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on December 15, 2015
I have lost many a Sunday afternoon to Settlers. Do you know why I purchased Settlers? Because each of my friends has purchased our own set... we do not want to find ourselves at each others house and wanting to play but not have a board to set up. We have taken turns hosting and every time it has been fun.

It is a game of strategy, in my opinion a slightly more complicated/sophisticated version of Monopoly (although my friends vehemently disagree). Instead of building houses and hotels you build towns and cities, instead of collecting rent, you collect resources, and instead of chance cards you have victory cards... but somehow it seems more fun. There is an element of Chess- because you do have to build roads to tie your cities together, and to do that you have to have foresight and plan ahead.

This is a game of champions- and voted best Table Game by folks who vote on those things- be warned that once you start playing it may become addictive. Be prepared to be suckered into the sport for years to come.

I am reviewing this product in an effort to help other Amazon customers through relaying my experience with the product and providing any insight I garnered. Had I not liked this product, I would state so here in my review. I would really appreciate that if you found my review helpful, that you would please indicate so below by clicking the YES button below.
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on July 21, 2015
Love this game:

Basically you place settlements to try and bet on which resources will be rolled, and then take those resources to buy different things to try and collect victory points.

Strategy: 3/5
There is a fair amount of strategy in placing your settlements and deciding what to buy with your resources, but it's not TOO complicated, and a solid strategy will not always defeat a less optimal one.

Luck: 2/5
With any dice rolling game, there is a decent amount of luck, but overall, most of the time you can combat the luck with trading and/or settlement placement. There is also some luck when drawing development cards. (sort of like chance cards in monopoly)

Balance: 4/5
I would say this game is pretty balanced and allows for some catching up (due to the trading that is required).

Aesthetics: 3.5/5
I would say the game pieces and cards are nice, but not the best. Overall, I don't they really add to or detract from the game.

Replayability: 5/5
If you like the game once, you will probably like it again and again because the board changes every time you play. Also, different people employ different strategies, so when you have new people, it can change the game entirely

Overall: 4.5/5
A great game for 3-4 people, be sure to pick up the expansion if you want to play 5-6. Also, please be aware that this could be a long game if people take long making decisions or enjoy trading.
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on November 6, 2014
I ordered this after having played it once. My parents did the same. The gameplay is novel, the game itself attractive, and the learning curve is low. It made an impression.

Three ups:

- The game is fairly durable. We've been teaching my four year old to play and the only damage has been some bending of resource cards. Everything else is wood or thick cardboard.

-The gameplay is simple enough that my four year old is able to play, yet deep enough that neither myself or my wife feel we've mastered it. Between the strategic and diplomatic aspects of the game and the ability to randomize the board, the game plays well time and time again without the feeling of repetition or blandness of some games ("Sorry!" Comes to mind...). In addition, gameplay is fairly short, an hour is our average, and setup is quick. Great for a rainy day.

-It is a handsome game. The level of detail in the hex pieces draws the eye, the resource cards look similar enough that my four year old grasped the relationship intuitively, and the player pieces are elegantly simple.

Three downs:

-The price. At almost double the price of a regular board game, I was uncertain of the value. We love it, and the only problem I have with the price now is that I hesitated for almost two years because of it. I wish I'd bought it sooner.

-The resource cards. They aren't very sturdy compared to all the other pieces. Not even as hardy as good playing cards.

-Two player games leave something to be desired. This is a fairly common problem with boardgames, but I'd like to find something captivating enough to play weekly and not have it age from being played with just me and my wife. This definitely needs three players, and I believe the box states just that.

The take home points: My only regret is not buying it sooner. If you have two people you can play with regularly, this will provide hours of entertainment.
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on March 23, 2015
Not really deadly but it sounded good. My son got this from Santa for Christmas. Awesome game!!! The only issue we have with it is The Queen of Catan...aka Mom. His Mom kicks our ass at this game every time she plays it. We tried sabotage once...just to see if someone else could win..karma came back and she still won!!
Seriously a great game but don't play with ruthless Mom's who rule Catan with an iron fist!! If it didn't require 3 players we would play without the Queen of Catan, but she is needed to make the 3rd player and there for we are doomed to play this game for eternity never knowing what its like to win it. I highly recommend this game for any family. Its fun and doesn't usually last more than an hour or so. Just don't play it with the Queen of Catan...
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on April 25, 2015
The game is great. Simple and easy to learn; I taught it to my 6-yr-old today. It's a staple with my adult friends too. Rating the game itself I would give it 4 stars...

...that said, the production quality on the game was terrible! The printing was misaligned, so every piece is printed off center by ~0.5 cm, just enough to be really annoying. The pieces themselves were not perforated well from the packaging frames, so several of the pieces' backs ripped when separating them out after opening. And when the board pieces were finally put together to play a game, they didn't fit well together. It's ultimately functional, but looks very poor and probably won't last as long. Even many of the pieces look like they were barely painted; bare wood is showing through the single, faded coat of paint. It is incredibly disappointing for a game with this reputation and for the price I paid for it. I know previous versions of the game have been made much better.

Four stars for game design and play; one star for production quality.
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on January 10, 2015
Many reviews have already dug into the specifics of the game, so I won't repeat them.

This is a fun game for players of all ages. Adults will play with much more strategy, of course. There are different options for strategy: go for longest road, go for biggest army, go for development cards, go for cities, etc. You also have to think about what resources you want to build next to, knowing that which resources you need will change throughout the game.

This is most fun with 4 players, as it makes it the most challenging. Of course, it then can become easy to be cut off from parts of the map, or unable to expand. Technically you can play this game with 2 people, but it's a bit too easy and thus not very exciting. There is a 5-6 player expansion, which makes the board larger.

There are of course many expansions to this game. Seafarers is a blast and is an easy transition, as it makes only minor changes to the game, but really changes the strategies you can use.

Highly recommend this game, especially for people who are not big into board games. (This is often considered the #1 "gateway" game.)
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on July 3, 2015
Extraordinary board game. Bought it for my 10 year old son . Rules are extremely simple - we learned the game in 5 minutes. Once you start playing you realize how deep the gameplay is, how much you need to think and how much the whole experience reflects real world trading and political relationship decisions. Very intriguing. My 10 year old was able to grasp it immediately and our games are very close. My 6 year old plays with us sometimes as well and she is able to hold her own against other players.OverallI this game is a superb testament to the brilliantly simple execution of a complex subject.
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on July 24, 2014
I got this for my son, because he loves strategy board games, and he dislikes games that are pure luck (Monopoly, Sorry, etc...).

Catan also has an element of luck, but there is a lot of strategy as well. Here is my opinion:

1. Kids can learn the strategies, and enjoy the game.
2. Lots of opportunity for future expansion.
3. Apparently there is a community that plays the game online.

1. There are many dozens of pieces, and it takes a while to set the game up.
2. If you have an active six-year-old, you will eventually lose a few pieces.
3. On the basic board, the player who rolls first has a huge advantage.
4. If you have to put the game aside (for dinner, or whatever), it can be very hard to move.

Although the company includes a suggested layout for beginners, there is still a huge advantage to which-ever player stakes out their territory first. Although there are some alternate strategies for different layouts, the strategies don't work very well for the default board. We usually play with just three players, and the players who rolls first wins about 80% to 90% of the time.
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on July 7, 2015
I couldn't express how much I love this game. I just wish I had more people to play it with!

Being bored one day I searched the "internet" for fun board games. I can across this as a comparison to Risk. In my opinion, this could not be farther away from Risk. In Risk you are using strategy to build defenses and attack. In Catan you are playing your own game, which happens to have others playing on the same island. There is no attacking or anything, just resource collecting and planning out your moves to gain more victory points. Our most recent game I thought I was doomed from the start, but managed to build and upgrade enough settlements to cities to have a chance. Then I bought development cards and beat everyone! It doesn't take too long, moments can get heated, and the end of the game seems like a race to finish once people hit around 8 points!

I totally recommend this to anyone looking for a fun game with friends/family. It is quick to pick up on and I am looking forward to buy the expansions!
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on January 15, 2015
I had never heard of this game before my daughter requested it for Christmas. However, after having played it, I was a convert. Like a good muppet movie, this game could be played by a young person in a simple way or enjoyed by adults at a more sophisticated level. The concept of the game is simple but with a fun group you can liven up the game considerably by bartering, bargaining, forming alliances and creating a strategy to win. Unlike games such as Monopoly, the board is cleverly designed and action cards just random enough so that every game is different.
The road and house game pieces are very, very small, so they should be kept well away from: small children, pets, the vacuum cleaner and slits between boards on the picnic table. The board pieces and cards and quite sturdy and plastic-y enough to play in the damp without damage. The box is also quite sturdy, which is nice if you stack your board games like we do.
It's not the cheapest game, but well worth the price.

It should be noted that you need at least 3 but no more than 4 people to play. If you want to play with a few more players, expansion packs are available separately.
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