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on March 12, 2016
Perfect! Well made, great end on this thick cable. DON'T LET ANYONE SELL YOU A MORE EXPENSIVE CABLE! Remember it's transmitting a DIGITAL SIGNAL! Think of Sirius radio, it's digital, either you hear music or you don't. Same hear, if it's transmitting the signal it will be the SAME with this cable or a $1200. This is an unregulated industry. It's not illegal to lie about what these cables can do. Bottom line. If you buy a more expensive cable only expect a better build quality. It WILL NOT IMPROVE PICTURE QUALITY OR AUDIO QUALITY. after returning a few, this on fits the bill for me. Good sturdy quality. Reasonable price.
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on May 18, 2017
High quality cable! I have ordered several different optical cables to run between an Oppo BluRay BDP-83 unit and Klipsch sound bar, and all provide the same sound quality (as to be expected), but this cable had more flexibility and was packaged much better. Don't get me wrong, it's "beefy" - probably more than it needs to be (just look at the stock cable that comes with any TV or disc player....less than spaghetti, but it's only transmitting light, and that is all that's needed). However, when you start strapping a good five to ten cables together with zip ties behind your components (including power cables, which is questionable), it's nice to know a bit more shielding is involved. Also seems to work great for in-wall runs between the TV and components. Would gladly order again. Don;t forget the rotating 90 degree adapters depending on your setup!
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on October 15, 2015
I was extermely impressed with this Optical Audio Cord because I am new to this type of audio cord I never used it before but I love the quality of audio I get out of it but here was my dilema I had a Optical Cord already but everytime a song got played that had a high frequency range the audio will cut out, now I assumed it was the Optical part had some dust or something so I disconnect it and blow and blow and clean but that wasnt the case cause when I played a song (rap bass) with a low frequency notes it played flawlessly but soon as I changed back to a more high note type of music the audio would cut out. That is why I purchased this Optical Cord, 1 for the money, 2 for the length and I was impressed!

The quality of this Optical cord blows my old one away, and off the top I replaced my old one with this one and the audio no longer cut out on those high frequency songs anymore problem solved. This cord is literally 6x thicker then my previous one and is as the same thickness as my studio monitoring headphones audio jack cord that cost (over $300) so this cord is of high quality. It comes in a box not a plastic bag like most audio cords do that come from the same price range, all in all I will buy again if I ever need another Optical Audio Cord again.
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on May 11, 2014
Mediabridge is currently in the headlines of the popular press because Amazon has reportedly banned Mediabridge for threatening to sue a reviewer of one it is router products.

I have only purchased various types of Mediabridge cables (never a more intricate product such as a router). I have been happy with the performance of the Mediabridge products I have purchased. The company sends follow-up communications inviting comments and product support questions. I have never had the need for any support follow-up.

I do not know the substance of the negative review, Mediabridge's threatened legal actions, or Amazon's investigation and exile the company. Two things I do know: (1) I have been happy with the company and its products. (2) I have read reviews for other products where the reviewer appeared to have little understanding of the product, its features, and proper use.

If someone were to write a review that contains demonstrably false information (AND I DO NOT KNOW IF THAT IS THE CASE FOR THE MEDIABRIDGE STORY) I believe that the company has every right to seek a correction. The reviewer may be unhappy for any reason and give the company 1 star. But if the reviewer writes things that are false, Mediabridge should seek a correction and Amazon should support its vendor. Accuracy in the reviews (both positive and negative) is important to the reviews being helpful in making purchase decisions.
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on June 4, 2017
I bought this Optical (SPDIF) cable to work with my Orei DA34X Premium Digital to Analog Audio Decoder SPDIF/Coaxial 5.1-Channel Input to RCA L/R/3.5mm Headphone Output to port the sound from our 60" flat screen television to our analog surround sound system.

Worked great right out of the package and is still working great today - after about two years of operation.

Would I recommend this product? Yes, I do.

Mediabridge Toslink Cable (6 Feet) - Optical Digital Audio Cable
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on September 27, 2013
I've read many reviews on Toslink cables and alot of them seem to have the problem of not being snug in the port. These DO NOT have that problem. I'd say you can't go wrong buying these, I bought mine for $7.99 (10 feet) and it's well worth the money. If you're a bit new to using optical cables you may be worried about breaking the port or cable when connecting or disconnecting the cable. Just give a firm pull to disconnect, and a firm push to connect. Don't worry about breaking anything, they will click when they are securely connected.

As far as sound, I have no problems with the cable itself (as far as I know). I use it on my ASUS P8Z77-V LE Plus motherboard going into my Yamaha RX-V463BL. I have seen the Realtek audio panel freak out about a cable being plugged in and unplugged, but this tends to be a common issue with realtek drivers according to some reading online. This is probably just the drivers or the front panel because when I disabled the front panel HD audio it stopped spamming me with that message. It has AC97 and HD audio, so when disabling the one that is actually plugged in you will not be notified due to the other not being connected.

It came in a plastic bag, new condition.
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on July 21, 2012
I recently purchase a Mediabridge Optical Digital Audio Cable to connect my new sound bar to my Flatscreen TV. I can tell you as of this moment that the cable, and the sound that it enables me to enjoy is excellent. I give it 5-stars without hesitation.

BUT... if you have never plugged in a Mediabridge Optical Digital Audio Cable, or perhaps such a cable of any other brand, please be aware that there are two clear plastic protectors, one on each end, THAT MUST BE REMOVED BEFORE YOU TRY TO PLUG THE CABLE IN. Never having seen an optical cable before, and being naïve thinking that, once I removed the cable from its packaging, SURELY THERE CAN'T BE INSTRUCTIONS THAT I MUST READ for plugging in a cable. I have been plugging in cables for 50 years. BUT I WAS WRONG. There WERE included instruction that I looked for and found, ONLY AFTER 15 MINUTES OF FRUSTRATION.

I fully appreciate how stupid I just made myself look. But if it spares you one second of grief, and enables you to enjoy your purchase without the exasperation I experienced, then I don't care how stupid I look to those of you who are already quite familiar with the need to remove those clear plastic protectors on the cable.

NOTE to Mediabridge: A sticker at just ONE END of the cable pointing out the need to remove both plastic covers might be worth the time and expense on your part, for the sake of those uninitiated customers such as I was, when first attempting to plug your cable in with the covers in place. Thanks!!

I HIGHLY recommend this optical cable. You won't be sorry. I wasn't!

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on February 9, 2018
So most people probably don't understand the need for this cable device. I have my surround sound setup on my receiver for cable TV. Now if you are streaming from a network like Netflix it generally doesn't go through you receiver first as it will pickup on your smart TV and go there first. The cable allows you to push the sound back to the receiver so you get the effect you would want in your surround sound rather than the TV speaker.
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on February 4, 2013
Appears to be a good quality cable
Connectors fit my audio components fine and worked fine
Reasonable price
Removable protectors on both ends

None to speak of

I wanted to take the optical output from my TV and plug it into an optical input on my digital preamp (processor). The components are different brands, but the cable fit both. Normally I would expect this, but another reviewer said that there is some variation on Toslink (optical) jacks and plugs. I myself have never experienced a problem with compatibility, suggesting that most vendors keep to the standard.

I ordered this cable based on price and length and, when I received it, plugged it between the components and it just worked.

Cables mostly work reliably, or they don't. How well they last, if they started out working, is a matter both of the original build quality and how it is used. Generally, if it works initially, and you leave it alone, it will continue to work well. Repeatedly unplugging and replugging the cable, moving it, etc, could cause stresses that could shorten the cable's life.

I will update this review if anything changes.

BOTTOM LINE: four stars ("I Like It"). I reserve five stars for products that exceed my expectations. This is a good, simple product at a good price that does what it is supposed to but did not exceed my expectations.
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on April 19, 2018
Excellent cable, made of high quality materials. The sound is excellent through this mediabridge cable, netflix and YouTube videos have to be turned down on the pioneer receiver(the highs and lows are so intense and shake the house). We also have mediabridge speaker cables, hdmi cables and dual-sub cables installed...way better product than the leading high dollar competitors.😄🎶
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