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on May 19, 2016
High quality cable. The easy-screw ends are particularly a nice feature. Took me a moment to realize that you need to remove the plastic caps from the pins - a nice idea to protect the pins and your fingers when you first handle the cable. I bought it to improve my over-the-air antenna reception, on a recommendation of some reviewers, however it did not make any difference in reception. I guess the antenna already gets the max channels it can get and no cable will improve upon this, not the cable's fault. Regardless, I am using the Mediabridge cable instead of the original one, as it's more sturdy and also easy to screw/unscrew when I want to move the antenna from room to room. The shipping was fast and I received an email from the company with details for support, and I appreciated the good customer service.
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Purchased based upon previous positive experiences with other Mediabridge products, and the other stellar Amazon reviews for this product, I wasn't disappointed at all in the quality or performance of this cable.

The 25' cable I ordered arrived neatly coiled in a sturdy box, with Mediabridge info and points of contact should their be an issue with their product. They also followed up the sale with an inquiry email, also offering assistance. I like that kind of customer support!

The product itself is as expected. Thick, triple shielded coaxial digital audio/video cable that I promptly used to replace a cable that shipped with my Mohu Leaf 50 Indoor HDTV Antenna (formerly Leaf Ultimate).

Recent signal fluctuation and thus channel loss of over-air channels, prompted me to purchase this item. (*The cable that shipped with the Mohu Leaf Ultimate is very thin.) As expected, this cable vastly improved the signal's strength and stability, allowing me to enjoy free HD over-air broadcasts without choppy transmissions or dropped channels. I would not hesitate to buy more or recommend them to others.

On a side note, I also like that Mediabridge has a EZ Grip end cover built into their cables, which is easily removed if desired. This makes it easy to grasp and twist the end of the connector and seat it properly when connecting to the cable attachment. It also neatens up the look by covering the connection.

UPDATE: 4/23/14

I use this coaxial cable with my over-the-air antenna and recommend it in my book: Simple Guide to Over-the-Air Free TV. It really is the best cable I've used and works very well for eliminating signal loss.
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on July 5, 2014
This is a completely fine coaxial cable. I used this cable to connect my television to an antenna and have found it to be very reliable. This cable has been used indoors in a climate controlled environment. I cannot speak to it's quality for outdoor use or for a cable internet connection. The easy grip plastic covers do make screwing the coax into place while reaching behind a TV a bit less of a hassle, but not terribly necessary. If you need to constantly reattach your coax to different devices it may a worth while. That said, I would strongly recommend this for use in a household for television purposes.
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on October 3, 2017
I purchased this product with the intent of cutting smaller sections out of the 50' and installing the necessary F-male connectors myself. As it turned out, my standard connectors would not press fit onto the OD of this product. If you intend to cut this coax and put the connectors on yourself, be advised that it will not work. The reason is this coax has an OD of 0.290", while my standard RG6 connectors measure 0.270". I checked with the supplier, asking them to sell me some of their connectors, but they declined to do so. .
Their coax looked very good, so I have no complaint other than there was no warning about cutting the cable into shorter sections.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 23, 2013
Review for "Mediabridge Coaxial Digital Audio Video Cable - (4 Feet) - Triple Shielded, F-Pin to F-Pin with Easy Grip Connector Caps"


For all three cables I bought, the build quality appears excellent:

(1) The pins were straight-on and centered.

(2) The connectors with and without the "Easy Grip Connector Caps" screwed onto the equipment solidly and easily.

(3) It is tri-shielded even though it is just short patch cable, very nice.

(4) I saw no negative A/V issues introduced upon installation.

(5) The cable is flexible but not suspiciously super flexible, feels about right for a quality tri-shielded cable.


The first thing I did was take the caps off and connect the cable without them. So indeed the CAPS COME OFF.

I then tried for the fun of it to connect a cable end using one of the easy grip caps. It's connection felt SOLID and EASY to connect, there was none of that feel where you wonder if you screwed it on tight enough. So thumbs up for the end caps.


The layers of this cable are:
- Copper Clad Steel (CCS)
- Then a dialectic (non-conductive layer)
- Then Aluminum Foil shielding
- Then 60% braid aluminum shielding
- Then another layer Aluminum Foil shielding
- and finally a PVC outer jacket

They do not UL rate this cable (i.e. CM/CMR/CMP) so don't run this in between floors or in a plenum, get cable designed to meet code and fire safety goals for that kind of install.

These are not sweep tested, so do your install ASAP so you have plenty of time to return them for free if you get a bad cable. These don't have RoHS certification (sales says there is no harmful chemicals used). They do not give out a minimum bend radius figure, just play it safe and bend it as little as you can during installation. This may require a little more length for some installations.


(1) AVOID BENDING COAX CABLE sharply. Coax cable has a "Minimum Bend Radius" specification. Go past this and you will lose qualitative aspects of the cable.

(2) SHIELDING. I read that tri-shielding roughly doubles protection from interference than what dual shielding offers, and quad-shielding adds roughly another 90% protection on top of that. However, this is brand and design dependent. For example, the tri-shield cable by one top brand has better interference protection than its equivalent quad-shield due to another aspect of the design.

Some debate if more than dual shielding is needed for most homes not near an airport, military base, etc., but many also feel in modern times the relatively small additional cost for better shielding is a no-brainer.


Many cable companies like mine won't install any cable but their own at your house. Sometimes this means using a contractor or attempting to do it yourself if you want extra shielding, lower toxicity in a fire, less smoke in a fire, slower burn rate, its inability to reignite in a fire, etc.

If this is part of a full Cable TV install for you, the QUALITY VALUE SWEET SPOT for cable TV is probably RG6 Belden 7915A Tri-shield and its equivalent build in other quality brands. So for inexpensive, quality, simple install if CM type cable is code legal for your application, here are two cables to consider (or their equivalent in other quality brands):

7915A (Belden)
RG6 18AWG BC Duobond® Plus Tri-shield (125dB shield effective)
Solid .040" bare copper conductor, gas-injected foam polyethylene insulation,
Duobond® + alum braid shield (77% coverage), PVC jacket. 2.75" min. bend radius.

7916A (Belden) / 920414 (Coleman)
RG6 18AWG BC Aluminum Quad-shield (110dB shield effective)
Solid .040" bare copper conductor, gas-injected foam polyethylene insulation,
Duobond® + alum braid shields (60%&40% coverage), PVC jacket. 3" min. bend radius.

HOWEVER, for LOWER TOXICITY, MORE FIRE/SMOKE SAFETY (but more $), and possibly even construction code requirements if the cable runs BETWEEN FLOORS or in a plenum, you should also look at using PLENUM cables like these below (or their equivalent in other quality brands). Note that plenum cable is often less flexible. I'm skipping CMR cable options like 1694A and 1695A as this is just a starters overview and I skipped right to plenum coax cable.

7916AP (Belden)
RG6 18AWG BC AL Quad shield CATV/DBS - (110dB shield effective)
Solid bare copper conductor, foam FEP insulation, Duobond® IV Quad shield
(60% and 40% braid coverage), Flamarrest® jacket. 2.5" min. bend radius.
A common choice for SATELLITE plenum coax cable due to bare copper conductor. Does cable TV well, too. So good choice if possibly going to satellite some day. Some feel bare copper-covered steel conductor is a little more durable than bare copper, so its a little durability vs. better for satellite. Suitable for plenum applications.

1189AP (Belden)
RG6 18AWG CCS AL Quad shield
Solid .040" bare copper-covered steel conductor, foam FEP insulation,
Duobond IV quad shield (60%&40% coverage), Flamarrest jacket. 2.5" min. bend radius. Suitable for plenum applications.

1152A (Belden)
RG6 18AWG CCS TC Quad shield
Solid .040" bare copper-covered steel conductor, foam FEP insulation, Duofoil (100% coverage) + Tinned Copper (TC) braid shield (60% and 40% coverage), FEP jacket. 2.75" min. bend radius. Suitable for indoor plenum as well as OUTDOOR and UNDERGROUND applications.

9116P (Belden)
RG6 18AWG CCS foil + 60% ALB (Dual shield)
Solid .040" bare copper-covered steel conductor, plenum, foam FEP insulation,
Duobond II + alum braid shield (60% coverage), Flamarrest jacket. 2.25" min. bend radius. Suitable for plenum applications. Personally I'd go with at least Tri-Shield, this is only Dual-Shield.

Note#1: PLENUM cable means the cable is rated to be allowed in a plenum by construction code due to its slower burn, self-extinguishing, inability to reignite, and lower fume toxicity, however, it doesn't need to be in a plenum, of course.

Note#2: Bare copper conduit HELPS WITH VOLTAGE DROP when starting up a SATELLITE DISH, I've read (not verified).

Note#3: Premium cable brands sometimes have better braid coverage accuracy, smaller minimum bend radius, crack less over very long periods, etc. Here are some quality names in coax cable for the longer, custom lengths than patch cords (like this cable) I've read (not verified):

- Belden
- Coleman Cable (Signal Brand)
- Commscope
- General Cable
- Gepco Sheer Wire
- Honeywell Genesis
- Times Fiber
Private Label:
- Liberty
- Tributaries
- Signature Wire
- Windy City Wire
- Ethereal
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on May 22, 2017
I needed this for turning a bedroom into an office. cable outlet was set up for watching tv, not for cable modem. had to run cable around closet door and under window to get to back of desk. also had to connect another small extension to it as well. great product. works great no interruptions in service.
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on November 20, 2012
I recently purchased an HK3490 Stereo Receiver/amplifier with digital audio input capability using either coaxial or fiber optic cable. My goal was to connect my new amp to my Dell XPS 430 desk-top PC, which has SPDIF capability.
My concern was the 45ft distance between my amp and my computer. Many online sources indicated that the 50Ft separation (Cable length) was excessive, and would result in poor audio performance.
I was very pleased that using my new Mediabridge triple shielded coaxial cable has worked flawlessly. I now have instant access to my growing PC-based music collection, with ability to play them at CD quality.
The cable is well constructed, pliable, and easy to route; Connectors are easy to use as well.
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on January 8, 2017
Was using this for an extention for the directv cable so i could have my entertainment center across the room. Picture came out pretty good the first couple months but now i have noticed the picture isnt so clear looked around the entertainment center an noticed the cord had been bent a little so when ising this make sure the cord is straight
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on September 17, 2017
Excellent quality cable. The "EZ Grip Caps" are a nice touch.

Not 5 stars because the cable is very stiff and as shipped it has a fierce twist. It's packaged in a tight coil and the cable really wants to retain that coil shape. I had to stretch it out straight in the sun in my backyard with rocks on either end for a few hours to sort of straighten it out. Even after that, it won't hang graciously hidden in a corner. I will need to get some corner wire channel to keep it in place.
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on July 24, 2014
First the vendor packaging was great! The cable arrived and was exactly what I was looking for. They included instructions in the box and included an insert telling me what other cables and items that they carry. I'm very happy with this cable! The Easy Grip Connector Caps made it a lot easier to install the cable! Best of all, Mediabridge has sent a follow up e-mail to make sure that I didn't have any questions or issues with the product, very rare these days! Thank you Mediabridge!
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