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on July 6, 2017
I bought this unit after having a series of cheaper thermometers just not live up to par. This had generally favorable comments on a BBQ forum I frequent so I ponied up the money and bought it. Lets face it - it's not a cheap unit.

Nearly immediately one of the probes stopped reading temperatures correctly and was reading at 3x the actual temperature. Shortly after the second probe went and when I had time I messaged Maverick to see what's up. They replied to be careful on the probe wires that they weren't crushed in the lid and shipped me out two replacement probes. I was pretty happy with that response.

Then I get the replacement and tried to very carefully unwind it from the package - and right off the bat it kinked just trying to unwind it! It didn't register properly and then the other probe also was reading too high. I messaged Maverick again and they suggested putting the probe in 300 degree oven for 10 minutes to dry it out. I'm not sure why they suggested that as it's purpose is to be stuck in meat while it's cooking - but apparently it's prone to moisture when used as intended. I dried it out and it started reading okay again for one probe.

I messaged Maverick back and they said warranty covers 2 probes and I was free to buy a replacement one.
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on August 7, 2013
Had problems right out of the box with the probe for the grill grate. Would read "LLL" after a few minutes. After unplugging/reinserting probe into computer/transmitter, it worked fine. Until the next time I used it, same thing.

Dealt with that BS for about 20 cooks on my Ugly Drum Smoker, then it started reading crazy. Today, it's reading 70° less than my Thermapen is reading (inserted into same hole I feed the probe through). It was reading 48° today (DUDE, IT's 85 out!). Then it jumped to something else. This isn't the first time it had crazy temp swings/readings.

Never washed it, so don't go there with me getting it wet. Always treated kindly.

I'm done with Maverick for awhile until I get proof-positive that they have upgraded their probes.

BTW, a big source on the web for BBQ info recommends this product, but then goes on with umpteen caveats. Sorry, you kinda lost a lot of my respect by still recommending this POS.

And no, I am in NO WAY going to throw good money after bad, and buy a replacement probe from Maverick. You'd have to be stoopit to do that. My bbq buddies bought new probes to fix his. TWICE. Nope, not me.

When it did work properly, which was only a few times, the Maverick ET732 was wonderful, especially those overnight brisket cooks. But the product is held back by it's crappy pit probe.

One other criticism I have is: the transmitter battery door uses screws to secure it. REALLY? Like eyeglass sized screws! WHY in the world would they choose this, when the receiving unit just clicks into place, securely. UGH.

All in all, nice little device in theory, but plagued by JUNK probes. Fix it Maverick, you might sell a ton more. But by now, those of us in the BBQ world know what junk this thing comes with.
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on January 16, 2015
The items appear to be good quality, however, the support user material is unfathomable. We called the factory and spoke with a rep who acknowledged their problems with the instructionsl. She stated that the manufacturer was working on new material which would be done sometime in the future and included with the product at that time. She said it would not be available on line, which means current owners are screwed. For example, If you don't turn on the remote receiver prior to turning on the temperature transmitter it doesn't work. Why isn't that information in bold type in the instructions. I am a gadget freak, and can figure out most applications given time. It was not the case here, for instances, you have a few seconds to set and lock in the temperature otherwise the units reset (the multifunctional buttons drive you nuts). When you're in the kitchen cooking a meal you don't need this added aggravation.
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on August 1, 2014
Used this several times with my Primo Grill, and it has worked like a charm. Very happy with this thermometer.

Original review was great, but those days are gone. The first four times I used this thermometer I was really happy with it. It was accurate, fast, and I has no problems with the remote receiver. Then came the fourth time to use it, and the happy days were over. I was smoking a brisket, with the grill temperature around 225 degrees on the grill thermometer, and the same on the grate probe. The food probe started out fine showing the meat starting at 50 degrees (was out of the frig for 30 minutes before placing on the grill) and slowly rising to 140 degrees. At 140, the meat stopped raising in temperature, which did not worry me much at the time since brisket has a tendency to stall (usually around 160, but this seemed close and reasonable.) After two hours at 140 I was questioning the reading, so I grabbed my digital instant read thermometer and checked the meat. The meat registered 190, but the Maverick was still showing 140. Now that my brisket was done, and I was going to pull the meat off the smoker, I removed the Maverick probes and dealt with my completed brisket. After about an hour I came back to my smoker to clean up, and I noticed the Maverick was still showing the food probe showing 140 degrees, even though it was sitting on a side table with the outside temperature being around 80 degrees. Thinking this might be a battery issue, I replaced both the transmitter and receiver batteries, but when I turn on the device it immediately shows a temperature of 140 degrees. I tried putting the probe in boiling water, but the temperature never budged.

So, after three successful uses of the remote thermometer, I now have a device that only shows the temperature 140 degrees regardless of the temperature of the food item. In other words the device is junk. I never tightly wrapped the probe wires, and I never used the probes on a smoker higher than 225 degrees. Based on my experience, I would not recommend this device to anyone. I had thought that buying a more expensive remote thermometer would get me better quality than the $20 remote thermometers at my local Target or Walmart, but it seems that is not to be.
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on December 7, 2013
The quality of the remote is pretty sub-par in my opinion. After my very first cook, the face of the transmitter peeled off, and after about 12 months the BBQ probe stopped working. Most annoyingly is that the received loses connection every 5 minutes or so.

This wasn't always the case, as for about the first year it would lose connection every hour or so but ultimately re-establish it on it's own. Slowly over time it would lose connection more and more frequently. I replaced the batteries hoping that would solve the problem, but it has not. So this past summer I called their customer support in hopes of trying to trouble shoot the problem, only I got zero help from them. The lady I spoke with was very short and rude with me in general, and after discovering the item was out of warranty her great words of advice were.

"Buy a new one"

I was completely dumbfounded, I mean they offered me so other support except "Buy a new one". So that's really customer supports stance? Oh well, it doesn't work anymore even though its only about a year and half old....just go buy a new one from us!

Sure, why don't I just plan on buying a brand new one every other year? That seems pretty reasonable.

I was so angered by the way I was treated by their customer I wrote a very long and polite email to their company executive, and didn't get even a single word replied.

I'm just completely baffled how a company like this can treat it's customers so poorly and expect myself or anyone else to want to give them more money.
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on July 24, 2014
Don't waste your money! I have to admit that when this unit works, I loved it, but I am embarrassed to say that I bought 3 of these units after each of the first ones stopped working because the probes are "EXTREMELY" sensitive and they repeatedly stopped working and showed "HHH". I replaced the probes three times under the 30 day warranty but each replacement stopped within 30 days even though I wrapped the area where the wire enters the probe with aluminum foil to protect it from the heat which another reviewer suggested.

I bought two other similar thermometers for my grill, but learned they too are made by Maverick after getting the product home and reading the manual. I would ONLY buy a Maverick thermometer if they increased their warranty to One Year considering how expensive these Maverick units are.

My recommendation is to not buy this or similar units made by Maverick, and just buy an instant digital thermometer that doesn't use any wired probes. The probes are just too touchy to the heat of a grill
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on April 20, 2016
The instructions were bad. A youtube video I found did a much better job explaining how to set the high/lo temps for the BBQ and food. The displayed temp on the unit was inaccurate and ran about 15 degrees higher than the actual temp. The unit also lacks a calibration feature. I can live with the poor instructions, but a thermometer MUST do what it is designed to do, and that is ACCURATELY read the temperature. Item returned after one day and one use.
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on March 17, 2013
Maverick Wireless BBQ Thermometer Set - Maverick ET732
Sadly this product never worked. The receiver never received any signal from the transmitter even though they were only inches apart. The transmitter has it's own display for temperature, which is inaccurate by 9 degrees F for food and 5 degrees F for the grill. Even if the unit had worked, a 9 degree error is unacceptable. (I checked this temperature with a NIST calibrated thermocouple)
The interface is also very poorly designed. You can't lower the temperature setting, you can only raise it up to its maximum and start over at its lowest temperature. If that isn't bad enough, the setting was never retained; it just reset itself to 176 degrees F no matter what number you tried to enter.
This is an absolutely defective product.
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on April 16, 2016
Once you get past the (extremely aggravating system of setting the temperature alarm), yes the button will only set in one direction. Meaning that if you are pressing the temperature button for a setting of 160 and you pass it to 161, then you must continue to press button until it rotates back to 160 again. Who in their right mind thought this was good? The biggest problem and the reason we returned the product is bad temperature readings. Often as much as 10 degrees or more. We just can't trust this device.
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on September 12, 2015
Do not buy this if you plan to use this on a Big Green Egg. First off, it is common for BGE users to cook at temperatures over 700 degrees. This thermometer can only monitor up to 572. If that were the only problem I would have kept the thermometer and continued to use it since my primary use is for long low temperature cooks. However my unit would not allow me set a low temp any higher than 110 for the grate temp. Most smoking temps are done between 200 and 250 so for me this unit was useless. Based on the description I can only come the conclusion the unit was defective. The instructions that ship with this thermometer are horrible. They jump back and forth between the receiver and transceiver which make it confusing to follow. Anyone with technical writing experience could make the instructions drastically better. That being said it seems that everything less than $100 sucks or I have a general attraction to lemons. Too bad you have to pay more for a thermometer than the cost of the grill itself to get something that resembles a quality product.
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