Customer Reviews: Mass Effect 3 - Nintendo Wii U
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on January 25, 2013
Won't review this fully because the game has been out a while and there are much better, lengthier reviews.

One standout feature on this Wii U version is the Genesis interactive comic you can choose to watch prior to launching your ME3 campaign. Even though I played this game on PS3 a while back, I never finished it (shame on me) and I needed a refresher. This interactive comic book was an awesome summary/recap, and is worth watching if a lot of time has passed for you between playing ME games.

Graphically, the game is just as good as the other systems, though more like Xbox in the color saturation and detail. The PS3 version is a little bit duller, but nothing too standout here on the Wii U version.

The GamePad is used for inventory management, which is pretty cool, but nothing standout here either. Instead of keeping my eyes on the TV for everything, I have to look down to manage inventory. It's a little annoying in that regard, but still a welcome feature in the heat of battle to not have to pause the screen to manage it.

Overall, this is the same ME3 experience I recall from the PS3, but tailored for the Wii U's GamePad. The most important feature: that powerhouse third party titles can and will work on Nintendo's new system, and gamers can expect to see much more in the future.
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on December 30, 2012
Mass Effect 3 Special Edition offers those who have yet to play ME3 the chance to play it on Wii U. I think it's fair warning regarding ME3: Special Edition on Wii U that you could obtain ME3 for PC, PS3 or Xbox360 for significantly less money currently because it has been out for those platforms for much longer.

That said, this version includes a few of the DLC packs that you would have to purchase if you bought it for on another system. Specifically, it includes the From Ashes DLC and the Collector's Edition bonuses as well as the Extended Cut ending that was added after the original release of the game on other systems. The CE bonuses include a couple of bonus weapons and armors that are not really necessary to enjoy the game. The From Ashes DLC includes a major character addition and an extra mission, which makes it a fairly good edition.

I would also warn potential buyers that there is a significant advantage to having played the previous two games. This game is great on its own, but the impact will be increased if you've played through the stories on the previous two games. Otherwise, you'll need to read in-game explanations in the codex explaining what occurred in previous games. Characters will show up and recognize your character, Shepard, and you'll have no idea who they are or why they know you if you haven't played the previous ones.

Even if you haven't played the previous games, you can use the included Mass Effect Genesis interactive comic before you start your game to make important decisions that will affect your game (like characters who may or may not show up based on your decisions).

That said, ME3 is a lot of fun, and the story is quite strong. The gameplay is an interesting mix of relationship-building and story-driven decision making and 3rd person shooter action. I highly recommend Mass Effect 3 regardless of the platform you choose.

As for the Wii U features, the biggest advantage is the ability to use the gamepad screen instead of the television to play the game. The game looks great on the gamepad. If you use the TV, the gamepad includes an active map of the area that you're in, including enemy and ally locations. It's a good but not necessary addition. I will note that the game has some bugs. For example, occasionally there is missing audio and sometimes characters do not look right. There can also be slowdown when a lot is happening in the area (many enemies or a lot of things happening at once).

As of now, I think this version of the game is comparable to the others. I'd say if you really like the ability to use the gamepad as a backup screen like I do, go for it. Otherwise, you may want to get a cheaper one for one of the other systems.

To Summarize: This version is basically the ME3 Collector's Edition with the From Ashes DLC and Extended Cut ending. There are a few bugs, but the game is otherwise smooth and well done. Gameplay is a lot of fun and the story is great. Get it if you don't mind the (currently) higher price tag and/or really want the ability to play on the game pad.
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on July 3, 2013
I bought this instead of the trilogy because I wouldn't have time to play all 3 games.
Long RPG's that take a lot of time. Here you get a taste but it is a great taste.

The game as you know by now has an interactive comic that brings you up to speed.

Once you play the game, you realize how important, and I compared to other versions people had, the GamePad use is.
Makes it all the more intuitive and fun.

Would it have been nice to have the first and second ported to the Wii U so successfully as well? Yes, but I chose to play only this because there is a limited time out there, and it was definitely the smart choice.

Buy it for this great price. Even though it's published by EA and they're kind of "meh" this game is another Wii U gem, like Arkham City:AE etc (use of the GamePad).
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on April 1, 2013
First of all, I'm not a big time gamer at all. I've usually found games like this to be tedious, glitchy and generally more work to enjoy than they should be. Until recently my "gaming" was centered around Super Mario Bros Wii and a little Rock Band every few months. With the release of the Wii U, though, all that's changed... Assassin's Creed 3... Mass Effect 3... so THIS is what everyone's been talking about!

This game is awesome. There's quite a bit of cinema cut scenes if you play the RPG path, but the battles and missions are really fun and if you relax and let it be what it is you actually do start to follow the story and care about the characters. And the fact that the graphics are simply amazing, at least to my untrained eye, helps a LOT. It's one of the first games I've played where the quality of the cut scenes and the quality of the game are literally identical. Usually it seems like the cut scenes are very engrossing and graphically rich, then the game itself is sorta... meh.. whatever.

But with ME3 the cut scenes often end with you preparing to enter the battle and literally the cut scene ends and you start fighting and there's NO change in graphics quality, everything is virtually seamless and amazing. If you have a big HD TV it's really a fantastic game.

Game play is hard but not frustrating, enemies are relentless without being predictable and the weapons are mostly satisfying. My only real complaint is that as a non-gamer dork I constantly have the feeling that I'm missing something... there's something I'm supposed to be doing, some battle I'm supposed to be engaged in, some critical piece of equipment I don't know about... there's just so much STUFF that I feel like I must be missing something important and not even realize it. And then I remembered that I have an iPad and can use IGN's fantastic walkthrough as I play, which helps SO much when it comes to finding items, completing side missions and generally understanding what's going on. In fact about 1/3'rd of the way into the game I restarted so I could do all the side missions and actually understand what's going on, and I'm really glad I did. The simple IGN walkthroughs for each "level" really helped me with so many things, and now I feel like I have a grasp of what this game is about.

No walkthrough changes the irritation of navigating the stupid ship, the Normandy, though. Everything is spread out on different decks and again... should I be talking to every person I see? Should I be looking at my emails more? Should I spend more time kitting out my armor? Am I supposed to be doing something in the sick bay? There's not really many clues about that stuff, so if you don't use a good walkthrough simply finding things can be frustrating, let alone figuring out what you should or shouldn't spend time doing.

But ultimately it's an awesome game, much better than I expected. It took me a few hours of play to really get into the character and story but now I dig it. Worth the money!
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on November 11, 2013
This version of the game is pretty good. I also have the PC version of the game and of course it is better because you can carry over info from previous Mass Effect games. But still on Wii U the game is good with excellent graphics and some features you don't get on pc with the gamepad. I picked it up for 15 dollars here on Amazon so you cant go wrong with that. Truly I wouldn't have bought it if the price was more. For someone who has not played the previous versions and wants to check it out there is a whole back story included in this version to get you caught up with the series. For 15 bucks just buy it.
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on July 1, 2015
I own this for the Xbox 360 as well. It is probably the best game I've played. It is so fun playing Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U!!!!!! I think it looks better on the Wii U. I love using the gamepad! At first it was different and needed some time to adjust to playing the game on the gamepad but after like 30 minutes, it felt natural. They offer 3 play modes- 1. Action, 2. Role play(traditional gameplay), and 3. Story mode. I'm currently playing story mode and will play action after. Story mode is definitely a lot easier for people who like that sort of gameplay- way more cut senses and not much fighting or extras. I still prefer the Role play mode which is how you play on the Xbox 360, but it is very cool that they offer those other 2 options for different types of gamers. I love that this is so cheap for Wii U. I recommend everyone buy this!
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on December 6, 2013
Mass Effect 3-This is an absolutely gorgeous game for the wii u!! The gameplay and story are also incredible. If you are a sci-fi fan and enjoy movies such as the new star trek series or dune you will thoroughly enjoy this title. It is an instant classic and for this price(~15) it is a steal. The game is very detailed and intricate. There is a lot of action but also a lot of story. Online research is necessary and/or a strategy guide but it is well worth the effort. Also, the wii u gamepad controller works flawlessly with this title. I have only played the online multiplayer game for about 20 minutes but i look forward to delving deep into that also. Enjoy!
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on May 24, 2015
I won't go into the details of the graphics, gameplay, or story other than saying that they're great. The game is awesome, having only owned Nintendo consoles my experience with these types of games have been few and far between. I don't know exactly how this version compares to other versions of the game, but I did find having the map on the gamepad extremely helpful, which was useful since I'm not particularly skilled at shooting games. I also have only played Mass Effect 3 and not the previous games in the series. The intro to the game does try to give you a brief overview of what happened in the previous games and what choices you would have made that affect the story, but it's not really enough to keep you from still being a little lost in the beginning. That said, while some say that playing only the last game of the trilogy doesn't make sense, I found playing only the last game to still be a very pleasurable experience. Given how cheap the game is, anyone who owns only a Wii U and doesn't have access to the full trilogy should buy this game and enjoy every minute of it.
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on January 13, 2014
Years ago I started playing Mass Effect on my Xbox 360 and quickly became bored. The story wasn't compelling for me and the controls were too complex. Fast forward a few years, I now have a Wii U, and Mass Effect 3 is available for about 12 bucks. Even better, the reviews are actually good!

I've finished the story mode and I'm just blown away by the quality of the graphics, these ease of using the gamepad as the controller, the compelling story, and seeing how my choices effect the story later on. For the first time ever, I felt really bad when a character died. I had to stop the game and continue the next day.

I do wish Mass Effect 1 and 2 were on the Wii U, but I still got more than my money's worth on this game.
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on January 14, 2014
I have never been a fan of FPSs - paint ball and sporting clays in the real world are more appealing to me, but this is a very enjoyable game and well worth the time.

More detail…

We bought a Wii U for the holidays this year - primarily as a gift for our younger children, but wanted to round out the library with a few more serious games so we purchased this along with Zombie U. Mass Effect 3 has surprised me with how thoroughly enjoyable it is and how much time I am willing to commit to it (time is the biggest cost of any single player video game as far as I am concerned). I typically do not spend more than 5 hours a week on video games, TV and movies combined (and most of those I do with friends or family). I have averaged 10 hours a week on ME3 since starting the single player campaign 3 weeks ago - and I do not feel like I have wasted it. There are a ton of reviews on this game already, so I am going to focus on its appeal to a casual gamer and aspects that are likely unique to the Wii U port.

The game can be configured with an emphasis on action, storyline or with a balance of the two. I took that later route which provides some heart pounding combat and solid interactive storytelling where the dialogue paths you choose seem to have a real impact on the branching of the overall story arc. Basic combat is relatively easy and fun and the Wii U gamepad provides great if somewhat unrealistic situational awareness (map with location of targets).

The gamepad also provides access to special abilities and maps in non-combat situations which is a bit redundant with the maps that can be pulled up on the main screen but is a nice feature of the port to the Wii U. A pro-controller does provide better control during difficult combat, but the gamepad provides a great immersive experience and the earphone output is useful if you want to keep the noise down.

One of the things I appreciate most in the game is its ability to seem vast and open ended while actually being relatively linear. A big turnoffs for me in video games is having to hunt through every corner in a virtual world to be certain that everything is covered. ME3 allows you to make big decisions about direction and then gently nudges you down a broad and lavish path toward the destination. There are times when I feel that a successful outcome is inevitable and that the storyline is not dependent on how long it takes to complete a given objective, but those are rare.

Performance on the Wii U is best described acceptable - load times between missions are slow, but gameplay is smooth. The visuals are very good with ME3 having the most satisfying graphics of anything I have seen on the Wii U and on par with last gen xBox and PS3. It lags far behind a mid-range circa 2013 PC in graphics and sound, but the experience on the Wii U is very immersive.

Overall, playing Mass Effect 3 feels like being a major character in a Sci Fi epic and in my opinion is more enjoyable and satisfying than watching a modern Sci Fi TV show or playing any other single player game on the Wii U.
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