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on January 6, 2013
Pro: At this point this product is great! This product seems to be built better than similar products like this in 300 range and under. This product weighs in at around 20lbs where as models like this sold in 300lbs and under range weigh in at around 10lbs. I would suggest anyone who is weighing near 300lbs buy this model rated for 400lbs and not the models rated for 300bls.

Con: This walker is much wider than other walkers; the width is 29 inches making it hard to get through most doors in our house. Our bathroom doorways are smaller than 29 inches making it impossible for my wife to get the walker into the bathroom. That is why I only gave it 4 stars.

Update from my last review!

On 1/27/13 this product broke under the seat making the seal useless. That same day I wrote and sent an email to JDCSupplies. My email goes as follows:
The walker that I bought for my wife back on Nov 22nd broke this morning when she sat down on the seat! The weld broke on the cross member that holds the seat up. How can we get this fixed or replaced?
My 2nd email to JDCSuppies on 1/28/13:
I've already sent one message about this walker breaking on one of the welds and have not gotten a reply. This product is still under warranty and I need this walker replaced right away. If don't receive a reply by tomorrow I will contact Amazon and file a complaint! I hope to hear from some by tomorrow!
JDCSupplies reply on 1/29/13
Thank you for your recent purchase, with JDCSupplies. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Listed below are the instructions, on how to provide the proper information we would need, in order to move forward with your case.

* Please Provide either the LOT or SERIAL NUMBER of the item(s)
(The LOT number can be found stickered on the original shipping box, in which the item was received. The SERIAL NUMBER may be found on the actual product itself, also stickered, or in some cases engraved on the item. )
* Please provide TWO CLEAR PHOTOS, of the defective part(s)
(The photos help identify the immediate source of the problem, and helps us determine which part(s) to replace. Once the photos are taken, you may attach them to your reply email, via the YELLOW ATTACHMENT button. This button can be found on the bottom of the Amazon email page.)

Once all this information is gathered, and relayed over to us, please allow up to 48 hours, for a resolution and conclusion of your case. If there are any further questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us via telephone (630-422-7943) or simply reply back to this email. God Bless.

JDCSupplies Quality Department
My reply to JDCSupplies on 1/29/13:
Here is the lot number that was ask for s120498396 and photos!

JDCSuppies reply on 1/30/13:

We will be sure to reship the item. Please hold the defective one, as we may need the item back. Have a blessed day.

JDCSupplies CustomerCare Rep
My last email to JDCSupplies on 2/4/13:
Does anyone know when a replacement walker is going to be shipped, or has one already been shipped?
No one has gotten back to me as to when a replacement will be shipped; my wife needs this replacement badly. I changed from 4 stars to 1 on this product!
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on March 17, 2017
This I the best Roller Walker I have ever had. I like it a lot. Seat could be more padded but placing a soft towel under you butt takes care of that. Very easy to put together but adjusting the brakes was a challenge. Had to go get a special Hex Allen Wrench to do the adjustment should have been included. The User Guide is not the best but it does the job. There is a cord on this thing that has no purpose that I can determine but I left it on in case its purpose becomes apparent later. Easy to fold up and place in my truck The basket design was clearly not designed for folding up it should have been incorporated in to the frame. It just hangs there and has to be removed to fold the walker. Overall I am very happy and would recommend this walker to anyone.
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on November 13, 2017
I needed this following a 25 day hospital stay where I was in a coma for 5 days. I lost a lot of muscle tone and needed help to get around. I am a big lady and I'm pretty short. This walker works so perfectly for people like me. I'm 5'0" and I have the handles set one notch up from the lowest. Someone slightly shorter than me would be comfortable using this as well. There is a note on this listing about it being a wide walker and it may not fit through some doorways. I don't use this one in my house so I can't attest to house doorways, but I've not had a problem getting it through any doorways in public. Honestly, if you are looking for a rolling walker with a seat that accommodates more weight and is wide enough to be comfortably seated, this is the one you want.
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on December 2, 2013
Very nice product! Easy to put together and just the right size.

The basket does not stay on well though and basically I don't take it with me.

It is a bit bulky but fits in my SUV just fine. It is "queen" size so you have to expect it would take up a bit more room in the car.

By the way, just a note for buyers. If you have narrow hallways and doorways . . . this is a wide rolator for large people and it won't go through all doorways easily - especially in an old house. I didn't think of that and did have to resort to a smaller traditional walker in parts of my house following my surgery. Still works great for out and about though!
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on February 3, 2018
Please read this.
I am 68 and suffer from Muscular Dystropy. I weigh 290 pounds. Well within the maximum recommendation.
This is the third rollator I have purchased. All three have collapsed when the rear bearings desinigraed while in use. The first one was while we were in St. Augustine while on vacation. I was in a Walgreens. The right rear wheel twisted horizontally and fell off. And I fell to the ground. Amazon replaced it. Same thing with the second one. But this time I was outside in a parking lot with the temperature st 23 degrees. And again I feel to the pavement across a curb.
Just yesterday, while at home walking to the mailbox, I heard the bearing crunching and grinding and I went back into the house while I heard and saw a stream of steel balls from inside the bearing falling on the concrete. Thank God I realized what was happening in time.
However, my return window expired on 1/31/2018.
I, obviously, cannot recommend this rollator.
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on March 26, 2016
This is a review that I will update later, but because of the substantial differences between rollators, I wanted to give my impression on this one right out of the box. I am a woman, right under 300 pounds, older, and afraid of falling. I must get back to walking and will do so on side walks and uneven ground. I studied rollators for about a month before making a purchase. I purchased 2 that had the best reviews, seem to be strong, fit my weight class, were not too heavy, and were all-terrain. The other was a Hugo elite that was actually more money. I got it first. It was heavy, but much smaller and the measurements not as stated. It was in a lot of pieces so I knew assembly would be an issue along with size, even though it weighed as much as this one. The Hugo will be returned.
PROS: wheels are in place, very little assembly, weighs only 1 pound more than other much smaller & uncomfortable, wide seat for no fear, no embarrassment for when you may need it. Pieces easily remove should you need to get in a car. (I have a Ford Fusion and it fits!) Color is beautiful, and well painted- looks high end. Arm stance is perfect. It has easily adjustable height with ergonomic handle. The distance between handles for someone who may be large across the bustline (woman) or a man is perfect. (beware of others that may take the weight as they may reduce the size by width forcing you to hold on more towards the front of you and be unstable. Like a cane, your grip should be slightly to the side.) Excellent on all surfaces - my stroll was through paved, unpaved and uneven. Solid wheels and no slippage.
CONS: Absolutely none yet unless you have an issue with the width and absolutely must get it into a home restroom. This will fit through all standard entry doors and most interior, and all business doors. If absolutely necessary, you can push it through sideways and still steady yourself. The size is worth it.
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on June 8, 2011
Arrived in incredibly short time and easy to assemble. Following his total knee replacement, my husband had to wait a bit before using this walker because it was four-wheeled and it might have gotten away from him. He started using it after 3 weeks. Going to out-patient physical therapy is much easier with the seat as he is gradually building endurance. (Handicap parking spaces are difficult to obtain when nearly all the patients are handicapped!) My husband is a big man-6'4", 297 pounds. The walker is sturdy, well-built, and the seat is comfortable. The basket under the seat is a nuisance when traveling. You have to remove it before folding up to put the walker into the car. It is handy though when he wants to carry something from one part of the house to another area. Because it's heavy-duty for a large person, it does require a large car trunk. We have a Toyota Venza so it's easy to load from the back with the back seat down, otherwise it would take a bit of a struggle for a smaller wife to load it.
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on October 15, 2016
I bought this several months ago for my son who has severe lymphedema in his legs as he was having increasing difficulty getting around. It helped him a lot and was quite sturdy for his 320 pounds. in June, he got a terrible infection in his legs and went to the hospital and then to skilled nursing. He has just graduated from a wheelchair to some use of a walker and now, in October, his physical therapists are evaluating what he needs to come home. They say he won't be able to use this walker because, with four wheels, it won't provide adequate stability for him. Therefore, you should check with your medical provider to make sure that a four-wheel walker is appropriate for the user. The walker may be wider than some doorways in your home, especially the bathroom, so you should check that as well. When my son used it, he was able to maneuver it through all of our doorways except for the bathroom
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on March 6, 2014
As a large person it's great to find a rollator that has a wide enough seat to be comfortable. I use a smaller frame HUGO at home since it fits through all the household doorways but the seat is too narrow to be comfortable when sitting for any length of time. However, the Hugo weight capacity is too low for me nowadays.

The Medline is somewhat wider in both seat and frame and fits through all but one doorway in the house. I keep the Medline loaded in the car and use it exclusively in town for shopping trips, outings, and excursions. It also is part of my evacuation and disaster preparedness gear so it stays loaded in the SUV along with my readiness Car Kit. As part of my disaster gear I wanted a rollator that could handle me sitting, along with having some of my evacuation gear in a backpack attached to the back support bar. This unit fulfills that requirement very well.

I did replace the wire basket that came with the Medline with a cloth 'basket' that snaps in. I prefer the cloth basket for ease of loading into the SUV. I don't know why Medline doesn't offer that as an option. Otherwise, the Medline Barriatric rollator is sturdy, able to carry substantial weight, and fits well in back of the SUV.

Actually for walking I like this Medline rollator because it IS wider, and there is more foot-space between the wheels. I think my overall balance is better with this wider walker. Anyone who has use a rollator much will know what I mean. I love having a seat handy while in town - think bookstore or waiting in lines.

This is a really nice unit for a fair price. I am very satisfied with my purchase.
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on August 19, 2015
This is a great walker. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is because of the size. I know it's wider for bigger people, but I wish it was able to fit through most door ways. It also doesn't fit in a lot of cars. I had it in a 2015 Ford Edge, in the back. I put it on it's side to make room for suitcases, but while the lower wheels fit in just fine in the back, the upper wheels stuck out too far to close the door. So I fllipped the suitcase up on edge and lay the walker flat and it fit fine, but the edge has a big cargo bay. The size makes it impractical for some things, I think, but I bought it to go to a convention where I'd be walking long distances and needed a seat when my knee gave out. We waked about a mile each day. I couldn't have done it without this roller.

Didn't have a problem at the convention center since most doors are ADA compliant. My house has wide doors too - did them that way when we remodeled the house - but conventional doors. like the bathroom door in the hotel room, stopped it cold. I didn't ask for a handicapped room since most of the time I just use a cane. It's very strong and rolls easily. The basket was very convenient at the convention for holding everything. The seat is a little bit high for me, but it worked well when I needed to rest my knee or when I had to stand for a while. I loved that I could get off the knee and rest it. It went together easily with out tools. I put it together myself. I did call their customer service line when I was assembling it to clarify instructions because there were some changes in the parts, but they answered the phone right away and had the answers I needed and I was happy with their service. The parts went together without any effort and it adjusted just as easily. I'm very happy with it. I wish it was a bit narrower so it would be more practical, but I'll use it when I go somewhere that involves a lot of walking or standing.
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