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on December 27, 2011
I love having a toddler seat connected right to the toilet rather than messing with a separate potty chair or seat. The potty chair was constantly getting in the way and the potty rings would slide around when my son tried to sit, which freaked him out a little.


1) Material is sturdy and like a very dense plastic (package says its recycled wood). I was worried that the toddler portion of the seat would be flimsy or easily crack, but this is not the case at all. I could probably sit on it myself with no problems.

2) Installation was simple (instruction leaflet was included) and it fits my standard round toilet well. The seat allows one to easily remove the whole seat for cleaning by twisting the back hinges. I'm not sure how useful this will be, as I've never desired to remove a seat for cleaning before but its a neat feature (maybe I'll understand when my toddler uses the seat more consistently lol).

3) The toddler seat is held firmly in place magnet when not in use. I was concerned that the magnet would be too weak and the little seat would slam down when closing or opening the lid.

4) Product is attractive (for a toilet seat) and looks like a normal toilet seat with lid closed, and when opened appears well made and like a quality product. For those of you who are wondering what your guests will think when they use the restroom: no need to fear!


1) As said above the magnet is strong...but maybe a little too strong. My toddler has a hard time pulling the little seat down. I think he will get it with practice, and I'd rather have too strong than too weak.

2) The toddler seat seems to come off of the hinges too easily. I have had it practically fall off in my hand a couple times now when helping my son get on the potty. If I could change one thing about this seat, it would be to permanently attach the toddler seat to the hinges. I worry about what will happen if the seat ever comes loose when he is trying to use the bathroom alone.

If it wasn't for this last issue, the product would get five stars. I am still deciding whether I will purchase another one of these for my second bathroom. I guess I'm hoping a non-removable one will come out.

Just a few weeks short of a year of ownership, BOTH the toilet seats have broken. My downstairs toilet seat broke at the hinges (not the part where you attach it to the toilet, but rather the part where all the layers of the seat hold together. The upstairs toilet cracked through the adult seat. Both these seats need replaced. I have downgraded my rating from three stars to one.

Bottom line:
-Great idea, but no cigar
-Toddler seat comes off every time an adult whom leans back or has a larger rear end uses the toilet
-Removable hinges, while making it easier to clean the bowl, made it impossible to clean the hinges (funk would get in between the moving parts)
-Not durable (one set of broken hinges, one broken toilet seat)

I will not purchase this product again.
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on September 12, 2016
Great product, good quality, heavy duty. I bought this a little apprehensively, because I thought for sure it would be made out of cheap thin plastic like the seats you get at Walmart. But, I really liked the idea of a built in training seat since I have a little one soon-to-start potty training. I was really surprised when I got it and it was rather heavy and made of a very durable material. I also like how the very strong magnets keeps the training seat in the lid, instead of having to constantly put it up when I or my older child wants to use the toilet. The only downside to that (and demoting a star) is that if you have the training seat down, but want to shut the lid (to keep cats out of the toilet), the training seat snaps back into the lid automatically when the lid is down. So when my toddler (once potty trained) wants to use the potty, he won't be strong enough to pull the training seat down out of the lid and will either A: Have an accident on the floor or B: Try to sit on the regular seat and fall in because he is still really little.
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on January 12, 2016
This is definitely the best potty training purchase we have ever made AND it makes it easier for guests who come over with young children.
After a month of dumping and having to clean out a traditional potty chair, we decided to look into options for toilet seats and this came up.
It is absolutely genius! Now we can all use the same bathroom and potty training no longer entails that walk to the bathroom praying that you don't trip with a bowl full of your kids potty.

Pros: the magnet on this seat is strong and holds the child seat in place when adults are using the seat but children are still able to pull their smaller seat down on their own.

Its easy to install. Took me about 5 minutes (probably would have taken less if the old seat wasn't stuck on there)

Very easy to clean

Cons: its a bit pricey but, it brought some sanity back into the house so, was well worth every penny paid.
The only thing that I wish it had design wise was a rounded area in the front like some of the potty chairs have to help contain the "MOM!!! I just peed off the front of the seat" moment that anyone potty training a young boy would understand. (BUT- if it had a rounded area,it wouldnt fit flush when in the adult position so, I'll keep arming myself with rubber gloves and a mop nightly)
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on November 28, 2015
We have been using two of these on our toilets for about a month now and so far they are great! The seat is comfortable for adults and the design of the lid makes it so guests might not even realize it's also a child's seat. Our child refused to use one of the donuts because she stuck to it and it hurt her. We would always have to help her either sit on the adult potty or empty out her little potty. This seat is so easy to use that she can do it all by herself! She only complains that the seat is cold sometimes.
- Fits any toilet (one of ours I had to loosen the screws a little, then put the seat on, then tighten them back up)
- Easy to install
- Easy to use, even for children
- Looks great and with the lid down you can't tell it's also a child seat
- If you train the kid to put the top lid down, the magnet catches the child seat so it works like a normal seat the next use!
- Adult seat is wood and seems to be good quality that should last a long time

- Seat can slam shut (wish I would've seen their slow close one)
- Child's seat can get cold (wouldn't expect it to stay warm, but my kid complains about it now and then)

I would definitely recommend these seats to anyone! Honestly I think all public restrooms should have seats like this that are kid friendly!
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on April 23, 2015
I purchased two of these seats from Warehouse Deals. Unfortunately, one arrived with a bashed box, a broken child seat and missing installation hardware, rendering the whole thing unusable. I requested a refund from Amazon and they responded very promptly, honoring my request. Even though I had my money back, it bugged me that I would need to discard of an otherwise great seat just because of some missing parts, so I decided to contact Bemis Manufacturing to see if I could get the parts I needed (expecting I would pay a small amount for them). Customer service at Bemis responded right away and promised to send my parts free of charge! A couple days later, they arrived via UPS. I was impressed with both companies, but especially Bemis since it was in no way their fault.

As for the seats themselves, I am very pleased with the quality. Our toilets had flimsy plastic seats before, and these are a definite upgrade. They feel sturdy and comfortable. The child seat on the NextStep is plastic, but it seems solid enough, and I love that it sticks with a magnet when not in use. The Easy Clean hinges are a great idea. The seats are very quick and easy to install (the hardest part was removing the old seats).

A lot of the reviews state that the child seat pops off the hinge. When I went to install my replacement child seat, I observed the same thing, and thought "Oh, great." It seemed to kind of just rest on the adult seat instead of being locked into place like my other seat that had come already assembled, and, yeah, it kept falling off. Fortunately I figured out that I needed to press down firmly where the child seat connects to the adult seat, until it clicks into place. Now it stays put. Those who are having an issue with the child seat staying in place may want to ensure that the child seat is pressed down all the way.

Love the seats, now if I can only get my toddler not to be utterly terrified of the toilet!
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on March 2, 2016
Best toilet seat on the market for little bottoms! Unlike the popular toilet inserts with foam cushions, this is so easy to clean and stays clean! It has a quick release function so that the whole seat can be removed and cleaned. Helps keep the whole toilet clean. Wonderful for our little kids working on potty training. Little seat stays in place well. The magnet is strong enough that it doesn't fall, but weak enough our 2 year old can pull it down for herself. I recommend this toilet seat to all our friends!! Great space saver and brilliant design. This is a must have item if you have kids or have kids that come to your house often!
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on May 27, 2015
Update at the end (reduced stars from 5 to 4) I love this seat. It is well made but still compact (it doesn't feel any larger than a regular toilet seat. The magnet is strong, so it keeps the toddler seat up when it is not in use. If you close the lid, the toddler seat will automatically be raised when you lift the seat, which makes it very convenient for adults. My husband didn't want this seat at first, but after seeing it in person and using it, he loves it too. It's also very easy to clean. I love the feature that lets you remove it from the toilet to clean. That little area between the hinges drove me nuts when trying to clean around my old toilet seat!
The reason I removed a star is because I have a son and without the "pee guard" at the front, he's had a lot of trouble sitting on the potty and overshooting the rim. He is only just 2, so it is hard to get him to aim it down, and even with a stool he doesn't seem comfortable standing. Because of this, we've switched to a separate potty chair for the time being. I still love the concept of this seat, and I'm sure we'll get good use out of it later. In the mean time, it's still attached to our toilet, as I said earlier, the child seat is not in the way at all. I hardly notice it.
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on January 6, 2015
I purchased this 4/2012. Used the heck out of it because it's on my favorite porcelain throne. The toilet seat is showing some cracking in the paint and wood and will need to be replaced for sanitary reasons or else painted to seal it. The magnet fell out of the underside of the kid's potty seat which is what causes it to latch up so I always have to pick it up.
1. The potty seat is all contained together, no-need to worry about storage of a potty seat.
2. When it worked, just lifting the seat had it adult-ready; kid functionality was secondary.
3. The kid's seat pops right off for easy cleaning without it affecting the function of the regular toilet seat.
4. I liked the look of it; a very polished method of being guest friendly. Nothing sitting out to catch dust if kid's are infrequent users.

1. I traded out a slow-close toilet seat for this one. I really miss the slow close feature on the old seat.
2. The process of lifting the top lid and pulling the kid's seat down was enough to pull the kid's seat off the hinges; frustrating my girls since they didn't quite have the motor skills to pop the kid's seat back onto the hinges. By the time my oldest could pop the seat on herself, she left it alone and chose to suspend herself over the big potty seat anyway. This meant going potty inevitably wasn't an independent venture. The girls still typically choose to use a different bathroom that has a ladder-kid seat combo.
3. The magnet rusted and stained the kid's seat where it stuck on top.
4. The magnet on the bottom has fallen off and is lost, so now I keep the kid's seat aside.
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on July 15, 2015
My wife is disgusted by the potty-training toilets you have to empty. We got this to potty train our 2 year old instead. It's so comfortable for him, he loves reading on the potty!

Some tips:
- A step-stool is useful for your child to get up and down from the toilet.
- Make sure boys point 'it' down enough to avoid peeing on or between the seats.
- Offer them a treat for using the potty. We use M&Ms: 1 for a 'number one', 2 for a 'number two'. (I know this doesn't really have anything to do with the toilet seat, but just general potty training advice)

- Easy to install
- Durable
- Child's seat is removable (you don't need to re-install your old seat when potty training is complete... just remove the insert)

- Boys can pee through the space between the regular seat and child's seat
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on January 5, 2015
I don't have a child, but I bought this seat because I have 2 toilet trained cats. My cats use this toilet seat no problem. The child seat gives my cats more room to stand versus the conventional seat so they have less fear of falling in the toilet. If you're looking for seat for your toilet trained cat, I definitely recommend this steal over the one made by TopSeat.

The TopSeat brand seat was better quality--both the child seat and adult seat were hard wood and the hinge was chrome--but the child seat was thick and rose 1 inch above the adult seat. This is not good for the cats because they need a completely flat surface to step on. Both the adult and the child seat were also extremely on the TopSeat and did not confirm to the shape of my butt. It was rather uncomfortable to sit on. This NextStep seat is a little more comfortable as the seat is slightly concave to fit the shape of bottoms.

I especially like the fact that the lid has a hinge system that makes it easy to take the whole lid off for cleaning around the toilet without having to unscrew the whole thing. This is a time saver considering one of my cats can miss sometimes just like children.

I've had this seat for 4 months and so far no quality issues. The magnet on the seat works fine and the plastic child seat hasn't broken on me yet.
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