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on December 26, 2013
The first time I ordered this tea, it came in a tin can, similar to the one in the picture, and the tea itself was a dark rich green color, and tasted very good.

The second time I ordered this same product (from my Amazon order history, just to make sure I wasn't getting something different), the product arrived in plastic bags, and had a very light brownish/green color, and does not taste as good as before. In addition, there seems to be (dirt/grit/sand) mixed into the powder, leaving a gritty taste/texture at the end of the cup (Sort of like when you fail to properly clean shellfish).

I am now looking for a different source for good green tea powder.

BTW: The way I make it, is to add a heaping teaspoon to about 4oz of hot water, and then I whisk it into a froth, then add about 6oz of milk (half&half), and steam-wand the combination to perfection.
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on January 24, 2015
I like it. It is a little bitter but to me it's the same as Starbucks or very similar. The key to make it enjoyable is just like with any other bitter thing like coffee for example. I bought the nice $25 stainless steel milk frother and put a little vanilla almond milk and some sugar in a tall cup first. I nuke the milk for about 45 seconds and then put in about two of the little plastic spoonfulls that come with the tea. i use the frother and have a nice green froth and then I pour in hot water and stir it for a minute or so. Tastes just like the Starbucks green tea latte but I save about $5 making my own.
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on July 27, 2014
I've ordered this stuff twice now. The first time it came in a stay fresh bag and the zip-lock style closure which didn't seal so well. Subsequently, a friend tried to pack it into a box for me, a little too snug I imagine, and the entire bag exploded and turn into a 25ft radius of cloudy green-tea vapor. Breathe in those anti-oxidants! Anyway, the flavor has a nice strong grassy note and a good bit of earthiness. I use it mostly for amazing shakes, smoothies, pancakes, etc. My good teas are loose leaf. The second order arrives in a nice box, as pictured, with a 1 gram serving spoon. What happen to my fancy box and spoon the first time around? Well, the flavor is super green, grassy, and very intense. Earthiness; not present. The color is a bit lighter than the explosive batch I last had. So... I guess you get what you pay for. I wouldn't drink it on it's own but it mixes well with other things.
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on February 13, 2014
I must be frank and say this is not a good tasting tea, however, I wanted to see if it worked, a small measuring spoon came with it. I used it the first time, but did not use it afterwards. I put in too much and it gave me the jitters, so now I. am careful not to overdo it. Now, the important part, I could not get through the tea easily, so. I did as they suggested with yogurt. Works great! I do see a difference in my appetite satisfaction, I do not get those uncontrollable eating binges and those nibbling times. In order to get it down fast, I use approx 1/4 c of yogurt, let it sit a little and stir well. It takes about two spoons and voila, gone! I gave it 4 stars until I have used it longer, then 5.
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on June 17, 2012
There is no way to show you yet what running around does to a person.Whom job requires to do one section a night of 14 floor of Vacuuming,7 elevators,and 7 stairways within two week time. So i need a lot of stamina/speed/agility/and critical thinking skills. This tea has helped change my body.I lost 35 pounds down to a 30 in waist.May even lose more weight the way i drink this Matcha Green Tea.Thank to Dr.Oz. I found it on at a very reasonable price and will buy as much as i can for the future use. I only use brown sugar to sweeten it. Matcha Green Tea has been known about for centuries by foreigners. We are finding about it now before it is too late and we miss out on it's natural way to regulate our bodies back to a normal cycle. I also use the Matcha Green Tea in all my BBQ cooking raw meats. Plus in the BBQ sauces/Marinades. I hope this will help you try it ice cold or hot it doesn't matter you'll still be ahead of the rest whom aren't wise to this healthy all natural Matcha Green Tea. Thank you kindly, see half of you when you finish trying this tea.
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on August 12, 2013
I bought this so I could try to make a green tea latte similar to Starbucks. This worked! Thanks to the directions from others: 1) warm a small amount of water, 2) stir in a teaspoon of this powder into water and mix to dissolve, 3) microwave about a half cup of skim milk (or more if you want), 4) froth or steam milk (I just use Aerolatte frother) and then 5) mix the dissolved tea into the frothed milk. yum!

This tea powder is not as sweet as Starbucks which allows you to add sweetener if you want. I find a small amount of honey is all i need to enjoy this. Wish I knew true health and weight loss benefits, but i enjoy drinking it nonetheless.

Should save me money and trips to Starbucks, although I still enjoy theirs too when its convenient!
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on October 25, 2013
I purchased this green tea powder from this amazon seller. It arrived in a black, sealed zip lock like bag with a sticker that said "bought in bulk and repackaged in generic packaging" which I have no problem with. I also (as other reviewers) purchased it hoping to replicate Starbucks green tea latte to save money. I used warmed almond milk, hot water and 2 teaspoons of sugar... It tastes great in comparison, not exactly the same but great. It has a little bit of a grassier taste then starbucks & not AS sweet but I'm sure if I usedore sugar / syrup I could get the taste almost idendical. I am very satisfied and will definately repurchase.
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on September 7, 2015
I bought 4 Vita Life Brand Matcha green tea powder over the past two years. This time I decided to order three boxes at one time because I liked it so much; it was always wonderful. I am very disappointed this time . The Nutrition Source (seller) photo showed the usual box that I had gotten before. What arrived was in an air sealed bag not the usual box. The powder is not the usual bright green color and the flavor is bitter. It is undrinkable. I have three bags of something that cost me 51.99 and I can't use them.
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on February 13, 2014
I also was interested in buying Matcha. This is from China and Not matcha. I was led by price as it was very good! I care only about the nutrition content and mix in shakes. The review who said it is higher than matcha??? is this true? if so, I am fine with this, but wonder about organic?? are pesticides and such used on this? Also, not liking the fact that clearly the owners/marketers are lying about this being matcha- Amazon aren't you better than this? You should look into this and force them to change their description to green tea powder from china. Most people care about the nutrition so also verify if this has more nutrients than matcha??? Need to have these questions answered before buying again, but love the price!!!
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on June 18, 2013
I ordered this product before, and it was the one shown in the image with the shiny foil pouch with a big white label, and "Product of Taiwan" clearly visible in the lower right-hand corner. THAT tea was pretty bright green, and a little bitter, but very good.

This bag of tea has a totally different label and fancy full-color printed pouch, is called Matcha DNA, and claims to be 100% organic (but I don't believe it, as there's no third-party certification). It is a dull green. It is not bad taste-wise, but it is not nearly as good as the Taiwan tea was. And it is from CHINA.

Seller, you did NOT disclose that this tea was now coming from China, or I'd not have ordered it. I may return it. Again, I do not believe your claim of 100% organic, because there's no third-party certification, and because of the drab color.
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