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on January 17, 2016
You reach a point where you've researched every detail about the 'sound system' you're going to put together. You now know who Steve Gutenberg is, what ATMOS, Dolby VISION, HDR, 4k, HDMI 2.0 -> and a billion other terms that put your daughter or anyone unlucky enough to ask - to sleep. If you've stepped up your purchase budget for that internal debate for 1 sub or 2 - or HSU or SVS Subs - then you reach the point where you are now laboring over interconnects - should I do RCA or XLR - is their a difference - what length - etc.? Let me give you a piece of advice - when you get to this subwoofer cable - measure the length you need - make sure you account for hiding it. Consider the placement and whether or not the 'tweak' for corner load vs. where it looks good etc. will affect the total length. Once you get tired of thinking about this issue - click on the appropriate length and buy this cable. Long story short - 3rd (yes sad right) 3rd TV area in the home is the sitting room integrated to master. Example Yamaha CX-A5100/MX-A5000, Samsung motorized wall mounted 78" 4k, DefTech - 11 of them include BP 8080s, SVS PB13-Ultra and more - and flat out - I will assure you that I spent too too too much time analyzing everything including interconnects - I had the fever. I read every article from Audioholics to Steve Guttenbergs favorite lunch on Tuesdays - I remember one reviewer recommending that Yamaha Buyers upgrade their AC Power Cord for the MX-A5000 Amp I bought - I clicked the link and viewed his 'upgrade recommendation' - it was $2,000 for a AC Power Cord. I remember that a guy I know (Crestron Installer) had just finished installing a system for a guy with $200 speakers. I thought about the 1/4 Million Dollars Speakers and the $2,000 Power Cable - and my research stopped cold. My budget of $20k for my bedroom system was more than normal people should ever spend. I then purchased Mediabridge Everything - 400' 12 gauge ox-free speaker wire, gold plated banana and spade connectors, their terminated awesome speaker wires for my mains, their awesome FLEX Series HDMI (18gbs/4k) 2.0 Cables, etc. etc. It became very very simple after reading everything not nailed down - I could spend zillions and not beat their sound quality, build quality or speed. Specific to this subwoofer cable - the moment I used it between my Yamaha MX-A5000 and SVS PB13-Ultra - I understood what reviews meant by room-lock, impact, tonal quality and decay - I started thinking about me being that guys going to Radio Shack to by a SPL Meter (sound measure device) - I then shut myself down and realized that my pursuit of audio bliss concluded with these Mediabridge Interconnects - I am not going to start researching mono block amps discussing lossless or remastered versions of Coltrane's best on forums. I just wanted the movies to be dead quiet when they were supposed to be and to rattle my chairs when something wrecks or blows up. Media bridge everything is like Tonka Toys, Levis or Craftsmen Tools when I was a kid - flat out straight build quality - no questions - no games.
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on May 26, 2017
This is a very good budget subwoofer RCA cable. I have been using it for a few weeks now with a Sony AV receiver and Klipsch subwoofer. Signal is strong and perceptively distortion free, and the subwoofer sound is powerful and clear. I don't have any fancy lab equipment to test impedance, signal loss, etc., I can only comment on how it sounds, which is very good. Notably, the Mediabridge ULTRA Series cable is "copper-clad conductor" cable. That means the wire strands that carry the subwoofer signal are made of some other less-conductive metal like aluminum or steel that is coated or "clad" by copper (copper is the second best metal conductor of electricity, second only to silver). Therefore, you're necessarily going to experience a power or signal loss with this cable versus a pure copper, silver, or silver-clad copper cable. Those cables, while available, are really expensive. I have a basic (though decent) home theater setup, and this cable works fine. It has gold-plated connectors which don't add to conductivity, but rather resist corrosion when exposed to the air. Overall, the Mediabridge ULTRA cable is at a good price to performance ratio. I dropped a star because they don't say what the primary conductor material is (steel? aluminum?) and this is important information for discerning consumers when choosing a product like this.
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on December 14, 2016
I have been buying Mediabridge products for a long time. The first thing that attracted me to Mediabridge is that they do not charge tax in CA, I took a chance and ordered a couple of cables knowing amazon has my back if I dont like them but boy oh boy was I surprised by the quality of their products. The price to quality ratio of Mediabridge products are excellent.

Enough about the company. The cable is very sturdy and very well built and the connectors are solid too they connect nice and tight to my receiver and SVS subwoofer. Give Mediabridge products a chance for your needs I assure you, you wont be disappointed.
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on June 27, 2016
The cable is definitely thick and appears to be well made and fits nice and tightly into both my Yamaha amp and in the back of my subwoofer and I had purchased cables from the same manufacturer from everything like USB and HDMI and fiber optical cables and have had very good luck with all of them so far.
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on May 18, 2017
Very sturdy construction. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality given the low price. Definitely does not have that cheap feel to it that a lot of Chinese made products do. It even came with a velcro cable strap. As far a operation, I was worried that given the 25' length I could lose signal strength or get noise, but the sound from my subwoofer is strong and clean. It works very well.
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on December 24, 2016
I ordered two of these to install in my built-in 7-2 surround system. Unfortunately, even though these cables are supposed to be double shielded, I have excessive 60 cycle hum when they are connected to the sub. I tried ferrite chokes on each end and also the sub power cord to no avail. If I connect the sub via a different cable to the amp I don't have the hum. Unfortunately(my mistake) the Mediabridge cables are permanently installed now so I can't simply replace them with something else. At this juncture I'll probably need to fork out $500-$600 for a wireless sub. Lesson learned: test everything before permanently installing.
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on April 21, 2017
I ordered the 25 ft. sub woofer cable in 2012. I had intermittent problems with it. I did troubleshooting and then tested with center connector with a Fluke multimeter. There was an open circuit meaning that there was no connectivity in the cable.

I have several other mediabridge cables and they are fine; but this one failed. Just wanted everyone to know that they are not 100%.
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on May 27, 2014
I purchased this cord to replace my monoprice subwoofer cable. The monoprice cord was good and cheap; but started to die on me after about 4 years of use. So I tried Mediabridge. The 1st cable they sent was DOA. I thought it was my receiver since my monoprice cord was bad and then also the new Mediabridge cord. This caused a headache because I didnt know if the issue was because of my sub or reciever. I almost sent in my reciever for expensive repair of the LFE port. I'm glad I did not and discovered it was the cord. Mediabridge has good customer service and they shipped me a new cord. The new cord works fine! But there are other reviews that this cord gives off a hum noise. It definitly does give off a hum. It is quite annoying to hear that hum when the sub is not in use. But it does work. Just know that if you do buy, you will get a low hum noise just like the other posts have mentioned.
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on October 19, 2013
This cable is definitely not sub par, unless you're a golfer, and sub par is what you're shooting for.
The quality is excellent for the price, and you wouldn't find anything better without spending twice as much or probably more.
The terminations are heavy duty, with gold plated contacts and spiral-notched, locking type connectors, meaning that when twisted one way they go on easily, and when twisted in the opposite direction they tighten up for a very secure fit.
The cord is of a heavy gauge for minimal signal loss.
Highly recommended!
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on April 20, 2017
Rewiring the den after kitchen den renovation and this length cable needed to hide in attic and wall. Product arrived on time and looks good. Still lots of work to do yet so haven't been able to test them out but don't have any concerns.
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