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Masters of Horror: Pelts
Format: DVD|Change
Price:$7.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on December 22, 2012
This episode from Season Two of Masters of Horror, sold separately by Amazon as a single movie, is a horror classic from Italy's Alfred Hitchcock - Dario Argento, the undisputed master of the horror genre since he launched the trilogy that propelled him into fame and popularity among Italian audiences and the world over, beginning with the movie, Suspiria, that effectively earned him wide-scale recognition internationally, and stars Meatloaf in his second on-screen appearance since Little Shop of Horror. Probably the best episode of the Horror of Masters series, Pelts will make you think twice before buying a fur coat and will most likely be loved by all animal rights activists.

The story revolves around a father and son team, bent on bashing in the skulls of coons in order to skin them for their beautiful fur which they, then, sell to Meatloaf's firm in order for them to make fur coats; only to find that the coons possess super normal powers that enable them to exact revenge on those who have killed them or utilized their fur to make coats, with each dying in just the manner in which they had harmed the coons - the son being made to bash the father's head in the same manner his father had bashed in the coons' skull, the son committing suicide, by bashing his own skull in the coons' trap in the way the coons had their skulls bashed in by his father's trap, the worker for Meatloaf ripping out his guts in the manner in which Meatloaf had made him skin the coons, another of Meatloaf's worker sewing her eyes and mouth shut in the manner she had been made to sew the coons' fur into a fur coat, and Meatloaf skinning himself in the manner he had skinned the coon; and, in so doing, to offer his skin to a model with whom he is obsessed only to find her being repulsed and being crushed by a lift shaft when she attempts to escape him in his hideous condition without his skin.

The theme revolves around the animals that have been harmed by man exacting revenge, in what constitute an outcry against using the fur of animals to make fur coats, a message that will resonate strongly among animal rights activists throughout the world and appeal to organizations such as the SPCA.
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on February 17, 2008
Dario Argento's second episode for the Masters of Horror TV series, Pelts, is a distinct improvement on his first, Jenifer, and also probably the goriest thing he's ever done. Again, surprises aren't really on the menu, but this time the execution is a lot more inspired, especially since the show seems to be on a dare to see just how far it can go and doesn't chicken out. The story is a fairly simple don't muck with Mother Nature one as everyone who comes into contact with a series of beautiful racoon pelts, from John Saxon's grizzled trapper to Meat Loaf's desperate furrier and the stripper he lusts after, meet increasingly gory ends that mirror the various stages from trap to fur coat. The visuals are good, making much play on cages and traps without being over-obvious, while Claudio Simonetti's score gives the pelts themselves a seductively beautiful theme and there's a particularly good performance from Meat Loaf Aday. The featurette on the DVD also reveals that the racoons themselves are played, rather convincingly at that, by West Highland Terriers in fur coats...

Not as many extras as on the first Masters of Horrors series, but still a recommended episode.
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on April 28, 2016
If you like sleazy gonzo horror movies, you will dig this one. It's very campy, but Meatloaf is hilarious and the death scenes are imaginative and sometimes hilarious. This is a very B movie, but if you like the genre, don't miss this one.
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on February 15, 2018
What a guy will do for some poontang...I mean, Coon, dang! Well, I pretend to spit on fake fur...
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on February 19, 2017
This is the best DVD I ever had. Very scary. This service was great and you got my order in three days. I gives them the # 10. Valerie
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on August 10, 2008
For me, this flick answered a lot of questions about the fur industry. For example, what would happen if you stuck your face in an animal trap? Or, what would happen if you were a trapper and came upon a slew of raccoons whose fur was so lustrous that you just had to slaughter and skin them all (like John Saxon does)? Or, what would happen if you made a coat out of these rare furs to impress your lady friend (as Meat Loaf does)? The answers to all of these questions is: bad, spooky, gory, inexplicable things happen. I'm sure the folks from PETA are saying, "Serves them right!" But the game here is not politics, it's horror, and boy does Pelts deliver the goods. If you like movies that are guaranteed to give you nightmares, you want this one.
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on May 4, 2010
This is an episode out of the Masters Of Horror series on Showtime. First off, if you like incredibly beautiful sexy naked bi-sexual exotic dancers getting it on, who are possesed by a demonic spirit from fur pelts, this is right up your alley. Lead stripper Ellen Ewusie, is so hot, so sexy, great naked body, that just looking at her alone, will make you purchase this episode. Her exotic ethnic babe who goes down on her in the strip club is so hot, that you will just yearn for more action. The strippers in the strip club are so hot, that I want to see more of them over and over and over again. Lead character Meat Loaf, was warned by locals not to purchase or touch the animal pelts in the neighborhood because they are possessed from killing off the animals in the land. This particular pelt however posseses powers which control peoples feelings, as it did with lead stripper Ellen Ewusie. She became so much in lust with Meat Loaf that he had to keep away from her. She is certainly a hot babe who is hard not to be tempted by all of her lustful charms! Before I say anymore purchase this episode if nothing else, to just look at the hot naked women, you will absolutely love it!!!
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on May 1, 2008
I truly enjoyed this episode, although cringing through some of it. It has some of the worst (best?) gore scenes I have seen in a while. You've got people sticking their heads in steel traps, sewing their own nose and mouth shut, gutting themselves, and, of course, what Meat Loaf does at the end in EXCRUCIATINGLY slow detail.
I guess it's all about what one man will do for a piece of pie, and what raccoons will do when you mess with them.
Kudos to Dario Argento for finally having a good episode in this series!
Very cool, very gross, very fun!!
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on April 24, 2008
This is my first Masters of Horror movie I watched due to such bad reviews of almost every one of them. I read good things about this one (hi Chris and M!) so I decided to pick it up. And boy am I glad I did. If you want to sit back and enjoy a good gore fest then I would definitely recommend this. Argento definitely does not hold back with the grossness. I haven't been happily goriefied in quite some time. And not only that... we are also blessed with a ton of nudity. So much nudity that I actually kind of felt bad about our main actress cause I think she was topless for about 90% of her scenes. And then we have Meatloaf. You can never go wrong when Man-Boob Bob is in your movie. He played his part wonderfully in Pelts as a horny, sleazy, and uncaring fur coat maker looking for a big paycheck.

Oh... the story is about some raccoons with some guardian spirits in them. They die and get skinned. But their guardian spirits live on and get revenge. Sounds dumb I know, but the story isn't THAT bad. But, like porn, are you really watching this for the story or are you watching this for something else!
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on July 20, 2015
this movie is just sick at the end. I mean thank god I was not eatting lol
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