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on February 4, 2013
I read the reviews and hoped against hope that this would work for my dad, but I was skeptical. It looks like it has TOO many things for someone to remember or look at or see... but I ordered it and set up the alarms and loaded the pills in for my dad. I explained it to him, but with his loss of short term memory, really didn't expect him to remember or to be able to figure out how to turn off the alarm by himself. He's 81 and lives alone. He had been having great difficulty taking just one days meds without confusing the day ones from the night ones or did he already take Friday nights pills, ...? If you don't know what day it is, looking at a calendar or a seven day pill box isn't necessarily going to help. Calling him in the morning and again at night didn't seem to be helping, either. I'd stop by in the afternoon and check his pill container and see that he'd taken too much or none or the wrong day (which is better than too many days!).
So far, we are 4 days with this system and he has not had one mistake. I really didn't think it was going to work, but thought we'd give it a shot before I had to start going to his house in the morning and again at night. The alarm telling him the time, day, month and date and what pills to take (morning, afternoon, evening or night) really helps him. REALLY helps him. He knows how to turn the alarm off, turn the container upside down to show red when he's done with the entire days pills and to check the time, day, month and date and next time he has to take his pills.
For my dad to know he's losing his memory, this is one huge step for him to keeping his independence a bit longer which in turn affects his attitude, outlook and lessens the stress.
Filling the containers is a bit more of a hassle than the weekly ones and there's not always going to be enough pills with all prescriptions to fill an entire months worth, but those do not outweigh the benefits of his independence, the accuracy of his pill taking now, and the less stress for him and for me.
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on April 17, 2016
I really like the concept. I purchased this for my elderly mom who forgets to take her pills. That, combined with the fact that she has vision issues and also doesn't know the day or date and I thought this would work great. The first thing I had a problem with was I had trouble opening the pill boxes. If I have trouble, my mom would not be able to do it at all. Maybe they were tight because they were new, and maybe they would loosen up, but I knew my mom wouldn't be able to open them. Since she lives by herself and has no one there to help her, it would frustrate her. Second issue was the size--I thought it was great, but my mom was put off by how large it was sitting on her kitchen counter. She said it made her feel like "a sick person" with a personal pharmacy. I love the alarm part of the medcenter. It has large buttons on top to make for what I thought would be easy operation. I could program the clock so she would know the day and date. It was programmable for up to 4 pill times. It speaks "Good Morning. Please take your pills." it repeats until the red button is pressed. however, my mom could not seem to find the red button on the timer. I don't know why. It is on the top of the timer, and it is RED. I think she was trying to press the red ends of the pill containers or something. It also is a loud timer with an option for VERY LOUD. I made the mistake of not testing the VERY LOUD setting. I thought it would be great in case she was upstairs when the alarm sounded. Instead it scared her, and she panicked not being able to press the red button. So, for us, this did not work. I still think it is a great idea, and if the boxes were easier to open, and if my mom didn't have vision and dementia issues, it probably would have been perfect. I ended up having to return it.
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on March 5, 2017
Organizes well. My wife had an organ transplant and the anti-rejection medications MUST be taken religiously at the specific time. The 4 chambers hold all the pills for each timed dose and the red/green tracks the day well.The daily pill boxes are small enough to fit in a pocket so if you're out when pill time occurs, there's no problem. The clock is loud and simple to set. About the only improvement I'd make is the ability to buy replacement pill boxes alone. Eventually she'll either damage or misplace a box and an easy to obtain replacement would be useful.
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on July 11, 2017
Very helpful -- bought for my mother who forgets to take her pills. The automatic reminders have made a huge difference. Feel much better knowing that she is getting her meds properly.

Only a couple of issues -- the #1 box was broken when we received it so that the evening cap was broken off but since we dont use the second section I put a label on it and it works fine. I can order replacement pill boxes but since it works I haven't. It is nice to know that if one breaks it can be replaced!

The other issue is that the lids are fairly tight and were a bit difficult opening originally. After some playing with them it was found that if you use your thumb and slide it up the front of the container and press up on the lid they pop open easier. My mother has not had any problems since.
The boxes can be a bit tight in the base sometimes but she has no problem getting them out -- just an observation.
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on January 7, 2014
this timer med machine has been great, but is going the way of all currently china made products, lasted pretty much two years. the pill container lids have been getting loose and tearing off the boxes, and now the timer has gone to it's great reward. it will not tell the correct date/time, and I can no longer trust it to be accurate. it's a shame, 'cause my 93 year old mother outlived the machines use. buy a new one? which will live longer this time? ;)
I bought a spare monthly box set, so that if anything happened to me, I would have two months filled, so as to cover the change in month if needed. (of course I ended up in the hospital at the end of the month, into the beginning of the next month) worthy purchase, especially if you have two to three months of meds to set up at once.
no really, this is a simple machine, you would think it would last 5 years or more. yet, at this price and even for two years use, it's still a good buy. five years would have gotten 5 stars, two gets three.
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on June 23, 2017
I am incredibly impressed by this product. I cannot speak to its effectiveness yet (just got it). I had to spend several times explaining how it works to my Aunt, who has memory issues. Had to keep explaining and repeating. But that is not the fault of the product. It may be my Aunt's memory issues are too severe. We shall see. But the entire set-up and purpose is darned near perfect, in my opinion.

Tip: for those complaining about the difficulty with opening the tabs for the pill compartments? Yes, that is true. Some are difficult. But the trick is to flip them open on a corner of the tabs instead of in the center. Then it's a breeze. Problem solved!
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on October 14, 2016
I got this for my 87 year old mother who is somewhat vision and hearing challenged. She can see but she just couldn't tell the difference between the dates and green and read. Not real sure why but it just didn't work for her. The alarm was pretty straight forward and would wake the dead if you don't have a hearing problem. Of course, she does and cannot make out what it is saying. Also, opening these containers are a bit challenging for her as well. Tough to open. She really had to put in the effort and when it did open, pills went flying! I think this is a great idea but for those folks with vision, hearing issues, and frail hands, it just isn't the solution! Too bad as is a great idea and fairly well made.
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on July 2, 2017
This product has literally saved our sanity. My 89 year old grandmother lives with us and has dementia. With our busy lives, we needed something that would keep us on track with her meds. This is an awesome device and I highly recommend it. We used the alarm at first, but now we are on a schedule and don't rely on it as much. However, the alarm is handy if we change dosage schedules. This is also very helpful if you have caregivers coming into the house. I forgot to set my Grandma's pills out one day and was able to just tell the aid where the box was. It really gives you peace of mind and one less thing to worry about. Want to learn more about my adventures with Grandma? Visit
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on August 23, 2012
I bought this item for my grandmother, who is in the early stages of dementia. She was taking her pills at the wrong time, or taking too many, and while my mother would write out what she was to take when she still ended up overdosing or underdosing on some things.

With this, my mother sets up the pills for a month, and every morning she makes sure the daily pill box is set out. My grandma can tell right away which pills she's taken and which ones she still needs to take. Also, the color coding helps her keep track of which days are done and which ones are still ahead.

Both of my grandparents love it because it ensures that Grandma takes her pills correctly. She has also had her nurse ask where we got it because it's so useful. The clock is great too because Grandma can push the button and it TELLS her the date and time.

The only reason this gets 4 stars instead of 5 is because the lids on the pill cases are sometimes hard to open even for those of us who aren't elderly and arthritic. Overall though, great product and I'd recommend it to anyone having trouble keeping track of their pills, or their caretakers.
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on October 17, 2015
Fantastic product. Really helped my mother keep track of her medications - and the large capacity meant I didn't have to stop in frequently to refill, so mom felt very independent.

Some have complained about how difficult the compartments are to open. You have to remember to push back then up so that the clasp will open, otherwise it is nearly impossible to get the compartment open - which is good, it keeps the pills secure. Once we realized that, opening each compartment was quite easy.

Two suggestions for design improvement. Instead of four rows of eight, make five rows of seven so that you can set up the pill caddies like the monthly calendar. Also, rethink the display or holder for the clock - when the caddy is on a standard height counter, it is hard to see the clock display. I understand that it may work when you are sitting at a table, but it's very difficult to see if you are standing at the kitchen counter. Perhaps a small, angled plastic piece that you could snap on to the bottom of the clock or set in the tray caddy to angle the clock about 15-20 degrees for easier reading.
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