Customer Reviews: Medal of Honor Warfighter - Xbox 360
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on November 11, 2012
Generally speaking, the people who give this game a low rating are those who prefer the Call of Duty (COD) series. They are judging this game, a military combat simulation game, against COD which is essentially an arcade game. I have played both, and enjoyed both, but they are different. In COD the player runs around as a loner trying to kill as many enemies as possible in a chaotic environment. In Medal of Honor Warfighter, the player has objectives to meet while working with teammates- much more realistic than COD. So, when you read the stars ratings, be aware of that. This is an excellent game, if you want to do a little more thinking while you play. Also, the single player campaign may be the best ever in any game. Brilliant settings, and literally adrenaline raising scenes, not to mention an excellent message for those who risk their lives for us every day.
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on October 31, 2012
I put in a lot of time in the MOH from 2010. Anyone who has played it knows of the QUIT clan lol. Just realize a couple things before purchasing this game. Danger Close had control of the multiplayer on MOH 2010. That's not the same for MOH Warfighter. Dice created single player and multiplayer on this game. Those (like myself) who were used to the MOH 2010 gameplay, really had to take some time to get use to this. I will name some major points, and will not raise any comparisons to other games. This FPS really is in its own element.

Gameplay- It is actually very smooth, and realistic. The times to reload are different on every weapon, and they really did their work on those types on things. Just like the 2010 MOH, it is extremely smooth as far as control. In my OPINION, it is the most solid FPS as far as movement weapon control. All weapons have their own kick as well. The sprint that transitions into a knee slide for this game is set very well. If you want realistic, this is the game you want. And it doesn't take away from the fun of the game. Everything I said goes for the single player and multiplayer. Hand kills in this game are set pretty well. If you want to kill someone from the front, it will take 2 swings if they have full health. So you will not find guys running around the map getting easy kills. It's something that most FPS have really fixed over the past couple years.

Options- This is something I REALLY enjoy about this game. Not only are you able to choose from a wide variety of soldiers, you can also choose a wide variety of classes. All giving you different benefits. It really allows you to play towards your personality. At the same time you can also learn what weopons are used by what countries serviceman. No one is lying when they say that this is a combination of COD and BF. But the fact you can distinguish who you are by country is very unique. Of course you have the option for weapon skin color.

Single player- As someone who served, and one who is married to a military service women... I feel they did a great job with the single player. The worst thing you can do is play this on easy and just try to swing through it. Play it on the hard settings, like a true gamer should. It makes it that much more enjoyable and rewarding. When you do complete the campaign, you open up the option to play it again on tier 1 or hardcore. Hardcore settings is very challenging, and you can open up a very nice achievement by completing it without dying. Very challenging is really nice to have for the hardcore gaming crowd. Download the HD settings if possible, you will not regret it. This game has to best cut scenes out of any FPS hands down! Without spoiling anything, you will also have a couple car missions. Those are very unique and very well made for this game. The story can be a little difficult to track, and I understand that complaint by those who make it. They did make it in a sense where they expect you to know the characters. For those who are purchasing this as their first MOH game, it can lead to a little confusion on that part. If your prior service, I promise you this. You will more than likely enjoy the campaign mode on this game. Especially if you achievement hunt while doing it lol.

Multiplayer- I already covered the gameplay on this, so this will be a little shorter. I'm going to make me major point. PLAY WITH A FRIEND ON HERE. If the fire team is used like it should be... It is a very good multiplayer FPS. If you do not, and play with a random person... You more than likely will not just dislike this game, you may regret even buying it. Working with your fire team member offers a variety of advantages. You can heal each other, resupply your team member, and if you avenge your partner's death it will bring him back without crediting him one. All of these things I mentioned provide points, depending on how many points you get, you will get streaks. With those you will hit certain advantages given by what you choose as your soldiers personality. The weapons selection provides to foundation of what weapons your will use. The maps take some getting use to, but are very well built. They are made for team work. Our group plays to win, and we have found that working in your full team of 12 with these maps provides some great advantages. If you do not work with your fire team at a minimum, you will have many disadvantages to those tha do work together. I have not found any MAJOR glitches. No one crawling under the map or anything like that. No saying every once n a while you might have to jump to get across something you shouldn't have to jump to get by lol. (This did come out longer than I thought).

Worth and Replay Value- I am going to be honest. If you are not a team player, and do not want to be... Do not buy this game, that's why COD is available. It is very rare to see anyone walking out of a game without getting killed, and killing many. And those guys are taking advantage of the fire team opportunities that are available. The single player is very enjoyable and intense, there are things evolved in it that make it very unique. The multiplayer is tough to love if your not open minded and up for something s little different. It's crazy, but the more I play it. The more I love it. Graphics are great and is a very smooth shooter. Nothing wrong for disliking it, because there are real reasons not to. It comes down to preference on this one. The replay value is high, because the more you get use to things and learn what combinations work best for you... The better it gets. I hope this helps guys. You want to play on Xbox 360, hit me up at gamer tag "FoodnDrugAdmin".

Overall rating of game 7.75/10
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on October 30, 2012
Medal of Honor: Warfighter isn't a bad game. It really isn't. Unfortunately, it isn't a good one either. Even though the basic shooting mechanics are pretty solid, the campaign is suspiciously short, even for an FPS.

What is wrong with Warfighter?

Not only was I able to complete the campaign in less than four hours, but I also did so without even the slightest clue as to what was going on. The story, which is what Medal of Honor games try to tout the most, was convoluted and confusing jumping between multiple different timelines and characters. For example, after I began to slightly understand what was happening - and more importantly why - the game tossed in a 2 minute long mission consiting of somali pirates who had taken a ship captain hostage. Your objective: snipe the captor. If your fast, the mission could even be completed in less than 2 minutes. After that mission, it was back to a different set of characters. There was absolutely ZERO connection between that mission and the main story arc. It was almost like an extra "deleted scence" you might find on a bonus disk to a movie that was ultimately cut by the director.

On top of that, Medal of Honor games traditionally claim their campaigns "honor" the soldiers. I had hoped that this would be a break from the hollywood escape death in the nick of time, or never ending over-the-top explosions that make up most FPS games today. Unfortunately, from mission 1 through the rest of the game, every mission seemed to incorporate some bizzare hollywood moment that wasn't necessary.

Multiplayer, in my opinion was entertaining for a few hours, untill I realized that even this too was a poor mimic of other FPS franchises already available. To be fair, the idea of representing your country seemed very promising and innovative - and I hope the feature can make it's way into other titles.

So, in light of this information why isn't Warfighter awful?

Despite the long list of things this game did wrong, there are a few things Danger Close managed to actually do quite successfully. I've already mentioned the nationality aspect to multiplayer, but there are others. For example, throughout the campaign, there are a few foot and vehicular chase sequences which offered a good mix up from the repetative nature of FPS's. I thought the vehicle sequences in particular the 2nd car chase mission was supurb. Additionally, the basic "shooting" mechanics in Warfighter are strong and I think the game also presents an excellent soundtrack. But these things don't outweigh the general lack of polish and length Warfighter has.

All in all, I don't hate the game, but I couldn't possibly reccomend it to anyone - especially considering the slew of AAA games coming out this quarter.
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on October 25, 2012
Let me start this by saying I am a 36 year old Army Veteran and a hardcore FPS game fanatic...

I play them all COD, BF3, MOH, MWF3 ETC... and I love them all, each has there own strengths and weaknesses. I have played about 20 hours of MOH:WF now so I feel I can give a fairly accurate review of the game.

Single Player:
Short, but very good. I beat it in about 4-5 hours but enjoyed every second of it and I will play through several more times I am sure. As I said before I was in the Army for 12 years and the game did someting for me that others have not. It brought the personal side of war and being a soldier into the picture. It showed the affect that it has on family and every day life.

Without going into any details and spoil the ride for you the ending made me well up a bit. Maybe because of my time working with the Casualty and Mortuary Affairs division. It was the best ending to any modern war game I can remember. It's just my opinion and I'm sure some will disagree.

Multi Player:
This is the focus currently of the FPS genre and most likly where you will get your bang for the buck. First off make sure you install the HD graphics on the disk when prompted. The game looks amazing in my opinion.

I played the Beta a bit and liked it but when I first jumped into the full game version I was a little disappointed. It went away when I finaly figured out the game. Give it a good 2-3 hours and you will be hooked. I also suggest playing just team death match to get the hang of things. To me this is like a hybrid of COD/BF3.

The real change here is the fire teams. Get a friend with a headset and work together, that is where the game shines. If you just run off by yourself you are missing the entire reason for this game. Thats not saying you have to stay side by side, it's better to give yourself a half a screen or so so you can react to whatever took out your partner or he can react to whatever took out you.

If you play the game like it's ment to you will enjoy it. It's a welcome change to a format that is getting a little old.

Is it better the Black Op's 2? Who knows, that game is not out yet but I have it on pre-order and I will find out. I do however believe this is the best FPS currently out today.

*** UPDATE 11/01/2012 ***
I now have over 30 hours into multiplayer and about 18 into single beating it on Normal, Hard, Tier 1 and currently working on Hardcore.

I stand by my original review however I am removing 1 star because I have now run into a couple of glitches. I am sure they will be fixed in a future patch and when they are I may bump the score back up to 5 stars.

The major glitch that currently annoys me is the "Warchief" achievment. Because I played Battlefield 3 I was granted early access to a couple of classes right off. This however glitched the achievement for unlocking all classes. I know it will be fixed but it was annoying to hit level 75 and not get the achievement.

The other glitch is with the Blackhawk kill streak. Sometimes when you call it in, it is positioned so that you are facing off the map and are unable to shoot anyone.

Lastly the spawns in some game modes are a bit annoying. Not that bad but they do need some tweaking.

The Achievement glitches have been fixed and some of the other issues have gotten better. I must say it's interesting how many of the fixes can be done server side with this game. It eliminates the time it takes for Microsoft to certify a patch and push it out to the users. I hope a lot more future games use this model of updates. I will still leave my review at 4 stars for the moment and will update this review as needed.

**** UPDATE 11/13/12 ****
I have been playing Black Ops 2 and I am very disappointed, it is the same as black ops except the maps now cater to snipers & corner campers. It should have been a DLC add-on to Black Ops not a $60.00 game. In my oppinion buy MOH:WF if you are only buying one, it is by far a better game if you ask me. Even with the bugs and those will be fixed.

Activision/Treyarch, if I wanted to play Black Ops 1 over again I could have just put my original disk back in. I don't think I needed to buy a 60.00 add-on with poorly designed maps. My next COD purchase will not be a pre-order.
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on October 26, 2012
Medal of Honor is not just another shooter game like most of the critics are saying now. The critics are probably hammering the game because they are trying to make BO2 look really good (maybe so, but i doubt it). Look into the user reviews - they are all positive. I'm going to just sum up a main points on the game here:

If you have never played MoH series shooters before like me, it proves to be somewhat difficult to start. I had basically no idea of what i was doing for the first two missions or so, but eventually you pick up. The playing style is really different from CoD. CoD players claim that you cannot "rambo" into enemies, but you can if difficulty is low. In MoH it is another case. Taking close steps bit by bit is essential and the game helps you do that, by signature features such as peeking over walls etc., which CoD obviously don't have.

Takes time to adopt to, but eventually it turns out alright. The graphics are not as stunning as BF3, but they are still top-notch. Solo missions are a bit short, but I love the fact that you get to jump around different places. Cutscenes have AWESOME graphics, really, really refined touches on facial expressions and surroundings. There are some cool random opportunities to get into a vehicle or robot to do some cool stuff as well. I also love the part where you can select your own desired method to breach. Overall, a much more sophisticated game than CoD.

Stunningly beautiful. I hope that the population of multiplayer players continue to grow. The ability to choose a nationality and mix-and-match different loadouts really propel you to play more. I am a Canadian myself and actually seeing that JTF-2 was included in the game was a big reason for me to purchase the game. Other options such as SAS, Delta, KSK (Germany) and GROM (Poland) etc really makes your gaming experience colourful and diverse. The maps are beautiful as well, and there are variety of game rules too. The buddy spawn system works completely fine, and allows me to get into the action ASAP.

Don't listen to the critics that give it a crappy score. It is indeed a new and challenging way to play FPS. Definitely recommended to people who want to try something a bit different.
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on May 5, 2013
Well this is possible one of the most emotional games when it comes to the single player. I do intend to say a good bit, but I do not intend to spoil it for anyone who wishes to play it.

First off, the single player. The game takes place in the view of two special force operators, "Preacher" and a member of Mako, the special forces group that this game focuses on. The second operator is mainly a filler, but the story mainly revolves around Preacher, a member who is trying to get his honorable discharge to try to mend his marriage with his wife, and he goes to meet her in Madrid. Little does he knows, a man that escaped his group would set off a suicide bomb, and ruin those plans. This is where the story takes its emotional turn. Preacher's wife sees how he reacts when another operator, "Mother", tells him this is just the beginning and that its only to get worse. She understands, and our SFO is soon knee deep in anti-terrorism. The game is fast pace. In the words of special ops, "High speed, low drag." Its primarily an infantry game, with the occasional car chase with you behind the wheel. The weapons are all easy to use, primarily assault rifles and carbines for close quarters, and the ammo count is a little high, but when you run out of ammo you can grab more from an ally. It also gives you infinite ammo for your secondary, which I had notice one mission was a MP7 sub machine-gun.

The game play: The game plays alot like most first person shooters, but the thing that stands out is the peaking system. You take cover, then you hold a button and you can lean around and up over cover, and fire. This, however, only works when you do so sparingly. The enemy AI in the game can get to you fast, and you have to react fast. This being said, on normal difficulty, the enemy can kill you quickly if you just stand there. They do go down fast though with three shots, or just one to the head if you can get the shot.

The multiplayer: The game is running on Frostbite 2, but don't mistake this for a battlefield 3 with special forces. The buildings don't come down or even have the walls explode. Only the occasional cover will actually be destroyed by gunfire. This primarily being wood and sheet metal. The weapons however, are VERY customizable compared to battlefield 3. In battlefield, you customize your lower attachment, scope, and third attachment (suppressor, laser, ect.). In MoH, you can customize the barrel, stock, scope, muzzle, and even magazine, and they come in all shapes and sizes, affecting the range, maneuverability, and accuracy. Plus, you have what is know as "Duel-scopes" and "Hybrid Scopes" which is a game changer for such a game. You can use for instance, an ACOG scope with iron sights that lean just to the right of the main scope, and switch back and forth at will. The peaking cover system still works here, but most players don't use it as much as you would think. The players try to play it like call of duty, but the other game changer is offense and defense supports. This comes for kills without dying. They're different per class, but they all usually consist of either kills or forward spawns, or resupplies for your team and UAVs, There are six classes, which gives you sniper, EOD, assault, spec-ops, and machinegunners and such, so there is a class for every play style.

All in all, its a game worth its lowered price, but not much as far as trying to sell it for $60. I would recommend it to anyone who likes military style games. Great story, great single player, good multiplayer.
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on February 1, 2014
I don't totally understand the amount of negativity this game received. The 4 or 5 hours I've spent with the single player provided enjoyable and visceral FPS combat. I've heard some outlets complain about the story... If you want great story, watch a movie or read a book. I play games for the interactivity of the experience.
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on January 16, 2013
1. Game mechanics were decent. I liked shooting at cars and watching the bullets ping off and ricochet.
2. Graphically it was akin to Battlefield 3, which is strong.

1. AI was passable, but not challenging enough.
2. Room need for this. In fact, the last one was repeated at least 6 times, and was frustating.

1. The plot of the single-player game didn't really make sense. At all.
2. Driving levels. No need for this.

I play Call of Duty for multiplayer. Not sure what keeps me going back to that game vs. Battlefield or this, but it is what it is. I picked this game up because I really like shooters and heard about the spec operators input. I thought it would make the game feel closer to what I was looking for, which would be a decent single-player campaign where one would take control of players from spec ops teams around the world stopping some nefarious plot.

I was wrong. It was all american, all the time. The plot had something to do with missing explosives and killing a terrorist. I really didn't "get" it. It seemed simple to me. Slapped together. So this game didn't really deliver much for me at all.

My wishlist for the next game? A deep single player campaign with something different, which I think different teams from around the world might have delivered.

Also, FPS designers...please give up on driving levels. They are pointless. Thanks.
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on December 13, 2012
Medal of Honor: Warfighter is one of the most enjoyable shooters I've played in some time. The single player campaign was thoroughly immersive and even portions I normally don't enjoy (car chases, for example) were set up so that repeated trial and error allowed you to advance. The combat, the weapons, the diversity of missions and terrain and settings all felt realistic and were a blast. I just wish there was more of it. I think I finished the campaign in about 6-8 hours (and I'm older and a slower gamer ;-). I could see others finishing in 4-5 hours and $60 is a bit much for games that short.

I played multi-player a bit and it didn't really hold my attention like the Call of Duty series. It feels a lot more realistic, a lot more one-shot, one-kill in Medal of Honor, but the fact that it doesn't support same console split-screen coop as part of it's special forces multiplayer mission sort of forces you to play online in two-man teams with near strangers and that isn't super conducive to the type of stealth and support tactics necessary in this seriously hard core multi-player mode.

If the single player campaign had been longer (maybe twice as long) and the multi-player supported same console coop missions, I would have given this a 5 star rating.
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on November 8, 2012
As expected, great audio and visuals, awesome detail. Story line, okay. Bummed that the campaign is so darn short, seems to be a trend. Not all of us are online junkies, wish they'd remember that when developing. Oh well, what's $60 beans?....
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