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on April 3, 2016
I purchased this ET-7 several months ago hoping to use it to monitor my grill from inside my house. My grill sits about 20 feet from the back of my house, so I figured the advertised 100 foot range of the ET-7 should be more than sufficient. Unfortunately, the actual range is only about 25 feet with no obstructions (measured by walking away from my house and grill into the back of my yard until the antenna icon on the receiver stops flashing), and the receiver barely works if I am standing just inside my back door with the door open, but loses signal if I walk any further into the house or close the door.

Despite being disappointed with the range, I decided to keep it anyway. I like the ability to monitor two things at once without buying two separate thermometers, and I like the fact that it beeps to alert me when the temperature reaches the set point. I am able to use it to remotely monitor food in my oven from my living room (even if I can't use it to remotely monitor my grill), and it is nice to be able to read the temperature of meat on the grill without opening the grill lid (even if I still have to go outside to read it). However, after using it a number of times, I recently had a big flare-up in the grill due to a fatty piece of meat and the flames burned up one of the probes. Rather than buying a replacement probe for the ET-7, I decided to try the ET-733 instead.

When I originally bought the ET-7, I had considered buying the ET-733, but the two looked almost equivalent, and at half the cost, the ET-7 looked like the better deal. However, after trying both, the ET-733 works much better for me, and is worth the extra cost.

Things I like about the ET-733 over the ET-7:
- The ET-733 has much better range. With the transmitter on my grill, the receiver works throughout my house. It seem to have a range of about 100ft with obstructions or 150ft without obstructions.
- The ET-733 receiver beeps if it has been out of range of the transmitter for 4 minutes. For grilling, this is actually too long, and I would prefer if it started beeping within about a minute of going out of range. However, the ET-7 doesn't beep at all (the antenna icon simply stops blinking and the temperature display stops changing), and any alarm (even if it takes a little longer than I would like) is better than nothing. Given that I am expecting the receiver to start beeping when I need to pay attention to the food, it is really bad for the ET-7 receiver to remain silent when it is out of range and doesn't know whether the food needs attention.
- The backlight on the ET-733 is very helpful when grilling at night. The ET-7 doesn't have a backlight.
- I like the option to turn off the temperature alarm on the ET-733. I occasionally want to do a quick check of the temperature of something other than meat, and while I can silence the alarm on the ET-7 by increasing the temperature set point above the measured temperature, it is convenient to be able to hit one button to turn off the alarm.
- The ET-733 transmitter seems more sturdy and waterproof than the ET-7, and the ET-733 receiver is more compact and has buttons that are much easier to clean than on the ET-7. Due to the extra waterproofing on the ET-733 transmitter, the battery compartment does require a screwdriver to open, which is an annoyance (the ET-7 transmitter battery compartment simply slides open), however this seems like a reasonable trade-off for the extra waterproofing.

Things I like about the ET-7 over the ET-733:
- The ET-7 receiver has a clock and timer function, while the ET-733 does not. This occasionally comes in handy, and it would be nice to have on the ET-733. However, the power switch on the back of the ET-7 receiver has three settings: One to turn it on, one to turn it off but leave the clock running and save any memory, and one to shut off the clock and erase the memory to save battery. Unfortunately, I found it hard to turn the ET-7 receiver on and off without accidentally flipping it momentarily to the position that erased the clock and memory, and this made the clock on the ET-7 almost useless (it was not worth the effort to reset the clock every time I accidentally erase it). While this three-position switch is an interesting feature in theory, in practice it was annoying and I would rather simply have a two-position switch and be required to remove the batteries if I want to stop the clock to save battery.
- The ET-7 receiver has a plug on the side which allows one probe to be connected directly to it without using the transmitter. This is useful when I don't need to separate the receiver from the food (like when I'm cooking in the oven and am not planning to leave the kitchen), so I don't have to waste the transmitter battery. However, it would be nice if there were two plugs on the ET-7 receiver so I could connect both probes directly to the receiver if necessary. There is no plug on the ET-733 receiver.

A comment about the probes:
- The L-shaped probes on the ET-7 are slightly easier to insert into and remove from food than the straight probes on the ET-733, because the L shape acts like a handle. On the other hand, the straight probes on the ET-733 are slightly shorter and sometimes work better because they take up less space in the oven or grill. Unfortunately, the ET-7 and ET-733 probes do not seem to be interchangeable (both the ET-7 and ET-733 read very incorrect temperatures when I connect them to the probes for the other model), otherwise I would simply switch between them as needed.
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on December 21, 2014
For a number of years I have owned a Maverick wireless thermometer and it has worked great over many cookouts and turkey dinners. I thought it would be nice to have one of the same company that allowed one to use 2 probes at the same time. That way you could measure temperature on two things simultaneously. Well the Maverick ET-7 is not like the ET-72 that I bought years ago.

For one the insulation wires on the older unit are much thicker and thus provide more protection to the underlying wire. So the result was that one probe worked and the other probe did not (right out of the box). It registered "HHH" the first second it was plugged in and stayed that way throughout the cook. I even attempted to move the probe to the coolest part of the cooker I was using - making sure no moisture got into the probe connection - but it didn't work.

While the transmitter seems to be the same (except for the extra place to plug in a 2nd probe) the receiver is bigger in the newer unit, but bigness does not necessarily mean more receptive to signal. It just would not hold a signal from the transmitter more than 5 minutes - and this was within line of sight 20 feet away. My other older unit could receive a signal into my house with a few obstacles and not line off sight. So while it is bigger it is not better.

Overall I am disappointed. I will hold on to my older unit and look for another alternative.
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on July 18, 2015
I bought one of these at least a year ago and have used it for steaks, roasts, loins, but so far not for fish or chicken. If the meat is thick enough to allow me to place the end of the probe pretty precisely in the middle of the cut, the thermometer assists in getting great results, without having to lift the lid on the pit and cause the temp to fluctuate around the meat. I especially appreciate the remote readout (which a lot of competing products do not have) so I can remain inside on very hot or very cold days and know precisely how the meat is doing.

Other members of the family have noticed the consistent results, so I recently bought a second Maverick to use as a gift.
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With this many reviews on a product, it's pretty much a guarantee that you can find all of the information you need about the various capabilities of this device. As such, I won't spend a lot of time dissecting every feature like I normally would. Instead I'd just like to talk about my overall experience with the product.

The build quality of the two main components is in line with cheap electronics: lightweight plastic that doesn't feel like it would hold up particularly well to any significant abuse. Think nine dollar alarm clock. The probes, on the other hand, feel pretty sturdy. Metal braided wire sheaths mean less worry about damage due to pinching.

I am using the thermometer mainly for barbecue purposes. I bought it because when you're smoking pork shoulder, brisket, etc. for 12 hours or more, it's easier when you don't have to be out there at all times checking on the temperature in your smoker. It's especially important for people like myself that operate a wood smoker, where it's difficult to maintain a consistent temperature without constant supervision.

So the idea was to lay the meats out on the grill, stick one probe into the meat farthest away from the wood chamber, and another probe in the open to judge the smoker temperature. For the latter I fashioned a rudimentary "probe holder" out of aluminum foil to keep end of the probe from touching any metal and thus skewing the readings. The probe wires are then run outside the grill and plugged into the smaller black unit. This unit has a small display that alternates between the two probe temperatures. So far so good -- everything works great!

From here you can turn on the large silver remote display and start setting your options, including the meat type on each probe, the desired temperature at which the alarm will go off, etc. The feature set is full, and operation is not too difficult after a quick skim of the user manual.

But from there, it all goes bad.

I've seen the reviews where some people claim awful range, and some people claim decent range (even through a wall in at least one case). I'm in the former camp, unfortunately. One thing that turned out to pose a problem (but was not specifically the thermometer's fault) was the slight tint applied to the sliding glass door that goes out to my patio. Apparently it kills all signals when the door is closed, including the thermometer signal and both of my wireless routers. So consider that if you have a similar situation at your house.

Testing indoors, I was still unhappy with the unit's performance. While using it for a roast in the oven, I placed the black transmitter on the kitchen counter and set the remote unit at the same level, 20-25 feet away, with a direct line of sight to the transmitter. The signal was lost.

One final note, a small annoyance more than anything, is that the power switch is a 3-position switch. There's Off, Standby, and On. Standby turns off everything except for the clock. Of course, it's in the middle between Off and On, and it's easy to go past Standby to Off. Why is this a problem? Only because "Off" apparently resets the clock to 12:00. Somebody dropped the ball on that design.

So I took one star off for the build quality, and another for the atrocious wireless range. But the build of the probes and the operation of the unit (aside from the wireless) earned all of the remaining stars. I'm glad I have it, but I'd love to find one with improved range.
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on December 17, 2009
I've used the Maverick ET-7 for about 6 months and it works OK as long as there is no wall between the transmitter and receiver. For general use, the base is never more than 25' from the transmitter.
But, this thing is somewhat quirky. Obviously, the on/off/standby buttons were designed for those with tiny "Lilliputian" fingers and extremely good eyesight.
Once the main unit is turned on, the transmitter has to be switched on within a minute or everything has to be restarted.
And then you have to select the correct meat from the menu (what to do if you're cooking two different meats is a mystery) and adjust everything, including the clock.
If you decide to change "meat" settings, everything else you've entered will be lost and you have to start again.
Forget trying to set the clock - what a waste of time! Whoever designed the electronics forgot to ensure that the clock would stay on when the rest of the unit is shut off. Gee, every time I use the ET-7 it's noon.
It would be a great idea to include a low temperature alarm in this product, because that's one of the main concerns in BBQ'n.
I have used this on my WSM as well as in the oven and it's worked very well.
I checked the accuracy with a digital instant read thermometer and the probe temps were within 1 degree of the instant read.
I'm concerned about the probe cable connection because on one probe the braided cable connection didn't seem to be properly swaged at the factory and there are sharp strands of wire sticking out where they connect. I've also been very careful NOT to immerse the probes while cleaning them.
For the price, the ET-7 meets my needs for now.
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on February 15, 2016
This is a must-have for roasting meat and having it consistently come out right. Bought it as a replacement for our Maverick thermometer that we bought years ago from Williams Sonoma that eventually broke. W-S no longer carries it. Nice to have it available through Amazon for a lot less. Used it for Thanksgiving turkey - and worked great. We always have a tenderloin for New Year's Eve, and I won't cook a $100+ piece of meat without one of these. The meat was perfect. If you want to roast meat and consistently have it come out right, you need one of these.
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on May 22, 2010
I bought this for my new Weber Smokey Mountain smoker thinking I'd use one probe for meat and the other for monitoring the smoker temperature - and it does this, but not without some pain...

1) every time you power it off, the entire thing, including the clock, resets to factory settings. So, if you always set your temp for the same setting you'll need to do it by clicking the button for EVERY degree on the way up...
2) So, maybe you say "I don't need to set the alarm temp" I'll just watch the gauge. Well, you could but you CAN'T TURN OFF THE ALARM so you have to set the alarm temp to something above what you care about so you don't have to listen to the thing beep constantly.
3) I hope you don't plan on venturing more than 25 feet or so from you smoker, because you'll loose the signal.
4) And to reset the connection to the transmitter you have to turn both the transmitter and receiver on and off again (See #1 and #2).

Also, it doesn't have the ability to monitor withing a temperature range (alarming if you go high or low). I wasn't sure about this when I ordered it, but it's obvious now.

Very disappointed...

The Weber Smokey Mountain on the other hand... it ROCKS!
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on February 5, 2015
This is a nice product and very useful. You can set your own temperature alarms or use the 'canned' ones for beef, lamb, chicken, and veal. The display is clear and easy to read. And the alarm beep is sufficient. It is also nice to have two probes if you are cooking two dishes. However, the probes leave something to be desired I'm afraid. I had only used one probe maybe 6 times and then it died. And of course that happened one day after the return window closed. I'm hoping that the second probe lasts much longer. I still give it three stars because the unit itself functions just fine and is very helpful to ensuring that your meats come out just as you desire.
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on May 9, 2011
Our product was defective. While Ace Photo Digital acknowledged that, they maintained a stance on a 14 day return window - we don't use the product with every meal and only found out it was defective AFTER that window. So, ACE Photo Digital gets away with selling broken merchandise by keeping a very small return window. I found it hard to believe that they would not stand behind the product they sold. I have bought dozens of items with Amazon.com and returned a few and have never had an issue until dealing with Ace Photo Digital. I left feedback on them as a seller, but wanted people to know about how they deal with returns and I wanted to get that word out as widely as possible.

Because of Ace Photo Digital, I will now be far more circumspect about dealing with products I purchase through Amazon that come from third-parties vice the Amazon warehouses. Ace Photo Digital has effectively ruined the buying experience for me at Amazon. Of course, I will still purchase items via Amazon - I love the ease of it and the selections - I just feel that Ace Photo Digital has violated a trust they are supposed to have with the buyers.

The product itself? As it was broken, I have to give it a single star. I would not give Ace Photo Digital any stars.
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on January 14, 2012
OK so after reading the mixed reviews here for this item, I figured there was more good reviews than bad ones, so I gave it a try.

First off no matter what I did the unit would not sync. Yes I can read instructions. Transmitter first blah blah, no auto detection. I attempted the manual sync, again nothing.

Then I though I would try the Transmitter since it reads out a display. One of the sensor probe does not change on the transmitter unit. After 30 minutes of cooking it had not changed a degree yet, still at 48. Impossible I though. I checked with my thermonitor I know that works, sure enough it was 79

So have a unit that is broken in two different ways.

Yes I will return it, Thanks Amazon....and attempt at another unit.

However with many of the other bad reviews where it would not work out of the box, I would say Quality Control on this item is pretty bad, which is why the one star.

Will update on my replacement
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