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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 29, 2015
I bought this for a Christmas present for one of my grandchildren, and I learned long ago to open all boxes and inspect all games before Christmas so there is no disappointed little ones.

I opened this up and pulled out the pieces..then sorted them according to size and color...everything was i set the game up and gave it a whirl, the basic object of the game is to try to continue balancing and hanging metal hangers onto the pole without everything dropping back could play this game with multiple people or just by yourself or your own entertainment.

First thing, right off the bat that I noticed was that you have to 'think' and logic out your moves, and calculate out what will balance and what won't.... its harder than it sounds.. but yet easy as long as you think about each piece you hang and visualize what is going to happen as you add it onto the growing structure.

I found the game overall to be good quality, challenging, educational, frustrating and fun. But I think they could have made a better base for the set up, the little piece of lightweight wood with three holes drilled into where the supports go.. seems a bit chintzy for the overall quality of the game.

Its a good game.. that will entertain a child or an adult, or both at the same time. I have no complaints other than I thought the structures base was not made as well as it could have been.

I hope you found this review to be informative to you.. I did include some photos of the parts and pieces...
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on May 26, 2016
Playing the game is FUN!! And a challenge!! But it's also fun to arrange yourself like making a mobile. Very artsy. Love it and I'm the Auntie
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on September 23, 2015
I played this with my 7 year old daughter. It was pretty easy to use up all the pieces without anything falling over. Basically whoever started first was the winner. We didn't really enjoy the game after playing it a few times.
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on February 7, 2015
I only gave it three stars becasue we only played it once and got bored. It is so easy to predict and to balance the pieces. I really had hoped that it would require more precision to play but this is literally a no-brainer, and the winner and loser really all depend entirely on who starts putting the first beam-wire-piece onto the main armature. I wish that there were more "physical" games like this available for adults and children to play that were more "substantial" in their application and design! I would buy them!
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on March 17, 2015
Our family enjoys board games and other tabletop, non-electronic games -- and we have a soft spot for the quirky. Sure, a good game of Sorry or Monopoly is always fun, but we've gotten a lot of enjoyment out of non-traditional games like Apples to Apples, Cranium, Would You Rather, and Upwords. Games give the family an opportunity to bond, laugh, and pit our wits against each other in a competitive but friendly way.

Suspend is just such a quirky but fun game, and we've gotten hours of enjoyment out of it. And it's good for all ages.

Suspend is a game of balance and building, where you have to hang shaped metal bars from a central pole, adding more and keeping the whole mess from touching the table or even crashing down entirely. It takes a steady hand and a careful eye for balance, and can be a lot of noisy fun, especially when pieces start falling! There are three different levels of the game, making it easy to customize depending on the skill level and ages of the players, and the package even suggests tricky moves for hanging pieces... if you dare.

A fun game, with the added benefit of having sturdy pieces that will ensure this game lasts for years. If you like Jenga or Kerplunk, give this game a try.
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on July 1, 2017
I was looking for a game that I can play with both adults and children and doesn't require too much thinking.

You will receive a plastic tube containing 24 rods, 4 frame rods, a die, a wooden base, a wooden connector.

Setting up the game is very easy: you just need to stick 3 frame rods into the wooden base and then add a fourth one using the wooden connector.
Then you can distribute the metal rods, depending on how many people (up to 4) are going to play.

The rules are simple (there are variants if you want to make the game more challenging): you first roll the die and take a rod of the corresponding color; you will then have to add the rod to the structure with caution, so that it doesn't collapse. If any rods fall, they become yours.
The first player that remains without rods wins.

This game is very fun to play and it can entertain both adults and children.
I like that it doesn't take much space and is easy to carry around.
Moreover, the rods are very light, so you don't risk damaging your table.
The only, very minor thing, that could be improved is the fact that the black and blue colors on the die look very similar if you don't have a bright light source; after some time, you get used to it though.
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on September 13, 2016
I have had a lot of people recommend this game to me so I was excited for this purchase. It is a great concept and I LOVE all things Melissa & Doug so I had high expectations. We have only played this game a couple times but we all ended up more frustrated than having fun. It was more difficult than I thought it would be and took a while to play. There seems to be a need of different shapes. Some of them are very difficult to use. I think after more play and getting comfortable with the design of each piece, the game will be more fun however if we are looking for just a fun, quick, stress-free game, we will probably choose something else.
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on January 31, 2017
I like this game more than our daughter does. Maybe at 3.5 she's a little too young but I always suggest we play it on game night and she always rejects me. We've only played it a couple of times but she did get frustrated when she couldn't quickly see where she should balance her piece. I encouraged her to keep with it knowing the value of improving her problem solving skills but I guess it was too much like work.

Overall really well designed game by a company we really love in Melissa and Doug but determine if its age appropriate for your kids to actually want to play before purchasing.
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on January 3, 2016
Santa brought this game for my almost-five-year-old, and he and my seven-year-old really enjoy it. It is nice to see them choose something that isn't technology-oriented to play with for a change, and it is even nicer to see them playing TOGETHER! (I know some of you get where I'm coming from.) I know that the game is recommended for age 8 and up, but my guys have spent quite a bit of time playing it, and it is so nice to hear them enjoy this game together. We did play this game once as a family of eight, and while it was fun, I can't say it would be our first game of choice, at least not time and time again. Overall, it's a decent game, a nice alternative to those blasted video games that seemed to have taken over my household.
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on August 19, 2016
I first played this game at a party with friends and based on how much fun it was I decided to get my own! Its great for groups of people of mixed ages and doesn't require a lot of mental investment to play for the fun you get out of it. Since it's so small, it's easy to bring to parties and find a surface to play it on. Anytime I start playing with a couple of people, it's inevitable that other people start gathering around and asking to join the next round. I've played this a ton of times and haven't gotten tired of it. I even got it for my mom as a Christmas present and even though she and I have pretty different tastes in games, she loves it. I would recommend this game to almost anybody since it appeals to such a wide audience. The price to fun ratio is great!
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