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on December 26, 2007
Ok, I did A LOT of research before I bought this one. I didn't want it to be too strong (I am a woman of average strength and I didn't want it to be able to move me like a firehouse.., and I have kids and I didn't want them to blast off a toe or something), nor too hard to use, like a big gas unit..,

But I wanted it to be strong enought to do the job and high enough quality to hold up over time.

It took me over 6 months to make a dang decision about which one to buy.

This one seemed to be a good price for the PSI and attachments, and had decent reviews.

So here's what I think. I could handle a little more pressure, (but just a little), mostly when the spray nozzle is being used (when the water is dispersed, it cuts the pressure a lot, it's much higher in the steady stream, and this is true of all units I think).., but it does blast oil out of cement, which is pretty darn impressive. It is very easy to use. It was easy to hook up, the attachments are onboard in a good place,a nd I like the big wheels and the very long cord and tubing.

One feature that really irritates me to no end: It never fails that about 30-40 minutes in, the assembly that attches the garden hose into the unit pops off and I have to shut everything down and re-attach it. My husband says this could be solved by going to the hardware and replacing the PLASTIC attachement assembly with a metal one. He says this would be easy to do, and is standard hose size.., but we haven't tried so I'm not sure if this piece would be so easy to find. This was not a cheap unit, and overall is very well built.., and after lots of use (months) everything still works and it's holding up. But for the $$ they REALLY should have used metal attachments. The cheap plastic is just silly. They are making their own product a lot less valuable for what would be a very small increase to them in manufacturing.

Other than that, I'm happy with the purchase. I think the PSI is accurate and it's only my lack of experience that had me buying one that was not quite as strong as I wanted. However, it's WAY stronger than the three other electrics I had tried that belonged to my friends, and I think you may have to go to gas to get better PSI, and I'm not sure I would be willing to give up the convience and ease of use when I could only handle a little more PSI. Of course my husband wants one that can blow off a toe.., but I don't think we'll being going that way any time soon. Happy washing!
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on June 16, 2008
Works perfectly any problems I had were self inflicted the design is very good and well worth it never owned another so can't compare.

I have only used for about 6 hours and so far perfect.

Not much to say except for the general tasks I purchased it for namely 1)Cleaning the years of dirt and algae off my deck (moderate size) so I could seal it did an excellent job just takes time but plenty of power just a narrow high pressure stream as expected. LOL: I cleaned the top of the deck perfectly not knowing that I was not using it correctly and did not dispense the cleaner and it had more than enough pressure to clean the deck without the cleaner. With the cleaner even better :-) 2) Clean the grunge off my foundation excellent job. Adjustable pressure nozzle works great so easy to lower pressure near siding so as not to damage the finish while using full high pressure to clean the concrete. 3) Reclaimed an older outdoor plastic table I gave up for lost it cleaned it with only a little post cleaning with Clorox by hand (Clorox would destroy the power washer) to get the mildew off now looks like new. 4) On low pressure did a great job cleaning the cars all you have to do is wipe them down after to avoid spotting but this is always needed great time saver. Just a cross Section of what I have done so far and did a great job on all highly recommended hope this gives you an idea of this products capability and versatility.

Negative is that it uses a 1:7 mixture for cleaner which means with the small on board tank it runs out real quick (but easy to re-fill so no biggie and the pressure hose is necessarily stiff and hard to store it on the un it they need more tiedowns but it is still good enough as is.

Hope you find this useful. OH Get at least an 1800 PSI spend the extra less pressure will take more time per job and did need full pressure for stubborn dirt.
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on August 7, 2007
I've had many pressure washers over the years and this one has proven to be the best. It has a lot of power for being an electric pressure washer.

I use it to clean off the sidewalk, windows, gutters, and so on around the house on a regular basis as I live in a tropical climate were the heat and water tend to promote nasty mold in the sidewalk and lani.

Also great for the southern love bug season, I hate these damn bugs, they get all over my vehicles and are just plain nasty as all crap. This pressure washer worked great for getting them off the vehicles. I dread the next season of these stupid love bugs but at least now I have the perfect tool for getting them off my paint.

The adjustable beam on this unit is great. The fine stream is enough to cut through most grease stains if you have them in your driveway (family loves to leave me present).

All in all great design and I would buy again, but I know I wont have to for a while as this is a sturdy, well built product that will work great for years to come.

Added 09-0402:
I've had mine for some time now and well it's still working great! I use it on a regular basis and so far no major issues. Sometimes it'll take a minute to warm up but other than that it has worked pretty good for the past couple years now.
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on October 27, 2014
worked a couple time now won't work.
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on December 13, 2010
This machine does a decent job of cleaning when it works, but it breaks way to easily for the price, and its not built well enough to justify fixing. Too many cheap plastic parts. Consider it to be disposable if you buy it.
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on April 14, 2008
i've used the pressure washer several times. it works great. has alot of pressure. and is easy to use. well designed. everything is easy to assemble, to start up operation. couldn't be happier with it.if u need a good pressure washer, the mcCulloch washer is the one to get.
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on March 13, 2008
i never got this to work, it shorted out and is made out of cheap plastic. didn't come with all the attachments would not recommend this product
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on May 7, 2011
I used this product once, a couple of years ago when it was brand new. Since then, it's been stored in my heated garage and I took it out today to begin to power wash my deck. Unfortunately, it only supplied enough pressure to water a house plant. I saw water leaking from the unit and decided to call McCulloch service. They said yah it's broke, a new part is 600.00 dollars, she continues, you can get a new one for that amount (dah no shh)and attempts to sell me a new one.(what nerve)

Surely, their support staff was trained at comedy school. The piece of junk breaks after one use, they do nothing to stand bye their product, and offer to sell me a new model.(clowns!)

This product and it's support warranty is a total piece of garbage. If you buy anything this company makes, you are wasting your money, Stay away, you are better off using your garden hose for a pressure washer. The sooner this company goes out of business, the safer the buying public will be!. You have been warned!
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on June 5, 2008
Since my old power washer finally failed on me (4+years old) I decided I needed a new one. I read lots of reviews and certainly didn't want to purchase one that would stop working after a few uses.

I finally decided on this McCulloch. The price was about right and the power was sufficient (18OO PSI). I didn't need anything more powerfull than that.

When the McCulloch came it was very easy to assemble and start using. I've used it for lots of "spring cleaning" projects and I love it.

The only minor complaint I have is a design one. It doesn't seem to have a very good way to store the Power Washer Hose. There are some "hooks" on the front\back, but these are lacking in the ability to keep the hose attached properly. Otherwise I'd probably give this 4 1/2 stars if I could.
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on May 16, 2008
Got this JUNK from the Thank You network. It failed even the assembly test - the thing is so badly manufactured that the connection to which the pressure hose connects on the body of the washer was completely misaligned. There was no way I could connect the nozzle. OK - I thought it happens. I tried to call their 1-800-521-8559 support number and was on hold for 42 Minutes both on the Customer Service and Sales lines and then they cut me off. I did not even talk to a human! Their website is a joke. This is a typical bottom of the barrel company trying to dump poorly built stuff on the consumer. DO NOT BUY this and encourage such companies that dont give a hoot about the customer.

I'm returning this and telling every retailer to dump this.
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