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on August 25, 2013
Only used once, got it today but I grill a lot and will update if anything changes. I cooked split chicken breasts. Easy, did not get out of my chair, did not need to check chicken as a flare up would show up on the grill temperature. When it hit 165 degrees on the meat temperature, chicken was done, and perfect. Also transmitter is weather proof but you can't submerge in water according to the instructions. Probe wires are short 3'. I may purchase the probes with longer 6' wires they list them for around $30.
Put transmitter inside a plastic bowl with a lid and screwed it down to the work counter top part of the grill to protect it from the weather. I cut a 1" hole in the bottom and part of both end for the wires and air for cooling. I also cut a piece of hickory wood 6"x6"x ½"and screwed it to the side of the bowl to cover the bowls end next to grill, this will insulate the heat from the grill, preventing melting the plastic bowl or overheating the transmitter it is also weather proof with the lid on.

Update Sept 9, 2013 Barbecue temperature has been fluctuating up and down not accurate some of the time; (going from LLL to 400 in seconds) meat temperature has been working well so far (cooked with it 7 times). I only wipe off probes so they have never been wet I will update if it quits.

Update Sept 21, BBQ probe has stopped working meat probe has been up and down on the temp last few times but works most of the time. Sept 28 today I sent an email to get problem fixed will update how that goes.Probes only handled by probe never wire and never been wet dry wipe only.

Down graded to two stars failed in first week, if new one works will go back to 5 stars.
Unit died Amazon A+++++ replaced with a new one, new unit has several things different then the one that went bad. First the black rubber that keeps out water very little is showing, old bad one had ¼" or more showing, bad one out of the box had a 6-9 degree difference in the BBQ and food probe new unit is spot on, Old bad one I always had a hard time getting the receiver to turn on new one no problem comes one easy. Hope this new one works makes BBQ a lot easer. Also thanks Amazon for the easy quick replacement.

Update June 2017 after I was sent the new replacement this has worked great, 3 months ago after 3 years of use I replaced probes; a must have to cook perfect 148 degree or the way you love your stakes done from your easy chair. Going back to 5 stars buy if you want to be a easy chair Grillmaster....
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on May 15, 2015
Both probes have failed. On the first use. Contacted Maverick, their reply was that's to be expected. The probes are NOT designed to be used in a humid environment like a smoker. WTH? They did ship replacement probes and instructed me to seal the area where the cable goes into the probe. I did this, it worked well for another month, but after a careful and deliberate job using foil tape to seal it up, the probe is again exhibiting signs of failure. Sigh.....it works ok. The features are nice....I wouldn't buy it again.
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on April 16, 2016
Once you get past the (extremely aggravating system of setting the temperature alarm), yes the button will only set in one direction. Meaning that if you are pressing the temperature button for a setting of 160 and you pass it to 161, then you must continue to press button until it rotates back to 160 again. Who in their right mind thought this was good? The biggest problem and the reason we returned the product is bad temperature readings. Often as much as 10 degrees or more. We just can't trust this device.
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on November 10, 2016
I bought this unit based on reviews on Amazon as well as other blogs/forums on BBQ. On the outside, it appears that everyone uses these, everyone loves these, everyone has good luck with these. Not me. On my second use the probe going into the smoker failed. Stopped working. Didn't read. I thought maybe I pinched it or something but nope, just stopped working.

I'm not a fan, I don't recommend this thermometer. I'd spend the money and go with a higher quality unit.
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on March 17, 2013
Maverick Wireless BBQ Thermometer Set - Maverick ET732
Sadly this product never worked. The receiver never received any signal from the transmitter even though they were only inches apart. The transmitter has it's own display for temperature, which is inaccurate by 9 degrees F for food and 5 degrees F for the grill. Even if the unit had worked, a 9 degree error is unacceptable. (I checked this temperature with a NIST calibrated thermocouple)
The interface is also very poorly designed. You can't lower the temperature setting, you can only raise it up to its maximum and start over at its lowest temperature. If that isn't bad enough, the setting was never retained; it just reset itself to 176 degrees F no matter what number you tried to enter.
This is an absolutely defective product.
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on July 13, 2016
My old thermometer broke and I needed a replacement. I spent hours looking for a new one and came up empty. I asked a friend which thermometer he used and pointed me to this one. I wasn't wowed by the reviews and thought it was overkill because why did I need a wireless, 2 probe thermometer? It works great and I loved it! I can be inside the house brushing my teeth upstairs, doing stuff in the kitchen, on my laptop... and still monitor my Slow and Sear smoker's food temp and grill surface temp. Very happy with this purchase! I do wish it came with a carrying case to store it, and I don't like that the transmitter has a screwed in battery compartment, because I like to take the batteries out when not in use; although this is the unit that stays stationary so I do use it without the screws.
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on September 18, 2016
Not accurate and no means of calibration

Unfortunately, I bought this back in June and Amazon only has a 30 day return policy but just now got a chance to use it. Since I am a sensor geek, I decided to perform a basic test before the first use. I tied the 2 thermocouples together and placed them in my smoker to make sure both read the same.. After allowing several minutes for stabilization, the MEAT sensor read 183F and the BBQ sensor read 219F, so I didn't have much trust. After completing my cooking, I performed a 2 point measurement in ice water (32F) and boiling water (212F). In ice water, the MEAT sensor read 34F and the BBQ sensor read 43F. Fortunately , in boiling water the results were better: the MEAT sensor read 212F and the BBQ sensor read 214F.

I'm satisfied I can use it without the risk of giving everyone salmonella; however, this clearly is not an accurate instrument and anyone useing it should do the boiling water test periodically to ensure they don't end up with undercooked meat.

If I ever buy one of these gadgets again, I'll spend the extra bucks to get one that can be calibrated.
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on September 12, 2015
Do not buy this if you plan to use this on a Big Green Egg. First off, it is common for BGE users to cook at temperatures over 700 degrees. This thermometer can only monitor up to 572. If that were the only problem I would have kept the thermometer and continued to use it since my primary use is for long low temperature cooks. However my unit would not allow me set a low temp any higher than 110 for the grate temp. Most smoking temps are done between 200 and 250 so for me this unit was useless. Based on the description I can only come the conclusion the unit was defective. The instructions that ship with this thermometer are horrible. They jump back and forth between the receiver and transceiver which make it confusing to follow. Anyone with technical writing experience could make the instructions drastically better. That being said it seems that everything less than $100 sucks or I have a general attraction to lemons. Too bad you have to pay more for a thermometer than the cost of the grill itself to get something that resembles a quality product.
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on April 29, 2012
Unit delivery date: 4/28/2012... I read some of the many Amazon reviews on this product before purchasing this unit and I was aware of some probe issues associated with this digital thermometer as described by some of the Amazon reviewers. But I saw generally positive star ratings and some individual reviews that did not reflect issues with the probes so I figured maybe I would be one of the lucky ones; not so!

The meat probe failed intermittently right out of the box as indicated by the receiver displaying "HHH" and the manual indicating this is an indicator of a "damaged (by too much heat") probe. This probe has not been used in cooking so the problem is clearly a manufacturing defect. Also, since the probe inexplicably began working after some minor movements (and later went out again), it seems clear that it has an intermittent open connection instead of the "short" short caused by heat, which is claimed by the manual for that "HHH" display.

Maverick customer service is unavailable today (Saturday, the day of my first roast on the kamado grill) so I will have to wait for Monday to arrange for replacement (and get along without this unreliable device) after all. I may yet decide to return it to Amazon as defective. At this point, I will give Maverick an opportunity to correct their problem post-haste.

At this point I recommend that you keep looking for that perfect dual thermometer for your kamado grill because this one is clearly capable of setting you up for failure. The manufacturing process for this product is clearly deficient in quality control and, based on numerous probe-related complaints revealed in Amazon reviews, deficient in quality construction.

NOTE: I gave a 2-star rating because the transmitter and receiver (and the grill temperature probe) all seem to be operational. Although the method of setting temperature minimum and maximum is poorly designed in software as a continuous loop so as you attempt to set a low minimum temperature you are apt to pass the setting you want and then it becomes necessary to go around the entire loop again as the unit has no back button and the software does not stop your progress around the loop at either the top or bottom of the cycle. Dumb!
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on February 25, 2016
We have found this thermometer to be a must have when using a smoker/grill. Sometimes when we are smoking meat, the temperature starts to drop too low in the smoker. With this thermometer one probe monitors the grill/smoker temperature and other other monitors the meat. We can set the grill temperature range that we desire and if it drops or exceeds that range, the thermometer immediately starts to beep so that we can take the appropriate action with the smoker. As far as the meat goes, we have had excellent luck with moist juicy meat when using the Maverick as our guide to "doneness". We smoked a turkey for Thanksgiving and using our Maverick to determine when it was done, we had the most moist, delicious turkey we had ever made! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
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