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on December 12, 2011
Received in a reasonable time frame, however, had issues with pre-heating both upper and lower ovens. It was summer, and we didn't cook all that often, but when we did the pre heating process was taking over 2 hours! We thought we were just incompetent and didn't know how to work the new gas range, and was growing more and more frustrated. We placed our first service call after a month and a half. We again placed a second, third and finally a fourth service call. Before the service company could complete the fourth service call, my husband called the executive office=Whirlpool North America headquarters and asked to speak to the CEO!!!! He did not get to speak with him directly, but spoke with a representative in the Executive office. He was very polite, explaining all of our frustration with trying to use our beautiful new range and the issues we had with it. She in turn was very polite, and after returning one phone call, advised us that a new gas range was being shipped to our home asap, with installation included. Very impressive!! Ever since, it has worked beautifully, and Thanksgiving was a treat treat treat!!!! We have never owned a gas range before and truly love the one we have. It is also refreshing to know that Customer Service is NOT dead-at least not with a great American company such as Whirlpool. I would definitely recommend this company and it's products.
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on November 29, 2013
Several years ago, we purchased the electric version of this range. The double oven feature was a great bonus and the loss of the traditional storage drawer was a paltry sacrifice to gain the energy efficiency and convenience of the smaller, and much more used, second oven. In seven years there was not a single problem. After moving to a new state, and leaving our beloved range behind, we decided to upgrade to the gas version of the Maytag Gemini. We have averaged a repair every six months since purchasing this range. The wiring harness has failed twice, valves have stuck, thermal sensors have failed, etc. While the performance of most gas ovens, and the relatively lower cost per BTU is attractive, I would recommend going with the electric version unless Maytag improves their quality assurance and quality control for this product.
2017 follow up: The initial failures of this stove have not continued. After very regular repairs for the first two and a half years we now have gone for over two years with no significant problems. I don't think major appliances should have a "burn in" period but that seems to be the case here.
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on April 26, 2014
I have had this stove for a couple of years now, and I have been plagued with problems and disappointments. Let me say that when the stove is working it is magnificent. My first disappointment was learning that the stove will NOT work unless there is electricity. I fully expected the clock, and timers and everything else not to work... but please, I firmly believed that gas stoves all could be lit manually when the power was out. Not so with this model. There is an additional regulator inside that requires power. No power, no gas. Second, the knob assemblies (the part that turns to make the gas flow) get STUCK and have to be replaced. Without warranty, just the parts are near 100 dollars each. When the first one happened, luckily the burner was in the OFF position. I called the claim company (not Maytag- they don't want to know you) and the repairman cam out a few weeks later. The day after he replaced that assembly, another one stuck. Took another couple weeks for that one. The THIRD time a knob stuck, it was in the ON position. It took pliers and a lot of brute force to turn it off. I asked the repairman if there was anything I was doing wrong, or if there was something I could do to prevent it. He said no way, the parts are made in China, and they fail. A minor issue I've found with the stove's design is that because it is a convection oven as well, the racks will not accept a 16 inch pizza pan. If that's an issue for you, it's something you want to know. Within the first year of use, the manifold panel (the white panel right behind the knobs) began to bubble up and lose its paint. NOT COVERED unless it happened in the first 30 days. I paid up front for a replacement, which was not perfect upon arrival, and I used touch up paint to fix THAT. Like I said, when the stove is fully functional, it's a beauty. Impressive, heavy, stylish - it's got it all. I cook a lot, and when the problems occur, they are extremely frustrating.
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on November 29, 2012
First, let me say I loved the idea of getting the functionality of a double oven without having to remodel my kitchen. It was offered in Stainless & the price was decent compared to similar models at the time.

I had it for 18 months until it died last week & am now waiting for a repairman to get a quote. The clock & timer still work but the oven & stovetop do not. My husband's online research indicates this is due to a faulty Control Panel, which according to the Internet, will be a couple hundred dollar fix, plus labor. Online research indicates replacement of Control Panels are NOT covered under extended warranties. Please confirm this if you are considering this range. If you still want to give it a try, maybe consider an extended warranty anyway? Who knows what else can go wrong.

Until now I ended up using the smaller top oven the most, as well as the burners. I'd only use the bottom larger oven if necessary, partly because the fan is extremely noisy and constantly cycles on and off, even when NOT using the convection setting.

Everything worked pretty well, although I did notice I'd have to always bake frozen items like chicken nuggets & fries for ~15 min longer than the directions indicated. Two days before Thanksgiving I baked a pumpkin cheesecake. I preheated the oven to 350 & instead of being done in an hour it took 1.5 hours. After removing the cheesecake I increased the temp to 425 for dinner. The display indicated it was warming up & the current temp was 295 degrees!! No wonder the cheesecake took so long...

Thankfully (??) the range died the day AFTER Thanksgiving. That's about the only bright spot in this story.

We've moved around a lot & had many different smooth top ranges with never any problem. I would not buy this make/model again. The aggravation of trying to feed a family without a stove or oven is challenging. Not to mention I had my first repairman call a at 4:30 today (for "arrival between 1-5pm") to say he can't come & the next opening is 8 days away... THEN the part is ordered. I'm calling other repairmen. Not fun.
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on August 22, 2012
Ovens haven't worked properly since day one Maytag is unable to fix and refuses to allow the retailer to return the range after 2 service appointments and a 3rd they never even showed up for! we have only owned this 6 weeks and they are rude and don't care they expect consumers to to take several days off of work to accommodate their busy schedule! #dont_by_maytag
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on December 30, 2013
I cannot use my 3-year-old Maytag gas range and oven appliance until I can purchase part # W10213446, which the Maytag factory website shows as back-ordered until the year 2020. This means that I couldn't cook for my family and friends for Christmas, and I've been eating frozen soup for a month. The Maytag customer service call center has no answer, they just tell me that they don't and won't have the part.

I've owned Whirlpool appliances since I built my home in 1989. When I remodeled my kitchen in August 2010 I chose a Maytag range, fridge, dishwasher and microwave as I'd had a good experience with their products for 21 years.

A burner control on my three-year-old gas range and oven recently stopped working (a Maytag design defect, several screws were too weak to hold the cooktop at the correct level) and their customer service call center referred me to A&E Factory Service for the repair. A&E service staff have been to my home twice and are unable to fix my stove, leaving me without a stove for the past four weeks and foreseeable future, as the necessary part is shown as back-ordered with no estimated time of arrival. A Maytag part distribution company let me know that the factory website shows an ETA of 2020 for this part.

When the service repairman informed me that the part was indefinitely back-ordered, I called the Maytag customer service center asking them to locate and expedite delivery of the part. The line staff and her supervisor let me know that they would not provide that service, as I do not have a pre-existing extended warrantee contract for the range. I was willing to pay for expediting the part, but they wouldn't give me that option. So I called the parts retailers covering the western U.S. myself to learn that Whirlpool's supply chain is so flawed that it cannot provide a part for a three-year-old range.

Whirlpool's core principles espoused on their website say that "founders Lou, Emory and Fred Upton continually improved their washer; they cared about their community, their employees and their customers. They believed that there is no right way to do a wrong thing." It also states that "What truly distinguishes Whirlpool Corporation is our commitment to building strong brands and a loyal consumer base.... We're focused on maximizing the benefits of our worldwide network of resources, which is unmatched in the industry.'

I believe that leaving me for up to two months without a range, so that I can't cook meals for myself every day, and for my family during the Christmas holidays, is not living up to the company's brand promise.
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on July 2, 2011
We have used this oven and range for 6 months. We absolutely love it! I thought the top oven might overcook food at the bottom of the dish. It bakes everything perfectly, from cookies to casseroles! Both oven temperatures are accurate as food cooks according to recipe times. We save lots of energy by using the upper oven on a daily basis. Have not used the convection feature on the lower oven. The range cooks just fine as well, with appropriate adjusting. We prefer having knobs on the front, so as not to burn arms reaching to the back! Easy to clean!
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on April 12, 2012
My home burned down on December 31, 2010. As part of the reconstruction process, we ordered new appliances for our home in September 2011. This range was one of the appliances we ordered. I purchased the white version of this appliance (MGT8885XW). Like many construction projects, there were a lot of delays and we did not get a chance to install the new appliances into our kitchen until April 11, 2012.

When our new Maytag range was unpacked, we discovered that the white paint behind the control knobs had chipped on the left side of the panel (an area two inches by three inches in size). Things like this happen, right? We left the range in its packing material and I called Maytag to have them either send me a replacement panel, or to have a service technician come out and replace the panel.

What did Maytag do? Maytag told me that while their range was waranteed for one-year, cosmetic damage was only covered for 30 days. I told the Maytag service person that the range had just been removed from its shipping container and was still wrapped in the plastic shipping materials as it had never been used. They "apologized" and told me that the 30 days started from the day it was purchased, not when it was installed. In order to correct the problem I had to spend $115 to purchase a new panel and replace it myself.

Frankly, this is my first experience with Maytag appliances, and the lack of quality control and inaction to rectify the problem by Maytag on a brand new range does not leave me with a favorable impression. Not to mention that I purchased several other expensive Maytag appliances along with my range. Prior to this, I had always purchased General Electric appliances, and I never had problems. If I had to call GE, GE always stood behind their product. I was apprehensive purchasing Maytag as they were an unknown quantity -- now I know. If I were to do this all over again, I would purchase General Electric appliances over Maytag any day of the week.

I have yet to even turn this thing on as I wait for my part to arrive. Let's hope it works.
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on August 26, 2015
Love the oven hate the stove top and customer service. Have had the stove three years, after 6 weeks paint peeled off the top. They did warranty that. One year later the knob froze up ,some valve broke. Cost over 100.00 to repair and now on the third year another knob froze up . When I called the company they said they would come and fix this problem for 300.00 dollars and I would have a years warranty on it. What ??? For fifteen hundred dollars on this stove you would think with this many problems, they would feel bad and try to do something nice. NOT!! they ended up saying they would file a complaint to their engineers. Gee thanks. Not happy at all with stove top of this appliance or how treated by customer service. Must have really been a mistake when whirlpool purchased Maytag. They are now junk :(
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on March 20, 2014
Oven worked good for six weeks. The igniter broke in the bottom oven and when the third party non-Maytag repairman came out to fix it, he was unable to remove the bottom oven door. It is not flush and heat escapes when the bottom oven is on and it causes the top oven to get condensation. The repair man was directed from a technician from Whirlpool that he had to order a new seal and hinges. I don't want it fixed. I want a new one. I have called Customer Service for Whirlpool and the third party and the store in which I bought it from and everyone is pushing it off onto someone else. Customer service is poor and stated they will only fix the oven and will not send us a new oven. We sent our rebate in the mail which was to arrive within 8 weeks and we have yet to receive it. Very poor customer service. Glad I purchased the 4 year warranty. I will never buy Maytag again.
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