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on March 11, 2017
Good Product I like it
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on October 14, 2010
OK...So I got suckered into buying this with the Amazon $20 pre-order bonus. This game isn't worth $20 period. Once the novelty of the Afgan location and fighting the Taliban/Al Queda wears off (after about the first 10 minutes), you're left with a military shooter that consists of:

1) Kick in door.
2) Shoot dumbass enemies who take turns popping their heads up so you're sure to get the all-important head shot.
3) Move to open field area.
4) Shoot dumbass enemies who take turns running around in circles out in the open.
5) Move to next building.
6) Go back to step #1, rinse & repeat.

All the while you're listening to a non-stop (literally non-stop) radio chatter dialogue that seems to include everyone in the military except YOUR character. To be fair, there are some "challenges" along the way that do serve to break up the monotony, somewhat. But when you're lasing targets that can't hit the broadside of a barn or you're dropping missile & gatling gun fire on dug-in Taliban that just stand there and watch you blow them away...I mean, WHERE'S ALL THE REALISM we were promised? If it were truly this easy, the Afgan War would've been over in mere days.

I don't know about the online multiplayer aspect because I don't care about the online multiplayer aspect. Once upon a time (before online multiplayer, which usually isn't done right anyway), game developers developed a COMPLETE GAME and sold it to the masses. This "complete" SP Campaign, that anyone with opposable thumbs can complete in one afternoon, is such a RIP-OFF that I really don't have much else to say. Yeah, it was kind of fun while it lasted...Then the moon came out and it was already over.

Developers/Producers/Marketers SHOULD BE TAKEN TO TASK and be forced to answer for ripping-off the gaming public with $60 games like this that are over in less time than you spent sleeping last night. SIMPLY UNFORGIVABLE AND I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER DICE OR EA PRODUCT AGAIN!! There...I did my part. Now it's YOUR TURN!
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on October 13, 2010
Alright, it sucks I have to put a disclaimer in my own review, but when dealing with video games and a crowd with a large number of hairless-chest thumping Justin Biebers, the word "fanboy" gets thrown around WAY too much. I will start my review by saying I own CoD4, MW2, and now MoH. I played the BFBC2 beta, I downloaded BF 1943 when it first released on the Playstation Store, but I have never played BFBC1 or the full release of BFBC2, so I came into the latest MoH with only a slight familiarity with the feel of EA's DICE games. If anything, I'm a fanboy of Frontline, and a frequent player of MW2, but understand and appreciate the different approach EA/DICE took with MoH versus Activision with MW2.

I used to play MoH: Frontline for hours, loved the soundtrack, and pre-ordered Rising Sun, but still returned to Frontline, which stands as my favorite modern release wartime FPS (Duke Nukem 3d being my #1 all time fav). I've played MoH games long before I ever stepped foot into a Call of Duty game.

This game was hyped up like crazy. Nobody expected Treyarch to throw in the towel with Black Ops because of this game, but MoH has failed to live up to said hype. Not to say that it's a horrible game. I got tired of reading "I want a refund! I can't play online!"... It's day 1 kids, relax, be patient, play the campaign mode, do your pre-algebra homework, inspect your lip for any incoming mustache hairs, or do whatever it is 13 year olds do these days.

I pre-ordered MoH for a couple reasons. To keep me occupied until Black Ops releases (because I'm tired of MW2) and to re-live Frontline. I played the beta. It was rough, but most betas are. EA seemed to respond to a lot of the feedback so I assumed the release would be a bit more polished. It is, but only slightly.

Starting with the single player campaign:

I'm only halfway through and I've moderately enjoyed the campaign thus far, but still have a few gripes. I started on medium difficulty, thinking it'd be challenging enough to keep me entertained, but not overwhelmingly difficult. Now that I've played through this far, I'm thinking I should have just jumped on hard. I've only died once, and I'll explain why in just a minute. I have had, on multiple occasions, AI walk AROUND me to go fire at my team, leaving me completely unnoticed and unharmed as if I were invisible. As other reviewers have pointed out, the enemy can be hiding behind a soggy Kleenex and be completely safe from your fire. The environment is semi-destructible. I was able to shoot a few rounds at a stack of tires and chip off tires one by one to reveal the enemy's head (well, a teensy little bit of his turban), but the wooden crate he was hiding behind must have been filled with blocks of lead, because nothing made it through.

Even being somewhat out in the open, if the enemy fires at you, no need to run and duck for cover, just watch for the flash reports and aim for his head... trust me, you'll have time.

The only time I've died was while playing the second mission, called Breaking Bagram. We cleared and secured the airfield, but once we made it into the warehouse, the fourth guy was missing (Mother? I'm not sure who's who). So when we secure the warehouse and start making our way over to the tower, my team just holds up in the second floor of the warehouse waiting on this dude to get there, but he never shows. And at that point, the entrance to the warehouse is sealed shut. I've reloaded at the last checkpoint, everybody is accounted for, but once we get into the warehouse, he's gone... I've done this several times with no change. My teammate VooDoo waits by a door upstairs in the warehouse, so after we cleared out the warehouse I ran up to this door before VooDoo could block it and I was able to walk right through it (just like using the "idclip" cheat code in Doom (that's an old (and awesome!) computer game for you Teen Disney watchers)). After clipping through the door, I go downstairs and look outside to see nothing... literally, absolutely nothing. It's just white. I step outside and immediately fall underneath the map.. I keep falling, watching the map above me getting smaller and smaller.. then finally I smack and die and have to start allover again. I finally had to replay the entire mission to get through this level, not sure where this fourth dude kept hiding out, but he is seriously not a good wingman. Chump.

Multiplayer is, well.. an experience. I've played all available matches, mostly as Rifleman, and have an hour of online game time racked up so far and I'm already bored with the maps they keep sticking me on, especially when I play hardcore and it gives you random match types, but will put you on the same exact map 2-3 times in a row. There's only a total of like 4 maps, too. Pretty unexciting. Unless you love the taste of a sniper's bullet in your mouth, your best bet is to stay on the ground. Don't look over walls, don't hop up on buildings, crates, ladders, etc, stay low and stay covered, or else you're sniped. Even on CoD, I'm always on the move, but not a run-and-gun type player. I look around corners, I sneak behind enemies (I always get "Most time near enemies"), but this technique doesn't work here. I think the only way to produce successful numbers are sniping. I have about a 50/50% K/D ratio, so it's not that I'm horrible at this game, but seriously, MP needs some work. There's still a die-delay after being shot. Countless times I come across an enemy player and we both shoot and kill each other. I know that's possible at extreme random times, but this will happen multiple times within 1 team deathmatch round that only lasts a few minutes.

Frontline: This is at least half the reason I bought this game. Seriously, if it weren't for being able to play Frontline again, plus now I can play for trophies, I might have just taken this to GameStop and traded it for BFBC2. It's not that it's the crappiest game I've ever played (it's not, by far), but it definitely hasn't lived up to the hype. I could tough out playing MW2 until Black Ops comes out. I know a lot of it can be patched, but just because it can be doesn't mean it will be, we'll just have to hope for the best.

If you have any questions about anything I said (or didn't say), please comment and I'll address. Bottom line, this game is fun, but it's a lot of unmet hype. Get it, you'll like it as long as you keep an open mind and don't set your expectations as high as the hype told you to. It has potential to be better, it has potential to be a LOT better, but will never be game of the year material.

*EDIT* 19-Oct-2010

Ok, not so much of a review edit, but more of a heads up that I will soon be adding to this. I've been able to get more game play in, mostly on multiplayer, so I'll be able to share a bit more of my opinion on this game. In a nutshell, I'm liking it more than I did with the first few hours of play I had, but not sure I'm to the point where I'm going to change the star rating. Plus, I shared my dislikes and never really got to touch up on the likes. Stay tuned...

*EDIT* 22-Oct-2010

Alright, now I've got a few moments to add onto this review.

Single player - I still stand by most of what I said about single player above, the enemy is comprised of slow-to-fire, horrible aim idiots, and your teammates are quicker to the trigger, but just as horrible of a shot as the enemy is. To parrot what others have said, I would like to have more freedom to move about, but it's basically follow your teammate(s) on the invisible track throughout every level. I've restarted the game on hard and I really don't see a difference between it and medium difficulty that I initially started playing. I haven't run into any new bugs, the closest thing that I've come across though is the shot/impact delay. For example, I'll shoot at a wall approximately 10-15 yards away from me and there will literally at least a half-second delay from the point of pulling my trigger and hearing the blast to the actual impact of the bullet. This is acceptable if I were doing 600 yard sniping, but not within spitting distance. Hopefully this is something they can patch since it's supposed to be a realistic game.

Multiplayer - I don't know what it is, but there seems to be much less sniping going on. Snipers can still be an issue, but they don't appear to be as problematic as before. I have not played my gameplay style whatsoever, but I'm living longer, getting higher K/D rations, more points, etc. There is still the death delay problem. If you're firing an automatic rifle and get sniped, for example, you'll still be standing, but your gun will quit firing for a half second before you actually die. Almost giving you this weird "did my game just freeze up on me?!" feeling.

Overall - The graphics for the most part look great, but still some odd, random "wth is that supposed to be?" moments. Like in the first level when you're waiting on a missile strike to open up this huge gate. The dirt and debris falling down to the ground is just brown streaks, very much like something you'd see on a Wii or PS2 FPS. Why they cut corners on stuff like that while putting in so much detail in other areas, I don't know. Like one of the multiplayer maps, if you look off in the far distance, you can see trucks driving down roads, and these have nothing at all to do with the game play. They can do that, but they can't do better than a half-arse brown smudge for debris?

I'm enjoying the game a lot more than I did the first few days. The storyline is ok so far, nothing too extreme, but nothing too boring either. I will continue to update as I continue playing this game.. until Nov 9, that is.

Any questions? Please post and I'll respond.
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on July 6, 2011
This is the closest game available that is as close to being there, I as a fellow soldier and veteran I have walk in these men's shoes and I can atest to its realism; the real-world battle physics is both accurate and real not like other shooters when you fire an RPG it will either bring down a building or blow up your ride with you in it. This is real life uncut and unedited. This is only for those who like there games as real to life as it gets!
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on December 19, 2010
This was a very realistic, fun game where it felt like you were a special ops person on a mission in Afghanistan. The problem is it is WAY too short in regular campaign mode.

I have played literally ALL of the Medal of Honor ("MOH") games made, from the PS1 to current. I've always loved them all, except maybe Frontline, for either the replayability or multiplayer (the OLD "multiplayer" meaning with a buddy NEXT to you). Some have been better than others but they've all had their high points that made worth paying the price. MOH: Rising Sun, for example, was fairly short but when you played the split screen method with a friend next to you or the battle mode against each other, it was very fun.

MOH for the PS3 may ROCK with online multiplayer. I don't know. I am an "old school" person in that I prefer to do the simple one player "campaign modes" on games or multiplayer with a friend in the same room as me. To me regardless of how neat and fantastic a game's ONLINE features are, the regular features should be awesome and the primary focus of a video game designer, with the online features being a secondary as they can be updated later on anyways.

Medal of Honor for the PS3 seemed like it was made to try and "modernize" all of the previous WW2 PS1 & PS2 editions to compete with the Call of Duty games. It really does a good job in its authenticity and realism, but the problem is about 6-7 hours (give or take) after starting you're finished. When I passed it it felt like it should've been at about the half-way point. Seriously. It was over and I was waiting through the credits, thinking MAYBE there would be another sequence, but there was not.

This was REALLY frustrating, because it WAS a FUN GAME. It was intense, well thought-out, great graphics, solid storyline and was exciting.

I guess it is a "personal preference" thing as far as IF the online multiplayer gaming outweighs buying a game and playing it and having fun, but to me it felt like if there is a scale as to the importance of online multiplayer vs campaign one player, this would have been about 70% emphasis on online features to 30% actual one player campaign gameplay.

To editorialize a little, since I have loved MOH games SO much the past decade, after playing this game I am frustrated that the future of gaming is emphasizing basically what the internet provided years prior in non-personal gaming where you fight with 12 year olds in other countries online like in World of Warcraft. I'd rather pay for a game and be able to pop it into my system and play it and have it be worth the money without having to go online and engage with others. I wish they'd come out with two versions of games like this: 1 where the single player game is stupid and short but online is awesome, and the other where if there is online it is minimal but the single players game is long and worth paying for a CD game.

Bottom-line: if you like online gaming then look at other comments for feedback/reviews, but if you are like me in you like being able to sit down after a long week of work and just play a game then this one is not worth the money currently. Disappointed considering all of the past MOH games I played, still own, and still play when my buddies are over.
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on October 28, 2010
Single player short, is true it takes like 6 hours as people say and if you have experience with this games like MW2 and play in hard mode still feels very very easy. Could have better graphics I will score 4 on that.

I do like Online Multiplayer I think they try to simulate real life combat strategy not like MW2 that people just run and jump and shoot, grenades all over the place, etc.

I have spent like 3 hours playing online and I'm killing more every time I learn how is the map and how to play according to the scenario.

Example: If you see a group of soldiers trying to capture a section and you support that specific fight, of course you have to take cover or try to take advantage on the field you will conquer the spot. However if you try to do everything alone is not going to happen... I think that's the reason why it's called Tier 1.

One thing I notice there is just a few people with headset and this game is a lot about team work and cooperation, attack as a group is totally more effective.

Graphics are fine still say 4 starts not like Uncharted 2 graphics still I think is the best graphics game even do are not the same type of game.

I'm on a 2Mb/s Download 1Mb/s Upload cable modem and did not experience delay however when I first play the game there was a terrible delay and I remember that my torrent client was open seeding a video :S as soon I close it everything was fine.

About environmental damage during multiplayer I have seen some walls getting hit by opposite bullets where I'm getting some cover and you can see like sand or rocks getting disintegrated also boxes and barrels you can move if you run over.

At the beginning could be frustrating:
1-Everybody kills you very easy
2-You learn how to fight back, hit some bullets and anyways you die first.
3-You learn how to shoot and then is when you start killing first (depends on where you hit and how)

Tricky at first entertaining if you try it and work as a tier 1 not running and gunning alone.
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on October 17, 2010
I pre-ordered MoH expecting this game to be the all time Modern Warfare killer that it was hyped up to be. When the reviews from IGN and other game critics came out, I was shocked by the low scores. Nonetheless, I was undeterred and excited for the game to arrive.

Let me tell you that this game is incredible, and after having read a ton of reviews for this game- all the complaints about it are so insignificant and flawed.
First off- this game is beautiful. The scenery and effects (like dust and debris) put this game WAY above the rest.
I already beat the single player campaign, and I loved it. You play as different perspectives of the first team of soldiers to go to Afghanistan. What's particularly awesome is that the game is based of ACTUAL tier 1 operatives stories- this kind of stuff actually happened! The music in this game is a deep and beautiful orchestra that sharpens just at the right time to create the ultimate suspense. I played a couple levels with my buddies and we were all holding our breath and sweating at key parts- super anxious to see how the characters can possible survive. It often reminded me of Killzone 2 (which I believe has the best story to any FPS campaign of all time), when the characters were completely trapped and it seemed like all was lost.
The multiplayer is fun and it seems like I'm just barely scratching the surface. Some of the complaints about the multiplayer are concerning the limited maps. In all honesty, do any of you think that DICE only has 4 areas in their whole repertoire? Of course not- they only released enough to get everyone started, and they're soon to release DLC with more maps and modes- that's just how the industry works.

Not to mention, since the game fits on the blu ray disc with plenty of space to spare, the creators threw in MoF: Frontline for free! How awesome is that?! You seriously cannot go wrong with this game.

Now, gameplay and graphics aside- lets talk about one of the best reason for investing your time and efforts into this game: the trophies! You can get all single player trophies but one your first play through of the campaign, and it's not ridiculous stuff. Usually the multiplayer trophies are crazy, and you have to be some sort of FPS zombie and memorize all the maps and turn into one of those WoW nuts who forgets to eat, but these trophies are actually reasonable and doable. I expect to platinum this game within the next few weeks and that's just while I casually play on weekends.

If you're reluctant- just rent it or check it out at a buddy's. I played MoH with my friends and they are all super anxious to buy it- one of em's ready to go out and buy a PS3 just for this game! It is a beautiful game with amazing graphics and music. The gameplay is SUPER action packed and will keep you on the edge of your seat. The multiplayer is fun and dynamic. Some gaming websites gave it a mediocre score for some really nit-picky and lame reasons, and I encourage everyone to give this game a try and play a few levels and you'll see that this game is way more than you expect!
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on October 14, 2010
Review starts in second paragraph.

I will start by saying IGN gets their review horribly wrong and takes things done by Call of Duty (and Medal of Honor) for years and uses them as negatives, when such things are completely ignored when they review CoD games (such as canned movie moments).

As for my game review, MoH is a solid, but not outstanding game. As you may know, it is made by 2 developers, Dice and Danger Close, as such I will review each aspect seperately.

Single Player: this mode is done by Danger Close and brings a realism to the battlefield lacking in other shooters. The lack of a hud combined with amazingly realistic sound effects and muted visuals creates a feeling of actually being in Afghanistan (without the sand and wizzing bullets). While the graphics are standard fare for the genre, the light angles make the enviroment look like a real desert. The gunplay is fun, but sometimes feels awkward due to the occasionaly poorly timed special sequences (some are well timed) and the ability to never run out of ammo on your main gun (as most missions let you ask an ally for more ammo). All in all though, it is a solid campaign that does a better job of pacing then the balls to the walls adreneline-driven story present in the last few CoD games.

Multi-player: This mode created by Dice leaves me with mixed feelings. What Dice seems to of attempted is a gamemode that splits the line between the fast paced tactical-twitch fighting of CoD with the tactical squad based open battles of Bad Company 2. The maps are generally sized more like CoD maps, with choke points and area's clearly designated by dev's as likely firefight zones. This creates a more close quarters feel, but the one-hit kill of bolt action sniper rifles allows snipers to still thrive in the game. The classes (rifleman:midrange, spec-ops:close range, sniper:long range) are all well balanced and have their purposes, and I like the offensive-deffensive killstreaks that let you decide how best to help your team. For example, if you get 50 points (5 kills, or 4 kills all headshots), you can call in a mortar strike, or a UAV, both of which help your team in different ways. At 100 points, you get a rocket strike or ammo for your whole team. This adds an element to the killstreaks of CoD which are more individual acclaim based. This all sounds good, but the problem comes in two forms. The first is the class levels. They work like in BC2, but having looked at everything I unlock in each class, I feel no need to level up, as nothing past the 9th (of 15) levels in any class appeals to me (after 8 or 9, you unlock the enemy weapons and veteran versions of current weapons). In BC2, each class had 7 unlockable weapons, in MoH, it is really only 3 (or 4). The lack of armaments is a serious concern to me, as there is a complete lack of incentive to lvl up, creating a lack of reason to play. The second problem is that for all the ways the game mixes BC2 and CoD, it fails to capture what makes each a great game. The tactics of BC2 are dumbed down due to the tighter battlefields, and the lack of weapon options removes the customization that makes CoD so enjoyable. Basically, as I play MoH, I wish I was playing BC2 (my fave) or CoD instead.
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on January 26, 2014
This was the first Medal of Honor game I ever bought for my PS3 and the last "great" one. After playing the lackluster Vanguard installment for the PS2 (and also for Wii), I wanted to check out what this one was/is like. But I already know what this MoH is all about. Unlike all the Medal of Honor titles, this is the "more hardcore" type in the series, and the first out of all of them to be rated M for Mature audiences ages 17+ (the earlier games were rated T for Teen since the original Medal of Honor for the original Playstation) by the ESRB.

MoH2010 is rough, raw, and way more violent than its older gen counterparts. It feels more real, more gritty, and more darker. Heck, I find it much darker than Medal of Honor: Frontline - which is bundled with this only for us PS3 owners. Speaking of "Frontline", when I was not playing the current 2010 game, I switch to Frontline HD to see some of the intriguing improvements over the PS2 original. Of course, Medal of Honor: Frontline HD (on MOH2010) has the same content from the originally released version of the game. Nothing has changed. Before I began playing the HD version, I had to set the aspect ratio of the screen to the 16:9 HD widescreen setting (kind of like in a more cinematic movie format). The reimagined visuals and contrast in that is so vibrant, it makes the PS2 version of Frontline (later also on Gamecube and Xbox when later released back in 2002) look so gaudy but the PS2 version will always be a legendary classic, even for those still at home like myself still playing Playstation 2 while most of us have moved on with the PS3 and the new PS4 console.

Trophies are present in both MOH 2010 and MOHFL HD, but I unlocked more trophies in Frontline PS3 than in "2010". The multiplayer in MOH 2010 I found the most complicated when playing against others online via PlayStation Network. It's good but I never win a multiplayer mode, but hey not everybody is a winner. It's a bias perspective. The Story mode (or as Career Mode as called in the game) was easy in the beginning but as continue playing it got rough. On the other hand, the story feels short and rushed much like in EA's other game property "Army of Two" and its sequels. After I finished the game, I played it again this time in its hardcore "Tier 1" Mode which is much more raw than the main portion of the game as a whole.

The soundtrack, now let me get this straight, I'm not really fond of. Ramin Dijawadi (who I recognized for composing the score for the Iron Man movie from 2008) did the music for this game, but none of the music in this MoH is as interesting as the ones composed by Michael Giacchino who expecially known from all old-school Medal of Honor fans who composed music for the original, Underground, Airborne, Allied Assault, and of course my all-time fave in the original WWII series "Frontline". While Giacchino's MOH game scores were very dramatic and operatic in the originals, Dijawadi's score for this signifies the game's overall "Modern War" setting. Suppose if EA does revive the franchise in another 10 years or so, I wouldn't be happy enough to see that if Hans Zimmer would do the score for a future installment.

Overall, this was the best, but final decent, Medal of Honor game I have played since the original. Although despite some of its flaws, like Rising Sun and European Assault with their dreckful flaws, all is forgiven with this one. This installment was the highest promoted game in the series when it was first released in 2010 and sold so many copies. I even remember hearing about a reboot of this and EA's other popular game franchise, Need for Speed, with a reboot of one of their older installments of that series, Hot Pursuit (also in 2010), for this day and age of consoles. There is only 2 exclusive content bonuses in this than in the Xbox 360 and PC versions, with the digitally remastered version of Medal of Honor: Frontline being the major of it all.

With that said, in conclusion, this isn't all that bad as you thought this would be. This game is worth of playing and a recommendation from me (or others following suit beside). If you're a Medal of Honor: Frontline fan and/or as a fan of the entire franchise, I suggest any one with a PS3 to pick up the aforementioned console port of this. Anyway, I come in close with much painful agony hearing, seeing and playing what the "WORST" the Medal of Honor series has to offer and that's why next time, I will see and play the game that *killed* the franchise for life and will pretty much put me in so much pain as I get ready for what is the final game of the franchise, Medal of Honor: Warfighter.
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on October 16, 2010
This game is a very well thought out, researched, and put together game. the campaign mode follows significant events within the Spec Ops community. I have read the books of the events that take place to go along with the story line, and from actual accounts from people that were there, i commend the creators of this game for getting the story out to the gamer generation. now enough kissing ass. The game has a very short campaign mode, i played through it on hard in just under 7 hours. the online play is at best an acquired taste. the weapon upgrades are realistic, but as i have read in other reviews not as catchy as they are for MW2. there are limited maps, and when you play they tend to do the same map 2 and sometimes 3 times in a row. better not stray to far from cover on multiplayer though. the damage is short and sweet. 3 or 4 hits and you're out, and when you take damage it is unlike MW2 where you duck and cover for a few seconds and you're fresh. it actually takes a little bit behind cover to heal and be ready to roll out again at 100%. A new (to me) feature is playing through the game on Tier 1 mode. this allows a person to go back through the game in a special mode to earn medals and accomadations for fastest times completing missions, fastest multi-kills and head shots, and compare how you are doing against players from around the world. this is the bragging rights board and you have to be on top of your game to get a slot on it. so if you are a competitor amongst 1st person shooters this is an awesome challenge for even the best 1st person shooters to hold your spot and better your self at your own acheivments.
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