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on November 12, 2011
Horrible. DO NOT buy it.

Here's why:

1. Doesn't get your clothes clean.

2. No way to adjust or turn off settings (Yes, I gave the manual a detailed read)

3. The automatic lid-lock is annoying and there's no way to turn it off. So if you accidentally left a pair of your dirty undies upstairs and already started a load in the washer you have to reset the washer, wait for it to unlock the lid, then throw-in forgotten items. Pain in the you-know-where. And just plain stupid.

4. No agitator to get clothes clean. Spends a TON of time just sitting there doing nothing while "washing" your laundry.

5. Inadequate spin. Sometimes if you don't use the right wash settings (again, maddeningly vague in the instruction manual), or an item you are washing is particularly absorbent, sometimes when the machine thinks its done "washing" your stuff, the laundry load will be absolutely drenched by the time its done as if it didn't spin at all! And don't bother using the "Drain/Spin" feature. The thing just bumps and clumps around for a while, acting like its doing something, then when you go to check it again, surprise! Still drenched. The best way I've found to fix this problem is just to run the wash all over again with a different setting. Which is ironic because this is supposed to be an energy and water efficient machine.

I don't know whose time and energy Maytag thinks they're saving. Certainly not mine. It takes twice as long to do my wash and clothes don't always come clean forcing me to re-run the machine. Also the "technology" that is supposed to make your life easier and save you money, doesn't. It's just a gimmick for a crappy product.

I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but I have really tried everything to make this thing work well for me. I'm here to say it doesn't work. Don't waste your money. I wish to heck I hadn't.

Honestly, the best washer I have ever seen in my life, was my mother's old Whirlpool from the late 1960's. Sure it didn't have all the gimmicky technology, the bells and whistles, and you may scoff, but its totally true. The thing filled all the way up with water, agitated like no other and got it all done in a reasonable about of time. You could also control the amount of water for each load, as opposed to some "sensor" (yea right, if I knew what I was looking for, I'd almost be tempted to bust the thing open to see if there really is a "sensor" telling the machine how much water to use. How can I tell if I can't even open the darn thing while its working?) doing it for you. *Sigh* I long for that old Whirlpool machine now. Seriously, if someone went back in time and brought be a brand new washing machine from the 50's or 60's, I'd throw this piece of crap in the back alleyway and leave it for some sucker to pick it up.

I hate this thing (Maytag MVWC400XW Top Load Washer).

Wish I could get rid of it and get my money back.

Don't buy it.
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on March 16, 2018
I bought this washer in 2011 to replace an old but reliable direct drive Whirlpool. Let’s just say it took a while to get used to the sounds these new MVW style washers make and the way it cleans cloths. Whirlpool introduced this new style belt driven top load washer in 2011. Mine doesn’t have an agitator, it has a wash plate. I thought I’d miss the agitator, but after a while and with some reading of how the new kind work, I got used to it. It cleans pretty good, but yes it takes a long time to finish. There were some issues with reliability, the bolt on the drive pully became loose which caused a heck of a racket, but was a simple fix with some Loctite on the bolt. A few years later another common part broke which caused it not to spin. The Shift Actuator. Simple fix and was about $30 on Amazon. These washers are very easy to work on and as long as I can fix it I’ll keep it. Over all it’s been a pretty reliable washer besides what I mentioned. It gets a lot of use, about 6-8 loads a week. Hardly ever goes off balance, and if it does it tries to correct itself. Overall it’s somewhat quiet, except for a loud lid lock and clicking of the shift actuator. Some of the newer MVW washers have agitators again, and deep water washes which is good. I use the Bulky setting mostly because it fills with more water.

I recommend this style washer, just give it time and learn how the new types work. However, if you have an older mechanical timer direct drive from the 80s or 90s. Keep it. They were built like a tank. Btw, Whirlpool makes almost ever brand of washer these days. They make Kenmore, Maytag, Roper, etc. I’d recommend Whirlpool over LG or Samsung appliances any day.
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on May 5, 2012
DO NOT BUY THIS WASHING MACHINE!!! I did and I totally regret it. I have had it for 14 months and for the last 2 weeks it won't spin the water out and it stops working during the wash cycle. The repairman came out (100.00) and told me he recalibrated it (WHAT????) I put a load of towels in~ same thing not washed and soaking wet in the tub!!! I called him back and he said that it seems like it has forgotten how to do the cycle (again..WHAT??) He had to order a new controller and it will take 7 to 10 business days to come in and he isn't even sure that is the problem!! I took my laundry to my son's house and washed it in his front loading Kenmore and the clothes were REMARKABLY cleaner than they are coming out of my washer!!!! This washer was a BIG MISTAKE!!!! No help from Maytag or Home Depot!! Save your money!!
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on April 21, 2013
This machine is very disappointing, I regret not researching it and seeing some of these spot-on, negative reviews. I assumed that the brand was excellent and liked the energy saving aspects. We have already had to have a Maytag repairman make a house call due to malfunction of the "sensor"
(after waiting days for a part to come in the mail). We had to pay for labor even though we had only had the machine a few months. Return or exchange was not an option. Even with the replaced part, the clothes are often partly dry because the sensor does not add enough water. The cycles are very long and it is unclear to me what, if anythng, is happening to the wash load. I regret not getting a traditional machine with the capacity to select the size of the load and reliable function. DO NOT BUY THIS WASHING MACHINE
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on October 16, 2011
Purchased this Washer and Maytag Dryer from Home Depot. After delivery and my first Wash. After Sensing the Wash cycle came it makes considerable LOUD motor noise for that, then it moves on but still every time it came back to WASH it was same type of noise. Called Home Depot they politely asked me to call Maytag. Being it was Saturday had to wait till Monday. Meanwhile, tried to read the owner's manual it does mentioned cycle noise (what kind?). However, I am not still convinced and will have to call Monday again. Hopefully, Maytag will understand what I am trying to explain. Aslo, have to use the recommended detergent? Why the applicances should be more complecated?
I wish I could make video for this so that my comment will make some sense.
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on June 5, 2012
We got the new Maytag on sale a month ago. I love it! There are three of us at home now, and our old Maytag, which lasted 26 years, was a heavy duty size. It finally died and we decided to go with something smaller and more energy efficient.

This machine does a great job on our laundry. It uses at least half the water our old one did, even though we could preset water levels on the old one. It was simple to find HE detergent and it wasn't much more expensive than regular detergent. Plus, you use a very small amount per load.

The best advice I have to offer is to be sure and read the manual. This machine operates differently than old washers. It has no agitator, so your clothes aren't pummeled, but rather are circulated in the water. There are various settings for water temperature combinations and different settings for the type of items you're washing. I've washed lingerie, full loads of towels, jeans, and cotton shirts without a bit of trouble, and they all come out smelling fresh and clean. Even my husband's perspiration-soaked t-shirts came out perfectly clean.

And when the clothes come out of the machine, they can be pretty wrinkled. I think the strong spin cycle does an excellent job of getting the water out. I just give each piece a shake and throw it into the dryer, and the wrinkles are gone. And since they get spun so well, they are in the dryer for shorter lengths of time. Very efficient!

I will admit that the machine makes some pretty odd sounds. Our machine is in the basement, so it doesn't matter. When it starts up, it makes a humming sound and then when the water goes in, it's in short bursts. Doesn't matter to me.

And neither does the locking lid. I don't care if it locks or not. If I miss a sock or pair of undies, they go into another load. And you can actually click to open the lock if necessary.

I'm going on record as a fan of the washer. If something happens, I'll write again.
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on June 17, 2013
This washer's transmission makes a loud noise. It sounds like a GRINDER!
Even with the laundry room door close you can still here it.

I should have read the reviews before I bought it
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on July 23, 2011
I bought this washer to replace a Kenmore combo washer dryer. I tried to fix the washer (it stopped spinning and started to leak water, source unknown. I replaced the timer myself, but the water still leaked. Kenmore is built almost like a car; just to get to one area you need to dismantled almost the whole darn thing and I didn't want to call a repairman. The timer plus s&h cost $156, so I through in the towel and bought this washer. I am amaze that people don't understand or read instructions. First of all, it works with any detergeants. Maytag would rather you use what they recommend, but hello! if it's not available, use what you have. Second, if you go mud racing don't expect any washing machine in the world to get your clothes white, not even using clorox according to instructions will get them white again. Buy new clothes. In summary, add detergeant, add clothing, select the washing cycle, extra rinse if necessary, fabric softner, water temperature and there is an extra clean option if you want to select. Close the lid, press the button and walk away. If you want to cry after all of this, call someone who cares! The new no agitator technology washing machine works for me.
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on March 3, 2015
Purchased December 2011. Every bad thing written absolutely happened to me. Noticed from the beginning clothes didn't seem to get clean. Yes, SOAP always on my dark clothes - ALWAYS have to do an extra rinse spin cycle. I am down to using maybe 1/8th cup of HE soap and still have soap on my clothes. Piece of crap. Now, after 38 months, YEP, it stopped spinning. I should have had ABT take the machine back after the first week. NO WAY am I putting one more dollar into this piece of crap.
Planning on buying the most basic Roper model washer - I understand they are the only ones who make the old fashioned top loading washer. And, only about $350. I will save energy and water by not having to rewash every freaking load. And, I expect my new $350 washer will last more than 10 years. There should be a class action law suit. And I asked a very trusted store to make a recommendation as I needed a washer and I had always been so pleased with their service. Serves me right for not doing adequate homework.
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on March 16, 2015
It's terrible and I hate using it.
It doesn't clean well, not at all. It drains almost immediately if the lid is not closed (so,if you run to grab something and don't make it back in time the machine drains and there is no way to stop it), and this means you cannot pre soak!
It makes weird noises.
It's the most temperamental washer EVER! Every item of clothing MUST be arranged perfectly!

I HATE it. Everyday I wish I had my old washer back.
Do not buy this washer.
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