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on May 4, 2016
I work in real estate and we used this lockbox for years until recently when we were unable to open one with the combo we had on file. It was a mystery to us, indeed. We were about to cut it off the fence, when I had an idea to google ways to open this lock box if you forgot the combo. My search IMMEDIATELY returned several YouTube videos on how to pick this lock. All you need is a thin piece of metal. (It's pictured at the bottom of the photo attached to this review.) Just for fun, I tried. People...I AM A SECRETARY with no experience picking locks. I was able to pick both of our MasterLock lockboxes in under 3 minutes. And both combinations did not match what we had on file. I think they had already been picked and the combos changed, as the working numbers did not follow our standard combo formula. DO NOT BUY THIS LOCKBOX! It is NOT secure. If I can pick this lock, anyone can. Here's the link to the video I only had to watch twice before becoming an expert on picking this MasterLock lockbox. [...]
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on July 6, 2016
Absolutely do not use this for keys that secure anything of value, especially your home! There are videos of how to easily pick this lock available online and it can happen to you.

I cannot stress this enough. Last night we awoke to an intruder in our home who had cut this off our main gate and opened it (likely following the easily googled how-to videos), using the keys inside to enter our home.

Luckily no one was hurt, but trust me that you never want to experience that situation yourself. Find another solution if you're looking to store your house keys for use by others, preferably one that the entire Internet doesn't know how to open!
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on October 9, 2015
Do not buy!!

I bought this lock to keep my car key safe while I surf. I put my key in the lock and attach it my truck. On my second use of this lock, I put in my combination, opened the lock, put my key in the chamber, and closed the lock. An hour later, I tried to open the lock, and my combination would not work. After 20 minutes, I had to call a lock smith to open the lock for me. He mentioned that this are horrible locks because they are easy to crack and he went on to show me. He first tried to crack it by feeling the combination. There are multiple videos on how to do this on Youtube. Once this did not work, he told me that the locking mechanism is missed aligned, and with in 5-7 seconds forced the unlocking lever down and pried open the door. I am not kidding you, 5-7 seconds... I was left with my mouth open because he only used two very basic tools that i also own. He smiled and said Yes it is that easy this locks are very easy to open "Do not use it". He did tell me that the locks where you have to punch in the combination are much much harder to crack. He then continue to charge me 110 dollars that were very well deserved.

Lessons learned.

1. This lock will break at times leaving your valuables unaccessible.
2. It will cost you at a minimun 110 dollars (I did called several to select the lowest priced)
3. This lock is very easy to crack. Just search on google... too easy...

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on September 21, 2016
This is a review to the product and not Amazon. I bought and used this to leave key for realtor to show property. However, lock was clipped easily and appliances were stolen from home.
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on March 5, 2017
Works well and seems rugged. I use it to keep an extra set of house keys outside when needed. It looks securely onto my sliding glass door handle.
Update 4/2017: This hung on my back door for 5 months. Not a soul ever touched it. As with any locks, including those on your front door, anything can be broken into if someone wants to. So as far as how secure this is goes, well how secure is your door even? How much in your area is someone likely to try to break it open? Those are all factors that go into whether or not this lock is "safe". I am using it now at my Dad's house so that when necessary a caregiver can call me for the code and go into the house. This has saved me twice this week from having to turn around on my way to work and open a door for someone. The code gets change after I give it out, and at times I can just remove the lock if I choose. This beats the alternatives. If someone wants into your home, they will get in anyway whether you have a key box out or not.
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on February 1, 2018
Great Concept. Poor execution. We use a lock box out side of our lobby door for overnight check ins to our motel. The numbers of our previous lock boxes were hard to read in the poor lighting of night. Having the large dial numbers light up is GREAT. The box is just the right size to hold our key cards. But two major problems with these boxes. 1. The opening knob has no "grip" to it. Slick as can be. I basically had to hold the box upside down so that the door would fall open. I fixed this by taking a file to the top of the knob and giving it just enough resistance that a finger can now easily open it up. 2. The lever inside the box that must be moved "up" to change the combination took quite a force to do just that. The head of a writing pen would not do it. So now we have to dedicate a small screw driver able to be jammed into the crack below the lever to pry the lever up in order to change the combination. We've used two other kinds of lock boxes before and neither one of them required an extra tool just to change the combination. We will live with both of these design problems because the guest won't experience either of these things.
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on September 27, 2016
In review of the Master Lock 5425D product, I shared it with a dear friend of mine as he was looking for an item like this for his lake home in Northern Wisconsin. He had previously been using a magnetic key 'hider' to hide the house key. We watched three You Tube videos on how to hack a Master Lock lock box. The design of the 5425D makes all three of these techniques (in his opinion) impossible, He had no promlem in installing the 5425D in a much more accessible, but not obvious location. He had some concerns about the cold weather in that location, but believes any good source of heat should solve the problem. He also contacted Master Lock and they suggested some WD-40 for the winter months. He is delighted with this product and its' ease of installation and use.
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on April 20, 2017
It works great but what's frustrating about this version is the person who returns the key and closes slot needs to remember to spin the combo so that the next person doesn't know what it is.
So with the Accesspoint combo push button - pictured below - its not a possibility to reveal combination :)
Hoping someone at Master reads this and makes a version like that...
review image
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on September 21, 2017
I bought this because an elderly family member needed care giver to come in. I did read how easy it is to pick the door etc. Well we have an electronic security system and also blink XL night cameras on all walls and so I get an instant video of anyone that comes close to the door. That said, when I do not have a need for this, I will take it out. But I do plan to use an additional dead bolt which can be locked and opened only from inside. Our storm door partially coves the lock. So I am not that worried some one will come and drill a hole. Our neighborhood is extremely secure and there are no apartment blocks and most neighbors have been in the same house for 20 years or more.
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on October 17, 2014
This lock serves a purpose very well. Is it the most secure? No. Can it be defeated? Yes. But for temporary access for trusted contractors or house guests, this lock box works very well and at an affordable price.

Certainly if you are looking for long term solutions or more secure solutions, something like the Supra lock box used by realtors might be the better way to go.

Please be aware there are videos readily available that walk a person through the steps to "feel" out the combination. While useful if you forget the combination to your own lock, this does highlight just how quickly someone else might be able to defeat this lock.

- Reasonable security
- easy to setup
- low up front cost to use and no monthly service fee
- rubberized to protect door and door hardware

- can be defeated (combination detected using feeler tool)
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