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on September 15, 2012
I traveled to China with this lock on my luggage and it worked exactly how I expected it to. If you are like me, you want to lock you luggage to know that it was not tampered with when you leave it with the flight crew, or leave it all day in a hotel when the cleaners come in. This lock is perfect for those reasons, and it opens and closes quickly and easily.

No one expects to buy a luggage lock that cannot be broken, right? Anyone who wants to get into your luggage will just as easily brake the zipper before breaking the lock. I really want a simple way of knowing if someone went into my luggage without permission. That way I can hold the airport or the hotel accountable if it occurred while in their possession. And this lock is perfect for those needs. Plus it was very easy to lock and unlock with no need for holding onto a key. Very good lock.

Also it is TSA certified which if you do not know what that means I suggest visiting their site by googling tsa locks; and it is the link that says - TSA: AIR TRAVEL

Please let me know if this was a helpful review for you!
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on June 29, 2016
Neat, solid little lock, except: Got "TSA lock" for golf bag just prior to packing/departure. Arrived in Orlando with nice note from TSA explaining they had taken the lock off. Found it (elsewhere) in a crevice of the bag upon returning to California.So...TSA does not understand their own understanding with lock manufacturers: My golf bag flew both ways unlocked, and now I find I paid for a lock that was worthless, and now is (perhaps) permanently so-The cable opens from both ends, one end that I use a combination for, and still functions. The other end responds to a special TSA key, and is now permanently open, absent some intervention by TSA. I plan to appeal to Master Lock. I have no idea how to pose this problem to TSA directly.
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on October 21, 2013
This lock has a major design defect. The TSA agent can open it and remove their key without putting the cable back in. Since they open the opposite side you do you are left with a lock you can't close. Unfortunately we didn't notice that the lock was missing till we got home. We found the lock inside a pocket of the suitcase in this state. The lock is now worthless till we go back to the airport and have a TSA agent open their side again and properly reinsert the cable and lock it.
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on October 25, 2015
On the positive side, the Master Lock 4688D luggage lock cable is slender and flexible, which makes it easy to slip the tip through luggage lock hoops. Being thin makes it possible to use on some bags, such as computer bags, that don't have luggage lock hoops. Setting the combination is pretty simple and similar to that used by other luggage locks I've owned.

On the down side, engaging the lock and opening it is really tricky, and until I'd practiced it maybe 50 times, I never felt really comfortable. It would be a real hassle if I got somewhere and couldn't unlock my suitcase. To lock it, you have to be sure the opening combination is set. Then press the tip into the opening AND slide the cable tip toward to outside until you fell it click. Opening is the reverse. Set the opening combination. Press down. Then pinch the cable toward the center. To make things more difficult, the combination numbers are hard to read, even in good light, and are touchy to line up exactly right. They don't have much of a tactile feedback to let you know they are in place.

After a bunch of trips over a couple of years, I bought a pair of Cargis Suitcase Locks here of Amazon for just a bit more than two Master Lock 4688D, and they are 5-Stars.
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Purchased for my daughter to put on her suitcase when flying home from college. This was her first-ever flight and I had this lock sent to her at school. She set the combination and attached it to her suitcase. There were no issues opening and closing the lock both before and after her flight. The lock stayed secured and fit easily on the zippers for the main compartment to her suitcase.

The lock worked as expected, was adequate for purpose, was well priced and was easy to use. I'd buy more of them if the need arose and recommend it to others with similar needs.
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on November 7, 2013
I've used these locks on a few trips. On two different trips, the TSA officials were not able to re-secure the pliable cable into the lock base after opening the locks and inspecting my baggage. Thus, my locks were left dangling in my luggage zipper lock holes when my bags came down the luggage carousel (I am surprised the locks did not fall completely off my luggage).

The problem is the that TSA official has to line up the cable into the base and turn their TSA key just right in order re-secure the cable. It takes too much time and concentration, which often results in the TSA giving up and leaving the lock unlocked.

I advise you to look for a different cable lock, preferably one whose lock does not require precise key turning skills from the TSA in order to re-secure the cable.
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This is a small luggage lock with a braided metal cable cord covered with plastic and a combination lock.

This lock can be opening by the TSA (airport screeners) by a lock on the bottom.

I bought this for use with my 2013 Toyota Plug in Prius to secure the charging handle to the car. There is a tiny hole in the grey trigger button on the electric charger and this lock fits perfectly into that hole. I programmed the combo in 60 seconds to my own easy to remember 3 number combination.

The lock seems to be well made and never gets jammed.

The lock is not strong and you could probably cut this with a pair of wire cutters very easily. But, not many locks will keep a dedicated thief away. This is more of a deterrent than anything but it does it's job perfectly.

If you found this review helpful please give it a thumbs up. Thanks!
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on June 5, 2015
Received order finally after second attempt (First order got lost/stolen) used the same day delivery so that was a plus with the exception of the delivery person/couple. I thought I was getting blue like the picture but it showed up black? Need it for a trip no time to return. Quality isn't really what I would expect from Master however I suppose it shouldn't be to secure with TSA needing to open it. Overall not bad for the price.
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on September 30, 2013
We have used these locks for several years now. We live overseas and travel overseas and back to the states several times a year. Unfortunately, we've 'lost' about a dozen locks due to them being cut off in places that don't have the TSA keys or even in the states when we get a notice in our bag that TSA has been through it, sometimes the lock is gone. We usually buy at least one extra per bag to have on hand. We prefer this style as the lock is easy to get dial in the combination, the cable is just the right length so it's not tight on the bag but not so loose that it's a pain. We will keep buying these locks unless something better comes out.
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on May 29, 2016
So, this sad little thing arrived today, just a couple of days before my flight, and it does not work. It comes with a default combination of 000, and one can unlock it with this combination. Unfortunately, when the combination is changed to something one wants it to be, it does not work after that. I could unlock it, but it absolutely refuses to relock. JUNK!!!! Now I'll have to make a trip to Wal-Mart to see if I can find one, no time to order another from Amazon. Booooooo....
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