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on November 25, 2015
This is as wide and tall as the Fatty, but not as deep. Much slimmer. Unlike the Fatty, both flaps accommodate items vertically, and there is no zipper pocket inside. Much like the Micro.

This is for slim items, it will not hold bulky items like the Fatty. Lay down your gear, see how big of a pouch you need, and decide accordingly.
Highly recommended, quality-wise. It is up to you to decide whether the size is right for you.

Note: When it arrives, the paracord zipper pulls will be tied in a simple knot using both ends. This is rather weak. I have included a guide for another knot. It will not come loose on its own, only if you deliberately untie it. It also keeps the paracord in an open loop, to easily put a finger through and open or close it.

Here's what I have in mine:

Left side:
• Coast G19 Inspection Flashlight through tab at top
• NiteCore Tube flashlight clipped on key keeper
• Tajima Autolock steel utility cutter with snap-off blades
• OLFA Carton Cutter with snap-off blades
• Bic 4 color pen
• Steel pen (thinner tip than Bic)
• Smith's DRET diamond sharpener rod
• Micro USB cable
• Pencil & sharpener
• Marker
• Pocket Wrench 2
• SanDisk 32GB MicroSD card

Left pocket:
• Eraser
• 6 inch scale (metric and imperial)
• Notepad
• Binder clips
• Zip-lock bag with band-aid strips, paperclips, split rings, twisty ties, safety pins

Right side:
• 6 inch adjustable wrench
• 32 GB flashdrive
• 6 inch scale (metric only)
• 40 piece Leatherman bit kit
• Adapter for bits (fits on Leatherman Rebar's Philips driver)
• Gerber EAB
• Leatherman Rebar
• K&CompanySmash Scissors

Right side pocket:
• Hair ties
• Cable ties (medium and small)
• Mini Bic Lighter
• Wire
• Tape, Gorilla Tape, and Cord wrapped around card

You can also feed zip ties through the rim seams, as shown in a picture below.

Zipper pull knot guide
Zip ties pushed through seams
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on August 17, 2012
I've carried this every day for over a year, and it's come in handy more times than I can count. It's not even close to showing any wear.

Here's what I keep in mine:
Key-card for my office
Pen and pencil
Fine-tip Sharpie
Sandisk Cruzer USB
Burt's bees lip balm
Safety pins
Duct tape card
Bic mini lighter
Mini Maglite
Snowpeak Carry-on chopsticks
Leatherman Wave
Ibuprofen and Benadryl
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on June 13, 2015
Perhaps I was expecting too much after reading the wonderful reviews this product got, or perhaps I just got a product made by an employee that couldn't sew. The tension on the sewing machine was wrong as you can see from the enclosed photos. There are also holes in the product. They are large and appear to be about the size a large safety pin would made. For such a wonderfully tough product it is not made with a metal zipper, but rather a medium grade plastic one. The zipper goes around 3 sides of the organizer. The zipper does not zip smoothly and I feel it is just a matter of time until it breaks. I am unable to determine if it is because the corners of the organizer are too sharp for the zipper or it was a problem created by the poor seamstress. The nylon fabric of the organizer is wonderful and appears as if it would resist liquids. (Mine won't as it is full of holes). It is made of a thin, tough material. Many areas of the organizer are double stitched making it even tougher. The inside has strips of elastic. The elastic is thick and tough. It is not overly stretchy. I feel as items put into the elastic holders won't fall out. That being said, I could not find not use all of the elastic strips and still close the organizer. It becomes overly bulky rather rapidly. I wanted to put an old film container in it, too bulky. I think the elastic is better for things that are flat or almost flat or you are going to end up with an overly inflated organizer. I would rate the organizational part of this product a 5. It is well thought out and can hold numerous small almost flat items. Enclosed are photos that show the tension problems on the sewing machine and the holes in the product. I did not attempt to return the product.
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Excellent, as usual for Maxpedition. I use this in my EDC bag (Mongo Versipack). I also have this thing packed to the limit. I've got a lot in it and I keep it with me all the time.

I clip an Esee on the back, so I need to be careful to remember that I have to remove this when I fly, so I have the "remove before flight" tag on the organizer AND on the bag whenever the organizer is inside of it. That way I know something is in the bag that I have to remove without opening it to look.

I love the quality of this organizer, like all the Maxpedition gear. I'm an avid outdoorsman, so need my gear to be reliable, and this is definitely that. I haven't tried any of the lower-priced competitors, so I can't speak to them, but I can definitely say that this EDC organizer has held up well. If you look closely at the attached images, I challenge you to show me that it's nearly a year old rather than new off the shelf.

One thing that I had trouble with was figuring out what size organizer to buy. I bought both the beefy and the pocket. It turns out that the beefy is pretty... well, beefy, and holds more than I need day-to-day. I wish there were was way to hold the actual product in your hand so you can load the gear and see which size is best. It's tricky to buy the right size, so hopefully the images help.
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on November 3, 2017
Maxpedition quality has really gone downhill. I have other Maxpedition products from when they were made in Taiwan, and it is top notch and I LOVE it with a passion. I ordered this as a different size organizer, and got a newer one, now made in Vietnam, that is noticeably inferior. The elastic stretchy bands in particular are horrible compared to the past ones. They do not stretch well (if at all), so they do not hold items well, and they just do not feel right to the touch or in use. The stitching is ok, but not as great either. At first, I really thought I had been sent a counterfeit, and then another Maxpedition product I ordered came and had the same issues and same label. Other reviewers have had the same experience.

Dear Maxpedition: please go back to your tried and true formula of top quality materials and good worksmanship. I won't be buying any more until you too...
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on August 7, 2017
Can hold a fair bit of stuff. I keep it in my truck's center console, I would opt for a smaller size to carry in my pocket. The elastic is stiff and not very stretchy, so smaller items are a bear to get out and bigger things slip out too easy. It's put together well so I think it deserves 4 stars.
Dropping it to 3 stars and no longer keep in my truck, every time I opened it my leatherman and screwdriver would fall out. I really wanted to like this. The size is great and so is the layout, thick cordura construction, but the elastic offers little to no retention.
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on October 8, 2017
This is a slick little pouch -- literally, it's slick, it slides easily in and out of a narrow pocket in you bag. That's perfect for what it is supposed to do. It's very slim (different from most of Maxpedition's stuff) and usefully stiff, and it's designed to hold flat, slim things like tweezers, band-aids, pens, and the like. This isn't a bag, it's more like a zippered wallet. How slim? Really slim. I'm attaching a photo showing what I have in it, and that fills it up and makes it bulge. It has stout elastic to hold stuff on the interior, and that likewise functions as intended. Just don't plan to put anything bulky in here.
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on March 16, 2011
Did a bit of research before getting my own EDC organizer. I used to bring all my usual items in pockets, belt cases, and wherever bag I carry. Maxpedition's EDC Pocket Organizer can carry more than it appears it can fit. Check YouTube for tons of video reviews and you'll see what I mean.

Other reviews have already provided a testament to the quality of this gear. If you're still not convinced, borrow one and see for yourself. One way to tell how good quality for these items are on the inside stitching and stress points (e.g. handle ends, webbing, mesh edges, etc). You will find them double-stitched they almost appear to be bar-tacked, only cleaner. YKK zippers and Dupont Teflon-coated, you know this organizer wasn't just prepared to be a "bag inside a bag".

I now have all the "usual" carry-on items in one carrier, transfer them between bags, and not have to worry about forgetting something during the transfer. Fits neatly inside my TacOps cargo-pants pockets, and can be attached as additional bagpocket to any molle-compatible equipment. 5-stars as expected.
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on March 8, 2017
This is a great pouch for EDC. The reason I bought it, was because I wanted to consolidate everything I carry everyday, into a single pouch, that I can transfer from the laptop bag, to the day hike pack, to the trip pack without having to do it one item at a time. I wanted to assemble this kit, throw it in a backpack and know I will have the basics. Unfortunately, through no fault of this pouch, my "essentials" list is larger than this pouch can handle, so I upgraded to the Vanquest FIDM, which is considerably larger. Having said that, I'm keeping this pouch because its a solid pouch, and can be attached to any of my moly bags as an additional pocket. The construction is solid, the zippers are great, and if you dont have such a long list of items as I do, its a great essentials pouch.
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on July 1, 2011
There, I said it. I may catch heck for it, but I'm just calling like I see it. I also have to say that there isn't a bit of shame in calling it what it is. Being as much a gearhead as any man, I've always envied a woman's ability to have with her in her purse nearly everything imaginable: What seems to be an entire Nordstrom's cosmetics counter-worth of powders, make-up, and tubes of God-knows-what; a dozen pens; about $50 in loose change; at least 200 old receipts (I have no idea why); clothes, snacks, checkbooks, calendar, phone, MP3 player with sport headphones, photos, food.... and a million other things. I've always thought, how cool would it be to be able to carry around things that actually matter? Like multi-tools, fire starters, flashlights, knives, etc. You know, Man Things.

Enter the Maxpedition EDC Pocket Organizer.

Now, I'm a contractor and during work I carry a lot of things on my belt. During off hours, though, I have to admit that I don't want to carry everything I consider necessary (refer to Man Things list above) on my person in various pockets. I tried that once, and confidently strode around the house in my BDU's, pockets filled with everything I thought a responsible, well-prepared man should carry. Well, my wife asked me if it was the end of the world or something and made me feel small about being so prepared. Pffft. Women just don't understand.

Where this EDC organizer comes in is it allows you to have with you - or very near you - all those things that are either impractical to have with you at work or when dressing casual or when your friends make you feel ridiculous for wearing them all over your 5.11 tactical vest. No, it's not quite as good as having these things on your person if you really, truly need then RIGHT NOW. But how often does that happen? Hasn't happened to me yet. Most of the time, it's close enough to have them in my truck, nearby. Let's face it, there are times - like when my wife drags me to the opera - that it's just plain awkward to have my EDC folder, Leatherman, flashlight, etc. on my person. It can also be an advantage having everything in one place: Need to take a different car, or going someplace in your buddies car? Grab this mini go-pouch and you're prepared.

Others have done an excellent job of listing contents and posting pictures. I've got all that stuff in my EDC organizer, with slight variation.

The case itself is made of high-denier nylon and opens up clamshell style with the help of a strong zipper with two pulls, useful lanyards included. The stitching is thick and nicely done throughout. In addition to two inner pockets, there are many stitched, wide elastic straps on both sides of the inside to hold all your gear. There is also a small loop on the inside and a key holder with strap. The outside has a useful see-through mesh pocket on the front with a hook and loop closure. There is also a large loop patch on the outside to accommodate a hook-backed badge or patch. The whole case has a beefy nylon strap for carrying.

While it could fit in some cargo pockets, I find it impractical to do that with mine when it is fully loaded. It is simply too heavy and bulky to do that comfortably. Besides, if I'm wearing my BDU's, I would probably have most of the gear separately on my person, in pockets or holsters. I wouldn't use this when hiking, or backpacking - I use it mainly for transporting from location to location with the intent of having my gear very close, when it's not actually on my person.

One note of caution on the clamshell design: Just about everything I have in there is metal and when the unit is closed, everything rubs together. You can help solve this by having a small rag or cloth diaper to put between the halves. (Cloth diapers - another essential item. Witness your wife's astonishment when you whip out a diaper and wipes from among your other survival tools in your man pack to tend to your infant's wet shorts. Priceless)

So, while I consider it ideal to have all your EDC gear on your person, the ideal rarely happens for this reviewer. Instead I consider this EDC organizer essential gear. Because having all your essential EDC gear nearby is a whole lot better than having it at home where you can't get at it when you're out and about. Tough, useful, Manly, and priced right... and an easy five stars.
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