatrical displays of gunfire and special powers unleashed by your team. Aside from squad selection, there isn't a whole lot of necessary tactical thought required to get through the game's action sequences...just a mastery of the cover and shoot system and knowledge of the special abilities in which your character is endowed, as well as those of your 2 teammates. The locales are fantastic, thanks to the great art design seemingly inspired from every science fiction movie and television show to come before. When you're not fighting to accomplish your objectives, you are exploring the galaxy in your starship...mining planets for minerals to upgrade your ship, armor, weaponry and powers, discovering new star systems & missions, and interacting with the different alien species of the Milky Way. Bioware has struck a perfect balance here between action and RPG-style exploration. You'll want to explore every corner of the galaxy just to experience this universe fully and gain every possible advantage you can before your final mission.

The accessible action and RPG elements of Mass Effect 2 allow the player to focus on what is the center of this game...the story. Full of intrigue, excitement, mystery, and sadness, its quite simply one of the greatest stories ever told in the genre of video games. Shepherd's quest from initially being resurrected from near-death by the mysterious organization Cerberus, to the seemingly against-all-odds final mission is epic in every sense of the word, and is made possible by characters brought to vivid life in ways that video games haven't done before. The phenomenal voice acting (the best I've ever heard in a video game) and brilliantly written dialogue make everything feel so personal and realistic. You'll find yourself conflicted when you have to make big decisions that can alter the fates of not just your teammates, but the fates of entire worlds. You FEEL this game. You become attached to certain characters, despise others, and find yourself being emotionally pulled in so many directions through the game's many hours. It feels like a milestone, an important moment for video games that truly raises the bar for the medium in terms of its capability to tell a story.

The game looks and sounds great too. If there were any faults to the game, the only one I could think of is that the game was not very challenging at all on the Normal difficulty setting. Obviously, the designers wanted to bring both the story, and the way you as a player can shape it, to the forefront. They were more than successful in doing this, so that's why I find it hard to even complain about the difficulty level. Any of the shortcomings are more than forgivable given the game's many strengths. The game makes we wish that I had gotten the opportunity to play the first Mass Effect. While the in-game comic book gives a good overview of the first game and sets the stage fairly well for your playthrough of Mass Effect 2, you can't help but realize that the comic book is in no way a worthy substitute for playing the first game, especially after playing Mass Effect 2 for a few hours and realizing how deep the lore of this universe is.

But in the end, those of us who own only a PS3 are incredibly fortunate that this amazing game found its way to our console. Believe the hype. This is one of the finest games of our time.
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on October 12, 2011
Games like these come only once in a generation. As i have gotten older I am begin to see the great craftsmanship and dedication it takes to make an amazing game. Mass Effect 2 is pinnacle when it comes level design. Every new fighting environment is unique and well-thought out. In one instance you will be fighting in a fog environment where there is almost no visibility. In the next you will be climbing up a series of steps fighting waves of enemies. Many gamers may not notice these aspects of the game but for me it was thrilling to see this genius of level design in rpg nonetheless. The shooting is amazing as well nice kick to the different weapons. The graphics are beautiful especially the alien lifeforms. The colors of this game might be the best ever well only Uncharted 2 can have argument for this. Lastly amazing set of characters and story. Mass effect 2 is crowing achievement for Bioware I wish they put more effort on Dragon Age as they do on this series.
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on January 18, 2011
Since I have played the first Mass Effect for Xbox 360 and Then Came Mass Effect 2 and have also played that for Xbox 360, I loved the story, the graphics, both Games to me were very detailed in every way. And now Mass Effect 2 for the Playstation 3. Its' even more intense than for the Xbox 360. I love how the graphics are extremely detailed and much more sharp. I did notice the difference right away, when looking at the Faces of some of the Characters for Mass Effect 2! Great Game for Playstation 3!
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on January 23, 2016
Two years ago I bought a PS3 to play The Last of Us and GTA V. One of the few games I bought for my PS3 other than those 2 was Mass Effect 2... the others were ME 1 and 3 and AC Rogue.
Now I am far away from my PS3 which I left at my cousins house last year and I have a strong urge to play Mass Effect again.
My review is this:
The Mass Effect Trilogy (and ME 2 in particular) are so good that I have purchased another PS3 to play through them again before ME: Andromeda comes out next year. Bioware may remaster them for PS4 before then, but due to my work schedule I cannot wait.
If you have a PS3 and you have never played ME 2, you should buy the trilogy rather than just Mass Effect 2. ME 3 has its faults, but it is actually still pretty great. Look at any game trilogy and you'll find a week link if you want to.
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on March 24, 2012
My friend calls the Mass Effect trilogy the best sci-fi RPG. That may be so but there is also very little in the sci-fi rpg genre. I don't consider ME2 to be an RPG. It's a third person shooter with an ok story, maybe a good story when viewed as a trilogy.

Overall ME2 is a good game, with great graphics, and fun combat. I particularly liked that the ranged combat (similar to magic in fantasy) was entirely physics based. The idea that a target's mass was being manipulated was awesome, inventive, and very appealing. However, I was disappointed by the story and lack of real choices.

I did not play the first game. My only intro was a very poor comic included for PS3. The comic was not a good introduction to this universe. I didn't understand what was going on. I initially thought the Geth were a species, but they are machine AI. I still don't know what a specter is or the significance. Mass Effect 2 has little for the newcomer.

The main reason I bought this was to play a sci-fi RPG with a great story. Sadly, ME2's story is simple and boring. Get a crew, attack enemy base. It's also too short for my taste; first run took 28 hours.

The comic seemed like a much more interesting story; a mystery and politics, twists and turns. Maybe if I'd played the first I would have felt an attachment to this world and characters in a way that would let my imagination add to the depth of the characters and story. But alas, the story fell flat and so did the characters.

The second reason I was excited to play ME2 was the idea that choices would bring consequences. That there could be branching paths through the story with multiple endings. Wrong. At least I didn't realize this until my second play-through. The devs are very clever; I'll give them that much. I didn't notice at first but the NPC dialogue is very ambiguous. Every scene basically plays out the same regardless of your choices. It's very easy to interpret the dialogue in two or more ways.

Example (no spoiler)
First time through the comic I picked Anderson and was renegade, second time Udina and paragon. The council scene played out exactly the same and with the same dialogue. First time I felt like Anderson was in charge and Udina was jealous of his position. Second time I felt Udina was watching his own back but also protecting humanity's fragile position. But I was just projecting because the dialogue was the same.

The main story and side stories are mostly linear. There are different outcomes here and there but they don't really effect anything in this game. It seems like the consequences won't be noticed until the 3rd game. But then my choices from the comic didn't effect much in this game: a kiss from Liara or a letter from Ash, Anderson or Udina in charge (what's the difference?), Wrex alive or dead (who is he anyway?).

The Good
Great graphics
Fun combat
Unique physics based range attacks
Cool universe
Freedom to do stories in your order or not do them at all
Replay value for different combat styles
R2 during a cutscene is usually bad ass

The Bad
Simple, uninspiring, story that fails to be compelling
Linear stories
Your class (soldier, adept, etc.) doesn't effect the story feel or style, only combat
Spacer, Colonist, Earthborn 'origins' are cosmetic effects at best
Melee is virtually non-existent
Replaying this game ruined the illusion that I was making choices, which contributed to the story and effected my path and outcomes

I was tempted to give this 3 stars. My first play-through was a 4 star experience; although the ending was hollow and not gratifying. My second play-through revealed the machinations behind the curtain. That's when I became disenchanted with this game. As an RPG it's 2 stars maybe 3. As a shooter it's 4 stars.

I want so much to play an epic, huge sci-fi RPG; a la Dragon Age or The Elder Scrolls. But Mass Effect 2 wasn't it. Maybe as a trilogy it's epic, but this review is for a single game. I did like ME2 but I also expect more story and more of an in-depth experience from my games.
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on May 14, 2012
I adore this game. To a point of absurdity. I've owned it on both the Xbox 360 and PS3. I've played through it likely ten times or more.

I recently traded in my 360 for a PS3 and this was one of the few games I even considered repurchasing. If you have the option of playing it on either system then the PS3 version is far and away the best choice, simply due to the fact that almost all the DLC released for the game is on the disc. On. The. Disc. No downloading, no stupid codes, nothing. You miss out on some weapon pack dlcs, some party outfit dlcs and The Arrival dlc. Nothing that you'll really care about missing if you are on a tight budget. For a mere $20 or so you get 30-50 hours of great story.
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on September 5, 2012
70+ hours over 3 months period. That's what the game gave me as a summary report when I finished the game - once. I've only sporadically played games throughout my life. My recent playing has all been FPS or action games in straight campaign linear mode to get through-and-move on. ME2 is a role playing game that needs to build up a team and build royalty while excavate minerals. The game like this usually turn me off after few hours as I refuse to put so much time in it (Dead Island for example). But this game is highly addictive, and I keep coming back to play. It was worth the money for sure.

The only thing I find repetitive (but still wanting to do) is mining all the planets for minerals. This at the end wasn't necessary for 3 out of the 4 elements. The mining probably took me a good 1/4 of the time. I give 4 (instead of 5) stars for fun because of this time waster. In Me3 they simplify this which is good.

The other complaint is the reloading time after getting killed. It can take up to 30 seconds to restart a section each time, which is a real downer. I have a 7200RPM hard drive and it's a real drainer. I strongly suggest using one of the faster SSDs if you want to play at more difficult level to deal with the slow reloading time.

This edition comes with most of the DLC content, so lots to explore. That's a huge value! I think there is only one DLC that is not part of this and can be downloaded separately.

My only major complaint is loading time after getting killed. Typically can be 20-30 seconds. On some very challenging battles, the loading-before-restarting can really drag the gaming session on. (I have a 7200RPM HDD, and may need to try SSD)

All in all, it was a GREAT game that really had an effect on my work productivity and cut into my sleep time!
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on February 3, 2011
I don't write reviews much but I have to say how big of a fan I've become of Bioware. The only bad thing I can say about Mass Effect 2 is why did it take so long to bring it to the PS3!? haha.

About the game though, definitely worth any award it receives. I've had people over that wouldn't let me play after they left because they wanted to see what was going to happen next! Everything from decisions you make to how you build your character will affect everything in the game and in the future game for that matter as well. Can't wait for Mass Effect 3!

The add on's that come with the game are definitely a high standard in quality.

I'm going to leave all the technical reviews to the experts on the gaming websites. Just know its one of the games I'm most proud to have in my PS3 collection and definitely worth a purchase.
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