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on July 10, 2009
I took the AFOQT this past Wednesday and this book (as well as two others "Peterson's flight" and "Barron's flight") were very helpful, but even they have a lot that they've left out. The rotated blocks in this book aren't anything like the rotated blocks on the test; the ones on the test are much more difficult, and the math sections are much more difficult on the test than in the book. But this is a great product and it will definitely help you score higher but you need a GRE book to really get the nitty gritty in the math sections.
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on January 9, 2011
This is a great guide to have and study from but it will not fully prepare you for the actual test questions. My review is based off taking the OAR (Officer Aptitude Rating) of the Navy's ASTB.

This guide book has a lot of good information beyond just the test prep questions so it is a good one to have in your arsenal for preparing for any of the officer tests and what you need to do to become in officer. From my experience I recommend adding these other items to study from:

The OAR tests you on your math, mechanical, and reading skill level. To get the most from this guide book read all sections related to the test your going to take no matter the branch, for example read ALL math sections to prepare for your math test.

The mechanical section of this book is EXTREMELY lacking in information, in comparison to the actual OAR's mechanical section questions. To help with this all you need is a basic high school level physics book. Which I picked one up at my local library. It takes about two weeks to read ALL chapters, if you do one or two a day. Don't bother with the nuke sections if it has it. Lastly google or yahoo "pulleys" and "levers". I found that neither this guide nor the physics book went into enough detail like the OAR questions actual do about these two things. A quick read on all the basics (types and classes) of these two will do.

The math section of this book is ok, to enhance it read more than just the few sections dedicated to just the OAR math section, look at all the branch's math areas. The actual test covers basic algebra, advanced algebra, geometry, and beyond. About 5 or more questions will be very hard, a bonus for those with engineering and nuke related degrees. If you want to add an extra study guide for this I recommend picking up a GRE math study guide.

The reading section for the OAR is adequate. The actual test questions are simple they just require that you remember to focus and read fast but carefully.

Right now it is very competitive out there. Getting a good score is a plus. My recruiter said people now need to get in the 50's or higher to even be considered a candidate, which wasn't so 5-10 years ago. So I highly recommend increasing your studying past this book. Also, there are a few typos in the question and answer sections, but they are not hard to spot when you run into them.

Good luck!
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on January 31, 2010
I started reading and using this book roughly two months prior to taking the AFOQT. I would definitely say it helped prepare me to some degree, at least the tips. The tips are mainly that you should expect to do the test quickly, if you don't know a question, move on and don't worry about it until later. Also it gives you a reasonably good idea of what kinds of questions to expect.

If you've never taken an officer candidate exam, you really won't be able to fully prepare. However, I do still feel that the vocabulary section helped me. I actually did the tests quite a few times and realized there were indeed some words which I didn't know the meaning to, and learning those words is a good idea.

Don't beat yourself up if you don't feel proficient at the pretests in the book; the actual test was easier than the pre-tests. The thing that the book preaches mainly is, think quickly, answer the question, move on.

If you aren't sharp on your math skills, or vocabulary, you should take at least an AP math in high school or college math, and begin to read some books. This will help sharpen your math and verbal skills. Of course, you can't become an officer without a degree so what is the point in taking the test if you aren't planning on finishing a degree?

I won't lie, when you take the test your head will feel like its on fire! So get some sleep before you take the test, and do your normal routine, if you normally skip breakfast then skip breakfast. The book will tell you all of this, but in more words and more detail.

Overall the book helps ease your nerves about the test, but it won't prepare you entirely. So practice the pre-tests, read the sections applicable to your branch, and follow the directions and you should do reasonably well.

If you're curious how I scored, I scored well enough to be a pilot, navigator and basically any other job. So, did it work? That's anybody's guess, but the vocab section did help a bit.
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on April 6, 2013
This book is not thorough on the AFOQT sections that will be tested. It contains word knowledge, math, arithmetic reasoning but...

does not include:

1. rotated blocks section
2. general science section
3. hidden figures section
4. air force pilot info section
5. table reading section

I just recently took the AFOQT, I will admit I am happy i bought this book because I feel like my score has definitely improved with this book but this book is not the only thing you need to get a good test score. You need to cover all the sections the AFOQT is on and since this book does not cover all of them you must find other sources.
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on January 5, 2013
Recently took AFOQT using this book as a study guide. The math in here is overkill. You will waste so much time if you use this book. I felt that I was going to have trouble with the time limit and the difficulty of some of the math questions. So not the case when taking the test. This book inflated my expectations which is good and bad. Book would be better for studying for ACTs or college entrance exams. I felt the AFOQT as a whole was maybe at an associates degree level and not bachelors.
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on April 26, 2015
This is a WONDERFUL test prep book if you're just looking for lots & lots of practice questions, one right after the other. There's between 50-100 practice questions in each category; see list below for practice test TITLES & NUMBER of questions. :) Hope this helps.

*Test 1 (Synonyms): 100 questions
*Test 2 (Verbal Analogies): 50 questions
*Test 3 (Reading Comprehension): 75 questions
*Test 4 (Arithmetic Reasoning): 75 questions
*Test 5 (Math Knowledge): 75 questions
*Test 6 (General Science) 50 questions
*Test 7 (Electronics Information): 50 questions
*Test 8 (Mechanical Comprehension): 50 questions

In addition, this book does offer 3 regular practice tests for the following officer candidate exams.
1.) AFOQT (Air Force Officer Qualifying Test)
2.) ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery)
3.) ASTB (Aviation Selection Test Battery for the Navy & Marine Corps)
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on December 5, 2013
Of the three test-prep booklets I purchased to prepare for the AFOQT this was the least utilized of the three. If you are looking for one sole test-prep booklet there are better options, however, if you are looking at purchasing multiple booklets to help you prepare for the AFOQT then certainly include this booklet.
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on June 4, 2012
Very helpful in understanding the types of questions on the verbal and quantitative portions of the exam. Practice problems tended to be harder than what was actually on the test which proved useful in the end.
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on October 6, 2012
I thought it was well organized and easy to get through. the intro mainly discusses military careers, accompanied by statistics and short descriptions of some of the benefits the reader gets a feel for how others begin and succeed. Plenty of practice questions but might be lacking in total explanation. and i probably could have benefited from more timed exercises. But the questions in the book were very similar to the test- i took the OAR- and in that respect it was well worth it!

my advice is to use this book for the wording and structure of the questions because, although the logic and form may be recognizable from previous SAT, high school or college work, sometimes some knowledge can get in the way. in other words, you would better yourself if you studied from a book designed to prep for the specific test- and this book did a fine job.
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on March 7, 2012
this book was awesome and had tons of sample questions, plus good explanations about what tests/which sections you had to take for each of the branches. definitely well-prepared me for the test. i went in there confidant after going through the practice tests in this book. did well too! one suggestion: even if you aren't applying for pilot/navigator, it might be worth your while to look over these sections too. (which i didnt do) having these scores high too helps your chances i think.. makes your overall package a bit stronger. good luck!!
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