The Original Waterbase Pillow 

Since 1994, Mediflow® Inc. has had a great reputation within the health care community for developing the Waterbase® pillow - an effective water filled pillow for reducing neck pain and improving quality of sleep. If you've tried every different therapeutic pillow on the market, and you can't seem to find the right pillow for your needs, it's time to try Mediflow's unique waterbase system to improve your quality of sleep.  Mediflow's effectiveness has been documented in a clinical study done by John's Hopkins School of Medicine.  It was ranked best in all 5 sleep categories tested, including:

  • How Fast Subjects Fell Asleep
  • How Few Times Subjects Woke Up
  • Perception of Sleep Compared to Normal Sleep
  • Overall Quality of Sleep
  • Reduction of Neck Pain

For more proof that the Mediflow Pillow works, take a look at the over 1,800 reviews on Amazon, more than 1,100 of which are 5 STARS!.  What makes Mediflow so popular with Amazon customers?

  • The Mediflow pillow can be adjusted to any support level desired by adding or removing water to the base.
  • Mediflow's waterbase also adjusts atuomatically at night as you change sleeping positions to maintain proper support for your neck.
  • Choose the classic Mediflow Fiberfill pillow or our newest Gel-Foam Waterbase pillow. Same great waterbase system now in your choice of filling.

Buy a Mediflow Pillow today and sleep like you've never slept before!  Over 5 million people trust their sleep to Mediflow.