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on June 9, 2015
This is a decent product, especially for the price. It fits my iPhone 5 perfectly and seems to provide good protection. There is soft silicone-like inner cover that wraps around the back and up the four sides and a soft feel hard case that wraps around the four corners and an inch or so centered on the two longer sides. There is also a soft feel hard holster that the phone slides into from the front with a spring loaded swivel clip on the back that will fit up to a 1.5" belt. The inside face of the holster has a soft velvet like cover. I've had two similar phone covers and holsters that each lasted about a year. For the past few months I've used an Otter Box Defender which a great phone protector (if a bit clunky) but the fit into the holster (and the removal) is a never ending challenge, so I'm glad to be back with a holster the that phone easily slides into and out of. This Maxboost cover/ holster is less than half the cost of each of my first two covers, so if It lasts a year, I'll be happy. The only down side for this cover is the small sliver of the soft cover that is supposed to cover the bottom, front edge of the phone below the "on/off" button and just above the charging port. This piece really has nothing to grip or hold it in place, so it's definitely the weak spot in an otherwise useful cover. Time will tell if it holds up, particularly the holster and belt clip.

Update: After using this product for about two months, the belt clip broke off the holster. I turned to get out of the car and the clip broke off. Since I don't like to carry my phone in my pocket, the case became basically useless. I'm back to an Otter Box for now while I shop for another case/holster combo. The case would still be serviceable for someone who carries in a pocket or purse, however there is still a problem with the unsupported sliver of the soft cover below the keyboard. It's pretty annoying.
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on May 21, 2014
My old case broke rather suddenly, and I was looking for something inexpensive to replace it on short notice. For eight dollars this case is hard to beat. The double-layer protection is good and survived a hard fall onto a tile floor with no damage to the case or the phone.

The case itself is not too bulky, finding a good balance between protection and size. It doesn't protect the surface of the screen at all, though raised edges on the rubber wrap will prevent it from falling face down onto a flat surface. If you carry it in your pocket (in which case you're wasting the belt clip you bought with it) you'll want to make sure the screen is protected by a rub-on type sticker.

The buttons work fine, though as the rubber is fairly squishy you make need to hit one twice every now and then, but not so often that it's irritating. The mute switch is easy to get to, unlike with a lot of these cases.

The only issue I have with it is the small bit of rubber that runs across the bottom of the phone between the Home button and the charging port. This bit is unsupported and is constantly getting pulled and snagged as I put the phone back in its case, and gets slightly stretched when I use the phone. I don't see it lasting very long, but if it were to be removed it wouldn't really make the case offer much less protection either. This is not a Lifeproof case and shouldn't be mistaken for one.

The belt clip gives a pretty secure grip, though if you put it in charging port first the issue with that unsupported piece of padding is worse. I find putting it in on-switch first gets mostly around this, but some may not like doing it that way. As the belt clip is hard plastic and it grips onto the softer "rubber" shell of the case, I imagine sooner or later somethign will wear out and it won't hold as well, or will tear up the outer shell, but time will tell on that.

In summary, I've paid a lot more for cases that I liked a lot less. At the price level, it would be hard to beat this one.
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on February 7, 2015
UPDATE: March 2015. Dropping from 4 stars to two. One of my primary concerns below turned out to be true. I removed my phone from the holster at the airport to board a plane, and when I went to replace it, the holster was gone. The tab at the bottom of the belt clip IS too small, and the holster fell off. The problem was probably made worse because the phone stuck too firmly in the holster. This NEVER happened with the last 2 Verizon holsters I used on my iPhone 4 or 5. Now I have a case without a holster. Still gets 2 stars because it was inexpensive, the case offers good protection, and cables fit. Who needs a holster, anyway? Maybe I'll carry the phone in a fanny pack ;-)

Original Review:
I really want to give this 5 stars, because some of the features are great. I've used several different case-holster combinations, including the one sold by Verizon, and now prefer this one.
The product consists of three main pieces; a soft silicone inner shell; a hard plastic outer shell which holds the inner shell in place at all 4 corners and the 2 longer sides; and a holster with belt clip.

This case completely surrounds the bezel of the phone, protecting all edges well with the silicone inner shell. The hard plastic outer shell provides rigidity and further protects the corners. (Note that most other holster cases leave parts of the corners exposed.)
It fits snugly in the holster, and there's no way it will fall out on its own.
While just a bit larger than similar products, the added protection is worth it.
The opening at the bottom of the case is large enough to accommodate any cable, including Apple's 30-pin to Lightning adapter.

The inner silicone shell is a bit too soft. When inserted into the holster with the connector end down, the edge protecting the bottom curls under and jams. I resolved this by putting the phone in the holster head first. The button at the top of the phone is still accessible when inserted this way... it just takes some getting used to the position when I need to mute the ringer.
I expect the inner silicone shell to eventually tear from jamming and curling inside the holster, but I have not experienced this.
Unlike similar products, the kickstand is only usable in landscape mode.
The hook at the bottom of the holster's belt clip is not very deep, and the holster has almost fallen off when wearing a thick web belt.

Regardless of these issues, the benefits outweigh the limitations, and this is now the case I choose to use.
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on July 6, 2014
Fits perfectly. A bargain for $7
Attractive, sleek and double protected in the corners where it ends up if you drop it. There is hard shell in every corner fortified by
by rubber case. The double case is raise in front to prevent from scratching. I put a screen protector on.

There is also the holster which I hardly use which works well as a triple protection and the tripod works well in horizontal position.

Some have complained that the rubber strip at the base of the screen is flimsy. I haven't found this a problem since I hardly use the holster. If you put the phone in the holster heads down there will be little wear on the strip

The outer rubber case is anti skid so it decreases the chance of dropping the phone. You can lean the phone up against anything to do hands free use and talk, selfie, facetime Skype and it will stay without slipping.

I am confident my phone is well protected which is the main reason for buying this one other than the incredibly low price. I may buy another one in case this ever wears out
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on December 21, 2013
So I bought this for my wife's iP5 since she is not the most protective of her mobile electronics. After some more thought and watching her and my 11 month old baby interact and how the iP5 usually is involved I decided to get her the Otterbox defender instead. Both of these cases come with a holster which I wanted so that when we run we can just clip the phone to our waste band.

So instead of sending the Maxboost shell case back I decided to keep it for myself. I am a lot more careful with my devices and for my needs I think it will work out pretty well. I like that the softer silicon shell is on he inside and the harder shell on the outside. The harder shell helps keep the silicon from stretching when pulling it out of your pocket while providing some impact cushoning should it fall. I probably won't use the kickstand much but it is a nice option to have. The holster works as it should.

Decent to good protection
All buttons/ports accessible

The parts where the hardshell does not cover the silicon case allow the silicon to stretch. This is noticeable when trying to take the phone out of the holster or your pocket. Mostly on the top of the phone and the thin strip at the bottom.

Other than that I can't really think of any other cons for this case.

I gave it 4 stars because of the silicon stretch at the top and bottom. If the hardshell was two parts that snapped together to give it all around protection and keep the silicon in place I would give it 5 stars.

I would recommend this case to a friend and would by again myself.
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on October 28, 2014
Lots of kickstand case/holster combo's out there! They look very similar since they're all based on one design, a very clever design at that. However, there is a BIG difference in the manufactured quality of different versions, based on the density of synthetic materials ("plastic", if you'd care to over-simplify the tech). A few use a low density plastic that is super lightweight and is essentially a SUPER-compressed foam plastic that can be easily cut with scissors, When you apply a high speed grinder to it, the material throws off a blue powder, although when viewed with the naked eye, the solid materials appear to be black.

The "Maxboost Holster Combo Protective Case" uses a very strong and HIGH DENSITY version of material for its construction. The product is nearly impervious to physical damage from hand tools. That means that it can take just about any abuse you throw at it, short of crushing the iPhone/case under a steel shopcart wheel. THAT accident might scuff it a tiny bit. If you want a case that's nearly indestructible, this is the hot ticket. If you want a gram or two of less weight and robustness, you can try one of the other makes, as most of the others (I've bought at least four different makes) use VERY lightweight "plastic". All designs seem to use the same blown-on or dipped rubbery surface treatment that won't rub off and gives the grip in hand a nice feel.

The HOLSTER CLIP differs on three levels of design that I've encountered. This Maxboost one has a mid-high grade unit that is pretty strong and can tilt outwards, to act as a landscape viewing frame when you tip out the mousetrap-looking support bar hidden under the clip. Therefore if you monkey-manhandle this clip, you CAN break it. But for normal users, breakage is nearly impossible. So this clip is the best compromise for "do-everythingness". There is another clip around that is just plain feeble, without a tilt bar, which you won't find on Maxboost. Then there is one super robust, oversized clip that has no tilt bar but is nearly half the length of the holster, is extra wide, and has an industrial strength swivel joint. The inner surface of the holster is covered with a suede-like synthetic surface so as to be gentle against your iPhone glass or surface protector.

The case part snaps onto the iPhone by essentially applying a bit of pressure to the sides and corners of the iPhone. The top and bottom edges are not covered. The advantage to this design is that it's similar to Apple's favored case design , because it makes it more likely that the iPhone can be seated onto speaker docks and maybe some charging docks, and for sure onto that stupid 30-pin-to-Lightning adapter. The disadvantage, of course, is that droppage protection is a bit reduced by leaving those two front edges exposed. So if you decide to drop your precious iPhone, please arrange to drop it only onto its back or long sides! LOL. Overall if you holster your iPhone, this case is very, VERY versatile and convenient and built to last.
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on January 1, 2014
I bought this to replace my second $30 cover with kickstand that I really wanted to love, but the plastic parts on it kept breaking. This cover fits perfectly and the construction and quality seems to be really good. I probably won't use the belt clip portion because I'm such a worrier that it would break or fall off and I wouldn't notice until it was too late. Though it appears to be very well made as well. The only thing I'd like to see changed is that the kick stand allow for standing upright. That's what I loved about the other ones I had. That change would make this the PERFECT purchase. However, if that isn't a deal-breaker for you, I would definitely recommend this case - the material is so thick and rugged I think it will protect from any drops.
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on December 7, 2013
This case works great and is very reasonably priced. I liked it so much that I bought one for my husband when he upgraded to the 5s as well. Just be sure and don't attach the hard kick-stand before you tuck it into the outer case, if you do it is almost impossible to get it out. Use the neoprene and the large case that you slide it into, then if you want the kick-stand (which really isn't necessary as the large outer case also has a kick-stand) take it out and attach but detach before sliding it back in the outer case. Like I said that kick-stand part is totally unnecessary as the other case has a little metal piece that you can flip out to attach to the clip to form a kick stand...
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on November 19, 2014
It may be cheap, but what good is it if it doesn't actually fit the phone? It is too narrow, so that the phone doesn't seat properly in the shell (the volume buttons, instead of being centered in the opening, are pressed up against the upper edge). And because the phone doesn't fit all the way into the shell, the edge that should curve around the front edges of the phone don't seat properly. The result is that the phone doesn't holster properly (takes two hands to remove it). As soon as I processed the return, I ordered the similar Aduro Shell Holster Combo Case -- which arrived today and fits perfectly.
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on March 5, 2015
The case fits the phone but the bottom part of the raised lip that runs between the screen and the charging port is poorly designed. There is no "crossbar" to the back side for support so when the phone is slid into the case this part rolls up onto the screen leaving smudge marks on the lower part of the phone/home button. I have not figured out how to insert it into the case without this happening. I would not purchase this case again.

Update: I have been using this case for a few weeks now and have found it to ba a cheap case. Just as I thought the rubber piece across the bottom of the front of the phone has not broken but is streched out. It doesn't really matter though because the belt clip has already broken and I am looking for a new case. Do not buy this item.
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