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on January 23, 2011
I don't normally write reviews, although I read a lot of them and find them useful. So I'm writing this just because i read the bad reviews for this product and almost bought the more expensive ones; but decided on this one to save some money. My worry was that to save a few bucks I was risking breaking a tape or a VCR per the other review's comments.

I am pretty sure the reason they had problems is they didn't use it properly. The instructions are pretty bad, and if you don't use it right it will break a tape and/or mess up your VCR. So here is the way to use it;

the instructions just say open the cover, put in the tape, and close the cover; but its a lot more than that.

1. open the cover, and you'll see two posts sticking up that are spring loaded. It is very important you don't do what I did, which was figure those go in front of the tape, so I pushed them open and dropped the tape so the posts were on the outside of the tape. After experimenting and seeing how they work, I realized those posts go inside the tape, so just put the tape in without moving the posts.

2. and when you put the tape in, be sure the front flap of your VHSC tape pops all the way open. The first time I put in the tape I didn't push it all the way down, and the flap didn't even open at all. Don't force it, but when the tape engages the gear, the flap pops open. The gears are plastic, so fiddle with it, don't force it.

3. Now here is where you can break the tape; the instructions say "close the cover" which is right, but they don't mention that by closing the cover you are actually doing something else; the cover has a gear built into it, as the cover closes those two posts that are inside the tape push forward and out, spreading the tape out and pushing it to the front of the Adapater Cassette. This is how the tape is pulled out of your VHSC and held out so when the tape goes in the VCR it touches the VCR Head. When you slide the cover forward do it slowly, sort of back and forth, with light pressure. If you force it, it will snap your tape!

if you do all this, I think you'll find this adapater is excellent, and will save you a bunch of money over the other ones that are double price, but probably have better instructions.
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on September 11, 2013
Another vote for terrible. I thought I'd take a chance on this adapter, thinking maybe some of the bad reviews had to do with user error or defective products. Nope.

It was really easy to put my VHS-C tape into the adapter. The design of the adapter was actually pretty good. After I got the VHS-C tape in, I tightened the tape as the instructions said (turning the white sprocket on the back of the adapter with my comically oversized thumb), so it was nice and snug when I put it into the VCR. It played for 2-3 seconds, then the brown tape got loose and was eventually eaten by the VCR. Luckily, I was able to corral the tape from the VCR's mouth and still have my cassette intact. Tape was wrinkled in parts though. Like an idiot, I repeated this process two more times, just to see if I'd get different results, and my tape got eaten two more times. I uploaded two photos of the aftermath.

That's it. Easy to insert the little tape into the adapter, but it simply won't play in a VCR. If you have rare memories, I would not advise chancing their fates with this Adapter of Death.
review image review image
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on September 3, 2014
I purchased two of these because the price was right. The door to insert the VHS-C tape wouldn't even open on the first one, so I tried the next. It initially functioned as it should. I was able to insert my tape and put the unit into my VHS player. The adapter made a loud buzzing noise as it played and skipped regularly. About halfway through my tape it quit running. I ejected the adapter and discovered it had eaten my tape!

If you value your VHS-C tapes, don't buy one of these. Find motorized versions, which work just fine. I had one for 10+ years until my son fiddled with it and broke it. Regretfully, I took a chance on one of these manual jobs.

The company I purchased it from gave me a quick refund and didn't even want these defective units returned. I would make a purchase from them anytime—just not for one of these adapters.
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on September 7, 2014
This did what I needed it to do. I found a couple of old VHS-C tapes laying around. Using this adapter, I was able to play them through my VCR and record them onto my computer so I now have them digitized and don't need really need the tapes any more. For less than $5, you can't beat that!
It was an open box item so I was a little worried about it but it came in, was in good shape and worked just fine.
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on December 17, 2013
This is review one of two(possibly). I am pretty screwed on my time frame and when I went to use this converter, the left roller that presses the tape out is missing and there's an obvious broken piece that moves, but does nothing. So the tape only gets pushed out on the right side.

The box the adapter came in was completely sealed and there's no roller or pieces anywhere.

Right now I am even in more of a time pinch to convert these tapes.

I ordered a second one and paid $.80 more than the first one I ordered, and paid an extra $3.99 to have it here tomorrow. Amazon wouldn't replace it for some pathetic reason.

If the item works and does the job it's supposed to, I will update this review.


Second review. New Maxell VHS-C adapter came today. It was the same product but the packaging it came in was newer (I think).

This item didn't have the broken part my first one had and this item worked perfectly. I only had about 1.5 hours of video to convert on 3 tapes, but it worked. For the price, it was worth it.

It's very cheaply made and isn't meant for impatient people.

1: Make sure there's no slack in the tape. I don't know what they consider "slack" but, it can't hurt to do this step. Finger in the gear hole of the VHS-C tape, turn counter-clockwise slowly until you feel resistance.

2: Put the tape in the adapter slowly and with caution, press it down evenly, then know what is supposed to happen (VHS-C tape door flips open) and that the tape is flush inside the adapter.

3: SLOWLY shut the adapter's door with two thumbs with even pressure, be aware that there's two rollers that will extend the VHS-C tape outwards and draw out tape from the VHS-C cassette. Do this SLOWLY in case there's an issue, never force.

For the price this is a 4/5 item. If it was $50, it would be a 2/5 item.
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on May 21, 2013
This is the first review I have ever written - I've been an Amazon customer for over a decade. This is not about complaining but informing. This is the first product I have ever had to return to Amazon. I tried the adapter in two VCRs. The first (Allegro) would barely accept the adapter. When finally inserted, adapter would not properly engage - VCR door would not close. Made numerous attempts. Second VCR (Sylvania) accepted adapter but crumpled the tape and pulled the tape out of the cassette on several tries.

I followed the instructions to the letter. The VHS C tape door did pop open. The tape was exposed and fully positioned around the posts once the adapter door was closed. The tape was tightened - there was no slack. There was nothing else I could have done differently.

Very disappointing; however, I am going to convert my two tapes to DVD for just double the price, which is the better option, ultimately. I am sure this adapter will work successfully in certain VCRs, but you will have no way of knowing in advance, so that is a risk you will take in purchasing this product.
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on April 12, 2015
I had a few home movies that I've been meaning to convert to digital for a while now. I had an adapter that I use to use way back in the day that no longer works so I picked this one up.

This one got the job done and works like a charm. The only down side (If I really had to 'find' any) would be you need to make sure that when you put in the tape and you slide the door that you make sure you do it slowly otherwise the levers that make the tape full VHS size may not always full extend. It's not a big deal and should be what you are doing to make sure the converter doesn't break.
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on August 24, 2014
I highly recommend you DO NOT buy this product. I read many of the reviews before I purchased this item but I convinced myself that the people that dissed the item simply didn't have a clue how to operate it with care. So I purchased the item fully expecting to follow the instructions left by the reviewers I read that had success. I even ordered 2 units just-in-case I somehow did something terribly wrong and broke the cassette by accident. Smart right? WRONG! I received the items, opened the box, CAREFULLY began to slide open the lid, wiggling slightly as instructed, but as I barely touched the thing, 2 pieces fell out of the bottom of the cassette. A spring and a small piece of black plastic. Obviously this one is down the toilet and I haven't even had a chance to try to put a tape into the thing. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY. I'm going to go ahead and order the original Play Pak that I should have ordered to begin with.
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on September 26, 2013
The review by "Markm" pretty much sums it up. I'm really surprised that someone can goof it up, though. First, slide the door to the case open fully. Then insert the tape making sure the posts inside fit properly into your smaller cassette (make sure the flap on the side of the smaller tape flips up all the way). If done properly, closing the door will cause these posts to pull the tape out of the smaller cassette towards the larger edge of the adapter. When dealing with the sliding door of the adapter, don't move it too fast -- be gentle (so you don't strip the gears).

It's simple, it works, it's inexpensive -- just know what you're doing!

I used to have a motorized adapter by "Digital Concepts" that worked fine for me, but reading the reviews on Amazon for what seems to be the same model gave me pause. The only visible difference between the one I had and the one listed was that the sticker on the top of my unit was blue and yellow instead of red and yellow (but it did work fine until a bug crawled into it and died).

Anyhow, I transferred six small VHS-C tapes to my computer using the Maxell adapter and I had no problems -- highly recommended.
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on March 24, 2013
This is probably one of the most straight forward products you can buy - it either works or it doesn't. Except for me on this particular unit it kind of did and didn't. It actually got the job done by allowing me to load into it a very old VHS-C cassette and play it in my combo Panasonic DVD/VHS recorder. It did record perfectly to the DVD which was the whole reason for having it. BUT it caused me fits trying to eject it from the machine once it was finished! That was certainly an unexpected glitch that was so nervewracking at one point I was concerned I would need to have it professionally removed. The case of this adapter is probably about .001 to maybe .002 thicker than a VHS tape cassette and therefore "hung up" in the insertion/ejection port of the recorder. I've never had that happen in literally thousands of insertions and ejections of VHS tapes in various machines I've owned. I only needed this adapter for this one VHS-C cassette which is that of a friend. After transfer and eventual ejection of the adapter I mailed the DVD I made from it along with the original VHS-C tape and the adapter to my friend hoping I will never see it again. Maybe I had one that should have been rejected at the factory or maybe they are all prone to such malfunction. I don't know. It got the job done. But, I would not care to risk damage to my equipment by having to use it or one like it again.
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