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on April 21, 2011
We bought two of these, one for my wife, and one for my suitcase for a cruise we recently went on. They survived the trip, and worked great.

Unfortunately, many suitcase designers forget that folks might like to lock their luggage, and for some reason do not use those zipper heads that have the built-in lock clip. Our suitcases are lacking those zipper heads, so we have to run the lock through the zipper handle.

And with our suitcases, we have 3 compartments that need to be locked. One compartment is locked with a standard luggage lock, as we can put the lock under a strap to protect the zipper handles from damage should they bang up against anything (the suitcases are High Sierra duffels).

However, the other two zippered compartments, when using standard locks, didn't fit the zipper handles well (they looked to be fancy designer zippers), so they resulted in the handles sticking out - which said to me - I am waiting to be broken.

The solution we found was to use one of these locks. We could thread the lock's cable through both sets of zipper handles, and lock them without any of the handles sticking out (the zippers were close enough at one spot on the luggage to do this).

The cable for the lock is about 3.5" long, and the head of the cable is small enough that it will fit through most zipper heads.
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on July 24, 2015
No tools needed to obtain the combination. Looking through the gap between the top of each dial and the case, you can see a gouge in the shaft that indicates the correct digit for that dial. With good light, you can crack it in about 10 seconds without leaving a trace. You also learn the combination which is likely repeated on other pieces of luggage.
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on September 5, 2014
This has a flexible cable loop that affords manipulating easily into whatever you want locked. It was easy to assign a 3-digit security code. It is easy to unlock with the points of alignment clearly marked. The numeric digits are clearly marked in black. The numeric cylinders rotate easily without being too loose. Unlike the locks, I have had in the past this one deters it being opened as the cable needs to be shifted slightly to the side before being pulled out so it cannot be pulled out straight by an unwanted intruder. The color is great. Relatively lightweight, but it does feel sturdy.
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on August 17, 2013
Now I've been on many trips out of the country and back and bought some pretty expensive stuff. Never have I locked my bags and I always make it back with all my stuff.
I feel if you lock your suit case you're kinda calling attention to your bag: that it may carry something that you don't want stolen.
Plus I have to open my carry on anyway because of my C-pap machine. I did buy these locks for someone else to use on our next trip, as he believes in more.
But I found in setting the #'s it's hard to keep the little button pressed down while setting your new # so that's why the low score.
So I will update after the trip.
Just wanted to let you know though that every time I have gone to open the lock it does still unlock successfully.
Maybe I should throw it around a bit to try to get it break before use; what do you think?
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on June 6, 2016
I chose this because there were no keys involved and you can easily change the combination (as long as you know the existing combination). The cable on this is heavy-duty and it would take a professional locksmith to cut through it, in my opinion. I used this to secure an outdoor electrical box supplying power to my air conditioning compressor because neighborhood children were shutting the compressor off. This worked nicely and proved also to be weatherproof.
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on August 22, 2013
Great to use on checked and even carry on luggage. I bought a set of these for every bag I travel with since sometimes you find yourself needing to check-out before it is time to leave for your flight - this keeps things secure in the hotel's storage area. There's not guarantee the TSA won't cut the lock, but it does have the TSA key hole and I've never had any issues. I also like that the loop is flexible and can be threaded through multiple zippers on bags with 2 or 3 sets of zippers and is thin enough to fit through tiny opening in the zipper as well. It is also very easy to set your own combination and as long as you have it unlocked, you can easily change the lock combination during your trip (like if you bought a surprise for the prying eyes of a travel companion!)
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on July 21, 2015
I remember Master Lock from days past when I had some on my lockers and they were great. Unfortunately, this is not the case with their TSA locks. The steel cable is a joke and could easily be cut with gardening shears. But most importantly I opened it and it wouldn't close.

Customer service took fifteen minutes just for a live body to answer the phone--pathetic! When someone finally did answer she simply told me to return the lock which I did and I will not be buying anything else from Master Lock again!
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on July 8, 2014
They are reasonably sturdy but not meant for serious security beyond temporary luggage closure. They keep the housemaids out, unless they carry bolt cutters, but TSA answers to no one for what goes on in the bowels of airports. Two of the 5 I received had weak detents for the rollers and it was tricky to set the numbers just right. They are over-priced for what they are or I would give 4-star; combination cable lock technology can be had for half the price and the TSA feature does not double the production cost. But they get the job done so far, and if you have to fly, the TSA feature gives you a better chance it will still be there at destination.
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on December 31, 2014
I use this to lock up the power cable on my electric vehicle (the cables cost $900 to replace). The hasp on the lock is narrow enough to use for this purpose, but it is also very flimsy-looking and feeling. That doesn't mean it *is* flimsy -- I have no idea, as I've never tried to cut it, but it would definitely not scare any determined thief away. If anything, I suspect it may make an attractive target to a thief with bolt cutters. It probably is fine for its purpose -- locking up luggage -- but it is not much of a deterrent. If you need something that will scare off thieves, you may want to look for something a little beefier.
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on November 27, 2017
Love these little guys - I've purchased 4 now. I have expensive products in my bags and don't like the thought of a housekeeping person going through my things when we're out of the room. I used to lug the luggage in and out of the hotel room - but now I use these.
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