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on December 4, 2013
Man, My Subwoofer want to woof. It wants to bark, howl, shake, shimmy, and woof loud and deep, fillin' the room kinda woofin'. It wants you to believe the world is ending, the robots are coming, along with the zombies and the aliens and all that stuff.

Until last week, this was not a problem. My 70" LCD TV was held by a home-made shelf. Not even a good one, but one I hacked together in a night for the previous TV, a 71" DLP. But lo, come Black Friday, I spy's me a manufacturered shelf, something large and metal and Chinese and not even slightly as ugly as mine, at a good price. It's been nine years of that "just until the shelf arrives" home-spun unit (the original shelf was discontinued).

But alas, no room for My Subwoofer under that shelf. And the glass shelves might not have played nice with my subwoofer, either. So I relocates it to the side of the media equipment plaza in my media room. It very quickly becomes apparent that My Wife does not Approve of the New Location of My Subwoofer.

The Mediabridge 15 foot cable arrived today to save the day... just in time, too, given that "The Wolverine", in Blu-ray, has been sitting on my kitchen table for day... you know that's got some woofin' inside. This cable will allow me to relocate My Subwoofer to the other side of the Media Plaza, where My Wife's view of it will be blocked. Out of site, sure, but she'll know it's there... boy howdy will she know it's there.
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on May 20, 2017
I bought this item to replace the old, cheap RF cable on my vintage Intellivision console. I was getting the fuzzy, unstable picture that comes with the cheesy, ill-fitting, and poorly shielded standard cables the console manufacturers originally supplied.
Upon opening the box, the difference in quality was immediately noticeable. The cable is much thicker than the original, and felt far more solid. Gold-plated connectors, plastic thumb grips behind the connectors, shielding, heft ... just clearly of better construction. After installing the Mediabridge cable, the picture quality issues disappeared, resulting in a crisp, sharp, clear picture with no interference, fuzz, lines, etc. The connectors fit snugly with a solid grip. The cable offers plenty of length and pliablility for all applications.
This cable is an affordable, easy upgrade for any vintage game console with a removable RF cable. Just add an RCA-Coax adapter and you're set!
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on December 6, 2015
This subwoofer cable is nice, heavy, and good looking. The connections are solid on my Denon AVR-487 (That's kinda old but works magnificently.) and Polk Audio PSW-10 (Great subwoofer. I highly recommend it to anyone on a budget. It rattles my windows and walk to the point that if you put your head in the wall, your vision gets blurry.)
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on September 25, 2017
Seems to perform very well. I had also purchased a much more expensive cable from a well known electronics store, and tested each cable. I heard no difference in the sound quality when this cable was used to connect my subwoofer to the amp. The build quality of this cable seemed comparable with the more expensive cable, but was 25% of the cost.

I returned the more expensive cable to the store today, and noticed how sweeter my music sounded with the 75% savings I had just made!
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on January 13, 2018
This cable did make a significant difference in richness. I had to adjust the levels to reduce the amount of bass. The cable that came with my subwoofer was much thinner and provided what I thought was decent sound but this cable made a huge difference. It was so significant I was wondering what other cables I should change. This was a great purchase! The only things that could make this better would possibly be a right angle plug.
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on July 22, 2017
Ideally, I should have procured a cable that split into two connections on the subwoofer side, because the Onkyo amp has one dedicated subwoofer plug, which goes to two inputs. But the Polk subwoofer allows going to one only if you simulate an LFE. Thus the cable I got could be used, and transmits quite well. It's very well built.
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on April 26, 2013
Mediabridge ultra Series Cable is the best money can buy as a Professional Audiophile, I could say I have About 10 Subwoofer cables but what made me change all my sub Woofer cables to Mediabridge 3 reasons and one is the most important to obtain the best sound possible from your woofer, Mediabridge is pure quality all around, but it is also the tightest fitting cable you can find, and that is the most important thing,some come loose or fit loose, that affects the Subs performance, besides placement, many people give bad reviews to Sub woofers for the wrong reason, cause the cable is not as tight as it should be or is becomes loose from vibration, besides the sound is much better it actually gives your sub an upgrade in the sound quality, give it a try you wont regret it,and only at a fraction of the price of those others that claim to be the best. I highly recommend it.
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Yes, I love these cables. I use these cables as often as I can find places to do so. I also use Mediabridge "Y" splitters.

In my opinion, one's choices are, get the cheap Radio Shack cables that do the job but look cheap, cheap, cheap. One can get ultra expensive (over priced) Monster cables or buy something in between like these cables or what I call the esoteric middle.

These are well made, molded, gold tipped, shielded, co-ax, subwoofer cables that shows pride of ownership and doesn't cry out, cheap, cheap, cheap when someone is looking at the back of your unit. And yes, to me, this is an important aspect of the Home Theater hobby; pride of ownership. One can get cheaper and one can buy more expensive but one can't find better.

These are well made subwoofer cables at a very reasonable, two-day, delivered price I feel comfortable recommending.
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on January 25, 2018
I was having sub problems, an intermittent hum happened once in a while. Changed my older cable to this, and the hum is gone. I doubt if the sub will sound any different, but the connectors on the ends of the cable are superior to my old ones, and that is probably the reason for the hum. I would definitely buy again.
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on February 27, 2013
My setup prior to purchasing these cables :
a HD Projector and 32 inch Sony LED TV connected to a Blu-ray player via HDMI and Bose Companion 2-speaker system for external speakers.
I had used rca cables to connect my speakers with blu-ray those were really thin ones that you'd get for 3-4 dollars online.

Let me start by saying that I'm not an audiophile. But, I always felt that the Bose Companio 2 speakers were lousy for movie playing because it neither delivered rich bass nor sounded great during conversations.

All that changed after I replaced the thin rca-wires with these cables. I was amazed how well those bose speakers sounded with the same setup with new cables. I now enjoy the movie-like sound, low-bass and clear enough conversation without the need for turning up or down the volume, in a 12x112 ft room as good as I would in a movie hall(minus the surround sound effect ofcourse). One bit where I was a little hesitant on was the tightness of the plugs; but, it got on nicely(with just a little push) and will stay in place even during earthquake I believe;-) .

Before I purchased this one, I did do a little research from price-point of view and the quality on the offer. With Belkin, Monster and Mediabridge making ito the final list, I went ahead with Mediabridge for their oblique-slotted plug design which would not get loose (unlike the straight slotted design.. i think) after multiple plug-in plug-off cycles.
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