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on January 22, 2017
The Mass Effect games are my favorite RPG series of all time, and some of my all-time favorite video games period. The games are most well-known for the choices; things you do or decisions you make in each game will carry on to the next game and effect how the story progresses and how characters evolve. The games have good action, but excel in their story and dialogue- though any of this can be skipped, if you wish. If you are a fan of any Bioware game, of deep RPGs, or of big sci-fi universes like Star Wars, you will love these games. A brief pro and con for each game:

-Mass Effect 1 is getting a bit old now, and so is a bit dated for graphics and gameplay. However, the story is solid, the characters are great, and of all the three games, this one gives you the greatest options to freely discover and explore in the universe.
-Mass Effect 2 has greatly-improved combat and graphics from ME 1, though at the expense of some of the traditional role-playing elements. It plays more like a standard shooter now, but there are still many very good spots of dialogue and character development. ME 2 is primarily remembered for its great characters.
-Mass Effect 3 was a fully modern and cutting-edge game when it came out in 2012. The graphics and combat are still very good. The characters are excellent and the story is dramatic and engaging. This is definitely the most polished game in the series. However, the ending of the game has been much-maligned for being too simple or shallow for how detailed and rest of the games are, particularly for not incorporating enough of the choices you make throughout the three games (but don't let this discourage you: it's still worth it).

Now to the criticism of this particular package:

The Mass Effect trilogy has several very good DLC expansions, some of which in ME 2 and 3 are actually kind of essential to the story. However, NONE of the paid DLC for ME 2 or 3 is included in this package. This trilogy package is very cheap, but if you want to have all the DLC, you will need to pay twice the price of the whole trilogy to get it! I think this is BS, as most "complete" or "legendary" editions of already-published games come with all expansion material as part of the price, and this just seems like greedy nickle-and-diming by the publisher, EA. However, I'm still giving the game 5 stars, as despite this lack of DLC, this series is still an excellent value at $20 or less for over 100 hours of game content (if you play through the entirety of each game just once).

P.S: I understand if you wish to protest/boycott the paid DLC, but if you want to only buy the DLC that is "essential" to the story, get "Lair of the Shadow Broker" for ME2, "From Ashes" and "Leviathan" for ME 3, and "Citadel" for ME 3 if you have any money leftover (because it's just a really awesome and enjoyable expansion).
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on May 27, 2014
Some people with certain operating systems are having problems getting all three games to run and are, incorrectly, blaming EA's Origin client. This can occur when trying to run the game from within Origin and without. The fix is very simple, and I did have to do this for my own system (Windows 7):

1. Create a desktop shortcut for each of the three games.
2. Right-click on the desktop icon for the game (this will have to be done for all 3).
3. Click PROPERTIES, select the COMPATIBILITY tab.
4. Check the box next to RUN THIS PROGRAM AS AN ADMINISTRATOR (you have to have Admin access to enable this)
5. Click APPLY.

That's it. You're ready to play the game and won't have to do this step ever again.

For all it's great gameplay, there are graphics issues with Mass Effect 1 that require you to open the command console in the game and change one setting. Mass Effect 2 and 3 have no problems with buggy graphics, just ME1, and only with certain video cards.

During the missions on Noveria: Peak 15 and Ilos, the squad, enemies, and anything you can interact with will turn into black pixelated blobs.
1. Open the command console (the Mass Effect wiki has instructions on enabling the command console in- game). You may have to repeat the console setup occasionally as the bioini file gets "fixed" periodically.
2. Type in: VIEWMODE UNLIT, close the command console.
3. Once you leave Peak 15 and Ilos, open the console and type VIEWMODE LIT to change back to normal graphics.

Hope this helps. Happy gaming!
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on May 14, 2017
This review is of the disk version. My system is Windows 10 Creators edition, Pro.

The games are fine, the low rating is due to dismal Origin/EA quality control and failing to fix the product for years.

The Origin game client (required to play) that comes with the game is defective and won't install. The fix is to download the newer version from the website, and run it as Administrator. Then that needs another update, which is a third download and reinstall.

Mass Effect 1 then installed from the disks and registered the Trilogy of games using the code from the Trilogy package. All three games showed up in Origins game manager as having been purchased.

Mass Effect 2 disks were defective, and I tried numerous dvd restoration programs to try to recover the data but the vast majority of the disk was corrupt. I ended up downloading it all (our data caps and slow connection make that a terrible solution, it took 4 days to complete).

I hoped Mass Effect 3 would be fine, only to discover a very common issue in that the installer requires a new code every time in order to install the game. It's absurd, people complain that they can install it either once or not at all with purchased code, and thereafter installation always fails. The fix is to copy the *.z01 and .zip files from the Mass Effect 3 disks, then use a program like 7zip to decompress the files to a temporary folder, then start Origin, log in, and start the download of Mass Effect 3. Then stop the download and fully exit the Origin game manager. Now copy your temporary folder to C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Mass Effect 3. Restart the Origin game manager, and restart the Mass Effect 3 download. It will do self testing for some time, and then (hopefully) show that you are almost complete for the download.

For me, disk 2 of Mass Effect 3 was also damaged and unusable, but it contains only 20% of the game files so the download was small enough.

If you don't really, REALLY need to buy the disks, just go buy the download version since that is clearly all that Origin/EA supports. The disk versions are buggy, obsolete, and often defective, forcing you to download some or all of the content anyway.

Once everything was installed and tested, the games worked fine but the process of getting past the installation and DRM were very irritating.
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on May 31, 2017
I installed the game and have been playing it for a few days, I'm still in the very first missions. But here are some comments (so far):
(1) I installed it in a Windows 10 machine with "the works" (a game PC): dedicated graphics, plenty of RAM, etc. The origin software would not install at all. To get it going, first I went to EA and established an origin account and downloaded and installed origin. After a few reboots, I had the whole game (8-plus Gb) downloaded too, as it did not install from the CDs (I don't know why). But after it all installed, the game plays perfectly.
(2) About the game itself: it is VERY labor intensive. After all daily activities (job, home, etc), the few hours that I have I want to sit in front of the computer and just forget about everything else. But in this game there are so many controls that "just play it" is not an option. This is the main reason I am labeling it 3 stars. Example: there are a lot of weapons (as usual), but they all have upgrades for the weapons and the munitions that they use. Plus you can also upgrade the weapons and munitions of the platoon that works with you in the game (that is a LOT of options).
Summary: if you just want a "shoot them all", this is not the game for you. If you want a lot of commands and strategies ... enjoy.
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on July 24, 2015
The Mass Effect games are some of the best realized and written science fiction media out there. Through the course of the three games you'll encounter some of the most unique and charming personalities in gaming. You'll laugh at them, pity them, hate them, and maybe even love them. The writing and acting are superb for the great majority of the dozens of hours of gametime. The relationships with people, aliens, factions, and governments are the highlight of the games, and are sometimes unforgettable.

As Commander Shepard, you're given leeway in saving the galaxy mostly via your binary (trinary?) dialogue and action choices which let you equivocate, or be a paragon or renegade. Most will veer toward either paragon or renegade, since doing so leads to unique actions and can have otherwise impossible solutions be resolved by your innate goodness or total lack of tact. Other than the lack of incentive to choose options based on your own thoughts and feelings, as the games reward only extremism, the system suffers from being too transparent (the good and evil choices are a bit too obvious in their outcomes; a bit of Witcher ambitiousness in effect would be welcome here).

It should be noted that the mechanics of each game differ pretty significantly - these are three separate games whose choices and progress transfer over, but other than being a squad-based, third-person, shooter action RPG, they differ quite a bit in how exploration, combat, inventory management, skill progression, and weapon modification work. All the games are awesome, but don't expect them to feel especially cohesive.

As others have noted, most DLC is not included in this package. I don't like this and most don't. Adding the missing DLC significantly increases the cost of already quite old games that deserve a true complete package. On the other hand, none of it is essential to the story, though a few (Shadow Broker and Citadel, most notably) really add to it and provide you with more memorable moments with characters that you may have grown very attached to.

On the music front, it took me a while to appreciate it, but the Mass Effect trilogy has a wonderful soundtrack.

The first game looks pretty dated out of the box. I suggest going to the ini file to adjust the textures at a minimum -

Open %USERPROFILE%\Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect\Config\BioEngine.ini
Replace the following three lines:


...with these lines:

Other ways to improve the games can be found online, like controller support (which I've really enjoyed).

There's been much outcry about the trilogy's ending (as with many series - they're bound to end in a way that doesn't fit with what much of the audience expects to be appropriate), but I found it a profound commentary that fit with the overall message of the games: an individual can change the universe through actions and attitudes, but there are many individuals with strong wills and some things can't be prevented. We live with the illusion of control, and the proof that we don't really have it, everyday. I feel like this series smacks you in the face with that fact by the end.

In short. This is essential gaming for the memorable events, places, and characters with lasting choices (that don't prevent the inevitable) and varied, solid tactical gameplay. It's without most DLC and the games don't play or look the same.
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on March 24, 2017
Bought thinking it's was just like a standard CD ROM type of thing WRONG!!!!! YOU HAVE to down load through Oragin. The disks are NOTHING!!!! Even the Oragin ON the disk is wrong!!!! I love the game but what I had to go through to GET the game to work... it literally took me like 30-45 min on the phone to EA to get my problems resolved as stupid Oragin keep telling me I wasn't connected to the Internet when I clearly WAS!!! I didn't start the down load process of the games till almost 9:00 p.m CDT (GMT -5 HRS) it was sold as a box set but all you need is the code on the paper the disks are USELESS!!!!!
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on April 3, 2017
Not the sellers fault but these games were designed with console in mind, meaning everything plays much better with controller. Unfortunately Bioware didnt think to complete the controller support they started designing for ANY of these games. Great games but Id get them on the xbox 360 that way you could play them on there or the 1. If you have a playstation thats your own fault sony sucks now. Another thing to keep in mind is this set does not have all of the dlcs including some pretty important ones. Again not the sellers fault. Also a tip for the people who do still want to get this for computer, download Origin online before downloading these games, the Origin app that the game will download is outdated and will not allow you to play any of the games without the updated version which you can only get online. Another stupid design by bioware if you dont have internet. Furthermore if you can temporarily get internet access download all 3 games and play all 3 games because if you dont sign into your EA account within the game none of the dlcs you do get with the game will work and to be honest once you dc from the internet Im not sure if they will as well
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on March 27, 2017
With the release of ME: Andromeda being so controversial, I decided that I wanted to play through the original trilogy. I didn't own it anymore and decided to purchase it digitally on Amazon. Of course the product goes through Origin, which you find out before you purchase it. It's not ideal but I was determined to relive the adventure regardless of the platform I was forced to use.
There were a couple things I didn't bother to research. The first is the games DO NOT support controllers. There are ways for you to install mods to make controllers work which is a plus, however having no support out the gate was slightly irritating. The second thing is it doesn't come with nearly any DLC. Sure it comes with a few from ME2, however you do not get any of the extra characters, missions, or actual content for free. You must purchase them from Origin once you've got that installed.
In essence, 3 stars because the game is good, but only 3 because there's no DLC.
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on March 16, 2014
There seems to be some issue with downloading and installing the game and it's client, Origin. I have spent hours trying to download, reinstall and just get the game going. Originally my problem was getting the first game, Mass Effect to run. After searching the web for a reason why the game wouldn't run, I found several sites that pointed to a patch that I needed to install. Unfortunately, trying to install the patch was a no go.

Next, I tried to contact EA. I would have preferred to send an email but they say they have a 35-40 minute wait to chat with someone. It's Sunday and I'm not even sure they are really open.

My next issue came when I closed my Origin client and tried to open it again. Did not work. I'm not sure what the problem is but if I need Origin to play the game then maybe I would have been better off, buying the discs or just getting it through Steam. I'm still on hold so maybe someone is working today but I'm not going to hold my breath about getting this fixed.

Spoke with a customer service rep from EA. After an hour on hold, another hour going over my account, deleted the game (Mass Effect is the problem), creating a legacy account through and then another hour plus reinstalling the game, it still doesn't work.

When I talked to the rep she said it was the first game that was the problem and while I can get as far as clicking play in the Origin client and getting to the Mass Effect launcher, the game still won't run. I think I'm just going to call it day and forget about downloading anything from EA ever again. I've seen all the reports from others about the problems they've been having and it's just not worth the aggravation.
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on February 11, 2017
Bought this for windows 7, tried to install and encountered various issues with installation. After perhaps 5 hours of troubleshooting online could not figure out nature of problem and never was able to install (there are many complaints online regarding EA game compatibility and customer service). Will not be buying any EA games for PC after this experience
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