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on January 31, 2017
This is the story about a young woman who is ten years divorced. She goes to her ex and returns to him all his alimony checks which she had not cashed with the purpose of severing even those ties so she could move on and agree to marry her current beau. While there he asks her to take a month and go to the family home out in the country where he has two wards he needs to have evaluated. She's a teacher and he feels she could do this so he knows how to help the two kids who are having problems. Reluctantly she agrees. When she gets there she finds her entire world changes. She falls in love with the kids. Sees ghosts. Realizes she still loves her ex and breaks off her engagement with her current beau. It's a ghostly love story all in one and a very good read.
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on July 18, 2013
I am a long time fan of Jennifer Crusie. I was a bit hesitant about purchasing this title after reading the reviews. I am so glad I did buy it... I loved it!

No, it is not the traditional Crusie format, but I found this refreshing. I am glad that Crusie has shown she can write something different.

Some of the other reviews mentioned an issue with the book being set in 1992. I liked it! I am a child of the 80s and 90s and found the references entertaining. It reminds me of how the show Psych makes references. If you get them, great. If you don't, it doesn't take away from the story. I found it a charming extra.

I enjoyed the main characters as well as the typical Crusie crazy supporting characters. And as always with a Crusie, there were MANY laugh out loud moments.

If you are a fan of Barbara Michaels, you will probably love this book as I did. If you are concerned that this is not the standard Crusie format, it's not. But it does have her characteristic wit, humor, and FUN, which is what I love about her books.
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on August 5, 2013
I gave this book 5 stars because it does what a GOOD book is supposed to.......MAKE YOU LOVE IT!! The characters, the plot, the incredible twists that I never saw coming. I called it deceptive because of the title. Sounds like a straight romance, and I never would have given it a second glance if I hadn't read the review in Christina Miller's facebook page. She wrote "Tell aunt Tillie she's dead", which is a great romp in itself if you like ghosts, witches and comedic high Jinks. I'm sure you already read the synopsis and won't need me to re tell it here. (I hate that). Just know it is a great read, worth whatever you spend on it, you'll be thinking about it when it's over, recommend it to everyone and be praying you're right that you smell a sequel in the near future. I know I would love to see the adventures the 'non-living', (yeah right) get themselves mixed up in with this group. Makes me want to go antiquing for a haunted breadbox or something. HAPPY READING!
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on May 17, 2011
Andie Miller has been a nomad for most of her life. Ten years ago, she left her husband North Archer and she's been leaving ever since. Their marriage was glorious and intoxicating and then cold and humiliating. And it only lasted one year. Older and wiser, Andie is finally ready to put the past to bed and settle down. She just has to see North one more time, maybe get a little closure, then she'll be ready to marry her fiancé, Will Spenser.

North Archer is buttoned-up, self-contained and a damn good lawyer. He has dedicated his life to his firm and family. Marrying Andie was the one wonderfully selfish, reckless thing he ever did and look how well that turned out. Still, when Andie turns up after ten years and informs him she's getting remarried, North does something equally selfish and impulsive. He asks her to spend a month with the two orphaned children of his late cousin. Until recently they were in the care of their aunt, but since her death they have driven away a handful of nannies and caused a host of problems. North is almost stunned that he asked Andie for her help; Andie can't believe she said yes.

Almost as soon as Andie arrives at creepy old Archer House, she realizes the children have problems that go way way beyond anything that North has imagined. The house is literally falling apart, the housekeeper is belligerent and lazy, and there just might be ghosts haunting the halls. And we're not talking friendly ghosts here. Just as Andie starts to make some headway with the children, she finds herself playing hostess to her ex-brother-in-law, his journalist shark of a girlfriend and a bevy of other strangers and relatives. Most disturbing of all is how happy she is when North shows up to sort things out.

I love Jennifer Crusie's books. Pick one up and you're guaranteed an engrossing and satisfying read, filled with quirky, real characters and a solid plot laced with humor. Maybe This Time might not be amongst my Crusie favorites (Crazy For You, Welcome to Temptation, Faking It and Bet Me) but it is still one of the better books I have read this year.
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on July 23, 2016
This is a thoroughly enjoyable read. It was what I was looking for--light, fun, easy. The characterization is well done and the question of whether the house is or is not haunted plays out well. The only thing I would change would be the involvement of the hero in the first 2/3 of the book. I would have preferred more interaction between him and the heroine.

Overall, another solid read from Jennifer Crusie.
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VINE VOICEon October 4, 2010
Andie Miller hasn't seen her ex-husband North Archer in 10 years. Their marriage was passionate, but Andie resented North's workaholic tendencies and the two divorced after only a year. Andie arranges a meeting with North, ostensibly to return his uncashed alimony checks and inform him of her intention to remarry, but what she's really looking for is closure - to confirm to herself that her feelings for North are really, truly a thing of the past.

North manages to convince Andie to help him out with two young orphans that have been left in his care. They have been living in another part of the state with a housekeeper and a succession of nannies.

It doesn't take long for Andie to figure out why the nannies have all beat a hasty retreat. It's hard to decide which is creepier: the house, the kids or ... the ghosts. Will Andie stand a chance against the undead? More to the point, will her future husband stand a chance against her not-so-ex husband?

I did enjoy this story, but it's not at all what I expected. Let's start with the "good stuff". I liked the fact that the story was set in 1992. Since that's about when I first started reading Jennifer Crusie it had a certain nostalgia. Andie is a trademark Crusie heroine: attractive in a down-to-earth kind of way with a caustic wit and offbeat sense of humor. The supporting characters are quirky and well drawn and the story never dragged. It may not have been the story I was looking for, but I was certainly never bored. The "ghostly" bits are sufficiently scary without sacrificing the overall comedic tone of the book. That last part is tricky but the author does pull it off.

And yet I was disappointed. When I heard there was a new Crusie solo release I hit that pre-order button, no questions asked. Why? Because if you want a good contemporary romance you just can't beat Jennifer Crusie. Problem is, this really isn't a romance, or at least not much of one. The main relationship takes place between Andie and the little girl, Alice. Yes, there are scenes dedicated to Andie and North, but they felt like window dressing. The focus of this story is Andie's heart being won over by little Alice (although frankly it just seems to "happen" - one minute they're just two strange, distant children; the next Andie can't live without them).

Bottom Line: It's a fun story but if you're expecting a vintage Crusie romance ala "Bet Me" or "Welcome to Temptation", you may be disappointed. If you don't like stories with a strong paranormal aspect then give it a pass.

Occasional strong language and some very mild sexual content.
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on August 9, 2015
I like Cruzie's work very much...she is really good at dialogue, and she clearly understands the joy of a GOOD story. This is my favorite, I think, but it's hard to choose between it and Getting Rid of Bradley . They are very different stories, but they are both definitely on my re-read list. .Andie and North are a delight but Southie and Lydia are also. The only fault I can think of is that I really want it to be much longer!
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on March 4, 2013
With Jennifer Crusie you can have a really great book and then the next one is just so so, but this one...This one was GREAT! This book is about a haunted house, or is it? North asks his ex wife Andie to take over as Nanny for his two wards, Alice and Carter. But when Andie gets there she discovers all is not ok. Pretty soon it's a who's who of comic proportions and even the most sceptical can become believers. The kids may need lots of therapy by the end of the book, but for a change this isn't about a love story, the love story is second string to the story between Andie and the kids. And that story is really the most interesting, intriguing, exciting story of Crusie's yet.
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on December 24, 2011
I've grown to love Jennifer Crusie (especially when she pairs up with Bob Mayer) for her light-heared stories that never fail to make me laugh out loud. That's not this book.
It's a ghost story, a story about two kids who need family, and a love story. No single plot line takes precedence over the others (i.e., it's not a romance novel with a ghost or two thrown in). I won't go into the details too much -- let's just say I found it enjoyable to read, and while I missed Jennifer Crusie's usual ability to make me laugh out loud, I'll probably read the book again someday. If you're looking for laugh-out-loud funny, though, you might want to check out one of her other books instead.
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on November 17, 2010
Or you'll never read another. This is more like 2 books smushed together - a oddly updated Gothic horror and a bit of a modern romance. They don't work well together at all. The romance part on its own could've been good, as a longer story would allow for more character development especially for North. The horror part just left me cold - it's clearly hard to be a chilling and comedic at the same time. It starts off quite creepy and by the end is a farce. I think she introduced too many characters and story lines so it wasn't possible to develop them fully. That said I really like her and any of her other books are a much better read.
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