Customer Reviews: Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Primer Skin Transformer, Clear, 0.85 Fluid Ounce
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on January 2, 2012
When I heard of this product I thought it was just another way to separate me from my money. I've been using it regularly and now have subscribed to regular deliveries from Amazon. I was expecting to put it on before I applied my liquid make-up. Much to my amazement, all I need now is a little powder. I'm free of liquid make-up at last. My complexion is coarse, extremely oily and has some discoloration; but this takes care of that. Don't ask me how. No more heavy feel of make-up and powder both. I'm 69 years old and it makes me look like a woman instead of a made-up old lady. Yeah!
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VINE VOICEon June 27, 2010
So, I have to say, once I found primer, I said this is the definate way to go when applying make up, especially if you life in a humid climate or even if you want your foundation to stay on all day long. I will have to say I love Smashbox primer, and if you are looking for just the basic primer, this is the way to go. The texture is the same, and it will help your foundation glide on, and then stay put. While I can't speak to if it decreases little lines, as I didn't see much of a difference, I can tell you my foundation can make it through a good 12 hours now in a hot and humid climate, and for 1/4 of the price of most department store primers, this is going to be in my make up bag from now on.
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on December 6, 2011
As a 50+ woman, I find it gets harder and harder to wear makeup without looking either overly made-up, or un-made-up and therefore old and blotchy. I tried this Maybelline product thinking that, well, even if it didn't work, I wouldn't be out a huge amount of money. But I LOVE it. It's mostly clear but has a very faint pink tint that I think livens up my medium Caucasian complexion. Best of all, it makes my pores disappear and foundation go on extremely smoothly, so I need less makeup yet look healthier and younger.

As others have said, if you use too much it will feel greasy; you only need a tiny dab. I would recommend not putting it near your eyes as it would make your eye makeup smear, and I don't know how it works for those with oily skin, as my skin is dry-to-normal. I notice a slight de-emphasis of fine lines but to me the greatest benefit is how it makes my pores almost invisible. If you're older like me, definitely give this a try!
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on August 25, 2011
WOW!! I am amazed by this product! I usually avoid using Maybelline products because they don't last, but this is the exception! A little bit of this stuff goes a long way. If it feels greasy on your skin, you have used too much.
Don't waste your money on high dollar primers - this one works!!!!!
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To make makeup last and look good, primer is a must. I've tried Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free Primer 1oz/30ml and Philosophy Supernatural Poreless/Flawless Tinted Primer, SPF 15, 1.6 Ounce andCover FX Clear Prep FX. All of these other primers are more expensive than this Maybelline product. My assessment is that for most days, the Maybelline product would be a good product to use and even beats out several other expensive primers.

It is best to apply the Maybelline primer and then wait several minutes to apply makeup. The primer makes skin feel smooth and can create a good canvas for makeup application. Is it the best primer? No. I don't think the Maybelline product lasts as long as other primers and my makeup doesn't feel as stable. I think Cover FX is a better primer that lasts longer and creates an even smoother surface but the cost necessitates that it be used for special occasions only.

Smashbox's primer is almost on par with the Maybelline primer. The worst primer I have ever used was Philopshy's Supernatural Poreless (and I love most Philosophy products). It required many minutes before I could apply my makeup and it made my skin feel disgusting.

I would recommend this Maybelline product.
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on August 26, 2012
I bought this based on the glowing reviews and I think this product lives up to them. To be fair, besides samples from Sephora, this is the first Primer I have ever used. I give it glowing accolades because last month, I spent two grueling days in the sun in Grant Park in Chicago. It was hot and usually my makeup would have melted off of me. This, paired with barely any makeup had my face even and glowing in a noticeable way in pictures where everyone else is sweaty, shiny and dewy.

Paired with makeup, this product makes me feel better about wearing makeup. As a late 30-something woman who loved wearing makeup as a teenager, I find that the older I get, the worse I look in makeup. Frankly, that is fine, but there are times I want to wear a bright eyeshadow or lipstick and somehow when I see it put together, it kind of looks old and clown-like. When I wear the primer under my makeup, it cleans the lines and smooths the face to really bring out and smooth things. Makeup trends look much more tightly executed. For it's price, it's a great product and I will continue to use it. For the record, I have tried Smashbox and Laura Geller, both were too thick for my liking. Also--you have to apply this product with your fingertips or with a brush. If you rub it in your hands, you will be like, "Hey, where did it go?" and your hands will be really smooth. :)
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on July 10, 2013
I am 43 and had not purchased make up in ages and when I found out about primers I felt like I had to try several to know which one would work for me. I didn't want to splurge on the expensive brands until I tried the drug store ones. I bought Neutrogena's primer, Maybelline's primer and L'Oreals primer. I have few wrinkles for my age but its because I have always used evening primrose or borage oil on my face with Rose Otto, Carrot essential oil and Frankincense essential oils for 20 years so people say I look 25 and one person carded me the other day when I bought some liquor and thought I was 19. My background in skin care: Facials since I was 12. I've used Dermalogica, Lancomb, Murad,and Jan Marini, so I am used to using the better brands but with the recession, I have not been able to afford those anymore.

What started this shopping spree and sampling different product lines was me purchasing Estee Lauders Double Wear Maximum Cover Camouflage Make Up in Creamy Vanilla at Dillards. I thought because of the cost it would be awesome. I live in a very cold and dry climate now (Montana) and I get broken capillaries on my cheeks in winter and I hate looking at them, but when I applied Estee Lauders foundation by the end of my work day is was as though all the foundation separated and made my pores look humongous and any dryness was so visible I was so embarrassed as I work in retail and I knew people were looking at me like I had a really crappy mask on. I didn't want to take back the Estee Lauder make up so I did research and found that primers were the latest and greatest. So now that you know I am not a novice to skin care, this is my story.

I decided to read up on reviews on Amazon (love Amazon) for primers and so I bought 3 brands and have experimented in different ways. I found [...] who recommends certain drug store brands too and so I bought Revlons Coverstay Cream foundation too, since Ally had good things to say and if you watch her blogs, you'll be hooked. She is a crack up. Love that girl!

Here are my results: My skin is combo oil and dry. I can have flaky skin and at the same time have too much sebum or oil because I'm hypothyroid and that can give you flakey skin. However I inherited my dads oily skin and larger than normal pores for women. My large pores are on the cheeks closer to the nose than towards my out cheeks near my ears, my chin and the center of my eyebrows. I have a small laugh lines around my eye's but not very noticeable.

Neutrogena's shine control: Its gritty but nothing to really complain about. Just use enough moisturizer before hand, give it 4-5 minutes to let the moisturizer sink in to your skin and then apply Neutrogenas primer. I waited another 3-4 minutes before I applied foundation. I used Lancombs foundation in matte and Neutrogena's rice protein powder afterwards. Results: My skin stayed oil free, however the make up still had some separation around the circumference of my pores and so I felt it was too masky again. Then I used Neutrogena Primer with Colorstay Foundation per Ally and same thing, my poors are too big. I think Neutrogena is fine if you use the primer and then powder for a sheer look or a foundation that is super thin that doesn't need much coverage.

Next was Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Primer. I always moisturize my face with Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream (The BEST for day use cream). Then after 5 minutes applied Maybellines primer and it was clear, gel like and smoothed over my skin like silk. It was very nice. Because I know that acne is 90% diet and 10% hormonal or hygene I don't care about the silicones because they don't break my face out because I eat well. If you eat fast food and bad foods, no matter what you put on your face for acne won't work because its all coming from the inside..... onto my story: I let the primer soak for 2 minutes this time and applied Colorstay Cream in Sand Beige and Natural Beige and boy did it apply nicely. That was a joy and it seemed to bring out the best in the foundation. Then I applied Neutrogena's rice powder setting powder and went to work. End of day it was so-so, still a tad masky but I will blame that on Colorstay since it is a full coverage foundation. But Maybelline primer was better than Neutrogena's.

Then I splurged on L'Oreal because the teller said it was her favorite. This is a neat primer because its like stucko. You apply it on the highly porous parts of your skin and wait a few minutes for it to 'set' and then I added a tad more to fill in the pores and let that sit for a moment. Then I decided to use Colorstay again and this was so-so. It could be the Colorstay, have no idea yet. But at the end of the day, slightly masky again.

So today I went back to an old standard foundation that is the best in my book: Dermalogica Treatment Foundation in 1g. Love that stuff but Dermalogica does not make it anymore. The company is sending me samples of a newer version of their foundation line. There is something in Dermalogica's ingrediants that prevent the pores from showing much and so today I used Maybelline Primer (so far my favorite) after the Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream and then added little dabs of Colorstay on my cheeks, forehead, chin and cheeks where I wanted fuller even coverage and then added my 1G Dermalogica Treatment Foundation with it.... And Viola! I found the Holy Grail. All day long my skim was like velvet. The foundation did not separate around the circumference of my pores and my face was 'dewey' and vibrant.

Here is my bottom line so far on Drug Store Primers. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind will be my primer of choice. It does not break me out and its slick without being oily. You have to try it to know. Then I mix Revlon Colorstay foundation with my Dermalogica foundation and that creates the perfect makeup for my combination skin and oil. I use Neutrogena Shine Control Rice Protein powder on top to set it as its very good for that. By the end of the day, my skin looks radiant. One thing I did do, is I used the L'Oreal primer in the small jar for my eyelids and it was alright.

As per [...] she recommends Maybelline eye concealer that is the Brightener and she is right, it works really well. Love it.

So there you have it. If you have combo skin and are middle aged, mixing the drug store brands with the higher quality Dermalogica I think you will be ecstatic by the results. Its trial and error. But now I'm so happy my capillaries don't show up.

ONE MORE THING.. I also implemented the Oil Cleansing Method this week for washing my face. Google that and do what she says. It's amazing. Those who have larger pores have blackheads usually. I swear to God, the castor oil (mixed with 1 drop of essential oil of Orange) will dissolve the sebum, blackheads and your pores will eventually shrink alittle. But this is the first time in 25 years I have actually WASHED my skin with an oil. I usually apply it after I use soap (evening primrose and borage) so this OCM is totally new to me. After day 5 of that method, I have zero blackheads. I usually use a Biore strip to pull then up but after 5 days of using the castor oil method of cleansing for oily skin, I tried Biore strips today and hardly anything surfaced. The castor oil is kicking butt ladies on sebum and now my pores aren't grey specks in need of extractions from a cosmetologist. I've never been happier about getting rid of blackheads in my life. Had I known castor oil dissolved blackheads 28 years ago when I went thru puberty I would have been doing that all along.

So I hope this helps y'all on the primers and what I mixed with foundation so you don't have to buy the entire drug store to find out what works.
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on January 1, 2016
I have been looking for a makeup base for quite some time now. I have tried several with the end results not being exactly what I was hoping for. I decided to search again! I ran across this New Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind. I read through each review & decided I will give this a go.

The first time I used it I was surprised at how little I had to use. I was expecting to have to use a glob of it and all I needed was a tiny bit. Which means this tube will last me at least 2-3 months. Just guessing off the top of my head it could last much longer! What I did was, washed my face then applied my moisturizer which I use an argan oil. Then I waited a bit then I squeezed a little on my hand maybe the size of half of a tic tac. I rubbed my hands together spreading the primer. Then applied to my face. It felt like I applied a film over my face which was super smooth. I have to shave my face daily, side burns, mustache etc. And my face always feels rough. Once I applied this primer/base I could no longer feel the stubble's as much as I did before applying. My skin felt hydrated & protected! Enough about how it made my skin feel!

When I apply my liquid, most times my makeup spreads evenly but then there are times where my makeup ends up looking blotchy. Or I end up sweating really bad & end up with streaks. Its quite embarrassing when your in public and have what looks like a dirty face like someone took a q-tip and got it wet and wipes a few areas on your face. I am sure I am not the only one. But when I applied my liquid over the primer/base it glided on very nicely & accurately. I didn't have to reapply more liquid in certain areas. It blended nicely and you could feel it settle. If that makes sense! I then applied my powder & the finishing touches such as eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara. My makeup looked flawless compared to my makeup without the primer/base. I didn't sweat like I usually do & I didn't need to reapply my makeup throughout the day. The only thing I needed to keep reapplying was my chapstick.

I have been using this primer/base for close to a month now & absolutely love it. I use this primer/base daily & I don't know if its just me but my skin feels much smoother even after I wash my face of all my makeup etc. This Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Primer Skin Transformer is exactly what I had hoped for. I definitely recommend this primer to everyone! I am more than sure you will be as pleased as I am.
review image review image review image
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on October 18, 2013
I have a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of beauty product reviews. If someone on the street randomly approached me and demanded, "Quick! Which makeup primers get the best ratings?", I would reply, "Smashbox! Laura Mercier! Lancome! Tarte!" without skipping a beat.

So why do I use this Maybelline primer? Well, the obvious answer is that sadly, I'm too poor to buy all my beauty products at Sephora. However, even in the future (when I plan to be rolling in cash, naturally...) I think that I will continue to enjoy discovering great products at lower price points. This is one of them. I have tried all the highly-rated primers at Sephora, as well as several drugstore brands, so I feel like I'm in a pretty good position to make an assessment.

This is a clear, silicone-based primer - similar to Smashbox Photo Finish. Granted, Smashbox is an overall superior product - but at $36/1 fl. oz., you'd hope that would be the case. Alternatively, a 0.85 fl. oz. bottle of this on Amazon is roughly $8. Just so we're working with an exact comparison, I took the extra 0.15 fl.oz. in the Smashbox bottle into account, putting an equivalent amount of the Maybelline primer at about $9.20. This means that the Maybelline primer approximately 75% less expensive than Smashbox, but the results are very similar.

If I only use moisturizer before applying any sort of makeup to my skin (e.g., concealer, foundation, blush, bronzer), it often ends up looking uneven, or there can be dry patches that makeup will refuse to blend into (especially in winter). When I apply moisturizer followed by this primer, all of my makeup goes on easily, evenly, and looks far more natural. It has gotten to a point where I wouldn't even bother applying any makeup to my skin without using this first.

Maybe this is only because I live in Manhattan, but this product is significantly more expensive in drugstores (about $13), so that's why I buy it on Amazon!
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on July 8, 2013
This is the first primer I ever tried and I never bothered to try anything else because I love it. It feels silky, smooths out lines and pores and gives my skin a subtle pink tone to look healthy. I swear no one paid me to say this. Oh, and the bottle lasts forever.
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