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Another great piece from Maxpedition. This is the perfect size bag for many uses. As always, great quality, built to last forever and basically indestructible.
I bought this bag for a specific purpose. My Maxpedition Falcon 2 is one of my favorite go-bags but it's just a bit too small for a weekend outing or to be used as the now famous "bug out bag". A great way to fi that problem is to mate these two bags together. The Proteus pack fits perfectly under the Falcon 2. The straps line up with the MOLLE and it can be tightly strapped to the bottom. It also helps because it brings the waist strap down a bit to sit on your hips. The proteus has a better waist strap so it really works out great.
I also have another Proteus that I use as a med pack. It's the perfect size for all the first aid gear you could need.
There are a million different things you can use a bag of this size for but whatever it is I'm pretty sure you can rely on this pack.
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on July 8, 2017
Update: 09/02/2017
Am now finding the waist belt hideaway feature useful. With the belt stowed, I use tac ties (sold separately) to strap the back of the bag to the front of my bike handle bars. Works great.

Purchased this almost 2yrs ago as a bicycle bag. Have found it to be rugged and flexible.

The opening to the main compartment restricts items to be an inch or so shorter than the length of the space, but it fits snacks and juice boxes perfectly. Like to put my iPhone in one side pouch and a first aid kit in the other. The front organizer pouch holds multi-tools, straps, and other small items well. The velcro area for storing the waist strap is nice if you wanted to pack the bag away, but isn't practical for daily use.
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on February 17, 2014
Of the small items that I need to carry for doing photography. I owned one of these years ago when it first came out and it was totally unsuited to my needs back then but now it's the perfect solution to my problem. When I go storm chasing in the summer, I lug around my photography equipment but it's a pain to have to keep running back to the van for a doodad that I need right then and there. Lost some good shots last year because of this. Not this year! In one side pocket I keep my entire lens cleaning kit, from Lenspen to cloths to lens cleaning fluid and Q-tips. In the other side pocket I keep my spare battery and remote control. The front pocket carries the directions for the lightning trigger and any other small notes in the back panel pocket, my earbuds go in one small pocket and my bluetooth headset in the other. In front of that goes my phone. The main compartment holds a Tim Bihn pouch filled with necessities...a small can of bug spray, a pack of tissues, dental floss, my pill case and so on. There is also room to hold a Kindle Paperwhite in an Omoton case and my Sony camcorder. Attached to one of the shoulder strap D-rings is a pocket LED flashlight. I took it out on my first photo shoot this weekend and it did the trick without getting in the way...I drove with it on my waist and it was fine. And I am not a small man. It is rain resistant, which is perfect for storm chasing and it's lightweight enough to not be noticeable on the go. Highly recommended for those small items you need to have with you when you are out and about...organizes much better than pockets do and has that military look to it so you don't have to worry so much about the social stigma against men wearing "fanny packs." It's not a fanny pack, it's a tactical gear bag!
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on March 31, 2012
This is a very interesting product.

First, I should say that it was a little smaller than I initially expected. The online measurements were accurate. I just thought it would be a tad bit wider and deeper.

My second (slight) disappointment is the zipper on the main compartment. The compartment will easily hold an EDC Fatty, but it take a little effort to get it in because of the way the zipper works. It would be better if the zipper was a clam shell. Oh, well ....

Needless to say, it didn't quite meet my initial expectations. I was able to turn it into a mini-tool kit. It was working well in that assignment - then my life changed.

I was recently diagnosed with insulin dependent diabetes I also have a number of new prescriptions to take. To further complicate matters, I need to monitor my blood pressure on a regular basis. (Hey, when it rains, it pours.)

I initially used the EDC Fatty as a basic medical kit, because I already owned it and liked the layout. It became apparent that the Fatty was little too tight to hold all my meds and far too small to carry a blood pressure monitor.

I wanted a bag that could be carried by hand and easily accessible when worn. I looked at the GearSlinger series, particularly the Lunada and Malaga. Both are great bags, but a little too deep to use when effectively when worn on the body.

Enter the Proteus. It is absolutely perfect for my needs. The front pocket holds my syringes, lancet holder, lancets, strips, and glucometer. The right pocket holds a hard plastic bottle, which I used to store discarded sharps (needles and lancets.) The left pocket holds an iPod Touch (which runs my log software), a 3x5 notepad, flashlight, and a ZipLock bag of Q-Tips. The main compartment contains (in the mesh pocket): my prescriptions, gum, and vitamins. The main pocket contains a wrist based blood pressure meter (in its case), three Glucerna bars, instant tea packets, a small bottle of Vaseline, a battery powered razor, and hand lotion.

While this bag holds a lot of stuff, the main benefit, for me, is that I can access all of the medicine and equipment by simply moving the bag to the front. This has worked well and has saved me a lot of time.

I love this bag. Highly recommended.
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on December 23, 2012
This bag is deceptive. You can fit a LOT of stuff into this ... even if it might be a bit tricky to get the stuff out. Zips are tough, but stiff. When the waist band is stowed (and it does this very well) some of the internal flexibility is lost ... be nice if it detached. It does not come with a shoulder strap, although they are available.

Definitely glad to have it. Compact gear or range bag, ultimate fanny pack.

What fits in? For target shooters: a full brick of .22 (3 left,3 right, 4 inside). 3 small bottles of lubes, 2 boresnakes, spare optics batteries, target stickers, silicone rag, assorted small tools ... and at least 100 rnds of .38 or 9mm. If you shoot reasonably serious bullseye, etc. you'll have a hard case for the hardware. I got tired of lugging a range bag that was turning into an attic. This thing is perfect. Adding a J anus tomorrow for goggles and more.

Obviously, your personal luggage needs may vary. Might take a few practice runs to get everything just right ... But you will.
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on October 25, 2014
I've been using the Proteus Versipack for about a month now and I must say this is one of the best Maxpedition products I've used! And I've tried quite a few. Definitely not inexpensive, but for what you get, $58 is within reason. As a technician's tool bag, it's a joy to use. The build quality and design are exceptional. The material almost feels bullet-proof. I particularly like the 2 external pen holders. Extremely convenient feature. I'm always needing a pen for filling out paperwork on the job and this keeps two always within reach without having to open anything. These could also be used to hold penlights, screwdrivers, or other small tools.

The side pouches give you quick access options for smaller items without having to open the main compartment, whereas the front and main compartments require you to unbuckle the hand strap first. This does add another step to getting into your gear, but it's not too cumbersome, and the added security is nice. At first, the Proteus did seem rather small. But after loading it up and adding attachments, I realized that for the way they've set it up to carry, I wouldn't want it to be much bulkier anyway. Since I won't be using the waistpack straps that are stored in the back sleeve, I plan to remove them, which will free up some internal space in the main compartment.

By the way, to carry documents, I'm attaching the Maxpedition Pocket Tactile Large to the back molle. Just the right dimensions for letter-sized paper folded in half. This pouch is almost exactly the same height as the Proteus so it's a good add-on if you need more space.

The only real improvements I can think of for the Proteus would be to make the side pouches about an inch wider (3-inches is somewhat limiting). Also, the adjustable straps connected to the carry handle can loosen up a bit as you carry the bag around. Not really an issue the way I use it, but it could be a problem if you're trying to strap something to the outside of the bag. Perhaps some velcro or other 'locking' mechanism could eliminate slippage. But these are pretty minor things. Overall an awesome product. Great job Maxpedition!
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on February 22, 2015
I own a lot of other Maxpedition gear so when I started my search for a camera bag I knew where I wanted to start. The Proteus is quality like all their other gear.

I needed something to hold all my GoPro gear. The Proteus turned out perfect. In the main compartment I have a chest harness(in storage bag), head harness(in storage bag), Zoom H1 microphone, Furry windscreen, Joby Gorillapod with gopro mount, and enough room to slide in both of my Hero3+cameras in waterproof housing. In one side pocket I have 2 Brunton ALL DAY Hero3+ batteries, in the other I have 2 polarized lenses, 1 ND lens, and a couple GoPro lens covers. In the front pocket I have cables, back doors, a extra waterproof housing, microfiber cloths, lanyard with GoPro tool and keys, and a small first aid kit

A few other things I like are the fact that I can attach it to my other bags, and that I can carry it multiple ways. You have a grab handle, you can use the waist strap as intended, you can wear it at a diagonal across your chest or back, you can attach it to a kayak chair, you can even attach the Janus extension to add more storage capabilities.

For now it gets 5 stars. Once I get a change to use it while kayak fishing, hiking, etc. and put it through its paces I will update as needed.
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on June 23, 2015
The Proteus exceeded my expectations. It holds quite a lot for its size. It will hold a full-sized handgun (placed upside down) with room to spare. I bought it to keep beside the bed to throw around my neck for a home invasion bag, to hold a flashlight, cell phone, spare magazines, and back-up gun. It will hold all of these and more. I shortened a gun sling and attached it where the shoulder strap attaches. (The Proteus does not come with a shoulder strap.) I also plan to use it for hiking, using its attached belt.
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on June 7, 2015
The opening is really small. I'm a petite 5" woman and I have trouble getting the items in the main compartment out, I can't imagine a man with larger hands trying to get in it! Otherwise, like all Maxpedition, this is made really well.
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on November 30, 2012
Perfect pack?!

This pack is the best! It is made of nice, heavy, bullet-proof fabric; has plenty of pockets; uses best quality, big, non-rusting zippers with paracord pulls, and has plenty of MOLLE loops. You can carry it or if necessary use it as a butt-pack.

I use it as a small, separate peice of my bug-out-bag. My leatherman multi-tool and tactical flashlight are attached securely to the outside using the MOLLE loops. My concealed carry weapon fits into the front pouch. The 2 side pouches contain extra magazines, a folding knife, pepper spray, spare AA batteries, zippo lighter, and tinder. The main pouch contains an emergency cellphone and charger, water filter, spare glasses, spare medication, and a spare set of keys.

It is super easy to grab, throw into whatever vehicle I am using that day, and have within reach while at work or home.

I was a little worried about the quality after reading some of the other reviews, but am happy to say that the quality is top-notch and exceeds my expectations in every way! I may have to buy another one just in case they stop making this workhorse.
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