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on April 28, 2009
For the price of the game I was disappointed that the shapes/pieces were made out of cardboard.
I read the instructions and still was unable to understand how the game is supposed to work.

At this time, I would not recommend this game to anyone else.
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on September 5, 2008
We are avid players of Settlers (and love it), but this newest edition has some flaws that make us wish we would have bought the 3rd edition. We have had the game for about 8 months, and the interlocking border (instead of the regular hexagon pieces in the 3rd edition) have never fit right. It takes three people to get everything into place, and even then the border warps and the pieces pop out. They interlock like a puzzle piece, and they are starting to wear out, so we have finally given up on getting everything together correctly. If you were worried about the 3rd edition getting bumped and jumbled, you simply had to set up the game on a tablecloth or piece of fabric. This newer edition is impossible to setup correctly, especially as it ages.

Also note you cannot use your old expansion packs with the newer edition, as the pieces are different. You now have to pay for all the newer versions of the expansion packs, how convenient.

We still love this game and will play it regularly, it just seems the "advancements" were not tested or well planned. It is also bothersome that they made the newer editions incompatible with the old expansions, you can easily spend $150 on this game and the expansions, and you would expect that investment to last... it is a board game after all!
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on November 30, 2016
Instead of reviewing the product, like most, I will tell you one of the most exciting game of Catan I played with my family this Thanksgiving.

The map started out terribly - wood, wheat, and brick were concentrated in an area across the map and the die rolls were mostly between 2 - 5 and 10 -12, there were only one 8 and two 6s on the board. I positioned myself near a 3:1 port between a 6, 6, 5 triple brick area and a 2:1 port 11, 12, 2 wheat area, my strategy was to build cities near the 6, 6, 5 bricks, exchange my bricks and get largest army and win.

My cousin's first roll was a 7! She saw through my strategy and immediately put the robber on my triple brick. I could not do anything except to collect wheat for about 7 turns, while my cousin and my aunt advances.

This game had more 7s rolled than an game and my aunt and cousin kept switching the robber between my wheat and brick. By turn 18 I have only 3 points (1 city, 2 settlement) , my aunt with 6 (longest road, 3 settlement, and a card.), and my cousin with 8 (largest army, 2 cities, 2 settlement).

My aunt felt pity for me and move the robber away from me into a desert with her knight!

Then the tides turned! My cousin rolled a 6, my aunt rolled a 6, I rolled a 6! I have a city between two '6' bricks. 12 bricks came my way.

I have so much bricks that I immediately used my 3:1 port and traded them for metal and sheep for development cards!

Turn after turn.I got knight, after knight, after knight, so I exacted my revenge on my cousin and robbed her blind! Development card after development card I used it all to stop my cousin.

Out of no where I am coming back! I now have the largest Army with 5 points! At that point they realize how powerful my strategy was if it worked in my favor and they put the robber on my triple brick with a city and settlement. Then God smiled upon me immediately and let me roll a 7! and I moved the robber away.

The game progressed so far that I had 2 cities surrounding my triple brick, 1 city on a 3:1 port, 1 city on a 2:1 port and one settlement on wheat, a VP development card and 6 knights for largest army. I was at 9 points and my cousin is at 7!

I was winning despite all the setbacks! I have the momentum!

Then the clouds darkened when my aunt and I both rolled 9s and gave my cousin 4 wood each turn. She exchanged all these woods with her 2:1 port and and upgraded two of her settlements to cities.

We are now tied.

I prayed to god, just roll one 6 or 5 and maybe get lucky with a development card and win.

Next turn. My aunt rolled a 12 and I got a wheat. Not bad.

My turn. I rolled a 7.... I did not get anything!

My cousin's turn. She rolled a 9, 4 wood, Bought the development card I should have gotten! and won because it gave her a Victory Point!

Overall - This game is 5/5! I highly suggest everyone to buy this game!
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on April 16, 2017
Settlers of Catan is a very fun game. You start by setting out hexagonal tiles and you put numbers of 2 dice(1-12), on top of the tiles. Then place a settlement and a road connecting to it, in between the tiles. Then place down a second settlement with a road connected to it. There are 24 tiles and 23 numbers. The tiles have resources on them which are brick, stone, lumber and wheat. Which you need to build roads and create settlements then upgrade your settlements. You get resources by rolling a certain number on the dice.
When you roll a number, say it’s a ‘12’ and your settlement is on the corner of a tile with the number 12 on it. Whatever resource is on that tile is the resource you get. There is also a piece called the robber, who starts out in the desert but if you or someone else rolls an 8 then you or that person gets to place the robber on any tile that the person wants. It just can’t be the tile it was just on. After you place the robber, all the people that have more than 7 cards must get rid of half of their cards.
Say you rolled an eight then all the people that have more than 7 cards must get rid of half of their deck. If you place it on a tile with a bordering settlement (if there is 2+ settlements you pick which one) the person who placed the bordering settlement would flip their deck over and you pick one card from their deck. But you only get that one card from them, it isn’t one card every turn. But if the number is rolled that has the robber on it, no one gets anything from that tile.
When placing settlements you have to place 2 roads before placing another settlement. If you place 5+ roads in one stretch you get a card that says the longest road which gives you 5 points. But if someone gets a longer stretch of road than you, you must give them the card. A settlement is 2 points and each road is worth one point. When placing an upgraded settlement you have to have a simple settlement before, you can’t just place down an upgraded settlement with nothing prior to it. Your settlements must connect to roads you have already built, you can’t just place them in the middle of nowhere.
If you want to you can make your way to the boats on the outer ring of the board which allows you to trade in, say 3 lumber for one brick or 4 wheat for one lumber. Each boat has one trade, but to trade with the boats you must have a settlement right next to it. But your goal is, by the end of the game have more points than the other players.
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VINE VOICEon January 4, 2010
This is one of the most fun board games we've ever played.

LOTS of fun
Gameplay is variable if you want it to be (you can set the board game up differently each time you play, or use the beginner's set up)
Requires you to use your brain (strategy)

Lots of pieces...most small or small-ish...that can get lost or that kids could swallow if you're not careful.
Somewhat steep learning curve. It's easier than it seems at first, however. One of those games that is harder to explain than to play.
Only 4 players at 1 time...literally...due to the design. There are extensions/expansions that allow more people to play, but they are crazy expensive too.
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on May 17, 2014
If you've never played Catan, it's a truly awesome game. Very competive, and fun, and it's even better with a group to play with. This is their basic set not an addon so it's a good place to start. The prints are of good quality, and the game came complete and packaged well.
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on October 24, 2017
Fun game, pieces are mediocre quality.

I paid ~25 dollars more for this game than the other Catan because I read that these pieces are higher quality, but some of the pieces still turned out terribly.
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on October 26, 2017
Game board did not fit together. Game pieces were chipped or broken. Returned item with full refund as it was impossible to play. I suggest going to your local game store to purchase this item.
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on March 24, 2017
hours of fun
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on April 27, 2017
best board game around - highly addictive
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