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on April 24, 2012
I'm currently using the with a 32GB microSD card inside an adapter since it takes an SD card.

So far I have tested it using 1080p rips I have taken from blu-ray discs. It works on the following devices that I have:

1) iPad 3
2) iPhone 4s
3) Lenovo Laptop

It doesn't not work reliably on the following devices (for movies):

1) Acer Iconia A500 (HC 4.0.1)
2) HTC Droid Incredible (GB 2.3.4).
3) Kindle Fire

I have been able to stream 3 1080p rips at the same time on iOS devices, each being movies of about 2GB in size.

I have also tested it with MP3 rips I have taken from my CD collection. They work as well.

I have it to load to loading PDFs and pictures from this device. I use Goodreader, Pages, and Keynote on the iPad and using the WebDAV protocal, I can open and save files to the Air Stash.

I'm deducting one star because this is supposed to work with Android too, but all of my testing shows that eventually movies will stop playing.

The battery life and range seem to be very good. You can use this for movies while it is connected to wall-powered USB plug.

This device is a slightly oversized USB stick. But it is basically need to worry about a spinning hard drive or trying to power it. No need to have a special power adapter for it as long as you have a typical USB-based wall charger which you need for other devices. I really like its size and the convenience it offers when traveling. It takes up very little room and add minimal weight. It is a good road warrior device. You can use it to trade files with laptop users, too.

Supposedly this device uses SDXC cards in capacities from 64GB to 2 TB (I have not seen any larger than 128GB). I have an 128 GB SDXC card on order and will report back my experiences.

I really like this little thing. For you are an iOS user, then this is probably a top choice, unless you don't mind hauling around the comparatively bulky Goflex Satellite (and many people won't). Since I travel with a laptop (sometimes), tablet, and phone, I have no room for a Goflex.
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on July 26, 2013
The Maxell AirStash Wireless 8GB Flash Drive [1] is designed to stream movies to kid's handheld devices on long car rides. It probably has other uses, such as backing up photos or serving music, but I think movies is what everyone buys it for. That's why we bought it -- so we could stream iTunes purchased FairPlay DRMd .mv4 movies and television episodes to our 3 kids devices.

So, did it work?

Yes, but, unfortunately, not very well. I was able to stream The Avengers to two devices fairly well, but once I added a third device watching the same movie the stream became unreliable. The device is supposed to be able to stream 3 movies at once, but perhaps they mean 3 different movies. Or, more likely, it can't really stream 3 regular resolution movies at once.

Since we have 3 kids, this isn't a great solution. We might still consider using it, but the SanDisk Connect 64GB Wireless Media Drive Streaming is supposed to be available in the next 1-2 weeks. It is less expensive, has much higher starting capacity [2], and claims to stream a movie to up to 5 clients (so probably 3). We've processed an Amazon return on the AirStash, but we may still keep it if we can't get the SanDisk in time for our trip.

Beyond the disappointing, but not surprising, performance issues I'll quickly list a few observations:

It's a bit bigger than it looks in the Amazon photos, it can fill a good portion of an adult hand. It fit the chargers in our van, but for some USB chargers you'll need a USB extension cable.

Although it has an internal battery, it's clearly designed to run off a car USB charger. The manual suggests leaving it in the charger.

It's a pain to turn on/off. I'd kill for a simple switch instead of these quirky push buttons that require a manual to use. The indicator light is worthless when the device is charging, I found I had to unplug it to know it's power state.

It takes about 15 seconds to boot up, so be patient waiting for WiFi to appear.

The AirStash is controlled by the (WebDav client) iOS AirStash+ app configure settings. You can use this to rename it and play media. FairPlay DRMd media is passed to Safari, Safari in turn passes it to iOS QuickTime player ( As long as the DRM on the movie matches the iTunes account on the iOS device then the movie will play. There are no chapter controls, you can often move through the movie timeline but not always. For a single user movies play well.

I was able to lock up iOS AirStash+ fairly easily and had to kill and restart it several times.

On initial use I was told a firmware update was available. The installation directions were poorly worded, and, again, it's hard to see the power/firmware update status light when the device is charging. It worked after some fiddly.

I don't think you can stream a movie when it's connected to a computer. I'm not positive, but it didn't seem to work in my testing. It's fine when connected to a power supply.

You can put movies directly on the FAT32 formatted SD card or plug in the AirStash and it will mount.

It comes with a plastic cap that doesn't fit on the end of the AirStash. So it will get lost pretty quickly.

When I typed '' into my desktop Safari while connected to the WiFi I did not get anything back. It's supposed to show the file system, can't say why that didn't work. I didn't pursue further since I won't use the device that way.

- fn -

[1] The AirStash ships with an 8GB SD card, which is really only practical for testing. You can buy a 16GB version, but obviously that's a waste of money. Most will buy the 8GB AirStash then get a 64GB to 2TB SDXC card.

[2] 64GB internal, plus external slot available.
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on January 8, 2014
I love the product, but it wasn't perfect out of the box. Once I found the software online and downloaded it and did the update, it worked perfectly with apps on IOS and Android, and the network browser app works too. Only pain of course is that when it's hooked up to the computer or printer on the USB adapter so it looks like a USB key, the network disconnects from the attached IPAD or ANDROID. I bought this to use with a nonwireless portable printer and IOS devices (IPAD, IPHONE) and ANDROID (Samsung). You can transfer to and from the device from the IPAD, then plug it into the USB port of the printer and print the pix out immediately. Turn the printer off to reconnect the IPAD and transfer more pictures, etc. I'm not dinging the vendor for only including Chinese instructions since I was able to find out all I needed to know online. Enjoy this clever little device.

Update after considerably more testing: I was wrong about plugging this into the USB drive in my portable printer and immediately printing out the pictures that were transferred from the IOS devices, the model of portable printer doesn't recognize this device as a USB key, or any USB key for that matter. (I still gave them a great score elsewhere on Amazon since cameras hooked up to the USB work great.) However, I can simply remove the card from the Airstash and put it in the printer and another card in the Airstash to keep transferring pictures from the devices while the others are printing, so that is actually faster than waiting for them to finish printing. It is really great to be able to pull pictures and files from the IOS or Androd devices onto the SD card in the Airstash without using a PC or USB cable. The transfer rate from IOS or Android devices to the wireless drive really fast and this technique with a nonwireless portable printer is still faster than the selfie type printers that are wireless but dreadfully slow. I also can't say enough about the Airstash supporting apps and website, they really work great.
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on March 24, 2012
Best way to get unlimited storage on iPhone/iPad or any wifi capable device!

The Airstash+ is the greatest addition to any IOS device owners arsenal. When I purchased the new iPad 3, I realized that after syncing my existing iPhoto from my Macbook, the amount of storage used was vastly increased. Because of the retina display, iPhoto increased the size of the transfer to take advantage of the new resolution. I was glad I got the 64 GB version, but realized I would need to better manage my photo storage on the iPad. Should I only carry the most recent photos or some other method of selecting which photos to sync?

As a typical hoarder (collector), I found another option. I had recently read about a new product called AirStash+, a solution waiting for a problem. This device does what Apple denies you the ability to do..... increase storage on IOS Devices and copy items both ways!!!

It used to be available without a SD card for $99, but the improved version is now available with an 8 GB card for $140 on Amazon. (16GB also available)

This small rechargeable battery device about the size of a pack of gum creates a wifi network that shares everything on a SD card with any b/g/n wifi capable device 802.11 using html browsers. SD and SDHC cards(FAT formatted) up to 32GB can be used. SDXC cards are currently supported when formatted in FAT32 format. These cards range from 64GB to 2TB.

No need to jailbreak iPhone or iPad to read or write to the inserted SD card. The IOS app enables read and write as well as allowing you to watch movies, view jpeg files, play mp3s, mp4s, open pdfs, iWork files (Numbers, Pages, Keynote) without skipping a beat! And up to 8 people can use the Airstash+ at same time! Each person could watch a different movie, play a mp3 or view a jpeg all wirelessly within 20 foot radius.

Using the AirStash IOS app, you connect to the device and start adding and removing files. You can charge using any USB port and it shows up as a storage device when plugged into a computer. The Airstash allows you to stream large movie files and documents directly from the device, freeing up space on your iPhone or iPad -- a boon for those who may want to watch movies or store PDFs or documents for viewing on the go. The Airstash lasts seven hours on one charge.

I always wanted to back up my pictures on vacation without a computer. I have always been able to import the pictures from my SD cards onto my iPad using Apple's Camera Connection Kit, but I couldn't back up the photos on the iPad or iPhone without internet access. With the AirStash+, I can copy the files to and from an SD card ...... thus backing up while traveling!
The AirStash app is constantly being updated.

Since purchasing my AirStash, there have been 2 free updates ! They keep improving the firmware. It is accomplished by an easy download process. You copy the downloaded update to the AirStash and then click eject on your mac to install update. After it quits blinking, you can unplug it. I inserted a 32 GB SD card into the AirStash+ and plugged the usb into my mac like a normal usb thumb drive. I then copied all my pictures and many other files I wanted to have available when I travel!

After ejecting the drive from computer, I pressed the power swith on the Airstash and the light blinked telling me it was on. I then changed my wifi network on my iPad to select the AirStash network and presto I am connected. I could use Safari or any other browser to goto [...] or for better performance and additional functions run the free AirStash+ IOS app, I downloaded from Apple's App Store. This enabled me to run or copy any file on my SD card!

I also was able to save files from any program that supports WebDav! (Pages, Keynote, iPhoto, Numbers, GoodReader, iFiles, PDF Pro, Air Sharing, RiddleDocs.

It is like we now have unlimited storage in & out of your IOS device!

Links to instructions on how to copy form iPad Programs to Airstash

Pages: [...]
Keynote: [...]
Numbers: [...]
OmniGraffle: [...]
Cyberduck (Windows & Mac OS X): [...]
iFiles: [...]
WebDAV Navigator: [...]
GoodReader: [...]
ReaddleDocs: [...]
PDF Expert: [...]
Air Sharing: [...]

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on July 1, 2014
The other reviews said that it worked well even streaming to multiple devices which is what I wanted it ride with the kids so they could watch independently without me having to sync/manage a bunch of iPhones/iPads since they use our old phones.

If this is what you want and know how to format SD videos that will play on iPhone and iPad the AirStash will work for you.

When I first got it I dropped a 32GB disk from my camera and it didn't read it so I think the limit is probably 16GB card which may be stated somewhere. I tried 8GB also from a camera and it had trouble playing the video from the camera so I thought this might not have been a good purchase...
When I loaded videos that were in proper format for iPhone and iPad this product worked great just as I had hoped it would. You can stream 3 SD videos or 1 HD video and worked great on iPhone 3, 4s, 5s and iPad. Free Airstash app is simple and works fast and effectively to show you all the content on the card.

Both kids on iPhones waching different 500mb videos streaming from this little content hotspot. Battery life was good and continues to broadcast when plugged in and charging so not an issue. I couldn't find my 16 GB card so loaded two 8GB and switched them to double content

One star removed as I did have to reconnect a time or two through wifi settings combined with app but this is with 6 and 8 year olds operating over 10 hour car trip so not any more wonky than any wi-fi experience while traveling. I also didn't know it would only do 1 HD video but I don't have space or patience for HD videos anyway and the standard videos look and play great.

Vendor was great...shipped Prime and they came through perfectly in 2 days.
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on April 7, 2014
I gave it 4 stars because without it I cant transfer photos back and forth from my iPad mini to anywhere else. The only other options were using dropbox every time or emailing pictures to myself and then retrieving them on my PC. The camera connection kit only uploads TO the ipad but doesn't allow you to take photos OFF your ipad. After reading many reviews on different ways to solve this I learned that this is a common complaint from ipad users. I first bought a seagate go-flex satellite as a gift for my daughter [I think she's happy with it] but I am very happy with my airstash.
Ok, so the only complaint I have, and the reason I took one star away, is that I can't organize the photos in the airstash while connected wirelessly using my ipad. I have to plug it into my PC and then I can totally organize them into folders, etc. [I like organization!-how else will you ever find that certain picture again without slogging through hundreds of photos!?] When I upload to the airstash from my ipad it doesn't upload folders but only individual pictures-which is lame! Hopefully they will fix that issue because after organizing folders on my ipad I wanted to just upload the folders but it just doesn't work like that-you have to end up organizing them all over again.
Also, I was able to get some photos I wanted from a vacation off of my husbands iphone wirelessly [after making him download the airstash app] which was very handy too. I haven't used the feature of having several devices access the airstash at the same time but I figure that it will work-I just don't have a need for it but one day I might :)
But other than that, I love it! I started with the 8GB SD card that came with it, then bought a 32GB and filled that up with photos from my PC so I could make room on my laptop. I have just ordered a 64GB card for expandability. I can see how this is going to be awesome because we all run out of room sooner or later. Yes, I have an icloud account AND a backup account for my PC but those are getting annoyingly pricey-with no end in sight for year after year, With this I plan on putting all my photos on them according to years and I even thought of how I could put these tiny SD cards as back ups into my safe deposit box at the bank so I will NEVER lose my precious photos.
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on February 21, 2014
Set up is easy as is device configuration. I bought this with the 8GB card and replaced it with 2-64GB cards. The one oddity is that the firmware updates only work when using the 8GB card. Not sure of the cause but it isn't an issue. In terms of functionality, the documentation for configuring, updating and using the device is easy to follow. I was up and running within 10 minutes.

I've tested configuring and connecting with my S3 (JellyBean), iPad (7.4), iPhone 5 (6.x), Touch (7.4) and my Macbook Pro (10.8). All of the devices work well and they are capable of playing non-DRM and DRM media. I have not tried DRM (iTunes purchased) movies on my S3 but I'm assuming it won't work for those types of files. Playing a DRM movie takes you out of the device app (Android and IOS) and automatically launches Safari to play the media.

I took 2 minutes to explain to my 13 year old how to power on the device and connect with his iPhone. He was able to get movies going for himself and my younger son's Touch while on a 6 hour drive. I didn't get a support call from and they were happy to report that they could watch their own shows without having to take up storage space on their respective devices.

I haven't tried this with music but I would expect the same functionality since streaming movies works so well. This is a great solution for my family and I'm looking forward to using it on future family trips (flights).
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on December 6, 2013
We bought this for a camping trip. We saw in the forecast there would be rain, so wanted something that would allow my teenage son and his friend, my 11 and 9-year-old, and my husband and I to do something other than play board games all night or day while it was raining. We had two different devices running different movies. One movie in my son's and his friend's tent, and another in our tent (which our little ones shared with us). It worked wonderfully! We all chose the movies we wanted before we left on our trip and had them readily available when the weather got too bad to be outside. The reason my husband wanted this particular one was because it is about the size of a thumb drive and can fit easily into a pocket.

What we did for it to work:
When we bought the memory stick to go inside the AirStash, it wasn't reading it properly. It was because it wasn't formatted to FAT32. Once we formatted it, it worked perfectly! If you go to the AirStash website, under FAQs, we found how to format the SD memory stick. There is a program that will format a memory stick to 4 different formats.

On whatever devices you will be streaming to, you will need to download the AirStash App. It is free and a quick download. We used 2 IPads and a cellphone to stream to. Make sure you test it out before venturing off on whatever journey you will be going on so it's all in working order.

Looking back, probably purchasing a wireless hard drive would have worked better than an SD memory card. We will probably try this out this coming camping trip.
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on January 8, 2016
This product went from 5 stars to 1, and it's not its fault. It used to be that you could take your legally purchased iTunes movies, store them on the airstash and play them on your iPhone/iPad, however ever since Apple updated the OS to IOS 8 (and now IOS9), that mode of playback is not supported. Now it might be that you need this for something else, but if you are thinking of buying this for movies that have DRM (Boo!!) don't bother.

I hate to give it a 1 star review, but 1) maybe that will push Maxell & others in the same media storage boat to help sort this out with Apple, 2) Maybe it will help someone else not purchase the device if it won't work for them.
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on October 7, 2012
Having previously owned and used a Seagate goFlex satellite I must say that this product is absolutely amazing. I am currently able to use SDHC memory cards (64GB) that I can easily swap out as long as they are formatted in FAT32. The access speeds are very nice and finding the device on my iPhone and iPad is very easy to do.

Here are some of the pros and cons I found in the few days I have used it:

- compact size, can easily fit in my messenger bag and makes it through the security checkpoint at the airport with ease
- my portable devices can find the airStash very easily and access it
- file playback is very smooth, and in the web browser interface it is smooth as well
- I can swap out SD cards rather than have all my files on one card or drive. It helps to separate movies from work files, etc.

- my battery life has been less than three hours, could be improved

again, having used the Seagate product and been very disappointed with its functionality (it is borderline paper weight) you will be better served by purchasing this product and a larger SD card for your needs.
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