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on March 11, 2017
I have finally given up on this thermometer. I have bought 4 food probes since owning this. I have literally "babied" the last two. I have paid twice over for a new complete system with the number of replacement food probes I have purchased. The only thing I can say is when it does work, it is fairly accurate. Have purchased a thermopro with hopes of better or longer lasting probe life
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on December 30, 2014
This thermometer is amazing. There are a few downsides however, but please don't let these deter you from buying this, they are all superficial. This is one of the best purchases I have ever made on Amazon and I would buy it again in a heartbeat. The first downside is that the probes are somewhat fragile. This whole unit is water resistant and will work in the rain just fine, but if you completely submerge the probes in water you WILL ruin them. That means you can only clean them by wiping them off. My original probes still work over a year later though, and I have accidentally left them outside in adverse weather on a couple occasions so i wouldn't worry too much. The second downside is that the transmitter and receiver themselves have a cheap plastic feel to them. They don't feel like they would break easily or anything, they just are very lightweight and made of plastic. Not any more so than any other kitchen thermometer you would buy in a store though. This doesn't bother me at all, but I know that it will bother some people so I thought I would mention it. The third downside is that every time you press a button it makes a somewhat loud and annoying "beep" sound. There is no way to turn this off. It really is not that bad though, you just have to deal with it when you are setting the temperature and time, and after that you don't have to touch it again for the rest of the cook.

Now for the good stuff. This is VERY accurate, and has a very good range... I even went over to the park on the next block over and I could still read the temperature of my smoker. It is water resistant, so you can use it in rain or shine. You can set a "temperature range" for your smoker, and if your smoker goes outside that range the device will beep and notify you... This is VERY useful, and means that once you get your smoker dialed in, you don't have to worry about constantly checking the temperature. I use this feature for overnight cooks. I keep the device next to me while i sleep and if my smoker gets too hot or cold it beeps and I get up and make the necessary adjustments. This makes those long 12-14 hour cooks so much less stressful. It also has a back light feature so you can read the temperature in the dark. It will notify you when the internal temperature of whatever you are cooking reaches whatever you set it at, eliminating the worry of over/under cooked food. Also, the battery life is pretty good. I usually get five or six 12+ hour cooks out of it before I have to swap out the batteries.

I highly recommend this product. You will not regret buying this.
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on April 8, 2013
When I first opened this and read the instructions, it looked like it might be too complicated to actually use. I never did get the alarm feature to hold my settings - kept reverting to the defaults. I don't really care that much, since I bought it to monitor the temperature on my smoker and internal temp of the meat. That part works like a charm. I wind up with perfectly done meat now, unlike when I just relied on time and poking at the meat to see if it was done. Now I just wish I could change the controls on the smoker from inside the house, too! All in all, I'm not sorry I bought it, but I do wish I could make the alarm work right.

OK, now it has been about a year and a half, I've used this (carefully) for about 20 smoking sessions. The last time was Thanksgiving turkey. Registered LLL (too low to read) for over an hour. I got suspicious, went out and unplugged the meat probe connection and reattached it HARD. Read a temp for a few minutes, then back to LLL. Finally after 2 or 3 hours, it started to read a temp. Only problem was it would read 125 for a few minutes, then 145, then LLL again! I was fortunate to have an instant read pen thermometer, so I started checking with that when I thought it might be done, so we didn't lose the turkey. This probe has never been abused - no submersion, no kinking, no nothing. I know I can buy a new probe - for half what the whole shebang cost originally - but I no longer trust this unit.
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on January 5, 2015
I decided to purchase this after seeing some glowing reviews on it and it being a seemingly popular wireless thermometer.

The first thing that blew my mind was that there was no up/down for the temperature setting. This was an incredibly annoying "feature." If you want to go from say 160 degrees (what I normally cook my chicken to) to 140 degrees (what I normally cook my fish to) and something I frequently did, you have to sit there and hold a button down while it scrolls all the way to the top of the temperature range until it resets back to zero then goes to the temperature you wanted. This is such a pathetic joke I can't believe anyone thought it was acceptable.

Second, I was well aware of the fragility of the temperature probe and was ultra careful with it. Mine still stopped working though after maybe 6 months or less.

Third, while not a big deal, was having to sync the two units every time I turned them on.

The good things about this unit are that it is seemingly accurate and has a good wireless range. Since my probe stopped working though, I'm not even going to bother getting a new one for it. I'm just going to get a different thermometer altogether.
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on July 23, 2014
I had high expectations when ordered this product, and I received it in time for my Fourth of July party. Unfortunately there was not an instruction manual enclosed, and I had to spend some time locating the manufacturer's website. After locating the will website, I quickly realized that this particular model did not have a downloadable service manual. After several phone calls I was able to get an instruction manual email to me, to give the company props getting it out so quickly. Unfortunately there's a design flaw from my perspective, and that you have to use a jewelers screwdriver to install the batteries for the transmitter. The screws are so small and of such poor quality that they stripped almost immediately. With some Southern ingenuity I was able to get the back off, but basically had to modify the unit so that would not be able to send it back. It seems to keep accurate temperature for thicker pieces of meat, however my experience with meets less than 2 inches thick is fairly useless. I think if they could address the battery situation and also figure a way to have an alternative probe for thinner cuts of meat is would be a great unit.
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on March 22, 2013
I purchased this thermometer along with Meatheads cooking magnet because I am gettiing ready for the summer fun with a brand new COS and wanted to do it right instead of guessing like I've done before. If you don't know what COS is, it stands for Cheap Old Smoker. It arrived faster then I had expected and was packed in a nice box separeted to fit and was not broken or damaged. Like any old kid with a new toy, I had pull it all apart on the table and just look at it and to get aquainted with the pieces and how they go together. I read in the reviews from Amazingribs.com that some where having trouble with the connections of the probes, so I made sure that I pushed the probes connection in hard. First test was with boiling water. About 4 inches in a pot to a boil and put both probes in the water to see if both read the same. The probe for the grill was a little slower on reading then the meat probe but that is because the meat probe is smaller in size. Both probes when done read the same 212F. I also used the receiver out in the driveway about 100 feet away when the probes where in the pot and got a beautiful reading. I also did the freezing water test and the results were the same,dead on. As far as I am concerned, I would recommend this to anyone who is into BBQing this summer. The pricing is affordable and it looks very nice.
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on October 14, 2013
After careful research, I bought the Maverick Wireless BBQ thermometer as most sites gave it high ratings. However in order to get the remote to work you have to synchronize it or do some extra thing that I couldn't figure out. I didn't try reading the directions until I needed it right away and being technologically challenged, I gave up quickly, and still haven't found time to try and figure it out.

I am using it on my new Traeger smoker and it did work fine for reading the BBQ temp and internal meat temperatures which is essential for smoking, but I had to go out to the BBQ to read it since I couldn't get the remote to work. Also last night while BBQ'ing steaks at a high temp, the Maverick was reading a BBQ temp of 525° and the Traeger was reading only 418°. That is such a huge difference that I question if the Maverick was actually working properly.....I will be checking that closely again the next time I use the smoker.....so like I said the jury is still out on this one
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on September 12, 2013
If you are looking for a high quality BBQ thermometer and don't want to drop the money on the more expensive brands then this is your thermometer.

It has 2 probes included. One is for meat and the other is to monitor grill temps. The wireless unit works like a dream and stays connected over long distances. I've used it all over our 2 acre property while doing yard work and brought it inside to escape the brutal south Georgia heat all while keeping an eye on my BBQ smoker temperature.

You can leave one probe disconnected if you just need one probe. You don't have to use the wireless unit either because the base unit also displays the temps. It only displays one at a time on the base unit and will alternate every few seconds to display both temps. The wireless unit displays both temps at the same time.

I've used the until several times along with my Weber Smokey Mountain 18" and have produced fantastic ribs and pork shoulder.

If you are serious about grilling or smoking (or both) you shouldn't rely on the built in bi-metal thermometers included in most products. Get yourself a good digital thermometer like this because those bi-metal thermometers can be off by as much as 50 degrees and this can severely affect your food.

I will probably purchase a second unit to accompany my second Weber Smokey Mountain!

Also the included fridge magnet by Meathead (AmazingRibs.com) is a great reference tool if you are unsure about what temp to cook your meats to.
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on May 31, 2013
I upgraded from a Maverick ET72 to the ET732 because the dismal range of the ET72. The ET72 range is 15-20 feet straight line max. The range of the ET732 is good enough to move around anywhere inside our house are most any place in our yard and still maintain a link with the transmitter. The dual probe part is also nice in that I no longer have to have two separate thermometers, one for smoker temp and the other for meat temp.

I didn't give the ET732 5 stars because I find it not as easy to use as I would like, and certainly not as easy to use as the cheaper ET72. The cheaper single probe unit is much easier to use and understand and can be used without referring to the manual. That can not be said for the ET732. The ET732 has multiple functions associated with most buttons. Which function you want to use is based what mode you are in and sometimes on how long you press a button in that mode. The same button does different things. The buttons are difficult to press require a fair amount of force. Some of the buried functions require presses up to 5 seconds long in order to activate them. Remembering how long you press what button to do or change something can be a bit of a pain and sometimes a challenge to my memory. I suppose if you used this thermometer many times each day you would not have to continually refer to the manual like I have to. For example to set the audible alarm, which until recently I was not aware actually existed, this is what the manual tells you to do: "ALERT, ºC /ºF, START/STOP -Press and hold for 2 seconds to switch between ºC and ºF display. In THERMOMETER MODE, press to turn ON/OFF the alarm. In TIMER MODE, press to start or stop the timer countdown or count up." It might help these instructions if the word "ALERT" was actually printed on the face of the receiver, but it is not there.

One other little aggravation with the ET732 is if you go past the temp or time limit you are trying to set you have to go all the way back around around to zero and start over. Sort of like trying to set a really cheap digital watch or clock.

Over all I like the ET732 because it performs as advertised but if I could find a more logical and easier to use thermometer that provided the same performance I would replace the ET732.
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on February 23, 2013
SO SIMPLE!!! There isn't an excessive amount of buttons or anything else to confuse you... its I purchased this item after my Weber model failed to operate. I bought this model after several great reviews on "YouTube". Though it may seem menial but the meathead temperature magnet is AWESOME!!.... Its so simple yet, you find yourself checking temperatures on every since you have a quick reference. The product is far better than the more expensive Weber model. I am 100% pleased with this item!!! Highly Recommended
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