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on January 3, 2018
This is a tough review to write. I've been using Mediabridge products for nearly 10years. Up until now, I considered them THE budget reference in HDMI cables, and have recommended them as same. In addition, I have their Ethernet (CAT 6) cables with the soft-touch connectors, which are cheaply-priced, but NOT cheaply-made and are generally excellent. I have never had an issue with their cables until I upgraded my video system to 4k UHD 60hz. With my former HD reference Pioneer Blu-ray and Kuro PDP @ 1028p 24 max res, the audio and vid quality were outstanding, as was reliability. Fast-forward to late-2017 and I upgraded to an oppo UDP-203 4k BDP and LG 55OLEDC7 4k UHD monitor and these Mediabridge HDMI cables. I immediately started experiencing intermittent video and loss of signal. oppo CS had me reduce the settings on the native output (i.e., Resolution, Color Space and Color Depth were curtailed back to 4k UHD 24Hz @ 4:2:2) of the oppo 4k UHD BDP considerably, which temporarily cured the problem, but will not allow the full Res the system is capable of when presented with 4k 60Hz compatible media or streams. oppo CS additionally stated that I must also use HDMI Premium Certified HDMI 2.x cables, like the 6' cable the unit ships with. Unfortunately, my wall-mounted display is >10Lf from my UHD BDP, so I cannot use the std 6' (2m) cable. Apparently, both the oppo and the LG OLED are native 4k 60hz 4:4:4, and the 15' Mediabridge HDMI 2.x will not pass that bandwidth at that length (15') with 28AWG Cu conductor construction. When I contacted Mediabridge CS they stated that their cables ARE latest standard Premium Certified HDMI 2.0b (HDMI 2.1 is the latest std.- not yet implemented) and they inquired as to what equipment I had. When they realized that it wasn't the equipment, they replied (and I quote verbatim) "TV's and Players have surpassed our older cable's design and we are working to improve it but our warrantee does not cover updates to the design of the cables due to technological advancement. The warrantee only covers defects due to workmanship"! I was gobsmacked by this response! I tried to return the cables on my Amazon app, but returns on this item was not allowed! I then called Amazon CS, who apologized and promptly refunded my purchase price for the defective cables. Out of desperation, I went on the trusty AVS Forum website for help. The Forum is comprised of respected Industry pro's, manufacturers, serious HT audio/videophiles and regular Joe's like me. The forum moderator responded with several helpful links, including Forum recommendations, OEM websites and a recent Sound & Vision Magazine review/test of HDMI cables (Nov 11, 2016, "UHD Blu-ray vs. HDMI - Pt. 2: Which cables can actually pass HDMI 2.0?"). I thankfully discovered that another budget OEM has reference-quality Premium Certified HDMI 2.x cables that, in lengths of 20' or less will reliably pass 4k 60Hz 4:4:4 18Gbps. In addition, their cables were priced LESS than Mediabridge's in comparable lengths. The answer to the question is Monoprice! Amazon sells them, but you may find a better deal (with S&H) elsewhere (OEM site direct, etc.). FYI, you'll want the Certified Premium High Speed HDMI cable, HDR.model 1543x (model 15430 is 15LF). No such problems with the proper Monoprice cables...they simply deliver as advertised!
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on June 8, 2017
Super high quality HDMI cables. These were the perfect length to run inside the wall from the back of the cabinet with the DVD player up to the wall-mounted Flat screen HDTV. Because they have a thick rubber coating on the outside, they are great for dropping down between the studs and fishing out the ends.

One word of advice - leave the HDMI covers on the ends if you're installing these in the wall. It keeps the HDMI connectors pristine and they work. We didn't do that on one of the cables and had to re-install with a new cable because the HDMI plug had drywall dust/debris in it.
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on February 26, 2017
After upgrading our TV, AVR and bluray player to 4K we had issues with UHD content, specifically HDR content. Background on the hardware, TV is LG B6 OLED 2016, AVR is Marantz SR7010, transport is Samsung K8500. First set of cables were Twisted Views upon the recommendation of a friend who installs AV. He has yet to deal with anything 4K/HDR so I don't blame him for the recommendation. Most everything worked fine, Roku 4 with 4K (it's not able to handle HDR), TiVo, HTPC, etc. Issues came immediately with the K8500 connected to the AVR only. Video dropouts, audio issues, it was not usable. I found an article that said to use two cables, HDMI port 1 connected directly to the TV for video only and HDMI port 2 to the AVR for audio only. This worked. Advance to adding an Nvidia Shield to the mix. HDR content caused Ultra HD Deep Color to be enabled on the HDMI port 2 on the TV. This is also the ARC port on the TV. This caused many frustrating issues. While HDR content played ok, non-HDR content and using the WebOS apps were causing numerous issues. I tried many things to correct this and nothing worked. I searched around and found a recommendation for these cables on one of the AV forums and decided that for about $9 a pop, it's worth a try. I began by replacing the cable from the Shield to the AVR and the AVR to the TV. This appeared to resolve issues with HDR and non-HDR content and the WebOS. Next step was to try the K8500 with a single cable. This worked as well.

Long story short, buy these cables for 4K UHD HDR devices such as the 2017 series Roku which handle HDR, Nvidia Shield, UHD bluray players, etc.
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on January 1, 2017
I have a 4K TV and a Marantz SR7010 AVR. I just purchased a PS4 Pro and I get a lot of noise in the picture when I enable 2160/RGB (and it often starts to a black screen). I was advised by a local company that the PS4 Pro is causing a lot of support issues as there is so many cables claiming to be HDMI 2.0 compliant - but the certifications vary (or are lacking). These issues are echoed all over the internet. They advised a v(e)lox2 EHV-HD8 cable as it is "professional" or commercial certified. It costs $630.00 retail for a 25ft cable. I opted to try it after countless hours (yeah stupid). It did work, when the handshake between the AVR and TV worked - about 1-in-10 times. The Mediabridge cable arrived and I gave it a try. Literally everything works now. $12.00 vs $630.00.
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on June 11, 2016
Don't fall for the gimmicky and overpriced HDMI cables at Best Buy, buy this solid cable at great pricing. Unlike analog signals, which are very susceptible to noise; digital signals passed over HDMI either work or don't work (i.e.- you won't get a fuzzy picture with HDMI, it's all or none). That said, it's not worth paying all of that extra money when this cable is just as good or better than the pricey Monster Cables. Each cable came individually packaged in its own box and after opening the box I found a very sturdy cable that is sure to do the job. I've had HDMI cables from Mediabridge for 9 years and they're still going strong!
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on July 25, 2016
Worked wonderfully on my 4K TV, the picture quality is awesome and I read that this series is the best for the new 4K TVs. I liked the price, the Prime shipping and the fact that it works as well as, if not better than the Monster cables or the other high-end brands. There is no need to spend so much money on something that works as well as, if not better than the expensive brands.
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on June 20, 2016
Since these cables are capable of a lot, I didn't expect them to truly be capable of it all given the price. However, I have been proven wrong. These cables work great! They are thick and protect the inner cabling well. They are long and durable and my 4k tv actually is 4k with this cable. I bought 4 of them.

My buddy owns his own business that deals with hanging TV's, hiding cables, etc... and he has started recommending this product to his customers looking for 4k technology. If for some strange reason my cables stop working, I will be buying more from Mediabridge real fast.
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on April 15, 2017
These are writing really well so far for my projector setup. Was a little worried that the distance that i needed to cover would cause intermittent loss of signal but not with this set. A little thick in the cord so I had to finagle it into my outside the wall cable hide with the power cord but I made it work. Probably all of that rubber insulation on the cord will help ensure that you'll never have a problem with interference. Cheers!
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on November 22, 2017
The cable was defective, it was causing video breaking and the worst thing is that I could not return the item because the vendor would not allow it. The Amazon rep still helped me with a refund. I was using this cable for HDR content between my Xbox One X and my LG oled tv model OLED65C7P. I purchased another cable from Monoprice certified premium cable high speed HDMI and that cable worked perfect. Hope this info helps you. I would like to mention that it could be that I was just unlucky and got a bad cable. This is where quality control comes in but I still didn’t like the fact that the vendor didn’t allow a return, not a lot of confidence behind their product? This cable was 12.99 at the time of pucrchase and the Monoprice was 22+ at the time of purchase. Both cables were 15 ft in length.
review imagereview image
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on March 17, 2014
We purchased a 50' and 25' cable to reach a long span from our TV to receiver (t had to go through the wall and up over the ceiling). We had the ---- squad install our large flat screen TV and connect the TV to the receiver and connect all our other components . On the first try we could not get a picture to the TV. He said it was because the cables you get on Amazon are junk. I saw another review on here that said they were told the same thing by the employees of that big box store. Well, I called Mediabridge to see if they could help and they did! The technician said to get a signal booster and put it between the cables and try again. So I ordered a signal booster from Amazon and connected it to the cables. Called the ---- squad to come back out and try again. And surprise surprise it worked. We get a great picture and have had no problem with it at all. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the help we got from Mediabridge. We are not very technically oriented people but they made it easy to understand what to do and were so helpful. I would give them 10 stars if I could!
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