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on December 28, 2012
This case fits perfectly and protects your camera against the bumps of carrying your camera around. As noted in other reviews this is not dust or water proof since it has slots for the strap to go through. However it will protect your camera and your lens from everyday bumps and scratches. It has a metal screw that holds the bottom onto the camera by screwing into the tripod mount. This screw is threaded as well so you can still use the tripod with this case attached. You will need to remove this case to swap batteries and cards. Also depending on the design of your tripod mount you may not be able to keep it attached to the case because there is a snap to hold the top portion of the cover onto the bottom portion. These are all minor niggles since this case is priced right for a form fitting well designed everyday carry case for your sx50. The snaps are solid and hold the case together very well. The leather is a very firm top grain leather that is study enough to protect from minor drops and scratches. The lower portion of the case makes the camera feel better because it covers the grip which makes it larger. But I have large hands and I like the extra bulk, YMMV.

Improvements that could be made?:
move the lower snap away from the tripod mount screw so I can keep my mount attached and still attach the top of the case.
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on November 14, 2014
I have to start to write more reviews for things that really deserve praise, such as this case! This is a product that firstly you will get a lot of attention with. It's a case that reminds a person of early camera cases, when the camera was a major purchase. Friends think I am about to pull out some flash/shutter camera from the 1940s. Camera's aren't exactly cheap now, and this beautiful case enhances the appearance. I have now had it for three years and have taken over 3000 pictures with my camera, and I have to say it only looks better through use. The appearance almost invites you to go use your camera, and the quality is completely evident in the stitching and the thickness of the leather used. The picture here doesn't really do it justice. There is no reason not to be completely pleased. Good job MegaGear, and thank you for focusing on the customer with your product.
review image
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on January 24, 2013
I was looking for a case for my new Canon sx50 and wanted a compact case;
most cases I found were "generic" sized, large and designed to carry lots of
equipment. One of the best things about the sx50 is that, unlike a DSLR you
do not have to carry around extra lenses,etc; all I need is an extra battery
and a couple of filters, which can fit in purse or pocket. So why add a bulky case?
This case is designed for the sx50 and fits like a glove. It is exactly what
I wanted, to keep my compact camera compact and give it some protection.
The material it is made from has a nice "feel" and slight padding; probably
not enough protection for Jungle Trekking but fine for my needs. It is made
nicely, stitched well and light weight. The price is very good. Recommended.
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I needed a case that I could wear with a neck strap and would protect my Canon SX50 HS from bumps and minor drops. I saw the picture and I ordered it hoping that it would look like the camera case I used to use on my Olympus OM-10 SLR 30 years ago. I was nostalgic for the nice leather camera cases people used to use on their SLRs. I was hoping that this would be the same.

After using it for a few days, this is what I think of it:

1. Leather - It has a nice Brown\Tan leather and does look like a classic camera case. I was so happy that the leather looked so rich and supple. The neck strap leather matches the case as well.
2. Case - You can screw on your camera on to this case so that it does not move and holds it in place wonderfully. You can remove the case top by just unbuttoning the side push buttons and opening it forward, or you could also remove the button from the bottom and remove the top cover completely.
3. Fit - It is a perfect fit for the Canon SX 50 HS. I have a UV filter and it does not interfere.
4. Price - It is really inexpensive for what you get. Great Deal!

1. Nothing comes to mind.

If you are looking for a beautiful leather case for your Canon SX50, this one is really worth considering. It really looks great.
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on August 12, 2014
Fits and covers the camera fairly well with the exception of the gap between the sides that fold down from the top cover that snap to the bottom piece of the cover. It is by no mean meant to keep the dust out but like other reviewers have stated it is more to keep the camera from getting dinged up if you carry it in a bag or have it just hanging off your shoulder or neck. Such a weird angled drop from the hard bend in the top piece of the cover to the flap that protects the back of the camera. This cover would have fit much better if the bend had started a few millimeters shorter.
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on February 11, 2013
This brown camera case was all that I hoped for. It's handsome, extremely well made of high quality leather, fits and protects the camera perfectly, removes quickly and easily when needed. Because the case is in two pieces, the top half can be partially or totally removed to, giving access to all the camera features except the battery/memory card compartment. I would agree with all the positive things other reviewers have said about this case, and disagree with all the negative comments. For those who considered the case too bulky or hard to deal with, I suspect they are the younger set who never knew what camera cases were like in their prime, in the '50s and '60s. Then cases were high quality, sturdy leather that were not only handsome but functional and very protective of the camera. Today one can find mostly only fabric or plastic or some other inferior material case that never really fits the camera well. So, I like the nostalgic look and feel and character of this case as well - makes one look like an old pro. All this at an astoundingly low price for such a high quality item. Don't find that much these days. I'd recommend this case to anyone who demands high quality and excellent functionality at an excellent price.
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on April 4, 2013
I really liked the case and tried it out keeping it on the camera at all times. When I released the top part (by the two side snaps), it was completely out of the way for quick photo taking. I had ordered a pistol grip which attaches to the bottom of the camera for increased "steadying" power, which I need. Unfortunately, the case really has no where to go (much like the tripod issue). I fiddled with it quite a bit but really couldn't get it to consistently be out of the way. Bummer! I really do love the case as I'm seeking that extra protection. However, I know I need the pistol grip more to steady the camera as I take telephoto shots, so kept the grip and will be sending the case back (reluctantly). If you plan to use neither a tripod or pistol grip device, I can highly recommend this beautiful and functional case.
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on January 26, 2013
As all the other reviewers stated, this is a good case for the sx50, it might be a little pricey for some people but it is well made (and you just paid about $400 for the camara so why not a little extra for protection), the added matching strap is a nice addition and it is about the same length as the cannon strap. Also the front lens piece can be taken completly off with just 3 snaps or you can leave it hanging on 1 while you snap pics. Also to note they send it in a soft black carry bag. I at first thought that they sent the wrong color because I picked the brown which I like. It has that older leather style which thieves might think I have an older camara in it, I did lose a good one to one last year.
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on November 14, 2013
This case will do a nice job of protecting the camera when it is not being actively used. I tend to have my camera with me frequently and I wanted a case that would protect the camera when it is in a backpack or soft messenger bag. This case fulfills that purpose. The size of the portion covering the lens is large out of necessity, but it can be awkward putting on and off. I tend to remove the upper part when in active shooting mode and then return it when I'm done. The material of the case and its finish is very satisfactory. The fit of the case leaves a bit to be desired. It takes a bit of pull to get both snaps closed when shutting the case up. Also, the top of the case extends a half inch too far back, leaving an open gap that can admit dust and dirt. The positive side of this over extension is that there is a bit more protection to the viewfinder. if the case receives a blow to the back. Also, the side of the case bottom sticks out a tine bit and catches the LCD when it rotates. This catch is easy to avoid by pressing in with a finger when rotating the LCD and should not be considered a dealbreaker. I have a very similar case for a smaller Canon and the fit is perfect on that one. Overall, the case does what I expected it to and gives me confidence that my camera is protected when I put it in a backpack or set it on the seat next to me. I would recommend this to friends, with the slight warning that closing it up may require a bit of effort.
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on May 10, 2013
Leather case is made to fit the camera, and does so extremely well. There are 3 snaps to keep it in place, plus one big screw which goes into the bottom of camera.

Since I take lots of photos from home, I often leave the larger half of which covers the lense off. But the bottom half covers the hand hold of the camera and makes for a very comfortable way to actually take the photos. I purchased the brown leather case, am very pleased with the look and feel of it.

The only downside, and it is a minor one, is that you have to remove the lower half of the case to open the battery compartment of the camera. But with a few twists of the big screw, it comes right off.

Highly recommend!
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