Customer Reviews: Mass Effect Trilogy [Online Game Code]
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on December 29, 2012
The good: ME 1/2/3 all included in one package. All of ME1 DLC is included.

The bad: the following DLC is missing:

Lair of the Shadow Broker (really good)
Overlord Pack (meh)
Arrival (mainly a solo dlc pack)
Kasumi - Stolen Memory (get to add a new character)

From Ashes (pretty good)
Leviathan (pretty good)
(anything else currently out)

The Ugly:
ME3 plays on with all ME2 DlC considered canon and played whether or not you have actually purchased it.

As a player of the entire trilogy, it is hard to recommend this to people new to the series. The only period I would do so is when this is on sale. Also keep a look out if you can buy these separately at a cheaper price, because this collection is no different from buying the games separately.
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on November 26, 2012
As of the moment I'm writing this there are 5 Amazon customer reviews about this game and none of them are "Amazon Purchase Verified" (or whatever Amazon calls it). Heres some info I have learned for those considering purchasing the Mass Effect Trilogy (PC version):

I purchased this game today (Cyber Monday 2012) thru Amazon (for $29.99 instead of the $59.99 price! Amazon is awesome!) and I activated it on the Origin client. I've never used Origin. The only Digital Game sites I have ordered from have been either Steam or Amazon (& the game required Steam) or Good Old Games (which is DRM-less btw).

On the Origin Store I see that in regard to the Mass Effect games a "points " system is used instead of just stating how many dollars a dlc costs. Strike one. All points systems stink of ripoff imo (I think Xbox uses a point system but I've never played an Xbox before so this method of ripping off customers of a handful of dollars I am not used to).

Here's how much Mass Effect 2 & 3 dlc will cost you in dollars. The dlc that adds to the story of Mass Effect (as far as I can tell) are the folowing (there is a digital comic also being sold but I will not list it since I'm not sure it adds anything to the story):

Mass Effect 2 DLC:

Lair of the Shadow Broker: cost 800 "BioWare Points"

Overlord Pack: cost 560 "BioWare Points"

Arrival: cost 560 "BioWare Points"

Kasumi - Stolen Memory: cost 560 "BioWare Points".

Mass Effect 3 DLC:

From Ashes: cost 800 "BioWare Points"

Leviathan: cost 800 "BioWare Points".

So to experience the entire Mass Effect story you would have to buy "BioWare Points" and pay (if you buy through the Origin Store which I don't know if it's mandatory for ME DLC):

BioWare Points cost:
1600 points: $20.00
1200 points: $15.00
800 points: $10.00
400 points: $5.00

$35 for ME2 DLC.
$20 for ME3 DLC.

Total: $55.00.

So I payed 29.99 for the Trilogy. That would mean I would have to spend $84.99 in total if I choose to buy these DLC.

In my opinion I believe the reason all ME2 DLC was not included was in hope that new players would spend extra on ME2. Not including all the ME3 DLC is understandable to me since ME3 is still less than a year old.

I am a new player to the Mass Effect franchise. I have not played the Trilogy yet (it's currently downloading) but if the story is as good as everyone says it is (not including the controversial ME3 ending) than I guess I will pay the extra $55 for the story DLC. But at least I saved $30! Thanks Amazon! :)
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on March 26, 2013
I already owned the first 2 titles and couldn't justify buying ME3 full price knowing full well it costs about $80 to get all the DLC for the game once it is all released.

I was surprised to find that ME2 & ME3 only comes with a small selection of DLC and not all of it like anyone who buys a trilogy/box set expects, EA really stuffed up on this package, It should have been released only with all the content, instead of pulling a bait and switch just to nickel and dime you for all the missing extras.

Do yourself a favour and wait for this package to hit the bargain bin, or wait for a complete trilogy that has all the DLC included.
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on May 29, 2015
I was super excited to start playing Mass Effect back in 2012. I was getting ready to buy 1-2 when the online reaction hit about the ending. I read the spoilers and decided I would rather not spend $100+ on a franchise with such a terrible last installment. I kept an ear out for the game, waiting for the price to drop to something I felt like paying.

With the $10 sale, I felt it was time to finally try this franchise.

The Good:

The world, characters, and storyline are all lots of fun. I really enjoyed the fact you could customize your Shepard and, in general, the games are fun. Some of the choices you make are really hard, and if you marathon the games, it really does feel like you're going on this big, epic adventure. Bioware definitely pulled out the stops in creating an immersive, emotional experience.

Gameplay is ok. I think I personally enjoyed 2 the most as far as leveling, combat, and using skills.

Overall I would say I'm a fan and loved the first two games. I'll probably give 4 a look and, depending on the reviews, might buy it.

The Bad:
For the first two weeks, Mass Effect 1 was missing a bunch of files which led to crashes when trying to access certain places. Luckily, origin patched the game so it should work now, but was still very annoying.

The game is just the base games, no dlcs. But for the price that is reasonable. I only bought the From Ashes dlc for 3 because it had a semi-important character in it.

Overall, 1-2 are worth playing. This price is great for them and I would say now that the price is back to normal, it's still worth it.

The Ugly:
Three is a bit of a glitchy, unfinished mess with some backgrounds not even fully rendered. The ending is still terrible, but if you play the game up to the last 15 minutes, it's pretty solid. I took off an entire star for three. It really did kill my enthusiasm that came from playing the first two. You can tell the game was rushed. While there are some good scenes, and the game might be improved with mods, it's just...I feel the criticism is justified. Hopefully Bioware, and more importantly EA, has learned from this and they'll give the devs all the time they need for four. And also not keep changing the creative staff.

Final Verdict: worth paying for, despite EA's greedy business practices and storyline.
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on January 19, 2013
This game series has been one of my favorites for a very long time. My only issue is that more DLC should be added directly into the download.
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on December 30, 2013
I played the Mass Effect games on my XBox 360(except 3), and I was curious about how it'd run on my gaming laptop.

I can't go back to the 360 versions.

60FPS, better inventory options, keyboard & mouse interface...the works. No controller support, so there have been some growing pains, but nothing serious if you already play PC games to begin with.

A NOTE THOUGH; THE BUNDLE DOES REQUIRE ORIGIN(which I was not aware of, nor am outright adverse to), SO KEEP THAT IN MIND IF YOU'RE THINKING OF REDEEMING THIS ON STEAM. Mass Effect 3 isn't even available on Steam, so Origin is the only way to play the trilogy on PC, short of splitting them up(1+2 on Steam, 3 on Origin).

Now, for the games themselves; I like the games, Origin isn't the Devil, I recommend this purchase to anyone curious about the games. There's lots of content here(Mass Effect 1 alone could take over 40+ hrs. to 100% complete)to enjoy, and even though the games change drastically between installments in terms of features and depth(and arguably, quality), the whole package is pretty damn satisfying.

You play as a soldier of great renown, created by you; everything from your appearance to your backstory and your skills in combat. Once you're done creating your character, you're positioned within the narrative as a representative of humanity as a whole, fighting as part of an intergalactic group of(essentially)special forces agents known as "Specters". You quickly, through circumstances beyond your control, end up in control of your own vessel, full of crew members, dispatched to space in pursuit of a criminal bent on destroying all life in the galaxy.

The first game sets the stage, explaining the world, it's workings and history; the most RPG-like of the 3, the amount of customization and depth within the game makes it one of the best western RPGs ever, let alone a great start for the series. The second shakes things up with an unconventional twist to start that expands upon the perspectives of some elements of the first game. Many of the skill and customization options are dropped in favor of streamlining the experience for new players. As a result, the second suffers a bit of an identity crisis, but the narrative more than makes up for the shortcomings of the gameplay. The third brings things to a bombastic close, all of your choices and decisions coming full circle in one glorious race to the finish. Many argue that the ending(pre-patch, anyway)leaves a lot to be desired, but it's since been expanded upon via patches and DLC.

Through conversation, or behind the barrel of a gun, you'll gain information, allies, and enemies to aid and hinder you in your search, often times finding yourself derailed by any of dozens of the myriad side-quests or seemingly barren planets to salvage items and discover ancient artifacts.

As a Specter, you can do whatever you must to accomplish your mission, and these decisions affect how people see you, and, to a lesser extent, your appearance. Major choices consist of either "Paragon"(good)or "Renegade"(bad), with the occasional gray area option. There are skills and perks for going all one way or the other, which kinda stinks, since you're less encouraged to react how you'd feel you would and more inclined to go with the option most inclined to one way or the other. Some dialogue options aren't even available unless you've been going all in on Paragon or Renegade. Your party members will sometimes comment on the things you do, but they'll never react strongly to the things you do, like leaving your party or confronting you directly(outside of the occasional scripted example). Combat consists of 3rd-person gunplay with cover use, along with squad commands ranging from simple point-and-command attack and movement options, to advanced support strategies, like having a party member lift an enemy from behind cover so you can shoot them, or overheating an enemy's guns so that they can't fire at you, allowing you to rush them down for a melee attack. The gunplay is a bit rough in the first game, but it gets much better from the second game onward, even though the game seems to limit your options severely in the latter two parts of the series. Interactions with NPCs consists of a dialogue wheel, Paragon choices at the top, Renegade choices on the bottom, usually. Even if an NPC isn't necessary for story progression, it's good to chat with everyone to see if there's a side-quest or some lore to get for the in-game encyclopedia.

As you go through the first game, you make decisions and set in motion plot threads that play out through all three games, and even though many of the complex features that make the first game so great end up being either reduced in complexity or removed entirely, the experience as a whole-which is, to play 3 40+ hour-long RPGs back-to-back as part of a single storyline that has choice and consequence influenced by you, the player-is something rarely seen in gaming. The sheer scope of the experience is something that most-if not all-gamers should at least try.
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on December 26, 2014
First of all, I can't really base this review on all 3 games, since I just recently finished the first and I am about 10 hours into the 2nd.

But, I purchased this trilogy here on Amazon for $14 and only based on the first game, it deserves 5 stars.

As an avid RPG gaming fan, my friends have been trying to get me to play this series for years now, and I held off. I was just too busy playing other games like the Gothic series, Two Worlds, Fallout 3 and NV, Skyrim, and others.

I am sort of happy that I waited and was able to purchase this trilogy for so cheap.

Ok, about the review, based only on the first game and a few hours of the second.

Mass Effect 1 is a classic, one of the best games I have ever played. I put about 45 hours into the game. The story is probably the best game based story I have ever seen. The game was released in 2007 and the graphics, while dated, are very well done. The real issue is that it doesn't support HD, the highest res you can get is 1280x1080, but the graphics are so well done, you will still enjoy the visuals. Great sci-fi type environments.

The story and game play will just draw you in and keep you playing, although the game is not very intuitive and the controls have a little bit of a steep learning curve. I was probably half way through the game before I had learned everything I needed to know to get the max out of the game.

The combat is good and even though it starts out slow and you think the game is too easy, take care, it gets tough and you will need good strategy and quick thinking to win the tougher battles that you will face.

My biggest criticism of the game is that the inventory system is cumbersome and annoying. I wish I could say that this gets better in the 2nd game, but it is in fact, worse. A lot worse.

The 2nd game so far, great story again, even better maybe. Combat is equally fun and strategic, but the inventory system is terrible. Graphics are better, but I think it's mostly because of the higher res (1920x1080). Also it seems as if they skipped a little concentration about the game play to focus on flashy shiny things that are actually more useless or annoying than an upgrade to the game.
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on October 2, 2014
Mass Effect is a great cinematic game, but the installation process with these disks failed every time with my Win 7 PC. The ME-1 game has the 1.02 update to handle the different folder structure in the Users folders in Win 7 over XP, so I don't understand why the games would not install from the CD disks - aggravating! EA was very helpful on the phone with providing a new installation key and having me download the three games with the Origin service. So, I had the game installed in less than 20 minutes after talking with EA tech support. EA did not explain why the CDs would not install the software, which makes no sense to me. I turned off my antivirus and disabled all start-ups. I want the installation disks I bought to work, but EA support got me over this hurdle. We live in a download world, but I want my installation disks to work. Enough said.
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on March 15, 2016
The Mass Effect Trilogy is one of my all-time favorite game series, and I will shamelessly recommend it to anyone looking for an immersive scifi narrative. Its wonderful characters and engaging universe hooked me years ago and still haven't let go. I remember my Mass Effect squad like they are old friends, and I guarantee you'll feel the same if you make it through.

That said, I'm not thrilled with EA's handling of the series, or of the release of this trilogy. In the case of this release, I'm still upset that there is no definitive trilogy edition including all DLC. Much of the DLC is worth it, but you'll have to buy it in addition.

If you see this on sale, grab it.
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on May 17, 2016
I bought this game because everyone told me it was good and I liked dragons age. Even though I am not huge on first person shooter I still found the game fun and I LOVED the story line, even the ending people complained about on the 3rd which boggles my mind.

Anyway if you do buy this, be aware this a problem with ME3 disk, it thinks you don't have rights to install it, the only way to fix this is to register the game and download it, and I think its about 30 gigs so plan on doing this over night. This is my only complaint, not a deal break but definitely something they should fix
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