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on September 23, 2011
A long review from a tough critic!
First off, I am a new DSLR user. Back in my film days, I had a Nikon N90...I was ready to take the plung to digital after more than disappointing results with my photos from the World Equestrian Games the fall of 2010. A kind soul at one of the shows let me play with her Nikon was that point I knew I was ready for a DSLR. After a month of research, I was convinced I 'needed' the D7000 that was set to release in November 2010...after more research (and reading lots of reviews) I made the purchase of my D7000 in August of 2011 (along with a large wish list that had grown over the months leading up to the DSLR purchase!)...

Mastering the D7000 is my third book purchase on the Nikon D7000. I also have the two books by David Busch (the field guide and the main book Nikon D7000 Guide to Digital SLR Photography). While these books are nice, and explain the users manual well, they only scratch the surface. Oh, I do not even know where to start on the awesomeness of Darrell Youngs 'Mastering the Nikon D7000'.

This book is hands down, the best of the best. Each section references the page(es) in the users manual which I really like. The book also sports a nice index and table of contents. Each section has a 'thumb-tab' (black edge and chapter number) so you can easily flip through the section. Almost every chapter has a full blank page for notes at the end of the chapter.

Darrell gives excellent in-depth explainations of EVERYTHING you could possibly want to know...digging into areas where the David Busch books skimmed over (the David Busch books briefly explained some of the advanced areas, but didn't give any in-depth explaination ---much less an example!). This book gives personal examples throughout the book and suggestions, even offering his setting for this item (and why he has it set this way).

The books has EXCELLENT photos of the menu paths. Other books have one big picture of the top level menu. This book has at least two and up to six (!), screenshots of the menu path on how to get to the setting and set it! Where there are multiple screenshots, they are placed horizonally across the screen and numbered to outline the flow (left to right as you would expect). I love this!!

The book is super nice...nice paper, nice color pictures and lots and lots of nice color screenshots of menus! Nice sized book - 479 pages and small enough to fit in your bag (although the page count does tend to make it a little heavy)

The book also uses color coding, numbering and italics/bold....Blue to refer to camera settings, green for functions and settings displayed on the cameras LCD screen, and italics for textual prompts seen on the cameras LCD screen. I LOVE this really helps the text 'pop' making the text an easy read. Darrell also uses outline features: numbering 1,2,3...bullets and alpha a,b,c....this also helps break up the text and makes the text easy to read.

I cannot express enough how much I love this book. I am a hardcore 'book person', and am VERY judgemental when it comes to books and what I like. When I purchase a book, binding, paper and format are important to me if I am going to read and reread the book...I don't want it to fall apart after light use.

Also, I signed up for, I stumbled upon this site before this book came and was surprised to see forum posts answered by Darrell! This site is the office e-mag site for Nikon photographers....great site, sign up if you aren't already a memeber! This book also has a 50% off coupon for the Gold membership (I actually opted for the cheapy $25 get it free for 30days when you sign up).

Buy this book! If you own/plan on owning a D7000, you NEED this book, or else you are going to be missing features the camera has, that other books neglect mentioning...or explaining how to set up and use! A 10-star book! The authors enthusiasm for the Nikon D7000 is clearly shown throughout the book :)

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on July 5, 2016
After ten years of shooting photos with my previous camera I finally decided to upgrade to something more modern. In my browsing this was recommended as a companion product. After previewing the sample pages I decided it would be worthwhile................

And indeed it is......I have already learned so much from this book and I also joined the user group moderated by the author of this book. It is detailed and gives extensive photos to back up the print.

I would highly recommend this author to anyone with a Nikon camera.........there are numerous issues there is probably one keyed to your specific camera.
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on January 13, 2017
I knew I had a powerful camera in the D7000, and thought I was pretty clever about what it could do. Ha! I had no clue. This is THE BIBLE on the D7000. Every single switch, button, knob and lever is fully explained and examined in excruciating detail. I didn't know the half of what this camera was capable of until I read Darrell's book. Plus, he goes beyond -push this button and it will do that - he explains that by pushing this button it also effects x other settings. This is a bloody complicated camera with literally hundreds of user settings that interact with each other in sometimes curious ways.

This book now lives in the camera bag, I won't go on a shoot without it.
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on February 5, 2012
"Mastering" is an adjunct to the user's manual for the D7000, and a very good one. It describes the controls and functions of the D7000 to a greater depth than the manual and provides recommendations for particular settings and the logic behind them. Errata (described in one of the 1-star reviews) were corrected in my copy. The publisher has a PDF file describing the error and the correction for those purchasing the earlier printing ... how many publishers do that!?!

The book will not make you a better photographer; that's not its intent. But particularly for those moving up from a point and shoot digital camera or the relative simplicity of a 35mm camera, it is an excellent introduction to a very complex and capable DSLR.
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on September 17, 2011
This book is fantastic. I am only through the first 100 pages and I have already learned a great deal about not only the camera but a variety of techniques like the lightning picture that I would have never thought of and can't wait to try out.

It explains very clearly what the settings will do for you or not do for you. I have had a D40, D70 and D90 before this so I am quite familiar with Nikon DSLRs. I think for a DSLR beginner this book is indispensible, but even for an old hand it has some extremely useful tidbits.

I agree that the "My recommendation" sections for each setting are most useful and clearly explain why you would probably want to select the same settings as the author, but he also explains why some one with a different shooting style or needs would select another choice instead. I think that so far I either already did choose the same setting or chose it after reading this section. But other things don't really fit my style or workflow (like the file naming convention Darrell advocates for example).

It is a hefty volume though for sure, so not something I will want to carry with me on a trip for example. But after reading this book I think the manual will certainly jog my memory if need be.
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on September 19, 2011
I recently purchased my Nikon D7000 from Amazon (a significant step up from my D40)and I was bewildered. I subsequently purchased several D7000 "how-to" books and they helped - somewhat. The operation of the auto-focus system was very confusing and I had problems with the many buttons/menus. What do I do with all that capability? Then along came Darrell Young's book. Bingo! While I will continue to learn - Darrell's book has uniquely helped me put it all together and I am now determined to master the D7000. I now realize that I purchased a capable, state-of-the-art camera - and, when coupled with Darrell's book - well a beginner to DSLR photography need not be frightened. I could go into several details - but others here have covered many of them very well. I might add: I was so impressed with Darrell's book - I just joined Nikonians! Way to go Darrell...........
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on August 8, 2011
"Digital Darrell" Young has done it again. This author excels at taking complex subjects, and explaining them in a manner that makes them very easy to understand. In explaining the countless and complex features of this camera, I find the information to be short, sweet, and to the point. I have been using my D7000 for 8 months preceeding the publication of this book, yet on every page I am finding important facts that I was not at all aware of prior to reading this book. The insight of the day so far? -- The minimum ISO setting on a Nikon D7000. Sure, Auto ISO lets you set a max ISO, but it wasn't until reading this book that I was aware of a minimum ISO as well! Brilliant material in this book for sure.
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on June 27, 2012
To say that the Nikon D7000 is not a simple camera is an understatement.

The manual that comes with it is fairly comprehensive, but like most user manuals, it talks more about what a particular button or feature DOES without shedding much light onto WHEN or HOW you might use it in the real world.

Darrell's book not only does a much better job of explaining the nuts and bolts aspect of the camera, but he enhances that information with examples (in both written and photographic form) that make the "a-ha!" light bulb come on.

At the end of each section, he makes a personal recommendation of how to set or employ a given feature based upon his extensive experience with the D7000 and other Nikon cameras. There's nothing preachy about these suggestions, so it's not as though he ever says "you must set it this way." Indeed, there are times when he comes right out and says "this might not work for you, but here's why it works for me." I find that refreshing and invaluable.

I make my living writing technical manuals and appreciate the fine line a writer must walk between making things simple enough for new users to understand (at the risk of boring or under-informing more advanced users) and comprehensive enough for more savvy photographers (at the risk of causing less experienced readers to close the book in frustration). Darrell walks that line extremely well here, and has created a book that is both easy to read and deeply informative.

He also has a knack for breaking complex concepts, functions, and menus down into useable information, which is not an easy task with a camera this complex (or with Nikon's sometimes baffling menu system).

Perhaps the most refreshing thing about this book, though, is that you don't get the impression that it's just a re-hash of the manual or of another book. There are plenty of books out there that just seem to re-package the information already contained in the manual, or, worse yet, are pretty much word-for-word cut and paste copies of the books the same author has written for a dozen other cameras with "D7000" inserted where it would make a difference. You get the impression this book was written from the ground up for the D7000.

As a bonus, the book comes with a coupon that offers a significant savings on a membership to one of the best Nikon forums on the web. In fact, if you intended to purchase a subscription to that forum anyway, the coupon more than offsets the purchase price of the book. Quite the deal!

Bottom line: This is the best book I've found to date for those who really want to comprehend and master all of the capabilities of the Nikon D7000, and I highly recommend it.

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on December 12, 2013
What a wonderful book. That owners manual has some good stuff in it but it is not explained very well. I have shot film since the early 70's and it is a good thing that Digital Darrell compared a lot of information to how we did it in the old film days. It really helped me understand what he was talking about when he compared digital to film. He must be an old timer like me. I had a question and he answered it right away. I use his book, the manual and David Busch's book on the D7000. Between the three I can usually figure things out. I am not used to a camera that has 100's of settings. I agree with the person who pushed the shutter button down and nothing happened (Release/Focus) setting. I would rather have a crappy picture than no picture at all. That's one of the ways I learn. It really is a good book.
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on September 12, 2011
In the first place, the manual is written by a well known, respected and credible Nikon photographer. Darrell Young obviously knows the problems with typical user manuals. He has written this as well organized, clear and consise mehod of learning everything you ever wanted to know...and a lot of what you never knew you needed to know treatise on the powerful and complex Nikon D-7000. This is the anti-product manual and should be the template for all future product manuals.

Throw away the manual that came with the camera because this book far exceeds the official Nikon version. Here are just a few features that made this worthy of my 5-star review:
1) Written by a qualified photographer and reviewer
2) Well organized, indexed and tabbed for fast information retrieval
3) Excellent language and grammar skills.
4) Many, many color pictures of menu screens, user photographs and descriptors that make learning easy the first time through each chapter.

The D-7000 is my first attempt at using a DSLR and his instructions were right on the money. He does background and theory before going into the specifics. And as a bonus, he even describes his setting preferences and rationale behind his choices.

Finally, it's the kind of manual that will cause me to write to the author and thank him personally!
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