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on December 17, 2011
This is more of a tutorial on how to set up your HDTV and PS3. I had a difficult time setting those up due to the fact that if you follow the instructions exactly the way they describe, it does not work. I had to figure it out through trial and error. So, inorder to minimize any frustrations of syncing your HDTV and PS3, follow these words exactly.

Syncing your remote with your PS3 is easy, you don't really need instructions but here it is...Simply go into your XMB under "Accessory Settings" under "Register BD Remote Control" and follow the onscreen prompt.
Now that's done, go into "System Settings" under "Control for HDMI" and turn if "OFF"!
The PS3 remote uses both Bluetooth technology as well as IR technology (Infrared).
Finally, point the remote directly to your HDTV and clear out any obstructions. Now, this is where it gets tricky. You must FIRST, HOLD DOWN the clear "TV" button which is under "DEVICES". Then SECOND, HOLD DOWN the "CLEAR" button under number 7 which is a "DOT". Hold down those two buttons for a few seconds then let go of the buttons. The clear "TV" button should be BLINKING! Now input the numbers listed on the back of the manual one by one. For example my Samsung is 301,302,303, and 304. Press (number), then press "ENTER" which is located on the very center of the remote. For me, 301 worked but I couldn't go into my TV's menu therefore I tried 302 and 303 and none of those worked at all however 304 worked perfectly. Programming your AMP is the same as your HDTV, just follow the above steps.

If you have your HDTV's correct number programmed, you should be able to change volumes without pressing the clear "TV" button everytime you want to change volumes. If you want to change any settings on your HDTV, you need to press the clear "TV" button under "DEVICES" and then press "TOP MENU" inorder to get into your TV settings. If you are satisfied with your TV settings and rarely go into your TV settings, then simply leave it on "PS3" so you can change your volume levels when watching movies or playing games.

This remote is very good and convenient and is definitely recommended. Wish it had illuminated buttons...
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on June 29, 2016
If you've been searching for a PlayStation 3 Blu-ray Disc remote control on Amazon, no doubt you've run across the first version of the remote (being sold for $20). This one is different because of its ability to control more than just the PS3, but also your TV and audio amplifier. For an extra $10+, it was well worth it. I have been looking for an inexpensive remote control (i.e. not a Harmony remote) that could control my PS3 because I just added PlayStation Vue to my cord-cutting services. Setting up the remote to control the PS3 and my Sony amplifier were a breeze (in that, there was no "programming" necessary). I'm not entirely clear if the remote will work with other "non-Sony" amplifiers because the code book didn't list any other audio amplifier codes. "Programming" it to the TV was a little more difficult. Turns out, the instructions to "program" another device is not entirely clear. Pressing the "Clear" button at the same time with the device button under "Devices," doesn't get the remote ready to accept codes. Here's the process: 1) First, press and hold the device button under "Devices," and 2) secondly, press and hold the "Clear" button. The device button should be blinking. Enter the 3-digit code and press "Enter." For my Vizio TV, there are only two codes -- 281, 282. 281 worked for my set.

So, the verdict? Brilliant. I promptly took the batteries out of my other remotes (note the plural), and now use this single remote to cover the TV, amp, and PS3. The ONLY problem? I still need the Roku remote to control the Roku. I know that the PS3 remote is a Bluetooth remote. If there were only a way to control the Roku using the PS3 remote, it would be the cherry on top! But it's a huge recommend by me!
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on November 8, 2016
Excellent replacement for the Sony Playstation Bluetooth remote. Great that it controls the Playstation and many major brand TV's. However, the control for a receiver/AMP is little misleading. It will control your receiver BUT *ONLY* if it is a Sony receiver or AMP. No other manufacturers are supported. Somewhat disappointed because I thought this was going to solve the problem that my wife is always complaining about too many remotes without having to buy a $100+ remote (and then have her forever remind me that I spent over $100 on a remote). Not a win but not a loss either.
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on September 3, 2016
Although the PS4 can play things back just fine, the officially-authorized remote for it kind of sucks, so I'm continuing to use the PS3 for general DVD/Blu-Ray playing duties.

This remote pretty much can't be beat. It's refined, lasts a long time, and has all the buttons you need when navigating disc menus as well as the normal XMB interface... Including separate L1/2/3 and R1/2/3! Others have noted its "universal" control capabilities, but I tend to just use it for the PS3 and leave the other devices to their own.

Although it does have an IR port, it interfaces with the PS3 using Bluetooth, so it doesn't need line of sight to control things.

These are getting a little hard to find new in stores now, so if you're still using your regular game controller to play DVDs and Blu-Rays and use your streaming apps, you owe it to yourself to pick one up. If you have a friend who seems to be doing that still, get one for them too. They'll thank you for it later.
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on September 27, 2015
I think I use my PS3 more as a media streaming box than as a game console. I mostly watch videos on Netlix and Crunchyroll, and I also stream content from my PC using Universal Media Server. With YouTube and the addition of Twitch, the PS3 offers all of the services I want and the experience is better than any smart TV I have used. My one gripe with the PS3's media experience is that I don't like using the DualShock 3. It's a fine controller for games (minus those L2/R2 shoulder buttons), but I do not think the media controls are very intuitive and you cannot operate it one-handed. You also cannot use it as a remote for your other devices. You'll need at least one more remote so you can turn your TV on, and possibly more for your cable box, sound system, etc. The PS3 Media Remote is not a perfect solution for everyone, but it's a big improvement over using the DualShock 3.

When I want to watch something, I first press the dedicated power button for the TV on the remote. Next, I push the PS3 button to put the remote in PS3 mode, followed by the PS button to boot up the console. Using the remote is great, and it works perfectly with the apps that I mentioned earlier. When I'm done, I turn off the console by holding down the PS button (the same way you do it with a DualShock 3), and then I turn the TV off with the same button I used to turn it on. Some reviewers have complained that their PS3 "mysteriously" boots up on its own, and they blame this remote. Frankly, it's their problem. You can only turn the console on by pushing the PS3 device button first, followed by any PlayStation-related button. I guess it could happen if the remote got stuck in your couch, but come on.

Setting the remote up took less than five minutes. I just followed the provided instructions to pair the remote with my PS3 and program it to work with my Vizio TV. Aesthetically, the remote is an inoffensive black bar that will fit in anyone's living room. It's pretty long, but it rests comfortably in your hand thanks to a groove on the back. If you put your index finger there, the remote balances in your hand with your thumb on the Enter button. This position is perfect for navigating through menus and controlling playback, but you can't reach the power buttons from there. It's also a hassle to reach the volume controls. This is one of the most common uses for a remote, so I really wish that the volume controls were placed somewhere better.

The build quality is acceptable. The major sign of cheapness is that some of the buttons, like the PS button, can be very squeaky when pressed. Another negative is that the edges on the navigation ring are pretty sharp, which can feel uncomfortable on your thumb. I still think that it's a higher quality remote than the one that came with my Vizio TV, though.

In conclusion, the PS3 Media Remote is a good buy. Despite my issues with the buttons and layout, the remote is worth the $20 if you want a better media experience from your PS3. I can understand some people being frustrated by its limited compatibility with sound systems, but then again, it's just a $20 remote. It's not meant to compete with things like the Logitech Harmony. For my simple setup, it's great.
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on September 20, 2014
All I can say is finally! I am running my Samsung TV, I have PS3 as media center, and I am down to one remote!!!! I have used the logitech Harmony remote with touchscreen, total PITA, IR repeaters, IR blasters, etc... I always felt like the response was slower to the cable box.

This one allows me to put the PS3 in a closet, and run everything to the TV, bluetooth means no line of sight required for the remote. Mute, channel, and volume functions work great on my Samsung LED Flatscreen. I am using this in a cable cutting setup, and have the Samsung wired to a LEAF antenna. I can press display on the Sony remote and see what is playing on channels over the air when watching TV. I can also see upcoming shows by using the remote functions, left, right, enter.

Easy to switch to HDMI input and watch HULU, Netflix, etc. There are really only 3 devices to choose from (PS3, TV and AMP.) My wife hated all the switching, press this, that, why won't that turn on etc. She can use this setup.

So happy with an inexpensive solution to a problem I literally spent hundreds of dollars trying to fix and never, ever achieved results to my complete satisfaction.

Why one star off? It wont work for non-Sony receivers/amps or you have to find a Sony code that will work with your non-Sony product which I think could take forever and may simply be impossible. Kinda silly. I have an older Panasonic receiver in my media closet that is driving a couple of ceiling speakers in our kitchen. It would have been a home run if I could have used this remote to turn that receiver on and off and change the volume. (I can reach it but my wife is shorter and cannot reach the receiver high in the closet.) Not a huge deal but it would have been a grand slam had it worked for that. All in all I am super happy-- this is the best money I've spent in a long time.
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VINE VOICEon January 30, 2013
The original Sony PlayStation 3 Blu-ray Disc Remote was elegant, and had a nice appearance. It had a finish that set it apart from other remote controls and made it less cheap looking. It's a Bluetooth remote control, as is needed for the PS3, which made it a special purpose non-learning remote control that couldn't even perform basic functions on other devices. And its button layout was considered a fatal flaw by many, myself included, and was enough incentive to get me to buy this remote control despite having a working one.

As a remote control in general, both have the advantage as Bluetooth remote controls of not needing line of sight. They will work from under blankets and need not be aimed. That might give a false impression of over-sensitivity since merely tapping the remote control can inadvertently turn on your PS3, and turn on your TV and/or change the source to the PS3 if you use Bravia sync. For me, this is less of a problem with this new model, since I can "lock" the remote by pressing the "amp" button. That disables the functionality of everything except for a Sony amp, which I don't have. Which brings me to the limitation that the amp functions only work with Sony products.

In addition to PS3 and amp control, there is also control for your TV. This is a hybrid remote control with IR capability to give it compatibility with typical televisions, and this remote control can be programmed to work with most popular ones. It's not a learning remote per se, but has profiles for most common models of televisions.

The button layout is generally better, and the stop button is no longer placed directly between the play and the pause button, as on the previous model. Especially with earlier PS3 firmware, the old model created the anguish of needing to restart Blu-ray discs completely and walking through all menus and warnings after an inadvertent button press. The buttons with the four colors were moved below the menu and display buttons, and the order of the colors was changed, which is the only perplexing change I noticed. Since the menu and display buttons are likely more commonly used, that wasn't a clear advantage, but if you use buttons by feel it shouldn't take long to get used to those buttons. But all my other remotes, including this one's predecessor, have the red and green buttons on the left, followed by blue and yellow in no particular order. This has yellow, blue, red and green, making it consistent with nothing I own.

There are added "instant" buttons for moving forward or backward 15 or 30 seconds, the lack of which was frustrating. My television has a PS3 and a media center computer both hooked up with HDMI cables, and the sheer awkwardness of navigating a Blu-ray disc with the PS3 made a computer with a media center remote much more appealing. This remote finally has all the basic buttons needed to watch a disc, and move around without extraordinary effort.

This remote control will also allow you to control other basic features on a television such as turning it on or off, selecting the source, setting the mode to 3D, and adjusting or muting the volume. But if you have a home theater and are using this for Blu-ray discs, chances are you aren't using the volume control for the television to adjust the sound. So for me, the extra buttons boil down to a way of turning the TV off or setting the source to something else. It's convenient being able to do so without switching remote controls. And the keypad now has the "dot" button so the remote control can be used easily for watching ordinary television channels.

Ironically, for each complaint about being able to turn on the PS3 too easily (and by accident) there seem to be almost as many complaints about the lack of an "off" button for the PS3. The PS3 is designed to be turned off using menu navigation, and perhaps the lack of an off button is a plus. I have other devices such as televisions with built in Netflix, and an inadvertent press of a button can't be corrected simply by pressing it again. Holding down the PS3 button for two seconds and pressing enter twice will turn off the PS3, so it's easy to turn off if you switch it on by mistake, hard to turn off by accident, and you will need to get to the XMB menu before you can turn things off this way. Again, that has the advantage of not accidentally leaving a particular area such as Netflix or Amazon video. So on balance, I'd consider the lack of an off button a plus. But you can turn off your television with a single button, and turn it back on if you turn it off by mistake.

Overall, aside from the strangeness with the color buttons, the layout of the buttons is good. It allows me to use the PS3 as a media player with this as the sole controlling device, which is all a remote control needs to do. The added ability to turn off the TV or change the source are the only functions I'm sure to need to perform to use (or stop using) the PS3, making this remote control comprehensive enough to do what I need. And for those who say the functionality is limited compared to learning remotes, try to get a learning remote to work with a PS3 and you will see why this remote control is needed and why other controls are limited.
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on January 19, 2014
I do very little gaming and a lot of streaming on my PS3 (via PS3 Media Server). Getting a real remote over using the controller made sense.

The button layout is good. Once you memorize where the clear PS button is and the 4 buttons (x, circle, triangle, square), you're good to go.

Some highlights:
- As with the PS3 controller, the range and width of the signal is extremely good. You don't have to point the remote at your PS3... you just have to somewhat be in the vicinity, regardless of direction and your PS3 will pick up the signal.
- Makes streaming and navigating around PS3 menus very simple. It also changes a two-handed operation into one... this is very good.
- Backlight would have been really nice.
- Annoyance: You need to select devices up at top of remote to switch what you're controlling. The devices are PS3, AMP, and TV. This is good but for certain buttons that should work all the time like the clear PS-logo button and the 4 buttons (x, circle, triangle, square), they should work at ALL times, regardless of which device is selected, but they don't. However, I noticed the volume button (which controls the volume of the TV) works regardless of which device I have selected.
- I set the TV as my (now) obscure Olevia model. It works fine. However I can't control my Yamaha AV receiver and I believe others have said the same that they can't control a non-Sony branded receiver. This is a major downer.
- I have this remote in a basket with 25 other remotes. A slight brush of it would turn on the PS3. the PS-logo button is very sensitive to the press. It happens all the time.

I got it on sale for around $15, which I consider to be a very good price.
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on April 22, 2014
the IR is not programmable or learning, you just put in codes until you match your TV or AMP/AUX/receiver. and there are only 2 separate IR modes (TV and AMP/AUX) if that matters to some people who have 3 or more IR devices.

with a little bit of do-si-do, the bluetooth side works perfectly with any android device of 4.1.x or lower. e.g. OUYA. also my phone. and the key layout even works half decently in XBMC without any messing around.

the problem comes with android devices of 4.2 or higher. e.g. FireTV. this is not Amazon's fault, this is a thing google/AOSP have done (even a lot of the developers are upset at the move from bluez to bluedroid framework)

the remote does not have a PIN/passcode (not even 0000 or 1234). if you try to use it with windows or mac or linux, when you try to pair the remote, you are asked for a passcode BUT all 3 of those operating systems also let you select "doesn't have any code".

the problem with android is that it doesn't have a checkbox for "no code / PIN-less". as mentioned: 4.1 and earlier there is a moderately easy way around it. but that same way no longer works in android 4.2 and higher.

too bad, this was the perfect remote for OUYA and would have been the perfect remote for fireTV (sorry Amazon, your remote is pretty swell, and I really like it, but...)
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on October 21, 2016
A good improvement over the original PS3 remote - has RF so can operate TVs/receivers as well as the PS3. Light, easy to hold.

Small things that could be improved - first, the buttons that are obviously PS3 only (especially the big PS button in the middle, but also the "controller" buttons like the circle and square) should automatically work in "PS3" mode without having to press the tiny PS3 function button on the second row to "activate" PS3 mode. The volume, mute, and channel buttons all work in "TV" mode automatically without doing this - why would these single-function PS3 buttons be different? Second, the rows of square buttons in the middle don't have much to differentiate themselves when operating in low light or in the dark - I usually have to feel/count to find them, and sometimes I hit the wrong ones.
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