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Format: Audio CD|Change
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on June 8, 2015
I have been using this CD as a meditation tool for more than 10 years now. My old disc wore out, scratched from daily use & travel. I downloaded the CD from another source but it got lost somehow on my smartphone, so I bought another CD from Amazon which had a good price & quick service. I'm back to AM/PM chanting again. If you want some positive affirmations that are easy to digest & a meditation form that won't put you to sleep like so many others did for me, try this!!! This CD has changed my life--it's given me a constant in our lives full of changes. It is well-produced with just the right amount of faint chimes/bells in the background, and Wayne Dyer's gorgeous deep honest voice guiding you. The AM "Ah" Creation Chant is awesome. I saw a video of Buddhist monks using this chant in unison their monastery in Japan & it was breathtaking, however, anyone can use this technique no matter what religion/no religion. It's basic premise is like that in "The Secret" book in that we create our own experiences with our own daily thoughts & intentions. The universal PM "Om" chant guides you to appreciate your life & be thankful for the day you were given. It is very relaxing & conducive to sleep; I have trouble sleeping & this really helps. The breathing technique that goes along with both chanting series is very centering. I no longer try to use the usual "nothingness" chants which I have had trouble with & this works well for me. Each session is 20 min. If you already enjoy your own method of meditating this would add a new dimension of mindfulness for you. Try it!!!
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on April 24, 2002
It amazes me how some people are ready for this experience, and some are not. You can see them clearly in these reviews. No middle ground. Loved it or hated it. Well, I was ready for it and loved it. This CD is wonderful. What might seem basic or not high quality is really just 'Simplicity.' There's no headlines here, no get rich quick schemes. It's simple, straight forward meditation - time for you to go inside yourself and focus on what you want from your life.
We don't take much time to do that lately. Try this CD with an open mind and an open heart, with the understanding that you create your life...Wayne Dyer ONLY offers some tools.
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on February 4, 2001
I've been using the morning meditation many mornings for about three weeks now and it's all working... truly - I'm getting closer and closer to my goal, and I'm getting other benefits as well - calmer, more centered.
The thing I like best, other than the results, is by chanting along with Dyer, a real resonance is set up - somehow more satisfying than just chanting on my own.
My suggestion is go for it!
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on January 26, 2003
Basically, this CD consists of two longer sound meditations, one for the beginning of the day, to manifest your desires, and one at the end of the day, to express gratitude for life. these are proceeded by introductins to the concerpts by Dr. Dyer. The meditations consist of Dyer's chants and very light background music and effects. the listener is invited to chant along.
I got this program for inner work - that is, to help me respond to stressful family and work situations. This cd has done a great job of helping me. I have been using it for more than a week and I feel an attitudinal change developing and an increase in personal resiliency.
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I greatly enjoy all my Wayne Dyers books and CD's, but many i understand have difficulty with this method of meditation. Some feel uncomfortable making sounds, or that they feel self conscious. Well thats part of the meditation process teaching yourself to focus on what you are doing, instead of what others think about what you are doing. The meditation part of the cd is basically it's a lot of ommmmmm and ahhhhhhhhhs, so if you don't see yourself making those sounds then this is not for you, and you need the quiet internal thought mediation. Regardless on whether you to the mediation, the books narrative is quite good.
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on November 11, 2011
I purchased this product as a last resort unsure of what to expect both of the product and any results. But still I kept an opened mind. I only used the product for about a month or a little more than that and due to my schedule at work I stopped using it. Although it is recommended that you use the product twice a day (there is a morning and evening meditation) for 90 days I saw results in 6 to 8 weeks from when I started using it.

Now I'm not a millionare however I am beginning to create the life and career that I want for myself. Things just started falling into place out of the blue so to speak. Idea's just came to me and opportunities to create the career and life that I want to as well. I do recommend thinking and having an idea of what you want for yourself before you begin this meditation and believe me the meditation on this CD is very simple to follow, even if you have never meditated before you will be able to do so from the very first day.

Once you have an idea of what you want during the morning meditation concentrate on that, there is no need to concentrate on the "how" once you concentrate on what you want, a new career, a home of your own, a new car even more money those things will come to you. The meditation also puts you in a positive and peaceful frame of mind. Oh and once you start this meditation I found that stuff I thought about manifested themselves, situations and even things. I would recommend that you try this product with an open mind and try it for yourself.

Just to mention, I was constantly thinking about $2500.00 because that was the figure that I wanted to pay the dentist for the braces I was putting in and out of the blue that was the bonus I received from my company when we thought that we were not going to make a profit. What is strange was that I already had that money to pay the dentist I was just constantly thinking about it during the meditation and it manifested itself.
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VINE VOICEon October 22, 2007
This CD is comprised of 4 tracks.

Track 1 explains the meaning behind [using] "AH" meditations and basically how to do the meditations, using the SOUND "AH" to manifest, instead of using the mind to manifest.

Track 2 is the actual morning meditation, using "AH". This is the meditation for manifesting that which you desire.

Track 3 explains the meaning behind the "OM" meditations, letting go of your desires and expressing gratitude for all that you are and all that you have. This is a sound of peace and tranquility.

Track 4 is the actual evening meditation using "OM" and Shal-OM". It is the meditation for expressing gratitude.

I have meditated many times, using mind techniques as well as sound techniques. I have had many positive experiences doing "AH" and "OM" meditations as well as doing mind meditations. The "AH" and "OM" sounds over and over again, produce a vibration that actually lingers in the air for some time. In the past, I usually do it 32 times, then stop and bask in the vibration. (I don't know why 32. Maybe one day I'll find out why.) Doing this chant in a group, even a group of 2, intensifies the vibration. When you do this meditation WITH Dr Dyer, vocalizing with him, you are doing it in a group of 2.

One of the main things Dr Dyer asks you is to suspend your disbelief and try these things. I learned to suspend my disbelief long ago, so I have no problem with that. This CD goes beyond "AH" and "OM". As Dr Dyer takes you through the 2 meditations, he pauses after each several AHs and OMs and gives you instruction(s) and affirmation (s).

My first experience in doing the "AH" meditation with Dr Dyer was absolutely wonderful! The vibration was so very intense. I did the meditation in a chair and when it was over, I sat in the vibration for maybe 5 or 10 minutes before I even felt like moving--then I had to force myself. I could barely feel my body and I had a sense of floating and swirling around. After about 10 minutes or so, I began to slowly move my hands, drank some decaf coffee, and ate some yogurt. (These activities tend to ground you.) It's been 15 or 20 minutes now and I can still feel the sensation in my "third eye" area, along with an intense peaceful feeling within my whole body. Now, there is a cool tingly feeling radiating through me. What a WONDERFUL way to start a day! Those of you who are into meditation will understand what I'm saying.

This is NOT a Dyer lecture tape, as most of his other CDs are. It is a tape to use to meditate with. It contains a little explanation and primarily meditation chanting sounds "AH" "OM". It packs quite an intense vibration and Dr Dyer's voice is so soothing. If you are interested in meditation, it is wonderful. Although anyone can benefit from this CD, if you are not into chanting meditations, it will most likely not excite you. If you can truly be open to the possibilities, get it and use it.

I am also a firm believer in subliminal programming and have experienced successes with it, so I do not hesitate to go to sleep meditating. I believe that just as in subliminal programming, your subconscious will get what it needs from the meditation while you sleep. In subliminal programming, it's important to repeat the material every day for 20 -30 days in a row. In that way you are conditioning your mind to accept it and assimilate it ("it" being the idea or concept you want to incorporate into your being).

Peace and love to you in your quest to move forward to enlightenment.

Nov 2010 - BTW, I recently spent the day with a friend and her husband in San Diego at their beautiful home, 4000 feet up into the side of a mountain. I led them through a 32-Om meditation up there and the energy was just tremendous. That same energy lasted for hours, long after the meditation was over. Try a 32-Om meditation with someone, or even with just you and you. Relax and focus on love and peace. Then sit with the energy for a while before you jump up.

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on January 12, 2013
Dr. Dyer gives practical, step by step guided mediation on these 3 short tracks. Track 1 is an introduction to the concept of meditation for manifestation. Track 2 is the guided, morning "AH" meditation, about 20 minutes. And track 3 is the 20 minute evening "OM" meditation.

I have been meditating for years and did enjoying using this new technique of "AH" and"OM" meditation. I listened to the CD once to learn the meditation, and then did my own practice of the meditation without using the CD. I found it interesting and effective.

-Good, clear instruction
-Relatively short tracks

-Dr. Dyer's voice is loud and jarring at times, I found this disruptive to the meditation.
-During both meditations Dr. Dyer offers daily affirmations during the meditation. I found these distracting.

Overall, recommended to anyone who wants to learn a new technique around meditation and manifestation.
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on March 27, 2017
I had the tape version of this cd years ago. I loved it. The cd is easier to used by skipping the intro every time. I highly recommend this to anyone interested!
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on March 7, 2015
Would've given this 5 starts but found Dr. D's preamble a little irritating. And I love him, but it made this sound more like he recorded it in his basement. Otherwise....the meditations are really nice and easy to do.
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