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on July 12, 2015
Padlocks are built really poorly. Brought a set of 4 for international travel since it's a lot easier to have 1 key to 4 padlocks. After 1 plane trip and a couple of train trips, 1 of the padlock were broken (see photo). Since we were travelling and we didn't have a spare, we had to keep using it. Guess what? The next day, the whole cylinder, where you put your key in, fell off somewhere and we were not able to open the padlock.
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on March 1, 2012
I wanted TSA approved, durable locks for my luggage, so I chose the brand that I trust, Master Lock. These locks are extremely flimsy and are a shade better than those cheap little luggage locks that come with cheap luggage. This set comes with 4 master locks with 4 keys. 2 of the 4 locks work ok. The locking mechanism has a very rough action and sometimes when the key is inserted it doesn't turn. I even tried to lubricate the locks with lubricant that is made for locks but it didn't help as much as I thought it would. One of the locks broke immediately out of the box and doesn't lock anymore. A second lock seized on the first key turn.. Glad I tried these out before I put them on my luggage. These locks should not be carrying the Master Lock name as they are pretty cheap and flimsy.. I'm sure there are better locks out there for the same price or less.
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on March 23, 2016
I use these for my range bag that has multiple zippered pockets that I always lock to keep inquisitive hands out of danger. Having them all keyed to the same key keeps it simple. I would really like it if they offered 6 or 8 padlocks instead of just 4. All of my other, larger padlocks are keyed to the same key. My local locksmith made these for me, at quite a bit more cost than the padlocks themselves. Jewelry cases, luggage, and range bags with coupled zippers remain safer than leaving them unlocked. Master makes the best padlocks, something everybody should already know. Other brands I've tried over the years seem to be fraught with all kinds of problems. No problems ever with Master Locks.
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on September 29, 2014
These are the correct locks for the airport. TSA workers are fanatics and can open whatever they want to. I lost an expensive camera because I had the wrong locks on my luggage. I "m not blaming them. However, If TSA enters your bags and you have CORRECT locks, they will leave a signed sheet of paper stating that they checked your bags. In this way, you will have some documentation that they were involved. On the other hand, if you have the wrong locks they can still open your bags, get what they want and not be required to leave a signed note. Walmart and SAMS sell these locks. It is worth the purchase. --Around $4.00 for three. Of course, you see that you can also order these locks from Amazon.
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VINE VOICEon March 18, 2010
Revised 04/12/2010

Initial impressions were not good but now that I've traveled with the locks I rate them "okay" with three stars (up from 1). The locks survived a trip to China and back. The locking mechanism(s) are still rough and flimsy feeling but they did not pop open (as expected) with general airport handling.

Adequate with a reasonable price point for 4 locks.


Just bought these for a trip overseas and 1 of the four arrived DOA.

The first thing I did was to test the locks by pulling on the shackle and the first lock popped right open. I tried to secure the loop giving it the benefit of a doubt but, no, it refused to lock. I then tried to use the key to see if that would set the shackle into the body but the key wouldn't turn at all.

The other locks seem to work as expected but I doubt their longevity. At this point I'm going to use them since I leave soon but I don't expect them to survive the trip one-way much less there and back.

As far as I'm concerned these aren't much better than a toy padlock one could get from a gumball machine and Master Lock owes me a refund.

TSA will have no worries with these locks -- one stink-eyed look and they'll pop right open.
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Great for securing your luggage against casual pilfering while still allowing TSA to inspect your luggage without cutting off your locks. These are small, but sturdily built and lock with a satisfying click!

Remember when using TSA approved locks that there are a number of people who have counterfeit TSA keys, so can open the locks themselves, so if it's really valuable, don't pack it in your luggage or don't use TSA locks.
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I'm pretty sure you could break these open quite easily with any old blunt object you might have handy, but I definitely can't force them open using just my hands, so for their intended purpose - preventing snoops and thieves while travelling, where your bags are generally near you anyway - it works well.

The one notable flaw I found was that they contained a substantial amount of metal filings, fresh out of the box. I was eventually able to flush these out using a water jet (which might not be good for the internals, but an air blower wasn't enough). If you're just using these on regular luggage that's probably fine - I expect the filings will fall out with use, in time - but in my case it was on a camera bag, and the filings were just the right size to get into lenses and camera bodies and wreak havoc.
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on March 31, 2017
I've been using these now for several years. At first, I gave three stars, but seeing them hold up as well as they have, over four continents and twenty countries, these locks still perform as new (even if a little travel worn).
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on March 30, 2015
These locks are a little smaller than what I expected, but right in line with the description. Guess I need to read a little more carefully. I purchased two of these 4 packs and the locks seem sturdy enough. Once closed I've tugged hard on each of these locks and have not had any of them pop open yet. I'm going to be using these locks on some cases I'm using to ship servers, so I expect them to get some rough use. I'll report back after some tirps, but for now I don't expect any issues short of TSA not properly closing if/when they inspect my hardware.
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on September 29, 2013
These will certainly not be the sturdiest locks that you ever get, but they do what they are supposed to do: gives the first line of defense against theft while complying with TSA requirement. Okay, if yo are travelling to, let's say, someplace in Africa or Asia that has an airport notorious for luggage damage then you will end up with a broken lock or something, but for US domestic travel, there is no reason to complaint. They will last you only a few months, but then, you are knowing buying pretty much the cheapest stuff, so you gotta be happy with what you paid for.

Perfect for the occasional traveler. Pros should go for hardier and sturdier builds.
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